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  1. InvisibleKONY

    How to Improve

    Hello all, Filthy casual here looking to level up. After a disastrous few rounds in clan battles last night where I admittedly cost the team the game through poor play, I realize that I finally need to learn how to play "properly." Problem is I seem to have a lot of bad habits picked up from grinding randoms and I have trouble evaluating where I should be on a given map. Are there any resources out there for someone like me to brush up on what I *should* be doing in a match? Specifically clan battles; I can disappoint myself all day but I hate doing it to the team. Thanks!
  2. InvisibleKONY

    Best DD for TX Clan Brawl

    Let's assume I have no tier x DD and I want one for the next clan brawl. What's the best one to get for that format (tech tree only please)? I was thinking Yueyang for the radar but sounds like Yueyang is currently below the power curve overall...