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  1. I still think that WG are missing the point somewhat on why people hate CVs in this game. Particularly, the ridiculousness of having CVs shoehorned into the maps in the first place, and having to artificially adjust the effectiveness of aircraft to compensate. That alone is a huge turnoff for me. It is conspicuously silly in a game already full of silliness. CVs were the thing I was most interested in when I first discovered WoWS and knew nothing about it. Now, it's the thing I execrate the most. I don't have a problem dealing with them or their aircraft most of the time, but every time I see them I'm just like, "why is this even here?"
  2. Don't know. I use Aslain's camo remover so I don't have to see WG's often garish, clown suit camos all over the place.
  3. Kuckoo

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    ^^ You just need to throw this in the garbage where it belongs.
  4. Easy to complain and criticize that which you know nothing about, isn't it, Happy? You know, if you're going to talk, at some point you might actually want to start playing DDs to an appreciably consistent degree. The only people who whine about "invisible DDs" are those who don't play DDs, and the only people who whine about DDs being "very hard to hit" are those who play mostly battleships and does a poor job of it. Don't need to see your page to know that.
  5. Kuckoo

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    Why, that's not a loaded question at all... Seriously, if we already had +1/-1 people would complain because it's not same-tier matchmaking.
  6. Kuckoo


    No point in trying to give a "usefull" response to such a sorry whine post. DDs are fine. Not quite as disproportionately influential as they were a couple of years ago, sure, but are still very dangerous if played right. Stop crying. Figure it out.
  7. Kuckoo

    Your very first Premium was?

    Albany. The original, pre-buff version. With the 6km guns and 8km detection. No, that is not a typo. Then got the Marblehead from Nyx's spelling contest.
  8. Kuckoo

    How to stop a consumable in use

    Don't think so. Once you've activated a consumable it stays active for its timed duration. Only exception is AAA, which you can turn on or off anytime with the P key.
  9. Kuckoo

    USS Alaska Release Date

    Because it's really not that expensive. When it was available for 750k FreeXP, Missouris started springing up everywhere. Saw two or more nearly every match. Became quite a common sight. I suspect WG realized they underpriced the MO and that 750k wasn't really that much after all. I didn't even have to buy any converted FreeXP to get one. I just ground mine out the old fashioned way. Makes sense that the AK will cost more. However, you're going to see a bunch of them showing up anyway. It's not unusual for some players to have more than a million FXP accumulated. When playing just pretend that FreeXP doesn't exist. You should always save your FXP as much as possible anyway. Don't be one of those scrubs that spends FXP at every opportunity. NVM, necro'd...
  10. The Hackusor's credo: "I Lose. Therefore, You Hack"
  11. I'm guessing you meant "gullible" or "naive", and not "delusional", because what you're saying is delusional. Basically, that a player's efforts are thwarted only because the other person was cheating. That's the usual track. Get beat or fooled, don't understand how or why. So they must have cheated. Because experience and anticipation mean nothing. Obviously.
  12. Kuckoo

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Your endless whining is actually becoming a source of entertainment. Thanks for the laffs!
  13. The usual hackusation. Usually coming from someone who doesn't understand how the game works. The other guy was in a battleship and I was kiting from long range.
  14. Definitely. Should be obvious why something like that would be needed, frankly.
  15. Kuckoo

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Judging by the number of upvotes and positive responses in this thread, it seems that people do care. Congratulations!