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  1. CS_Raston

    [ALL] ModStation

    Under the Combat Interface category and Ship Info Panel I think "Info Panel: Self" might be changed to Ally instead. It would be just like with Enemy but for your teammates. I usually know my ship's stats and if I forget I can simply hover over the guns, torps, etc., to see. I don't always remember the torp ranges of the high tier DD's and cruisers and it would be handy to know them of those on my team for planning purposes.
  2. CS_Raston

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    How come Karma Koin isn't listed as a payment option for the tokens?
  3. CS_Raston

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    With the additions of the categories on the left side of port screen when you use the 4 ship stack view it hides the Naval Battle category. I have to go to a 3 ship stack view to see it. My monitor uses 1600x900 resolution which is recommended for it.
  4. I agree, it's also evident in this season's Ranked battles. I've played a few sub matches all being in depth charge cruisers hunting subs. For the most part it's fighting the surface ships with moments of sub hunting. DD's are still first choice to attack as they have a better chance of sinking subs and me.
  5. CS_Raston

    HE and Overpens

    No Zoup had a video today talking about the BB's you might want to check it out.
  6. LunchCutter I posted on the same subject a few days ago and got pretty much the same response which is the reason I don't post much. What most likely will happen is players will stop using the high tier BB's or play lower tier matches where they can feel like they're contributing to the game and not losing coin to high repair costs.
  7. CS_Raston

    HE and Overpens

    If you mean guns with high arcs I have the Atlanta.
  8. CS_Raston

    HE and Overpens

    Yes IFHE did reduce fire chance in the past and it was halved this time. I do use IFHE on many ships with guns 180 mm and below for the penetration chance taking into account the reduction of fire chance. It's not about IFHE it's about the percentage chance of ships catching fire from HE. I used IFHE as an example for more using HE now due to the penalty. On top of that AP from BB's has too many overpens to be effective against cruisers. I know some BB guys who are using HE instead for that fact. I've also listened to CC's on Twitch talk about how HE has reduced the abilities of high tier BB's to be effective and enjoyable to play. I play all types of ships except CV's and all I'm saying is just reduce the HE fire chance so that BB's aren't spending most of their time fighting 3 or 4 fires and seeing half their shells that do hit get overpens. In the past BB captains complained of DD's and torps but I'd rather dodge 8 torps, with the adrenaline pumping, than seeing napalm from heaven pouring down on me, with no skill involved. One simple fix would be to decrease the BB's potential to catch fire.
  9. CS_Raston

    HE and Overpens

    I didn't see a post on this, maybe there is, but we need something done about the HE fire chance in tier 8-10. Between it and the overpens they are taking the fun out of playing BB's in high tiers. Giving a reduction in fire chance when using IFHE has also increased the use of HE spam.
  10. CS_Raston

    CoOp Selected...ending up in Random

    I've had this happen more than once. When we are playing in division and decide to go co-op I specifically ask everyone now if they see co-op before launching. It also happens in reverse; we decide to go PVP, put on camo and signals, launch and we end up in co-op.
  11. CS_Raston

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    Same happens to me like with Hapa_Fodder. It's a sporadic thing that may occur a few times a month where my game will totally lock-up playing or coming out of a match. Sometimes when playing the freeze may last a minute or two then snaps out of it and game plays ok. A few times I've had to reboot when it didn't come out of it.
  12. I had the same problem. I'm logged in because I have to be to join the events. However, when I click to join I get sent to the news page. Now in the Philippines mission in game it just said to play either American or Japanese tier 5 up. The bonus for completing the mission was 10,000 coal. I completed the mission but didn't get the 10,000 coal. Another issue I've seen with the Naval Battles is we quite often have completed the required points for a ship but it's as though the game was never recognized and we don't receive a point. It gets a little frustrating putting on the camo and signals then play and receiving nothing for it.
  13. CS_Raston

    Logic and the CV rework

    If I wanted to fly planes I'd play World of Warplanes or War Thunder. It appears to me the rest of us non-cv players will suffer from the new CV and AA rework but it's "Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead"! by WG. We might as well create a mode where it's CV vs CV and they can fly around attacking each other.