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  1. This is embarrassing. There really needs to be a philosophical change at WG.
  2. I've seen this occasionally. Even on a locked, stationary broadside target, you aim at the waterline yet the whole salvo either lands short, long, or provides a convenient "RNG gap" with a straddle. The game has an automated aim assist on locked targets (which has been demonstrated numerous times now) and it definitely goes wonky sometimes. Doesn't happen very often but it is very annoying when it does.
  3. Back from taking a break from this game, and I see this thread. Significantly reducing (yet again) the amount of items that can be received - though partially made up for by increased SC frequency - and removing Doubloons and Premium entirely. And adding grey boosters? To "Super Containers"? That's almost insulting. Super Containers used to be, well, "super" but they have been steadily whittled down to "meh". The daily standard containers actually have more value now.
  4. Frequency of occurrence has nothing to do with it. Do you even know what a queue dump is?
  5. Multiple CV/sub matches are not a result of queue dumps. 2xCV and 3xSS per team is "normal" allocation. Multiple SuperShips in a match are a result of anything other than queue dumps, given their relative rarity in appearance. Teams with 6 DDs isn't unheard of. No one complains when there are 6 BBs or Cruisers in a team, though... Screenshots would validate a lot of your admittedly outrageous claims.
  6. Can't even go to ranked in a DD without getting sh_tted on by CVs. Apparently as far as the CV is concerned, once you're spotted in a DD you might as well be the only ship on the team. CV just keep sending planes your way, splitting formations so planes are always available and are constantly coming. Smoke up and hide and you're not doing anything for the team. Or you get dunked by torps. Or you get radar'd and blasted anyway. The smoke is on cooldown and you're dodging unending planes, bombs, torps, or incoming fire from the other ships on his team. AA does absolutely sh_t, even when you're hugging teammates (which makes you useless in a DD). Just non-stop dodging for minutes on end until you're sunk, and you can't do [edited] about it. And this is without subs in the match. Why TF does WG think this is OK? I swear to god, this is the only game I've ever played where I'm consistently in more of a foul mood closing it than I was coming in. To hell with this stupidity. I have more enjoyable things I can waste my time with. EDIT: Edited to be less profane-filled than it was, despite the profanity being edited out by default anyway.
  7. Skill resets only happen if the devs make major changes in how skills work. It's not a something that occurs because "it's time".
  8. Kuckoo

    OK WG..........

    I hate you. /jk Nice drop.
  9. Kuckoo

    Seeking a premium DD lower Tier 5-8

  10. Kuckoo

    Air strikes vs subs are too cheesy

    This is the root cause of many issues plaguing this game.
  11. Kuckoo

    Seeking a premium DD lower Tier 5-8

    People trash it but I have the Tier 5 Hill, and I absolutely LOVE it. I've gotten more Krakens in a shorter period of time with that bote than with literally any other ship I have ever played. Granted, you need a high-point captain to make it work, but oh my... When used with a high-point destroyer captain and when played smartly to her strengths, Hill is a beast. Even when bottom tiered. One of the best premiums I've ever spent on. Very highly recommended. EDIT: Sims is also very strong. Another one of my "gold medal" go-to boats, one the most successful in my port.
  12. Kuckoo

    Culture Shift WG - Negative

    That the CV rework was done to make CV play compatible with console versions of WoWS (i.e. the controller-compatible mechanics eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse to play CVs), only for WG to backtrack and not introduce CVs to consoles after the rework due to the backlash from PC users, speaks volumes. Let that sink in... The reaction was so severe that even WG itself, with its legendary proclivity to double down, changed their mind. And some people still wonder why CVs are so hated...
  13. Kuckoo

    subs are fragile

    ^^This EDIT: Downvote all you want. It only shows you're in favor of maintaining that imbalance. (not you, SM, but whoever downvoted)
  14. Kuckoo

    subs are fragile

    ...until you come across that Alliance that can stay submerged for up to five minutes at a time and often goes through an entire match without ever being spotted. Vision control is king in this game. Ships that can maximise vision for their team while minimizing their own visibility, while dishing out some pain in the meantime, are the most important pieces on the board. Players who know what they're doing using said boats will most often win games.
  15. Kuckoo

    Remove chat bans

    Nope. There was already a "bad word" filter for in-game chat in the Asian and Chinese servers. There are mods available that disable this feature.