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  1. WG's solution to putting out dumpster fires: keep throwing in more garbage.
  2. It's worth considering that there are reasons for the consistent nature of the community negativity lately. There is a point behind much of it. Many of those with specific complains may arguably have a better understanding of the affected nuances of the game than you do, frankly. Everyone is free to vent their experiences and frustrations. You and everyone else is free to agree or disagree with whatever is said. If you don't like what someone posted, then simply don't read it. Or post a reply and move on.
  3. I never tried it. Admittedly, only found out about 1v1 belatedly. I seldom play WoWS anymore so I'm probably one of the last to know of such things.
  4. There are multiple scaling issues with this game. Ship scale issues relative to one another across tiers is especially notable. Then you have the (still present) screwed-up ship/environment scale. Measuring this game's ship dimensions against one another is not reliable in any way, to say the least...
  5. Kuckoo

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    Complaining only because someone else complained. Do you even play the Italian cruisers to any significant degree? Keep jumping on a bandwagon more overloaded than a train in Calcutta.
  6. Skill based matchmakers or not, good players play e-sports. Skill based matchmakers doesn't make or enable good players. And WoWS is too badly unbalanced to qualify as a viable esports platform anyway to even make such comparisons, so I fail to see how any of that is relevant.
  7. Some people don't think things through and truly appreciate what they're really asking for when talking about "skill-based" matchmakers in this game. People are only thinking about a perceived lack of ability of their teammates when talking about "skill-based MM", and that falls in line with a mindset that when things go wrong in a match it's someone else's fault. "If my teammates were better then matches would be better and I would be better!" It's not that simple. Think how your matches will go when you're conceivably matched up against opposing players who are all at least as good as (you think!) you are. How do you suppose your individual result will be when literally every opposing player you face is competent and skilled? Your matches will be tougher, and you - as an individual player - will likely not do as well as you think you will. What are you going to blame when that happens? As for the thought that paying players make better matches, well, that's just naive. The root issues with this game run deeper than the lack of a "skill-based matchmaker".
  8. Kuckoo

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    I genuinely feel bad for Fememenly and others like her. Couldn't live with myself having to constantly defend the decisions behind this game from an increasingly disillusioned community.
  9. Kuckoo

    Russian Dreamboats

    ^^ Very this. Points are all 100% valid. EDIT: Ninja'd by thebigblue but still.
  10. Kuckoo

    Russian Dreamboats

    No, they know exactly what they are doing. With rare exceptions, a "nerf" to anything Russian - infrequent occurrences that they are - means changing something that doesn't negatively alter its net effect on the match or the individual player's results. Or, particularly, its ability to deal damage by its primary means, which in the case of Russian boats in the game will always be the guns. This has been the way Lesta/WG has handled Russian boats since the VMF cruisers and destroyers first arrived years ago. It's a joke.
  11. Nothing gets past you, does it?
  12. I'm now absolutely convinced that Russians - at least the ones working at WG - have an inferiority complex.
  13. Gonna disagree with you there. "Talented" players aren't responsible for the "less-talented", and that goes both ways. Playing a match is a collective effort, but everyone is individually responsible for how they handle their own boat, and the consequences of such. That "you need to help the less fortunate" drivel needs to go.
  14. The reality is those who hide their stats are usually bad. After all, that is the point of hiding stats. To spell things out: Some people are so consistently bad that they are a liability to every team they are matched into, and this becomes all too apparent to the other team members as the match progresses. The usual result being someone on the team looking said player up and seeing a lot of red ink, then bashing the player in chat for it. It's one of the realities of online gaming. Solution: bad player blocks his/her stats. I can't recall anyone ever suggesting the idea that hiding personal stats is some kind of tactical advantage in a match. Frankly, the scheme sounds ridiculous. If a player is good they want everyone else playing to know it, and who can blame him? At any rate, you still gotta do your talking on the field, public stats or not.