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  1. Update 0.7.5 Bug Report

    There is an issue with the 3rd mission task 8 of the new campaign "Hit fast, Hit hard, Hit often" in which says "Earn 6 "Dreadnought", "Fire proof" or "Unsinkable" achievements", I got an "Unsinkable" achievement and it doesn't count for the task it only counts "Dreadnought" achievements :(
  2. I didn't receive my flags too
  3. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    now I can see the UK mission but are completely restarted, but that's not a problem I can start again It's the first day ;) thx
  4. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    so I delete the"preference.xml" file and now I can log in but now I can't see the battleship UK hype mission as spender252 said :(
  5. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    well today I was playing a few battles as normally I do so I enter in a battle with my warspite then when we finish the battle the game doesn't show me post-battle stadistics then the game automatically return me to the port and I saw than my warspite have the word "in battle" when that battle has already finish so I say maybe if I restart the game my warspite return and surprise surprise that didn't happen and now my game didn't start and I can't log in pls fix this
  6. I belive my montana have a error because I can't see the local control in the turrets, to be more specific the ears at the side of the turrets also I see the AA mount on the rear turret out of place
  7. Texas visual glitch

    I see the same thing pls WG fixed