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  1. BanditSE1977

    Operation Narai

    Yep,got no idea why though,just happens!
  2. BanditSE1977

    Scenario Analysis: Narai (Version 3)

    On update 0.7.11 they had the following: - In Operation Narai, the enemy aircraft carrier Ranger was replaced with battleship New York, and Lexington is no longer able to use aircraft. We also streamlined the process of how enemy ships appear. Now, the same ships will appear at certain times. No other explanation as far as I have seen.Probably potatoes couldn't handle the varying enemy ship type or start positions,or WG trying to someway to make it get boring in the long run I think.
  3. BanditSE1977

    Video Card Upgrade

    Its not to bad as you can see from the screenshots SilhoutteFG posted,and you do see more.I was having a good look swinging the view around,and in game the ships do stretch a little as they get closer to screen edge,but you have to really be looking for it to notice.WG actually did a good job with it. I tested Stalker with the Call of Chernobyl mod on it,and it stretches a fair bit near the edge.I tried changing the FOV but had to leave it at 85.I will have to do some checking to see if i can get it to work better,but that game engine is over 15 years old now so may not have to flexibility to use super wide properly.
  4. BanditSE1977

    Scenario Analysis: Narai (Version 3)

    It would be good if they brought back the semi random ship types and start positions for the enemy ships,added some variety to the Op.
  5. BanditSE1977

    Video Card Upgrade

    It may or may not make a big difference in game,although any extra power in the card might help with running bother monitors at the same time I have a 7 year old computer,i7-2700k,16 gb RAM,2 x 1 tb HDD,and originally a Nvidia 580GTX with 1.5gb ram.On a 24 inch monitor at 1920 x 1200 with most video options maxed out and v-sync off , WoWs would keep 81 fps most of the time unless there were lag issues. Last year the 580 died,so I replaced it with a 1060 GTX 3 gb,had no improvement in performance as far as I could tell. My brother got me a 35 inch curved monitor a couple of weeks ago with a resolution of 2560 x 1080,and it keeps a steady 81 fps as well. Yeah,seems to be the case.I think for those who are only playing WoWs on a budget if they can get some decent parts made in the last 6 or 7 years ago they should be ok. I haven't bothered upgrading my computer since most of the newer games don't interest me.Star Citizen is DO before A which would have been the main game I would have upgraded for.I am keeping an eye on X 4 foundations although it still doesn't seem to be as good as the earlier games,and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks like it won't be a very demanding game either.
  6. BanditSE1977

    Operation Narai

    Been happening for me occasionally since middish last year,although not recently fortunately. As PtooieBoat mentions,sometimes clicking up and down from the ship to the icons over it and back down again can help,although not always.
  7. BanditSE1977

    Region wide Co-op?

    Lag shouldn't be an issue as long as your ISP routes to the server is ok. I have been playing both ASIA and NA servers since OBT from Australia,and for me NA is usually the best connection ( averages 105 ms and no lag ). To the ASIA server in Singapore its been steady for a while now,but first few years we had a bad connection to there due the cables my ISP was using.Used to have widely varying ping and bad lag quite often. From what I have seen cross server/all region should work if they decided to implement it.Although given that WG refuse to even let players swap their accounts to other servers I don't see this happening.
  8. BanditSE1977

    Hey...Surprise...New Maps!!!

    Sounds about right.I would say I only seen it about 3 times last year.And that's playing PvE over 2 servers! I'd like to see it more in the map rotation.Would also like to see the first 2 versions Island of Ice map back as well.The current one is boring.
  9. Had a match a few months ago after dying early,I was able to follow a friendly DD.It had two bots ( I think they were a BB and CA )chase it to the NE corner of the map.Due to them not being able to actually 'see' it as it they were out of its concealment range they weren't firing,but every move it made,whether large or small they were pointed straight at it.They eventually got it cornered and spotted and sunk it,but it really showed how to bots work.
  10. Says the same thing for Australia,dang it! I was gonna get get it express posted!
  11. BanditSE1977

    Bot shows negative number in ships sunk ?

    The best ones are when they launch the torps in the opposite direction to where the target is!
  12. BanditSE1977

    My Last Game in the Nurnberg

    Nurnberg loves AEGIS! I usually get 110 to 130 k damage in it,but I got a 150,160 and 179k damage totals last time it was up.
  13. BanditSE1977

    Anyone else not able to join the server?

    Working now for me as well.
  14. BanditSE1977

    Error Connecting to Server..

    Same here,was fine yesterday .