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  1. I approve of this idea. Would surely jack up the number of "stoopid teemkililing penelty" threads, though.
  2. Probably more a result of the opposing team's apparent lack of ability than my own skill, but still...
  3. No, Russian ships destroyed German mines and bombs.
  4. I'd +1 this if I had any left to give. In World of Warships, anything that has a high rate of fire, with a very high muzzle velocity, and is accurate at long range (thus enabling even more accurate fire at closer ranges) is lord of the jungle. Combine this with with the durability and/or ridiculous speed of some Russian ships, and you have a recipe for success. The environment and dynamics of WoWS was made specifically to favor the optimal fighting character of ships in the Russian line.
  5. Clearly, there are too many destroyers in matches.
  6. It happens, and it sucks when it does. Can't have it all. I'm still sobbing over missing the chance to get a Coast Guard flag. Seriously still bothered by that.
  7. That is the most impressive medal spam I've ever seen in this game. Very, very well done!
  8. I'm guessing that LOD multipliers might reduce or remove that effect when the firing ship is viewed from a distance. The effect might be more obvious on the player's own ship. ...at least I'm hoping that's the case. At any rate, I'm impressed by the new effects either way. Much better than what we have currently, which isn't too bad itself.
  9. Maybe they are just ignoring you.
  10. In the game, go to your Settings/Control menu and check the Display Damage checkbox.
  11. Good. Even as a destroyer and cruiser main I'm happy to see anything that reduces the ridiculous "angry smoke cloud" meta that has become so prevalent.
  12. Issue: During a match, at any random time, the game view will suddenly "freeze" in place with the player's ship sailing away. The issue does not rectify itself. Try task-switching out and closing the application via the Task Manager Processes tab, then restarting the game to re-enter the match, in the hopes that might clear things up. Problem persists, either happening just moments after the restart and participating in the match again, or immediately after re-entering the match. Obviously, this renders the game unplayable. The issue happens in bunches. Groups of occurrences are few and far between (roughly three or four weeks of playing) but when they do occur it happens in successive matches. Issue occurs during a match, the match concludes. Then it happens again in the very next match or the one afterward, then that one concludes. Happens yet again the either the next or following match, etc. The only mod ever used is a manually installed historical flag mod, but the issue also occurs even when the game is run without any mods at all (removed from the res-mods folder, not just running the game in "Safe Mode"). No error or crash file is generated. Expected Result: The expected result is that this should not be happening. How to Replicate: No reliable way of deliberately replicating the issue other than playing normally and waiting for it to happen, which at this point seems to be only a matter of time. The problem has persisted over many patches now and has been reported "fixed" in previous patch notes, indicating that the problem is known by the developers. Still happening, though. Screenshot attached. Showing the game screen immediately after re-entering the match. System: Windows7 64-bit Intel i5 4-Core @ 3.2GHz each 8GB RAM EVGA nVidia GTX-950 (2GB video RAM)
  13. Last patch I was getting up to a one second firing delay on the Graf Spee, on a 32ms connection. Only on the Spee, though. No other ship.
  14. It's actually a smart thing to do. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  15. Word on the street is that you can't go wrong with the Scharnhorst.