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  1. I've asked this before, but seriously with the increase in the amount of aircraft now in the game, defensive fighters need to be made more effective. They rarely if ever find a target and even if they do, the CV recalling them just means they are unable to intercept.This along with their very short on station time makes them pretty much useless.
  2. _BlackHawk4_

    How the #$&% does anybody have a 65% win rate?

    They play the most powerful ships in divisions.
  3. _BlackHawk4_

    Naval Battles dumpster fire.

    I was kinda half poking a little fun at what was said, but since you want me to address the entire quote. lets. Wouldn't you rather promote a competition that is fun but can also be done without winning the majority of the time? You're getting feedback that the high base XP competition is NOT fun and I thought WG was supposed to be better at listening to the community these days? Now there is actually an easy fix to the situation, actually there are two; have a slightly more varied mission or you could have lower thresholds for the base XP. Rather than 300 straight to 1000, you could have 300, 600, 800, 1000, allowing some leeway for good games you have in a losing team. People actually want to win games you know, however if you are making a point to compete in this event each week, does it not encourage you to keep fighting well if you know you still have a chance to get to your base XP goal rather than knowing its way out of reach when you're down 10-2 so you just yeet yourself into the enemy fleet and get it over with?
  4. _BlackHawk4_

    Naval Battles dumpster fire.

    We know. Really though, some variety would be nice rather than base XP every week.
  5. I have about 300k coal already just sitting there with nothing I want to buy so I guess I;ll have a lot more to do nothing with.
  6. So "big changes"means screw the player base out of more resources, gotcha.
  7. _BlackHawk4_

    Napoli? Marco Polo

    You ever notice that the only ships people actually recommend are the over powered ones? Everything else gets dumped on. Yeh MP plays ok, same as most other ships, some games you'll do well, others you might get nuked.
  8. _BlackHawk4_

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    Randoms - Orion 52 Co-Op - Harugumo 92
  9. _BlackHawk4_

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    100 Zulu flags.
  10. _BlackHawk4_

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    Hmm I must have missed a day, guess tomorrow I'll get it.
  11. I was interested in the Iowa camo but damn this is a lot of work for just one camo, think I will give it a miss.
  12. Submarines are useless. As soon as they are spotted they get nuked. Sure they might get a lucky kill or a few torp hits, but all up I've found them pretty ineffective and a poor addition to the game.
  13. I don't think I've run into a competent sub player yet. I literally have more submarine kills as a Battleship main than I've been hit by submarine torpedoes. Using rudder and throttle you can get the torps curving then turn outside of them. Perhaps it's just me but I've found subs almost completely ineffective in the game.
  14. _BlackHawk4_

    Ships people are keen to see

    HMAS Canberra and HMAS Sydney would be nice, speaking as an Australian. ARA General Belgrano would be interesting, but there are already several Brooklyn Class cruisers in the game. You also have the two other pocket battleships that would be interesting in Admiral Sheer and Lutzow.
  15. _BlackHawk4_

    Sick of all the Hating for new things

    Subs are crap and everyone knows it. You might get away with a kill or landing some torps but as soon as you're spotted it's pretty much game over. They add almost nothing to the game....well almost, their addition makes it easier to farm High Calibre medals in games with certain ships as it lowers the threshold required.