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  1. It's not AP or HE cause low tiers have both, it's long range accuracy and RPM. At t10 when a cruiser goes broadside a BB on the other side of the map can citadel them, that never happens in low tiers. In low tiers everyone spams HE but they don't have the barrel count or reload that high tier ships do. The problem is ships are too deadly at long range which forces people back.
  2. It's not luck it's perseverance. Ranking out is as much a test of endurance as it is a test of skill.
  3. Rouxi

    CV and the balancing myth

    When people say can't be balanced they mean both ways as in you can't make both sides happy. 8.5 made things better for ships but horrible for CV. Making things better for CV will make them worse for ships.
  4. Rouxi

    CV and the balancing myth

    They've been trying for years to balance the game with CV with nothing to show for it, mean while the game works just fine without CV. Maybe you and WG should take the hint. Remove CV hulls but keep the aircraft and what you do have? The exact same game play but no warship. This game isn't world of warships, it's world of warships with a world of warplanes class bolted on. Here's my solution to the CV balance problem. Delete CV and migrate CV main's accounts to world of warplanes.
  5. Rouxi


    Majority of the replies to this thread are trolls that are muddying the waters for their own amusement. Be careful who and what you believe.
  6. If I want to hunt dd who are you to tell me other wise?
  7. Haida out spots the majority of t8 and t9 dd. Anyway back to the main point I contend that haida should be a specialized dd hunter and nothing more. Maybe get a small buff to the torps but no buffs to the guns.
  8. Why does haida need to do good damage against bb? Haida is arguably p2w in terms of its dd hunting and cap contesting abilities. So why does it also need to be a good bb farmer? Disclaimer: I own haida.
  9. It makes life much harder tho since you have to play more passively so you don't run into red DD.
  10. Rouxi

    Definition of irony

    This just proves one guy was hogging all the plane kills and not leaving any for the rest of us.
  11. T7 DD get out spotted by most T5 % T6 DD as well, it has nothing to do with the lack of concealment mod. WG inflated T7 DD concealment for some reason probably having to do with spreadsheets. (e.g. fubuki and akatsuki are basically the same ship but akatsuki has 300m worse concealment because reasons.)
  12. I think this is the real problem. A new player in a t7 really doesn't have that big of an advantage over another new player at t5, but an experienced player definitely does.
  13. If a ship goes on sale you can buy it at a lower price but get the full value in doubloons. Or if you get the ship from a paid loot box you will get doubloons.
  14. Prime example of somebody expecting to get something for free. You bought the ship, not a license to get free doubloons for the rest of your life. The doubloon compensation is for when you buy the ship a second time they will give you doubloons instead, but you didn't buy the ship again.
  15. I think the cv rework could be saved if when subs are added cv are rereworked to be ASW platforms. Let death from above deal with the terror from the deep, mean while us surface ships will just go about our business.