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  1. NBThunderbolt

    899 Record Holders

    So, I've been watching Eurogamer, do his 8-9-9 gag, and it got me thinking; What's the fastest recorded kill in World of Warships? Or is there even a dedicated page for Record holders? And For the bragging rights, I figured I'd set up this topic so we could see just how good players were at it.
  2. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    I have been, And I was TRYING to get a thread of nothing but suggested solutions. Looks like That failed thought, 5 minutes after going up someone turned it into a debate and called me a survey bot
  3. I find this to be a perfectly acceptable solution.
  4. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    Hence Why there's people petitioning them as we speak. If you don't like what you see, there's other ways to channel anger. I'm simply trying to direct it into something productive.
  5. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    No, I'm not a fake account, I can remove my privacy settings real quick. I'm just trying to mitigate and direct effort into finding a solution. I'm already out 20$ myself.
  6. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    I will not dispute your opinion, but please only leave ideas for the solutions the can implement to fix the situation. I'm not trying to start another "rage/ hate/ abusive reply" channel. There's 4 of those already. I'd like for the community to leave Honest suggestions for Wargaming on how to fix this Huge error. Raging, saying things like "they won't change except by force" is just giving them a reason to ignore honest feedback.
  7. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    Thank you, This is the sort of solution proposal I'm looking for. Perfect example of reasonable criticism.
  8. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    I'm asking for suggestive criticism. Not personal attacks, or blind rage
  9. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    My personal recommendation; Either refund all the coins spent in the first 72 hrs, or adjust the numbers required
  10. NBThunderbolt

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    As a community, rather then throwing a tantrum, What I'd suggest is to list ways that You feel Wargaming can fix this problem. Please, serious suggestions only. And no rants.