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  1. piecesofpizza

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    The Yammy takes way too long to accelerate and decelerate to do any sort of forward/backward movement that would throw off a competent CV's aim. On top of that the rudder shift is 17.6 seconds (this isn't the time it takes the turn, this is the time it takes for the rudder to pushed from 0 to full left or full right) so you have very limited maneuvering options beyond cutting speed during a turn which again can be mitigated by a CV player who knows what they are doing. We're talking about a ship that goes 28.4 knots while full speed trying to dodge planes that go around 156 knots with an angle of attack that gives a bird's eye view of the maneuvers I attempt to pull. To your point I only think its realistic to assume I can dodge when I have enough speed accumulated to where hitting the breaks would actually cause a significant speed change. Plus sitting behind that island accomplishes nothing to help my team who need me to do something (either cap or kill) to improve our chances of winning. Being relatively stationary behind that island makes me an even easier target and puts me even farther away from friendly AA. It's a balance where I need to be able to help my team win and if I don't make the effort the whole point is moot because we lose anyway. If you are curious what it looks like when I have a ship that is capable of dodging; here is a Des Moines game where a clanmate who plays CV regularly took the time to count strikes Des Moines vs Average CV When the ship lacks maneuverability or the RNG AA system for a particular ship is too inconsistent to be depended upon it severely hampers the ability to mitigate any damage especially since they changed plane squadrons to ensure that the attack planes would not be shot down and that damage would not be dealt plane by plane but based on the overall squadron. Consequently you can do around 30-40K in plane damage and have that translate to nothing in terms of plane kills. That's why this question of how to play is so difficult because sitting in a blob for the entirety of the game tends to be extremely detrimental to winning that game.
  2. piecesofpizza

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    The replays do not actually show me alternating AA focus sectors, 58K in AP Dive damage that citadels is significant as I can only heal around 10% of that. As much as I wish I could, full reversing into an attack would be an exceptionally slow maneuver that takes time to execute plus staying exactly next to the island makes me an even easier target since I would be mostly stationary, doing nothing to support my team and his planes are safe from AA if they are on the other side of that island given the AA changes.
  3. piecesofpizza

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    For what its worth, I also have a DM replay (albeit with the ribbons bugged out) showing what I have to do to mitigate damage against a poor CV player. A clanmate who plays CVs took one of my DM replays and recorded the number of strikes vs planes shot down I want to see CVs balanced where there is meaningful gameplay between both surface ship players and the CV players.
  4. Hi all, For all of you who don't know me I am a player from ZR that specializes in every surface ship class with a specific glut of my gameplay happening in T10. I have around 12,000 random battles with around 5,300 of those battles being solo. Of the 12,000 random battles, I have around 5,017 battles at T10 with around 2,869 PR. So why am I bothering to mention this? I had two games today after several months of dealing with post rework CVs at high tier that made me ask the question of "What am I doing wrong?". Given the seemingly vocal minority that argues in favor of the current iteration of CVs I figured that I should direct my question to them in hopes of trying to improve my own gameplay. Ideally I hope to see if they (or anyone else for that matter) have any recommendations on what I am doing wrong in playing against CVs. I want to at least communicate that there is a significant difference between low tier CVs and high tier CVs which dramatically alter the balance considerations (namely in the realms of spotting, aircraft damage, aircraft speed, aircraft health and skill level differentials). Beyond a select few high AA ships at T10 I am seeing barely any difference between a unicum player and an extremely poor player when it comes to countering a CV in a surface ship. Consequently I want to see if there is anything I'm missing in the picture. I've attached two detailed report screenshots and the two corresponding replays in hopes that someone has some input that can help make the surface ship vs CV interaction less cancerous. I try to make an effort to continually improve and I want to try and get any feedback that can help me get better as a player when it comes to dealing with high tier CVs that focus you. I'm especially interested in the viewpoints from those who are heavy supporters of the current CV balance and I'll take any feedback I can get. 20190505_013703_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_23_Shards.wowsreplay 20190505_015906_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  5. piecesofpizza

    Space assault mode

    I did get lucky in breaking the 500K barrier with an IFHE secondary GK of all things. Its a fun mode to try new things I'd never bother with in randoms.
  6. piecesofpizza

    Dear WG: 3 deep faults of the CV rework design

    Thank you for putting this together! You nailed a lot of the core criticisms/problems. I hope WG actually takes some of these issues to heart and fixes these problems. Despite my serious misgivings regarding CVs in the overall meta I lean towards wanting to see the class balanced appropriately with surface ship players given agency in the relationship. This CV rework failed to correct the core issue surrounding CV balance- every surface ship vs surface ship interaction can be described as a PVP interaction with both parties having full agency in regards to their individual performance; the CV vs surface ship interaction can be characterized as a PVE interaction with surface ships entirely dependent upon computer controlled AA for defense with minimal input beyond ship selection at match start. In a surface ship vs surface ship scenario you can directly damage/remove/avoid the party that is attempting to go after you. The CV-surface ship interaction has no decision making process or agency involved beyond pressing a single button to transfer AA effectiveness in hopes that the computer system protects the ship. Either that ship has an AA defense that will wipe the entire squadron via flak or the ship will be eliminated over a series of unpreventable strikes. I hope WG actually devotes some resources and effort into trying to fix this relationship issue because the current system is both miserable and aggravating for the surface ship player. I'm open to giving players manual control of anti-aircraft guns with DPS being ship dependent, where a player can aim and shoot down planes given enough AA DPS over time. The current implementation does this game a disservice.