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  1. Kii vs Tirpitz vs Alabama

    Bama if you stay at least 12km away and kite
  2. Shift to BB play

    Except we don't.
  3. I think he just wants a premium. I don't think a line will come anytime soon.
  4. Behind the enemy spawn?!? I fee like the teams would just turn around and hunt the subs at the start of the match if that was the case. It's a terrible idea and I hope we never see subs in the game.
  5. iChase got Booted from the CC program

    You could have just added to one of the many posts already out there. We are flooding the forum with identical posts.
  6. First Solo Warrior.

    Congrats, I've never gotten one. It's one of my goals though.
  7. Warspite now

    Like Standard Type US battleships, Warspite is slow, and needs to be played keeping that in mind. To succeed in a slow battleship like Warspite you need to take a more central position on the map. That way your position is more flexible. Unless you get Two Brothers, then you are screwed.
  8. Alabama Sharnhorst Tirpitz Amagi
  9. Warspite or Arizona

    In my opinion the Arizona is hands down a better ship, but the Warspite is more fun to play because of its incredible maneuverability. Although I love both ships and can't pick a favorite, I feel like I do a little better in the Arizona.
  10. bloody hell

    What is this? A poem? Also, you're playing low tier. That is why The base XP numbers Are so low. At least I think That is what You are talking about.
  11. Konig Sigma Nerf

    The reason I was wondering is because I see a lot of people crying that the Alabama isnt good because it's not as accurate as the NC. I've only played the NC on the PTS but I really don't see much of a difference as the Alabama is really accurate.
  12. Konig Sigma Nerf

    Since I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, how do you guys Konig will compete with the upcoming nerf of its sigma value from 2.0 down to 1.8. I know it's quite strong strong now, but do you think that it needed this nerf?
  13. Scharnhorst, Tirpitz or Alabama

    I love all three but if I had to choose one, it would be the Alabama.
  14. Show the Tirp some love

    You forgot radar.
  15. armor withstanding 18 inch

    I thought it was a 14 inch shell from Kongo that struck the Johnson. I may be incorrect though.....