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  1. I never want to see Ocean again
  2. piecesofpizza

    Bad Idea WG

    As someone that played comp DD vs old carriers throughout the Supremacy era the skill required to eliminate a competent (AA spec) DD on the part of CV player was dramatically higher compared to the current implementation of CVs. Now with the way rocket planes are designed along with squadron HP that is designed to shield the striking group any low skill CV player has the ability to inflict devastating damage on even the best DD player- and there is nothing the DD player can do about it beyond not getting detected or using a smoke screen. The current CV vs DD interaction is universally detested by high level DD players due to almost entirely absent counterplay and an extremely low skill floor for the CV. To give you an example I've played 1 random battle DD game (Shimakaze) in the past month (https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1015189917,piecesofpizza/?) and while I haven't forgotten how to play DD in an impactful manner, the simple fact of the matter is that high tier DD gameplay is not fun with CVs in their current state. Its akin to artillery in world of tanks, except the "shells": spot for other ships, are guided in to the target and require no external spotting to assist them in hitting their target. I can dodge a salvos of naval artillery or predict/dodge ship torpedoes, I cannot dodge rockets/bombs from a player using a delivery system that goes at minimum 5 times faster than my ship, with greater maneuverability, control responsiveness and a top down view on my ship. I really want to see this game succeed and maintain/gain a broad appeal but I am consistently disappointed in CV balancing decisions post CV rework. I want to try and help as best I can but I feel that while the dev team had good intentions with the rework they ultimately made the system even worse through increasing the CV population, dramatically lowering the skill floor, giving strike packages far more tankiness and further nerfing what little counterplay options existed for surface ship players by tying the majority of AA damage to an inconsistent flak system. I am fine with having CVs in the game (with a relative serving on the Enterprise its wonderful to see the ship in game) but I want to see them implemented in a balanced manner, which unfortunately has not happened- to the detriment of the game. Please understand that my intent is to communicate the concerns a lot of long time comp players have with the game and this is not intended as something directed towards your gameplay, just wanted to give a different perspective from another DD player.
  3. piecesofpizza

    Battle of Java Sea

  4. piecesofpizza


  5. piecesofpizza

    Fletcher/Gearing torps unlock

    It does not unlock once you get the Gearing. If you can, depending on how far you have left to get Gearing, try to grind out enough XP for the upgraded torps on Fletcher. They are a massive upgrade in effectiveness and will likely make the grind a bit easier :D
  6. piecesofpizza

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    I tried getting seven different people into/back into WoWs who were good friends from Planetside 2, every single one that played low tier recently or came back to see new CVs have left due to hating the surface ship-CV interaction. Its really depressing to see people be so enthusiastic until they hit T4 CV games. Honestly wouldn't mind seeing polls for the CV-surface ship interaction or having exit polls for players that are no longer interested in the game to help identify areas of improvement.
  7. piecesofpizza

    Why I say sticking together defeats CV's.

    Good luck trying to convince the people here :/
  8. piecesofpizza

    No XP game.

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/531082518?t=04h01m23s For what its worth, the vod showed these guys actually trying.
  9. piecesofpizza

    No XP game.

    For whatever reason they've had some weird issues with Clan Brawls, in an earlier season people would queue and would literally never get a game. Wouldn't be surprised if there are still issues with this session.
  10. piecesofpizza

    No XP game.

    Miss more shots idiots
  11. piecesofpizza

    CV vs DD balance

    To put it very bluntly, outside of turning off AA, using smokes and generally leaning towards conservatism in your play (within reason given that this goes against your role as a spotter)- there is nothing stopping the enemy CV from hitting you if they want you dead. Ideally you never get seen but if the enemy CV player isn't a moron your best bet is to prolong your death for as long as possible while making the most of your ship. Even as a super-unicum beyond passivity, never getting spotted and using smokes there is no intelligent counterplay to ultimately prevent a CV from striking you if they have a pulse. Often times you will be forced to make choices that will drastically lower your chances of winning the game (pulling back to friendly AA ships instead of spotting). Damage mitigation is your only "counter". Most of the people who are writing at length about how carriers are balanced and how DD counter play is exceptionally effective are players who are bad at the game. These players are incapable of playing at a level where the impact of a ship class with no counterplay provides noticeable changes in their in-game performance. Consequently they do not effectively understand the problems associated with the DD vs CV interaction and instead try to frame it like surface ship combat where almost all ships are fully capable of actively killing/evading/hiding from each other. Relying on your opponent being a moron 100% of time is not counterplay. So for what its worth, its not just you who views the CV vs DD interaction as terrible, you only have 95% of the WoWs competitive community behind you.
  12. piecesofpizza

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    In their current forms and given the current makeup of the majority of clans on the server, CVs are both too influential on the game and generally despised by the competitive community to be implemented in the short term. WG does seem to want to try to bring them in at some point in the future.
  13. piecesofpizza

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for my Planetside 2 friends who got me in World of Warship @chrisbeebops and @Revanmug. Come back pls, its cold out here. I would love to get a Benham if possible, since I missed the entire event due to being out of the country for work. If that's not possible I would love to have a Lenin for an RU BB trainer.
  14. piecesofpizza

    PSA — Shell Tracers Display

    Happy to do so, thank you!
  15. piecesofpizza

    Is The Blyskawica Worth Spending Coal For?

    If you are really interested in a T7 gunboat DD the Blys is a solid ship, just be aware of the slightly higher reload owing to the higher gun count. The torpedoes have decent enough range to be used to burn DCPs but they are not the most impressive. Its a good T7 DD but I would save for something else unless you really want another DD.