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  1. Rouxi

    Low Teir AA buff when?

    I watch Toptier's videos all the time and in those videos I routinely see him attacking targets in a cluster. So yeah, so much for that advice.
  2. Rouxi

    Vasteras = Tier 2 Umikazi vs tier 6-8?

    Seems fine to me.
  3. I don't have a problem with CV being able to spot and damage DD ( I want CV removed but it's not going to happen so next best thing), I do have a problem with how much damage they can do. Rocket damage against DD and light cruisers is absurdly high. it should be lower.
  4. I think rocket damage should be nerfed. The fact that a single strike can take a quarter of a DD's HP, the squadron can do multiple strikes and the CV can get a second squadron out in under a minute plus all the spotting from the squadron and fighters is ridiculous.
  5. Rouxi

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    First of all the CV is a valid target like any other ship so this is not an exploit not even a dirty move. If you don't want to get your pain scratched go play hello kitty. Second I saw Flambass try this on his stream a few days ago and they had a lot of trouble doing it cause the enemy CV would run away. So CV mains if you don't want this to happen to you just dodge.
  6. Your answer is literally to "just dodge" obvious positions. And it in no way addresses the point about short range weapons.
  7. That doesn't really answer his question. If a DD has to stay with his team for AA then he is entirely dependent on his team pushing for him to be able to do anything at all because of his sort range.
  8. Rouxi

    2 Forgotten Japanese DDs

    I've been regrinding Fubuki lately and I've noticed the dispersion seems much worse than it should be. My only guess is since Fubuki uses older model turrets there's some hidden stat that makes the dispersion bad.
  9. I thought the IFHE change was supposed to be a nerf? Hasn't everyone been saying for years now that light cruisers are too powerful because of it. Wasn't that the motivation for the rework to begin with?
  10. Rouxi

    2 Forgotten Japanese DDs

    I think that partly has to do with the horrendously bad stock grind on Fubuki.
  11. Rouxi

    2 Forgotten Japanese DDs

    There is no gun line, it's completely made up. WG wanted the line branch to start at T6 for some reason and the only way to do that was to move some unrelated ships over. Hatsuharu being a treaty destroyer was the odd man out so made some sense and it also opened the door to Shiratsuyu which was a highly requested class at the time so everything worked out. But that does not mean you should in any way, shape, or form try to connect Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu to what comes after them. It's a line of convenience, not of actual logical progression. Having said that I do think a gun buff for them and Fubuki would be nice.
  12. Rouxi

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    WG's goal was to make CV just another class with no restrictions. They thought everyone was going to love the reworked CV and play them all the time. The massive hatred of CV caught WG completely by surprise, they didn't expect it at all which is why they've had to quietly forget some of their goals for CV such as unrestricted MM.
  13. Rouxi

    Maass disappointment

    I loved the Maass when it first came out and did really well in it but it's undeniable that there's been a lot of power creep at t7 over the years. These days I'd much rather take a Jervis, Gadjah, or buffed Mahan than a Maass.
  14. Rouxi

    Maass disappointment

    The problem absolutely is the ship. The AP never worked and the concealment, which was already almost worst in tier, is now a complete joke due to all the power creep over the years. Unfortunately its a German ship so it will take WG another 2 years before they admit it needs a buff.
  15. Rouxi

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Helena is a St. Louis class, Boise/Nueve is a Brooklyn class. WG rightfully felt that the two classes were too similar to each other which is why we didn't get Brooklyn at T6 instead getting the paper Dallas. But WG still wanted to add Brooklyn so we got the premium ships instead.