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  1. maxnukem

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    Thank you! I'll work through this guide when I have the time. I'm certain it's something specific to my computer as the issue began after an aborted install of a non WOWs related program. Worst case... may be time for a clean windows install
  2. ive just recently installd the wargaming.net game center. if i have any issues that require a login.. my password is not pre-loaded like it used to be with the old client
  3. maxnukem

    Disconnet troubleshooting steps?

    Any suggestions for resolving disconnect issues? I've been playing quite some time (years) and its been forever since I've experienced constant issues getting kicked out of a game. I have re-installed the client, played without any of my mods (all from aslain's pack), and even played by starting in default mode from the game launcher. The game will be running along fine with no ping or framerate issues but I'm getting booted mid-match every couple of games. Frustrating.
  4. I was hoping to find something about troubleshooting methods for a similar issue. I'll play a couple of games then get booted mid-match. I'm going to uninstall and try a fresh load to see if that helps. I'll let the download roll once I head to bed and then check it out tonight. I'll post back if this helps.
  5. just went for the 20x sale, bunch of camo, some flags, couple of 300x doubloons, several 10k free xp. not terrible. WG gets a chunck of change each year from me on these on the highly unlikely chance I get one of the otherwise unavailable premiums. I'll drop another round of crates next week and see what happens ;)
  6. I've been playing for years now and I've accumulated a whole fleet of ships. But the only T10 I have in port is the Khabo. Not exactly what I would choose to drive in ranked battles. I happen to enjoy many of my lower tier ships much more than the higher tier vessels so when I hit a ship I don't care for or needs a playstyle that doesn't work well for me, I'll just let it sit and go drive something I enjoy. I'm not a fan of grinding through a ship I don't like so that makes it difficult to attain T10 status. Same thing with Ranked play. I'll join a season until I've hit my skill level and then that's about it for me. I've done a couple of seasons now and toppped out last season at the t10 requirement. Figure out if you want to dedicate the time to grind a single line to T10. I know if I would pick a line or 2 and stick to it, I'm certain I could have a couple of T10s in short order. Heck, I'm already at T9 in several lines and have lots of T8s. I simply choose to spend my time playing ships that I usually have fun in. I hate breaking in stock ships at that level. Probably just me, but my opinion is to keep it fun. If you are getting angry or frustrated... go do something else.
  7. maxnukem

    USSR wants compensation

    Couple of my buddies are unable to Div since they are stuck in this too. new players, so not a clan battle problem. just wanted to play together and we cant. :(