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  1. The only issue I have with the new BB line is the reload time; it really needs to be 33 seconds at maximum. Other than that I've had some fun in Kansas and the game I played in the Oklahoma.
  2. _BlackHawk4_

    Maritime Museum Closing.

    Some museums in Australia just don't get much in the way of funding. Down south, pretty much no other museum gets anything apart from the Melbourne museum and the National Gallery, oh the Racing museum gets stuff too and Immigration....but if you're anything else, you're SOOL.
  3. _BlackHawk4_


    It's an interesting idea, definitely deserves some more thought. It could also give a new class of ship and separate tech trees for them. They might fall into the category of one trick pony though, either scoring large amounts of damage or none at all kinda thing, as a Minesweeper usually only had 1x4 inch gun, minimal AA and no torpedoes.
  4. Stop complaining and play. If you don't, go play something else.
  5. So you want things in the game that have a 150kg high explosive warhead, travel at subsonic speeds and has a total weight of about 350kgs......yeh do you know what would happen if you hit a WW2 Battleship with an anti shipping missile? It would bounce off. To quote the captain of the Missouri when asked by a reporter what would he do if his ship was hit by an Exocet; "I'd have two men repaint the hull". So in effect, you want something in the game that is pretty much totally made up. This idea is even worse than the whole OP paper Russian ships that we have.
  6. I have Thunderer and Alaska, the only ones I was really interested in from the bunch being taken off sale, was looking at the Salem but just wondering what might replace the ships being removed.
  7. _BlackHawk4_

    My Team Said I Lost Them The Game So Did I Fail?

    Yeh, you probably did lose them the match if they were telling you so. Gotta ask yourself; are you more interested in farming damage or playing the objectives to win the game? The two are not always the same thing.
  8. Just started happening tonight, won the 2000xp container and couldn't get it due to the "transaction error" but it was waiting for me there after the daily reset. Then got past the 2 and 12k containers and was unable to claim them due to the same error. What's this all about Alfie?
  9. _BlackHawk4_

    NA players not located in NA

    Australian here checking in. I play in the NA server because I don't want to play on the SEA server, been there done that with WOT. I have fibre optic internet so my ping is sub 100.
  10. _BlackHawk4_

    Izmail VI Battleship

    As far as I know the Izmail never had torpedoes. At least mine doesnt.
  11. _BlackHawk4_

    USS Kansas is a bad ship they said.

    Making the reload faster would go along way to making her better. At the moment she does maybe 70k damage in a good match, it just can't do enough damage when facing tier 10 ships to be useful, especially as a battleship.
  12. _BlackHawk4_

    USS Kansas is a bad ship they said.

    You know I was about to ask if these issues were brought up by the super testers in game. It seems that they were but WG just ignored them. I ask, why bother issuing ships to be tested if you don't listen to the people you trust to test them?
  13. _BlackHawk4_

    USS Kansas is a bad ship they said.

    I really think it needs a reload buff to bring it in line with other BBs of that tier. It really shouldn't be longer than 32 seconds to be honest. I don't hate it, but a little improvement wouldn't do it badly.
  14. _BlackHawk4_

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    While it would be hard to restrict a player in game just because they are very good, it's a valid concern that some players could get so good they damage or even destroy the game. You see WG taking action against this by nerfing some ships. I'm pretty sure I had some small contribution to the nerf of the Isokaze, I was very very good in that ship and it was scary to see there were players even better than I. If match making could even out the players on each team it would help mitigate this problem. I'm sure that's a lot of work though. It may not even be feesable at times due to how many players are online.
  15. _BlackHawk4_

    How Many Rare Ships do you have?

    Only Musashi and Vampire.