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  1. WG will break him, despite his credentials. Just like the I-don't-know-how-many-other CMs this forum has burned through. It's only a matter of time before another one of Wargaming's colossal PR f*ckups. And when it occurs, Ahskance will be run through the WG wringer just like the others before him. We will see how that turns out.
  2. Kuckoo

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    Can't help but be blown away seeing time and time again just how willingly some people throw their money away on WG's speculative nonsense, then become indignant when the result isn't what they imagined it would be. Especially for content that you can eventually get for free anyway. Of course these mechanisms are engineered to deprive you of your doubloons. That's the whole point.
  3. See that there's been yet another skills overhaul, among other things. Not sure this was necessary IMO but hey, I'll give it a go. Anyway, did some reading, and on the very first skill I look up, Grease the Gears, I notice that it works "backwards". Boats that need it the least - or practically not at all - still see an increasingly larger benefit the faster their initial turret traverse rates are. Whereas boats whose turrets are already slow to begin with see virtually no worthwhile benefit, with slower traverse rates seeing a proportionately weaker benefit. Am I reading this right? Is this how the devs actually intended this skill to work? Cut short the remaining study because I'm already getting bad vibes and those "slowly starting to remember why you broke up with her in the first place" feelings... At least the ships don't all sound like they have triple-expansion engines anymore. As usual, the visual and sound departments don't disappoint. Game looks and sounds great. We'll see how this goes...
  4. This game, WoWS, has things that can either be damaged and/or destroyed. Damaged or incapacitated items can be fixed. Destroyed ones, by definition (duh), cannot. Not difficult to grasp. It's been that way since day one.
  5. Please, explain why people shouldn't react the way they have been. If there is anything practically good about these boats that everyone has apparently missed, we'd be happy to hear it.
  6. Within reasonable bounds, a higher velocity, smaller caliber AP round of a given density can, at least theoretically, have higher penetrating performance than a lower velocity, larger caliber AP round of the same density. So, no; the idea isn't totally absurd.
  7. Kuckoo

    How to Explain WOWS to Friends

    There is nothing remotely "chessy" about this game. "Rock-Paper-Scissors" was as sophisticated as it's ever been, and lately even that comparison has been compromised.
  8. Kuckoo

    Chapayev Buff Request

    Clearly, there are other issues at hand if it's taking three years to grind just halfway through one boat. Moreover, the Chap is an gymnast compared to the Don that follows. If you hate the Chap now, you will absolutely despise the Don later. RU cruisers are meant to be far enough away from what's shooting at it to have time to dodge any incoming. Kiting is their element. Should be obvious why the guns are so long-ranged and accurate.
  9. Kuckoo

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    Bot CVs and their aircraft is the least concerning thing about co-ops. They are almost a total non-issue in every respect. Who cares where or how they spot you?
  10. I've seen this a couple of times, and have experienced a number of other connection issues, since v9.6 released. I've posted a bug report, but have yet to hear back from anyone.
  11. Getting multiple disconnects since 9.6 released. One of the most consistent things I've experienced about this game was the reliability of the connection. Pretty much flawless since I've started playing. That changed in v9.6. About every other time I log on I'm now experiencing a variety of connection issues with the game, including but not limited to: Game failing to log on (waiting for the login to complete, only for it to stop and request another log-in) Game kicking back to the login screen shortly after the port main screen appears Game kicking back to the login screen while queued for a battle Game kicking back to the login screen the very moment the battle countdown ends Kicking back to the login screen during battle, sometimes after two or even three "log-back-in-agains" and resuming the battle Kicking back to the login sceen the very moment the battle ends (of after seeing a black screen with the leaderboard info and being immediately kicked back after clicking to return to port) Kicking back to login the very moment the port screen appears, if it doesn't crash from the no.6 description Kicking back whenever I sell a boat (either that, or I get a "Transaction Failure" notification and the "sold" boat stays in port, with its icon grayed out, but the game doesn't crash) Kicking back when attaching a signal, flag, or module Kicking back while selecting an random item or window while on the port UI screen ...and so on The issue seems to trigger whenever I specifically select something via the UI when not in battle, and apparently at random while in battle. I've done connection tests, temp checks, etc on my end and everything is working as it should. My connection is more than fast enough. No slowed connections, no lost packets, nothing is overheating, GPU, CPU, RAM are all at recommended spec or greater and are nominal. I've refreshed the gateway, cleared caches, restarted the PC. I''ve always manually selected an optimal DNS and using IPv6. I usually have no more than eleven or twelve processes running simultaneously, plus WoWS.exe and the four additional process that the WGC adds - if I don't close it as soon as the login is complete. I've deleted and reinstalled the game (I usually do this every other update anyway, problem or not). The problem continues to persist, but only since 9.6 released and very consistently. Furthermore, I experience absolutely no connection issues whatsoever when doing literally anything else that uses bandwidth, including playing multiple other online games, streaming, downloading, etc. WoWS was never terribly demanding on my system or connection in the first place. Again, I stress that the only time such issues occur is when I'm logged onto WoWS, and only since v9.6. This has become almost a daily issue. Thank you.
  12. Kuckoo

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    For regular carrier ops, it is unrealistic. They were obviously too unwieldy for regular carrier ops, they only took off once and were never meant to recover anyway. Hardly a sound basis for an argument over the plausibility of carrier ops. The idea of BF-110s operating from carriers is ridiculous. They were completely unsuitable for the job. Landings and arresting likely would have written off more 110s than combat itself. That's assuming they could even successfully take off without flopping in as soon as they cleared the bow. But the devs have long since resorted to pulling rabbits out of a hat when it comes to adding new content - that's not necessarily a criticism, btw. They could make it so that Snoopy flying VTOL doghouses are used instead of planes, if they wanted to. What little realism this game had to begin with went out the window long ago, so there's no point arguing over it.
  13. At last. Now I know how to properly pronounce her username, which syllables to stress. EDIT: The "two ends of the pool" was an excellent analogy (14:07).
  14. Kuckoo

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    Launched. Once. They were never going to return and land on the ship, no matter how the mission turned out.
  15. Kuckoo

    Bots now have the Martyrdom skill

    Hard enough to see anything in these tiny, blurry shots, but the Zao is clearly still alive in the second pic.