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  1. Dude, the Podvoisky is downright overpowered when played to its strengths, with Sierra-Mike is hoisted, and with an AFT-trained captain. Especially when you consider the greater proportion of new players/idiots that it faces in its tier spread. Besides, it enjoys the added benefit of all of its guns fully traversing 360 degrees! The Pod is anything but crappy.
  2. Best piece of advice I can give is don't wait until the planes drop their loads before dodging. If you see planes in the distance headed in your general direction, assume they are coming after you specifically, and start maneuvering. You're dodging the planes, not the bombs and torps. Once it's apparent that planes are coming to your location, you have to drop what you were doing before and prioritise avoiding the planes. It is an inconvenience but you have to do this. The point is that if you wait until the planes drop their loads before trying to avoid them, then it's already too late. Often best to keep turning toward torpedo bombers, this way if he does drop you're already well positioned to avoid most, if not all of them. If there is more than one torpedo bomber flight coming at you, turn toward the closest one. With dive bombers, you just want to be unpredictable and it doesn't really matter which way you turn, but do try to make your boat perpendicular to their approach - the opposite of what you're doing with torpedo bombers. In either scenario, good timing is key and this is something you're going to have to learn the hard way, especially when more than one flight is on you. Keep in mind that if the CV player is determined enough, and/or if your own anti-air capability is weak enough, you will inevitably take hits. The idea is to mitigate the effect as much as you can. One more thing: Always manually select a flight for your AA to concentrate on (Ctrl-LMB), even if there is only one flight.
  3. Brag on! Your wife is awesome.
  4. In an earlier, similar thread I gave the OP the benefit of a doubt and didn't think he was actually that stupid. After seeing this thread, I take it back.
  5. Did a quick look and could immediately tell that the Yamato posted here: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/vehicle/military/battleship-textured-obj ...was taken directly from Silent Hunter IV. The textures and 3D poly are unmistakable if you play it as often as I do. He did try to touch things up a bit, but it's still very easy to tell.
  6. Potatoes are very common and are easy to plant and grow. Preparing and cooking them is easy, and eating them is good for you.
  7. This is absolutely true. So easy in fact that it becomes boring after a while. Against battleships and most cruisers, it's almost unfair.
  8. Well, they had to. Germany and Japan knew they couldn't match Britain and America in numbers, so they had to place an even heavier emphasis on quality. Even then they weren't always successful, as the United States Navy in particular became very good at stenciling out huge numbers of ships of all types, particularly "front-line" fleet and capital vessels, that were also of high quality.
  9. I just couldn't be bothered with Ranked this season. Played a few battles and they went well enough, but then the trauma of previous season hit and I was like, "Nah, nevermind. I'm done".
  10. God I hope not. Especially with that rather "interesting" swing of fortunes that happened during the first part of the event.
  11. Apparently, everyone and their mother ground out XP for the Missouri and don't have enough left over for the Musashi.
  12. If you're worried about using torpedoes and hiding when playing RU DDs, you're doing it wrong. RU DDs are mini-cruisers without the liability of a citadel, not destroyers. Yes, they're "called" destroyers in the game, but they're really not. They have just one job in the game: to sprint around the perimeter of wherever the fighting is occurring and spam HE at near max gunnery range for the entirety of the match. That's it. That's all you have to do. Don't worry about contesting caps at the start of matches, that's not your job. Do, however, lend gunnery support to the stealthier DDs that are capping. Also, in the mid and late game, opportunities arise for you to grab a cap or two, when there are less red ships around to worry about. Often you're just picking a target - usually a battleship, keeping him at close to your maximum gunnery range, maneuvering so that no one else closes in on you, and just having your way with him while his return fire misses time and time again. Don't worry about being spotted. In fact, in many cases you actually want to be spotted. Boats like the Kiev are capable of single-handedly delaying and distracting the opposing team's flank while the rest of the team cleans up elsewhere. They are very good at hitting and lighting up targets while their absurd speed and relatively diminutive size makes them very difficult to hit in return. Sure, you'll get shot at a lot (potential damage exceeding 1.5 million is not unusual) but as long as you keep moving and making even slight course adjustments, almost all of it will miss, with most of it falling behind your boat. Unless he's actually dropping ordnance on you - and in such cases he's going to miss almost every time anyway - CVs hovering airplanes is a non-issue for RU DDs. In most cases just leave on your AA and ignore the flies. Your speed and laser gunnery are your most useful assets, not your smoke and certainly not your torpedoes. Speaking of the former, unless you're certain there is no one around who could sneak in and give you a nasty surprise, never park in smoke. I can't stress this enough. Save your smoke for when you need to extricate yourself out of a difficult situation. Always keep moving. Don't ever stop for anything. I almost forgot. At medium ranges, broadside battleship and cruiser superstructures are highly susceptible to RU DD AP rounds. In this situation, the combination of RoF, accuracy, and penetration makes this a very effective option. You don't get close to anyone who has friends supporting him, but if you happen across an isolated or distracted battleship or cruiser and he's showing broadside, switch to AP and watch the damage pile up. You'll be amazed.
  13. No, you're right. Though some prominent elements of v7.0 didn't do much to encourage otherwise. Arguably, the latest negativity is deserved.
  14. I'll give the OP the benefit of a doubt and conclude that he's actually not that stupid, but is just trolling. It's a weak attempt at trolling, but still.