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  1. Kuckoo

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Said it so many times: Most of those going off about "skill based MM" don't know what they're talking about and don't understand what they're really asking for. It usually comes from those who blame everyone else but themselves for every failure, and believe that a "skill based" matchmaker will improve their own results. ...and these same people absolutely never attribute any successes to the matchmaker. Oh, no, it's all skill when that happens.
  2. Ask yourself this: (Other than the Kahb because it was so blatantly overpowered it was insulting), when was the last time a publically available Russian ship in this game got nerfed? And how often do they get buffed compared to other nations? Though some won't admit it, I think we all know what to expect once those BBs go live. ...which is why I'll be playing them.
  3. Kuckoo


    It used to be a lot worse in the early days of this game. The boats looked horrible. They almost looked as though they were refloated and pressed back into service after years of being artificial reefs. It's hard taking care of a boat's aesthetics at sea for months, or even weeks on end. Especially when you're in some rough that goes on for days or weeks at a time. I would think that a crew in a ship at war would have higher priorities than making their boat pretty, though there is still a lot of dead time and junior crew members are often occupied with "busy work". Especially deckies. Ships returning from patrol almost always look the worse for wear, even during peacetime.
  4. Kuckoo

    Destructible Objects in WoWS!

    This is a very bad idea. As silly as the island hugging meta is, ships being able to blast away land masses is even sillier. Much sillier. Why is this even floated as an idea? Just make maps with fewer and smaller land masses, spaced further apart. That's it. That's all you have to do. Is that difficult to understand? Stop trying to be clever with stupid gimmicks WG because you fk up every time you do.
  5. Kuckoo

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    Katori and Tachibana Lima. 3 and 0 battles, respectively. 59 battles in the "regular" Tachibana.
  6. Kuckoo

    Rare ships

    Kitakami. So broken it was removed from the game entirely. As rare as you can get. Though, despite its formidable torpedo armament, it wasn't really that good of a cruiser
  7. Kuckoo

    Anyone else feel BBs are obsolete?

    Nope. Really, the only things you're afraid of in a BB are being isolated and focused upon by multiple red ships or receiving a multiple-torp broadside. You can avoid that most of the time by sticking with teammates and with smart positioning. HE spam then should be of relatively little concern with proper use between DC and repair. BBs are anything but obsolete. Especially at high tiers.
  8. Kuckoo

    Can't play anymore

    Macs are for hippies. People with jobs use PC.
  9. Kuckoo

    French Destroyers announced

    If the Agile is anything to go by, not great. However, having no smoke and high speed indicates that French DDs are going to be played more like the Russian DDs than anything else, and not be bothered by things like concealment.
  10. Hey, glad I could help! I was zoomed in looking right at you and those torps, thinking, "Yeah, I got him". Then the game just stops. I literally yelled out "What?! NOOOOO!!!". I was absolutely livid. Nearly threw my headset across the room. That was the last game I played yesterday.
  11. Kuckoo

    A public apology

    See, that's what happens when you play on weekends. We get it. You're always going to see things during matches that will annoy you, and the compulsion to "express your thoughts" can sometimes be enormous. But them you have to tell yourself - as you obviously found out - that you never know who is on the other side. It is hard to be quiet in matches, especially on weekends. But it is always better.
  12. I've already accepted that I'm not getting the Exeter. That's just how it goes sometimes. Certainly not going to buy it (or any other premium ship for that matter). Not disappointed, though. I'm not the biggest fan of WG's interpretation of RN ships and their optimal playstyles.
  13. Kuckoo

    French Destroyers announced

    I've literally seen just one le Terrible in a match since they've been introduced.
  14. Kuckoo

    French Destroyers announced

    I run repair in lieu of smoke in upper tier Russian destroyers, but it seems that at least some of the no-smoke French DDs won't even have that option. Taking smoke away for nothing in return is a problem. ...and I agree with warheart; balancing ships via tacked-on gimmicks is not a terribly clever way of doing things, IMO. Resorting to this indicates an underlying fundamental problem with the game.
  15. Kuckoo

    Salt in Co-op

    That level of raging in Co-op is so rare that it's actually funny when it does happen. Imagine that kid (or whatever) in Randoms.