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  1. On this server, it's as if almost every BB player is from Idaho (Yours Truly included, though I'm from Germany, lol). Especially when talking about US BBs in the low to upper-mid-tiers. There are, of course, a few stars out there. But the majority? Ugh... Just put it away. As far as carry potential, imo, cruisers are the strongest when played to their strengths and by those who know what they're doing. DDs a very close second.
  2. Rerolling unicums divisioning with other rerolling unicums. I'm guessing that is just about the only way to get 75% or greater win rates after thousands of matches played. There are ways of gaming the system and boosting one's stats if that's their primary interest in the game. Nothing wrong with that, btw.
  3. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Battles are no longer than 20 minutes, and are often a lot shorter. Limited ammunition loadouts for naval warships would be pointless. And yes, you're right: This isn't a sim. Far from it.
  4. Sad day today o(╥﹏╥)o

    At least you prioritized your finals over a game. You should feel good about that. Depressing when you realize how many go the other way. Some people create their own unfortunate futures...
  5. team Kill penalty

    You are responsible for your torps and what they hit. Period. There are no excuses or blaming others to talk your way around it. You effed up. Own it. Move on. You'll be better for it. Shouldn't be firing torps when you are behind teammates in the first place. Also, if you're getting shared damage, it means you've inflicted a significant amount of team damage very recently. You deal team damage consistently. Stoppit.
  6. I missed the Kamikaze R (or Fujin, don't remember which) by two pearls, but I didn't come whining in the forums blaming "wargamming" for it. Get over it.
  7. It's the player, not the boat. My US warships mostly perform very well. Also, it's not terribly smart letting a video game color your judgment on how things actually were IRL.
  8. Are you installing on top of the existing driver, or using the option to remove the old driver before installing the new one? The latter is highly recommended. So what if you have to reconfigure your profiles. EDIT: Nvm. You sed you did.
  9. Flood Compartments

    Compartmentalization is designed to mitigate flooding, but torpedoes are extremely destructive devices and there is only so much a boat can take. And often the damage isn't local to a specific compartment or zone. There are secondary effects (seams splitting and watertight integrity in adjacent compartments, or even remote parts of the hull, being compromised, etc.) ...but we're not talking about real life. Keep in mind this is not a simulator by any stretch. Damage modelling in this game is deliberately kept very simplified. Just go with it. Besides, many adverse effects from torpedo hits are not modelled. You won't ever have to suffer issues such as listing, dragging the bow or stern, associated loss of kinetic performance (maybe), compromisation of vital seams that exacerbates flooding issues, etc. And flooding can be repaired quickly, if not instantly with DC. You can have you propulsion knocked out, but again it can be instantly rectified with DC if it's available. You could be detonated, but hey, you enter this arena and accept the risks that come with it...
  10. Everyone has issues with the Kirov's survivability, lol. Kirov is a hard ship to do well in. It's downright punishing for new players, and challenging even for experienced players. It's one of the reasons why you don't see it very often. You want to stay back and snipe with the Kirov - your guns allow you do that. Try to keep the minimum number of ships in range that can potentially fire back at you. This means you'll need to keep the minimum number of ships within you own gunnery range as well. Preferably one at a time. Pay very close attention to what's happening on the minimap. Always go around a flank and keep threats to one side of the boat, and at a distance. Never put yourself in a position where you could be fired at from both sides - doing so means turning to avoid fire from one threat puts you broadside to another, and you obviously don't want to do that. Also, you need to stay with the herd in the Kirov. No soloing at the start of matches and charging ahead of everyone else. Go with the herd and lend gunnery support. Make sure you're behind everyone, not ahead of them, so that others get shot at and not just you. Blend in. Don't stand out. You have neither the RoF or survivability to adequately deal with being focused. NO ISLAND HUMPING in the Kirov. She is not the boat for this. Also, never stop moving. Go full speed at the start, and stay at full speed. Don't forget to use the WASD hack, not only for avoiding torpedoes but to make yourself that much harder to hit in general. Kirov is strictly a support ship. Survive into the late match, when the teams are thinned out and the environment isn't as dangerous, then you can be adventurous and play more aggressively.
  11. 100% A player is responsible for his torpedoes and what they hit. Period. There is just no excusing around it.
  12. Pink - How you doin so far?

    Haven't been pink in almost a year.
  13. Pretty much every new "clean sheet" design has gone through prolonged shakedowns, especially during peacetime. The more ambitious and complex the device, the more teething problems it suffers. Ships. Planes. Whatever. It's all but inevitable and there's nothing terribly unusual about it. Though, as we've seen, it can be an expensive and time-consuming inconvenience. Today's instant, 24-hour news cycle, which often hyper-sensationalizes and overexposes their material in order to get clicks, can sometimes give the impression that things are more dire than they actually are.
  14. There are modern aircraft that carry torpedoes but these are universally for use against submarines. The old school air types that flew right up to/dived down on hostile surface ships, releasing ordnance at "in yo face" ranges, hasn't been a thing for many decades. Missiles and electronically guided bombs do the job now. On the other hand, ground warfare support can still see some aircraft getting up close and personal.