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  1. The purpose of a nerf is to reduce the effectiveness of something so saying it needs a buff as compensation for a nerf is kind of missing the point.
  2. This change allows exactly that. You can now drop SI for BOS and get shorter fires while still having more healing than what you currently get.
  3. Rouxi

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Furutaka's 200mm guns also did not get buffed. I think WG was buffing the guns and not the ships.
  4. Aggression is so rare these days when it does happen it can catch the other team off guard. I was in a match the other day on trident epicenter and right at the beginning the enemy tirpitz and bismark just push mid at 3/4 speed. They both died at mid but not before getting half my team killed. Our BB I guess were so used to there never being a push at mid so were off on the flanks doing very little, and we didn't have the right DD line up for heavy torp spam. So these BB yoloed at the start and were some of the first to die on their side but I absolutely think they helped lead their team to victory.
  5. Rouxi

    Should good players give advice?

    Ok, now you just need to convince the entire player base to install and use all that just so when somebody calls them an idiot they know to listen. I'm sure that will be an easy sell.
  6. Rouxi

    Should good players give advice?

    So you're saying you'll take advice from some one you know is good but ignore some random guy? Sounds reasonable to me. However when I'm playing wows how do I know the guy calling me an idiot in team chat is good?
  7. Rouxi

    Should good players give advice?

    If you were playing catch in the park and some random guy came up to you and said you were an idiot and doing it all wrong etc. would you listen to his advice?
  8. Rouxi

    MM needs tweaking

    That's one way to do it. Another is everyone in the match is around the same level.
  9. Rouxi

    MM needs tweaking

    So if it's not one and it's not the other then what is it? If you don't believe that's how it works but you're not trolling than what was the point of that post? Honest question here what did you mean. And no I've never played any other game. In fact until you asked I didn't even know other games existed.
  10. Rouxi

    MM needs tweaking

    If you want to live in some fantasy land where wows is some how magically different from everything else go ahead.
  11. Rouxi

    MM needs tweaking

    Defining skill is the easy part since hundreds of other games have already solved that problem for us. The hard part is ensuring queue times don't drastically increase given all the other restrictions on the match maker and the low population of wows.
  12. Rouxi

    MM needs tweaking

    Can't tell if you seriously believe that's how sbmm works or if you're trolling.
  13. Rouxi

    Should good players give advice?

    I think this is an important point that many miss. Not everything can be taught by a few lines of text. Some things need visual demonstrations and hands on practice to be learned.
  14. Do you have a source for that?