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  1. They shouldn't reset. They should accumulate.
  2. iso250

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    The changes to AA are complete crap. The distribution of AA across the planes was the only thing preventing higher tiered ships eat all of your planes. Now you lose all of your planes in a single run and then get bored as you literally have nothing left to do. Also take in to account the fact that the premium CVs get a lot of T10 action (where the AA is really to fierce for T8 CVs) and you'll not get people playing premium CVs, and they won't buy them, either. Also, in what world do you live in where it makes sense for all of the damage to get focused on a single plane at a time? (Yes, I can see the AA crews on a ship all miraculously hitting the same plane, despite the speed of the planes, the turning of the ships, the incoming fire, and the rolling of the waves. Suuuuuuuuuuuure.......)
  3. Thanks for ruining the Graf Zeppelin's AP bombers. For the last 3.5 seconds of their run they fly HORIZONTAL. They're DIVE bombers, not HORIZONTAL bombers. When the reticle is at its smallest (the end of the run) the reticle is about 5 BB lengths past the point where you click to start the run. Don't you guys play test ANYTHING?!?!
  4. iso250

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Way to ruin CVs. Instead of fixing the actual issues you're "fixing" things that aren't issues, but creating more problems down the line.
  5. Typical WG. If there's a problem, change something that adds new problems instead of fixing the original problem.
  6. Start playing the XBox version and not have the large amount of premiums available to me? No thanks. I'll wait until XBox gains the ability to play PC games on it .
  7. iso250

    CV reworks in a nutshell

    Firstly, you don't know whether he's spent money on the game. Secondly, if he leaves then he's absolutely guaranteed to NEVER spend money on the game. Lastly, if he leaves, he takes a negative outlook on the game that can spread to his friends, meaning they may never start playing the game. So, feel free to berate him, because this is the most popular game in the world and can easily withstand droves of people leaving.
  8. If anything, CVs are now crap, not better. Half the matches I've played have had me 2 tiers lower than every other ship out there. You send out a wing (which is supposed to have 3 separate attacks) and you lose so many planes that your first attack is incomplete and you have to launch more planes. Having only one wing out at a time means you can't have numbers in the air to spread around the AA in order to get a clean attack out. You can't steer your CV anymore, and I've seen many CVs get stuck on islands, making them easy targets. Worst update ever. I'm considering saying bye. And before any fool makes a 'bye bye' joke, remember the more players that leave, the less players there are in matchmaking, the less money is spent on the game, the less referrals there are for the game, the shorter the game's lifespan.
  9. iso250

    CV reworks in a nutshell

    People who say farewell to players who are leaving are fools. When players leave, there are less players on the servers, they're not spending money n the game, and they potentially shorten the life of the game. So make your jokes. ha ha ha!!! More the fool YOU for making the joke.
  10. Goodness, you're foolish, aren't you? You realise that the more players leave, the shorter the game's lifespan is, don't you? Or didn't that ever occur to you? Think about. I'll give you a day or so to realise this.
  11. Time to install War Thunder on the Xbox. They're ruining this game, one ugly update at a time.
  12. Keep in mind Rainway is supposed to be developing a way to play your PC games on Xbox. Just saying...
  13. I prefer gaming on my XBox, but if I can't migrate my account (and the MANY premiums with it) then I won't even look at it.
  14. Making direction center only affect fighters sucks. Not happy.
  15. Constant crashes. Can't even get a single game to run. I find it odd considering the capabilities of my computer. Mac Pro, Late 2013 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 64 GB DDR3 2 x AMD FirePro D700 6144MB