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  1. It's not always passive. Depends on the map and game mode (looking at you, Tears of the Desert - Epicenter). High-tier gameplay is often quite fun. Not as wild and chaotic as low tier gets, but it's still enjoyable.
  2. I recommend that if you have any Russian DDs, get them into matches and abuse the LMB until it breaks. Profit. Middle/High-tier VMF DDs when played to their strengths are easy-money, high base-XP machines. Especially when there are plenty of battleships around to burn and cheese off. EDIT: Oh, your highest tier is a Tier V. That's gonna make it tough for you to get a 1600 XP match. If you're bottom tier in anything, concentrate on targeting specifically the top-tier boats on the opposing team, and be aggressive about it. That will net you the maximum potential XP and credits. Good luck.
  3. That is usually the types of responses one can expect to see when the OP submits material that just cannot be taken seriously, so ya.
  4. Feel like I'm talking to an eleven-year-old here, but no, I do play the game. A lot. Nearly 7000 matches over more than two years now, and have been reasonably successful in that time. Some of us may know what we are talking about. Early on you are restricted to playing against bots in Co-ops only. Your team of humans plays against an all bot team, though sometime bots are mixed your team as well. Later, when you get to a higher account level, Random Matches open up and you play with and against teams of humans. Now, if you're already having issues against bots at low tiers, you are really going to have a rude awakening when you start playing against humans regularly.
  5. Some people just log in to derp and don't give a $#!% about anything else, not just in co-ops but in randoms as well. Accepting that fact takes away some of the sting.
  6. So, what? Are you talking about Randoms or Co-ops, because the AI you keep complaining about is in Co-ops, not Randoms. Breathe, and think, before replying.
  7. Agreeing with others that is looks nothing more than a glossed up, $60 version of the old stock Amagi.
  8. I really dislike detonations when they happen to me, but that's one of the risks associated with playing a game that has ships covered with big guns and with hulls filled with explody things, all shooting at each other. Bad things can and will suddenly happen, sometimes unfairly. Why detonations are in the game is self-evident. Just because something is unpleasant doesn't mean it shouldn't be experienced. Especially when it comes to something that is plausible and is reasonably expected to happen at some point. If the risk of detonation bothers someone so much that they seriously believe they shouldn't even have to deal with it, then they need to think about whether they should be playing the game at all. No amount of self-entitled excuses and other "reasons" changes that. Some people have a lot of growing up to do.
  9. The OP has clearly spent a lot of time thinking about this. I'd be happy seeing something other than a BB available for Free XP. Not a carrier, tho. Hell no.
  10. ^^^This. Epicenter on Tears of the Desert, on the other hand, is a bloody disaster.
  11. You would be surprised how often this happens. Not long ago I shot down nearly 60 aircraft in the Cleveland, which I have fully speced for AA (Rating of 84). The opposing CV player kept sending his planes to the ships I was providing umbrella coverage for, and even tried attacking me at one point. Was literally shaking my head while this was happening. I couldn't believe it. There are some very stupid carrier players out there.
  12. Thank you, indeed. Twenty "golden emblem" boats in my port that I didn't pay for, so I am very grateful for that. ...ok, most of that consists of the entire collection of Arpeggio clones, as well as the Southern Dragon King Myoko, but still. The only premium boat I actually paid doubloons for is the Ishizuchi.
  13. Used to see them all the time. Every match in it's tier spread saw two, three or more Nelsons. Now it's been nearly a week of daily playing since I've seen just one Nelson. What happened? Bad boat? I've long since had the Free XP to get it but I keep hesitating. Now, its disappearance has put me off and, honestly, I'm not that big a fan of playing battleships in the first place (bc I suck in them). Hoping WG introduces another Free XP boat that isn't a battleship. Or a carrier, for that matter.
  14. Not to sound insensitive, but considering the details and being objective, they have a point. Difficult not being a liability to the team playing on a minimal rig, with a small monitor, and running low double-digit framerates. Many of us know this first hand. Don't take it personal. Second, why on earth would you think you can't get Concealment Expert with a ten-point captain? That is often the first ten-point skill people look forward to getting. Curious that anyone playing a high-tier destroyer wouldn't already know this... Third, up-tiering is standard in these kinds of games and it's never as bad as some would suggest. Comes with the territory. Everyone is playing exactly the same game and deals with the same things, yet most do just fine without any drama. Unfortunately, it's something of a trend for some to immediately and lazily (and often) complain about anything that doesn't suit their whims. They talk about +2/-2 as though something is technically wrong with that. Argumentum ad populum is a thing, so beware of that pitfall.
  15. Thank you. I can't feel sorry for Tier V BBs or DDs when CLs are so often abused in that neigborhood. Especially the Marblehead. My god that ship has gotten really effing hard to play now...