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  1. speed0293

    Ping spikes--stuttering in game

    Add me to this. Update 9.5 started this for me as well. Got worse with 9.6 until it mysteriously seemed to disappear the last 2 days before update 9.7. Now, it's back worse than ever! Seems to freeze more when action is heavy. My ping jumps to 1500 from a normal of 34-35. Sometimes not really playable now after 9.7 update. What happened WG? Did your DVR registry mod work CV6?
  2. speed0293

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    1. Transaction error problem when attempting to change upgrade modules (Yamato) and no change happens. 2. Can't refit after a battle. Get a "NEW" button with legend saying ship can't re-enter a battle without refitting and shows a button authorizing refit along with a $cost. Pushing button gives transaction error and no refit. Affected ship can't be played again. 3. Getting constant lag/freeze spikes that make play difficult since they often happen when attempting to engage/trigger the fire button. This has been a problem since 0.9.6 patch on public server as well, but it is seriously worse here with this PT update. Getting a spike 4 or 5 times per minute now.
  3. I also experience brief lag/freeze spikes. Mine occur regardless of Tier or Ship type. It does impact my gameplay..... and attitude during the game if it screws up my game play in a critical situation. Has anyone posted an official ticket with WG on this? Started with 9.6 update, so seems related to that update.
  4. speed0293

    0.8.9 Audio -- Volume Changed Again?

    Thank you. Nice, informative response. Hope they restore some individual functionality to these controls. The avoidance alarm is almost useless in a battle now. Just too much going on to assure the visual warning is enough. Just my opinion.
  5. speed0293

    0.8.9 Audio -- Volume Changed Again?

    Didn't notice that, but I can hardly hear my collision alarm these days. Any suggestions to turn it up? Which control now is in control of that sound?
  6. I'll agree on the Tier 10 fun factor. I worked long and hard to finally get T 10 boats, and what I'm finding is that, thanks to the high ROF CLs and DDs, I just can't see the economics of playing there with BBs these days. I'm frequently just breaking even (or not) in the Credits category, even with Premium status, -10% post cost signals, -10% post cost camo, +20% credit signals, etc ...all applied simultaneously. My anemic damage numbers stand in the face of a high percentage of overpins, ricochets, and massive dispersion characteristics of BBs at this level - to say nothing about the DD damage limitations recently imposed on BBs. Yes I can get closer, but with the long reload times involved, I seldom can amass any real damage numbers. When I do charge in, I just don't last long enough to really contribute to the game before the fires consume me. Really good games are now the exception in T 9/10 BBs for me anyway. They do happen, just not often these days. BBs are just damage goats for DDs and CLs to harvest. And looking at CVs these days, even good games result in very low economics. Torps that do puny damage compared to an equivalent torp from a DD, and little or no recognition for the game play impact of opponents having to maneuver and avoid planes. No wonder T 10 CVs are seldom seen for sure, it costs too much to play them. WG seemed to work hard to get players into T 9/10 and CVs at all tiers. Now, they have managed to squander all that work by disincentivizing play with these vessels.
  7. speed0293

    Savage Battle opinions.

    Find it less enjoyable than Space Battles. Have issues with "missed" firing triggers due to browser or handshake issues. Sometimes doesn't recognize my firing command for two or three clicks in a row.....by then opportunity missed and maybe dead. Not really getting my interest up.
  8. speed0293

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Thanks for the write-up. Now, what shall I do.,................?????