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  1. FiveStarMojo

    Game is going to the dogs!

    Let's put CVs in ranked so that no one plays DDs or cruisers due to spotting, that way 100 BBs are in queue all the time.
  2. FiveStarMojo

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    250.... TONITE!!!!
  3. FiveStarMojo

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    I stopped buying permenant camos because of the Yueyang nerf. I recommend all players stop buying them.
  4. Congrats OP. I bought three boosters and completed 4 directives, so the PR is waiting in my port today. Thinking I will go home and check it out for lunch. Happy New Year!
  5. FiveStarMojo

    Should I buy the Terrible?

    It's not very different from the tech tree tier 8 Le Fantasque, which you can get just by playing the game so I would buy a different ship.
  6. FiveStarMojo

    Puerto Rico meme

    In mother Russia, not everyone get trophy.
  7. FiveStarMojo

    The clock is running!!

    Remember folks, in Mother Russia not everyone gets a trophy.
  8. FiveStarMojo

    PSA Regarding the Puerto Rico

    "Not everyone gets a trophy" - The World aka Life Hence the butthurtedness over the whole thing.
  9. Skilled and long term player checking in to say no. While I took a break when 8.0 went down, I came back with a vengeance.
  10. FiveStarMojo

    Black Friday Ships

    I'm going with tier 9. Alaska Black Georgia Black Friesland Black
  11. People complain about MM while I focus on getting 1st place in the North Carolina against tier 10s.
  12. FiveStarMojo

    French DD's, good for the game?

    Due to their poor concealment, they aren't meant to contest caps until the later in the game.
  13. FiveStarMojo

    Enjoying CLs

    Shhh.... Put all points and signals into repairs and stay alive for-e-vurrrrrr.
  14. FiveStarMojo

    Flamu testing Subs on his stream now

    Subs look even more boring than CVs so far or at least the way Flolo is playing them sitting in one spot for 15 minutes. Oh well, time to watch some paint dry.