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  1. I hope players don't give you too hard a time this week.   

  2. ImperialDeathStar

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    These guys (WG) are so far from using social norms in conversation and text that I am stunned. This press release is literal "non-speak", classic generic references to issues they have deigned to notice and someday, might do something about. "Monitoring" is data collection, and we know that is one of the primary decision-making tools they employ. Time heals all wounds, data-collection is a prop for avoiding making the Policy decisions that steer companies into the future.
  3. ImperialDeathStar

    0.9.6 Agility Rework Effects - USA & Pan America

    LOL. So the Texas turns better than the Henri, under almost all circumstances.
  4. ImperialDeathStar

    Server lagging

    I have had lags in my port since 8.3 . Anywhere from 12 to 42 seconds. Only in Port, thankfully. sent in 2 tickets, the response was that each successive patch would address the issue. Not in the NA servers it doesn't. I have an I7 8700k CPU, a 1080 NVidia GPU, a Verizon FIOS dedicated data line and next gen Router etc etc. If you go to their FAQ listing in Support, the list of glitches is growing larger. I have cut back on any monetary investment in the game now, as I am preparing, after spending several hundred dollars on it over 2 years, to find something else.it is only this game that lags. The Port issue has become a game killer for me.