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  1. I also purchased the black version based on the fact that it was on sale and then would refund me a chunk of the purchase with in-game currency. After a couple of games realized the mission was not progressing. found this thread, and a few others like it on the other ships. Went back to read fine print in the offer. Combat mission:If you already have the standard version of Tier VIII Asashio, helm the standard ship into battle on a dedicated combat mission that is available until January 31, 2020. The first five battles of any type will reward you with a total of 2,500 doubloons. You can receive the chain of combat missions that reward you with doubloons for each of the ships only once per account. I wish this had been a bit more clear. The big block at the top of the page just states chain of combat missions for 2500 doubloons..... and that's as far as I read when I hit purchase. Still a decent sale on the type B ships but a bit misleading if not read carefully.
  2. maxnukem

    WOWs Embedded Chromium browser?

    Figured it was probably an official part. I just wanted to doublecheck based on the fact my kids installed some 'test' version of chromium that wouldn't uninstall without registry editing. Found an adobe update .exe file that must not have come directly from official website. It was infected with a ride along memory hog. Also Segurazo antivirus... not certain that's actually what it is. To keep that program from self-starting and then running in the background, required removal while in safe mode. PC maintenance was not how i planned to spend a couple of hours of my free time the other day.
  3. maxnukem

    WOWs Embedded Chromium browser?

    I have multiple computers at the house for various family members. Recently my main PC crashed and I decided to wait for the end of the month to buy upgrades and repairs. Meanwhile, I am back on the one that my kids normally use for games and homework. Mostly Steam games and Roblox. Appears the antivirus was not working well on this PC or was overridden by user error. When I booted WOWs, it was running terribly slow, even though I have played it on this PC in the past with no issues. I dropped all settings to low and that made no difference so then I spent hours pulling Malware and unwanted apps that were hogging memory out of the machine. Running back at expected settings and framerates but I noticed there is a cef_browser_process.exe called World of Warships Chromium Embedded Browser that shows up in task manager. Since Chromium was one of the programs I had a difficult time getting rid of, is this process supposed to be attached to official wargaming files or have I still got garbage buried in the depths of my computer?
  4. maxnukem

    Assigning commanders?

    I'm still having the issue. wanted to make sure WG is aware. looks like they are. I'll try parameter button next time i have the problem and let yall know if it works for me.
  5. maxnukem

    Assigning commanders?

    Same issue., reboot fix.
  6. maxnukem

    NA server unavailable?

    how much trouble is it to post a server status link anyhow >:(
  7. I mentioned this over in the bug report forum. I've had several silent gun matches (2 in cleve) and a couple of really odd explosions where I thought my speaker plug had pulled out of the computer and it was giving off random squelch noise. all sound back to normal after the sinking ship explosion though.
  8. Think the auto announce of surveillance consumables is awesome! Think the audio needs some work! (occasional silent main guns, new annoying transition sound)
  9. I have played many many arms race ranked games this season.. and not until today did I hear of this idea that multiple ships in a resource spawn results in a better bonus. Was that a thing? I poked around just a bit and didn't find a good explanation of how exactly the resource points work. I thought just one ship had to be present to grand bonus to the entire team then multiple points of the same type would stack.
  10. maxnukem

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    Thank you! I'll work through this guide when I have the time. I'm certain it's something specific to my computer as the issue began after an aborted install of a non WOWs related program. Worst case... may be time for a clean windows install
  11. ive just recently installd the wargaming.net game center. if i have any issues that require a login.. my password is not pre-loaded like it used to be with the old client
  12. maxnukem

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    Any suggestions for resolving disconnect issues? I've been playing quite some time (years) and its been forever since I've experienced constant issues getting kicked out of a game. I have re-installed the client, played without any of my mods (all from aslain's pack), and even played by starting in default mode from the game launcher. The game will be running along fine with no ping or framerate issues but I'm getting booted mid-match every couple of games. Frustrating.
  13. I was hoping to find something about troubleshooting methods for a similar issue. I'll play a couple of games then get booted mid-match. I'm going to uninstall and try a fresh load to see if that helps. I'll let the download roll once I head to bed and then check it out tonight. I'll post back if this helps.
  14. just went for the 20x sale, bunch of camo, some flags, couple of 300x doubloons, several 10k free xp. not terrible. WG gets a chunck of change each year from me on these on the highly unlikely chance I get one of the otherwise unavailable premiums. I'll drop another round of crates next week and see what happens ;)