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  1. @Aslain A few friends and I are using improved chat v4 and have experienced the enter key (in order to type a message in game) not being recognized every once in a while causing us to use consumables unintentionally. It is not frequent but once every 5-10 battles.
  2. There appears to be a bug when attempting to install majorrenegade contour icons (I only tried installing V6) other mods seem to install fine.
  3. Thanks for finding the team hp bars! Regen assistant also looks pretty cool, good QoL change that should probably just get added to the game anyway.
  4. Does anyone know the name of the total team health mod shown in this clip and whether it’s legal/addable to the mod pack? It’s more useful than showing how many ships are alive in 3 different spots on the UI https://streamable.com/uq9nz
  5. Kurfurst secondary build.

    PM only helps rudder/engine/and (I think) MB, it does not help modules like AA or 2s at all. DE isn't worth it since the majority of your shots aren't going to be HE out of the MB, just use fire flags for that. IFHE isn't really worth the points either since you're just reducing your fire chance and burning things usually ends up higher than the secondary alpha. Also TA mod isn't useful if you're using it for torpedos since you have hydro anyway, you'd get spotted at like 18km meaning all the opening BB salvos are on you meaning any health you's save spotting torps is probably immediately lost. I mentioned earlier why the 2s reload mod is kind of meh. Again feel free to use whatever you want, but the GK is probably my favorite ship and I get just under 140k at a 76% WR in it at well over 100 games, this is just what works for me and my reasoning for it.
  6. Kurfurst secondary build.

    I use aux mod 1, DC mod 1, 2d mod, DC mod, concealment, and MB reload I also use the 420s, I used to use the 406 but there seemed to be a rise in BBs bow tanking and otherwise playing passively so I swapped to the bigger guns for better damage at range against them. If it ever becomes cruiser heavy again I may swap back. until a ship comes out where secondaries can contribute more than half your overall damage, it will never be worth taking secondary reload over MB reload. The dispersion mod barely helps the GK due to its terrible 1.8 sigma, meaning most of your shells will miss high or low of the target, the dispersion mod mostly assists with horizontal dispersion so it's not generally worth giving up the extra secondary range. 11.6km is tight, but 10km is bordering on not even being worth having a secondary build. Besides AR the second 2 point skill is personal choice. BoS and DC mod makes your fires ~35 seconds making FP also an optional skill. Despite the range you'd typically play the ship at, I end up running out of consumables in more than half my games even with SI so it's fairly important. I tested in a training room and without the MS skill your shells could land within 3 ship lengths of whatever they're firing at, with MS they land within a few meters bow and stern. There is some misinformation in this thread about the GK concealment, it can get to 13.6 which is on par with montana/yamato at ~13.4 but it still isn't really the niche of the ship. If you make good use of your DCP cooldown you'll very rarely run into instances where you need a full survival build, if anything the secondaries will save you far more health due to the added kill potential and scaring DDs away. Without IFHE if you stay outside of 8km your secondaries will still hit parts of the ship they can damage due to the shell arcs, cruisers get rekt regardless of how they approach, it's not uncommon to shoot 2 salvos at a cruiser in 2s range and have your 2s do the other 25k to the cruiser. edit: on the secondaries firing at multiple targets thing. If you're surrounded on multiple sides you generally wont last long in any ship, spewing secondaries at 2 targets with less than 1/3 of the accuracy wont change this fact. It's far better to focus secondaries on your biggest threat that you can't train the MB on if it gets on the flank side of your ship.
  7. I’m sure many people use this mod and the idea of using the X to blindfire never crossed their minds. As with many mods, it requires some understanding and brain power to leverage these advantages. If the mod were removed then average players would never hit unspotted targets, but great players could still do it occasionally, this almost creates even more of a gap.
  8. But this is the same method that DDs should use to avoid radar cruisers when they aren’t detected.... otherwise you just run around blissfully oblivious of radar ranges and where the radar might come from and at what range. Shooting with the X is still based on estimates, the point I was making was that there are methods in the game to achieve the same results making using the mod a slight advantage, rather than a massive one. For example you want to stay two map tiles away from a NO or Baltimore because they get spotted at their radar range.
  9. Mods are a problem if they provide information you wouldn’t already have. Side panels with health don’t help if you are extremely aware of team health which is a bit unreasonable, but it doesn’t technically provide EXTRA information. in this same way the X mod doesn’t provide extra information as you can use map tiles to measure distance to the disappeared target and then set your range accordingly. Also remember that unless you increase your minimap size by a lot, it is just as easy to misrange a shot using the mod as it is not using the mod. Acting like it renders targets you shouldn’t see is a bit overblown. It’s a slight advantage that uses information already present in the game.
  10. He added your version to the modpack and changed it back once people reportedly it wasn’t working.
  11. Your responses come off as rather rude and you failed to comprehend anything that I wrote. After coming out of torpedo view it remains zoomed in more than it should requiring you to zoom out again. And instead of going “LOL NOPE” you could explain a little bit why, that would be more helpful. thanks. Also you may want to upload an edited file rather than what looks like a default cameraConsumer file. Aslains added it to your modpack and it didn’t work out of the box, which is kind of a requirement for being in the modpack.
  12. That torpedo view bug is new I believe, it didn’t used to be like that. There’s a problem with the default zoom setting since the “start battle zoomed out” puts it at minimum zoom when the battle starts. It’s a significant issue during DD duels where you want to launch torps during the fight and all of a sudden you have your head stuck inside your ship. That extra second or two loss of vision and having to scroll out is costly. Also the downloadable file from this thread doesn't work out of the box. Changing the 180 key values from 1 to .750 restored the zoom, also changing the <defaultkey>30 to <defaultkey>180 (the key which was edited) fixes the torpedo launcher -> gun zoom bug FYI. The camerasConsumer file from this thread doesn't seem to have any edits made to it though, as in it doesn't allow you to zoom out at all. Is there a way to add zoom "stepping?" There only seems to be the max zoom and min zoom and scrolling in/out just alternates between the two, I'm assuming the keys are other steps but they don't seem to work. Edit: reintroducing <key>240 fixed the lack of zoom stepping but seems to reintroduce the torpedo zoom issue. The game is definitely more playable with only one zoom setting and no torpedo bug, but ideally I'd like to get both the zoom stepping and the torpedo view issue to go away, any ideas?
  13. Anything that might modify your ship view, such as universal skins, zoom out mods etc. You can easily test yourself by enabling the mods that don't have to do anything with your in game/ships, and then enable one by one in a training room until you find the mod that doesn't work. Try the ones I mentioned, it's probably those. Also I think MRs icons are backwards on the enemy team, they werent earlier today though...
  14. When using YAZOM it does not zoom back out properly after switching from torpedo view. If you are at max zoom and switch to torps, upon switching back it goes to minimum zoom.
  15. Any mods that don't affect the actual battle are rarely going to cause crashes in game. If you're crashing in port that's a different story though. Generally battle UI mods are the culprit if you crash during battle.