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  1. Legendary_Engram

    Mac version won't open due to program error?

    just bootcamp it thats what i did
  2. Legendary_Engram

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Yet another Mac user screwed over by the update. Re-downloaded the game with the new wrapper. Got it to work, but it crashes almost every game. Played a game in Dmitri Donskoi where it crashed 3x (I reloaded after each time), before the battle ended. I want a refund for premium thats going to waste over this. Everyone says its super laggy, and i can't turn off the AA visuals, which are probably why its so laggy now.
  3. Legendary_Engram

    8.0 update isn't compatible with macbook?

    same here, going to download the 2.0 version of the wrapper
  4. Legendary_Engram

    BB damage issues/problems?

    Oh please, this game was balanced, but i guess because cruiser players cried when they got deleted after showing their sides, they hugely nerfed AP, after the "AP nerf" I almost cant play BBs entirely, my aim has not changed at all, its just now they rate of overpens is absurd and sometimes i will get penetrations that straight up do 0 dmg, i guess RNG now accounts for duds... same thing when i play cruisers, i will show broadsides to a BB and they only do a few thousand dmg. The game was balanced before, now it is arguably in its most inbalanced state ever (and i've had this game since before their were 2 CV lines so i lived through the times when DDs could shoot from beyond detection range) BBs, with perhaps the exception of the Brits are almost entirely unplayable in a realistic sense.
  5. Legendary_Engram

    BB damage issues/problems?

    I also have noticed these problems, it seems significantly harder to get solid penetrations in every aspect. I am getting more bounce/broken shots, more misses, more over pens, and more "dud" penetrations. Game is very hard to play right now for BB players i feel. Use to be able to consistently get 100k on broadsides, now lucky to get 4k. WG plz fix asap.