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  1. _BlackHawk4_

    Need some advice if this PC will run the game...

    As I said, the specs above just need to get me through a few months until I can afford a good gaming machine. This lap top is 32 bit operating system and no longer supported.
  2. _BlackHawk4_

    Need some advice if this PC will run the game...

    Not a laptop it's a mini tower and it's really only for my old man to do his stuff on, once I've had some time to save for a dedicated gaming rig it will be passed onto him. Just require something that can get me going for a few months.
  3. _BlackHawk4_

    Need some advice if this PC will run the game...

    Thank you a heap. I haven't been able to play in months and hopefully now ill be back up and running a few days :)
  4. I apologise for the very basic question, but the last time I bought a computer was over a decade ago and I'm not that good with them. Looking to replace my PC which was destroyed in a house fire, will this system run Warships in it's current state? It need not be to the highest level of graphics, just need to know if it will run the game as I have access to one cheaply to get me through until I can afford a decent gaming rig. Thanks for any help. Processor Type AMD Ryzen 5 Processor Model Number 3500U Processor Cores Quad Core Processor Clock Speed (GHz) 2.1 Processor Max. Clock Speed (GHz) 3.7 RAM (GB) 8 SSD storage 512GB Total Storage 512GB Graphics processor Integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Thanks for the help.
  5. _BlackHawk4_

    Most Dev Strikes you have had in 1 game

    5 or 6, using the old, unnerfed Isokaze. That destroyer was the beast of tier 4. Then WG ripped the guts out of her.
  6. _BlackHawk4_

    Next Japanese line when?

    Problem is that Commonwealth ships, especially cruisers are going to be pretty much copy paste of British warships.
  7. _BlackHawk4_

    Next Japanese line when?

    Some light cruisers could be added, already have Yahagi as a premium, although I'd really like a fully gunned up Tone class Chikuma.
  8. _BlackHawk4_

    Trade/Sell ships Would make people Happy!

    A simple system that let's you trade a premium ship for another premium ship with another player would work. You just set up somewhere in the armory where if you have a premium you don't want, you list it for trade, specify the ship you want and list it. If someone likes the ship you are offering and has what you want, just click on the listing and the trade happens. Either that or let people flog off unwanted premiums for the dubs they are worth or even half the dubs they are worth, anything really.
  9. Thanks guys, really appreciate that. My house got hit by lightning and it completely fried my PC, gave me an electric shock too. Getting a replacement isn't easy at the moment.
  10. Just wondering as I had a catastrophic PC failure a few weeks ago and it's taking some time to get a replacement. On my backup lappy but it no longer runs the game due to 32 bit operating system support being discontinued. Anyways I was hoping to msg my clan to tell them that I've not just gone AWOL, I'm just trying to get a new PC.
  11. _BlackHawk4_

    Zao or Venezia

    Both are good ships, even the Zao still especially if you equip her with the dispersion enhancement in the RB, you almost can't miss. She's also a harder target to hit being smaller and a bit more nimble, not to mention the good concealment. Also has good torpedoes. However Venezia really can delete even the best cruisers and destroyers with a good broadside. AP at close range x15 shots can be deadly to almost anyone. SAP is your standard round though and the damage mounts up, but she will take hits being a big ship and don't give too much broadside or like all high tier cruisers, you'll be asking for it.
  12. _BlackHawk4_

    Server is down...

    Well I've had enough, time to go stare at the inside of my eyelids for 8 hours.
  13. _BlackHawk4_

    When did MrGibbins turn Sour?

    Yeh I stopped watching him too, sick of hearing him and all the other ex CC's who rage quit complain non stop about the game. Worse they never recommend you buy anything anymore which seems like they are just trying to take a dump on anything wargaming does to hurt them monetarily.
  14. _BlackHawk4_

    Unpopular Opinion 2

    What's wrong with just expanding the lines within the 10 tiers? I don't mind if they split lines 3 or 4 times, just means more ships to choose from at each tier. You complain they are making thing up as it is, well what do you think they will need to do go to go beyond tier 10? Or do you want guided missile frigates?
  15. _BlackHawk4_

    Malborough Dockyard Grind is crazy

    Nearly finished this weeks, need about 10k base XP, 300 BB main hits and about 50 fires or cits for cruisers. 5 cruiser and 5 BB games should do it.