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  1. NukeSub_SanFrancisco

    Clan battles tonight

    "Starts in: 3 Days" I think someone didn't read the calendar right.
  2. I noticed the mother post isn't entirely up to date. In short, if you are interested this is the form you need to fill out. https://goo.gl/forms/TsXBE8OqzcBsHrLE2 Then you'll need to access our discord and let us know in the #ask-recruiters text channel. Admission Criteria is as follows: Casual Team (2CUTE) - Closed 47% Win Rate Over 750 Battles, and a T8 tech tree ship Light Competitive Team (CUTIE) - 50%+ WR Over 1000 Battles, and 2x T10s Competitive Team (CUTE) - Temporary Closure Storm+ or Group Stage KoTS experience - 4x T10 with 3x from one class - 56% WR overalls and not reeking of division stat padding - 1600 PR (negotiable) Flagship Team (CUTER) - 60%+ WR - Specialist in >3x T10, and class mastery - Prior competitive experience(edited)
  3. Bumpity bump bump. Our application process has been updated. Please familiarize yourself with the admission criteria and fill out the form as detailed and complete as possible. We thank you for your patience.
  4. our discord is mostly operational now.
  5. CUTIE does a have few spots open but they are filling fast! CUTE has been capped off at 45 members. Any more intakes must be done by recommendation/referral/immediate connection with us as a network.
  6. A kind reminder: Any further interest in CUTIE and CUTE is greatly appreciated. However we are at capacity in terms of our management abilities within the two sub-clans, so we will no longer be accepting any applications. You are welcome to enter our Discord server nonetheless and play Warships or other games with us. All friendships welcomed, invited, and encouraged.
  7. NukeSub_SanFrancisco

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Awesome work. I'm glad that someone has taken up the Royal Navy cruisers and started creating skins for them. Keep up the good work. I'm keeping tabs on this thread.
  8. NukeSub_SanFrancisco

    Caption the profile image above you.