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  1. Just like I did in my FREE Puerto Rico, I plan on taking my OG Missouri into Randoms the day the new one drops and telling people I paid for it.... Just doing my part to keep the community "engaged"
  2. WarGaming...... This is what you need to do to fix things. If subs are coming and not getting their own game mode, increase team sizes to 14-14 or 16-16 to make up for health pools and damage numbers. Offer Missouri for the original 750k free XP and put the original bonus back on BOTH ships........ release it for at least 30 days.... Fire and Hire. Bring in some of the very CC's like LWM not that I think she would accept, and give them an actual JOB since they are far more in touch with the community then you are and LISTEN TO THEM! Make this YEARS XMAS event EPIC and actually give back to the community in a HUGE UNPRECIDENTED WAY! Like NO SHORT LIST B.S. Buff the Enterprise Keep subs in their Own game mode if you can not increase the team sizes. Make a game mode without Cv's but with a 25%xp and credit penalty or something Release more REAL SHIPS <USS JOHNSTON DD 557 Is the one I want FYI> Give us a variety.... Like clan Battles with only 5 players... or with 9 or 12.... Give us a clan battles with a ship Tier limit of 41 where you can bring any 7 ships any tier as long as all the tiers add up to below 41 or whatever similar number... More campaigns and more scenario battles, give us the HARD modes we were promised. give us a T8-T9 scenarios and more often. Give us back our REWARDS for Achievements, why bother even having the achievements? No one was FARMING DET FLAGS!!! But we were all happy to get them "if" we got detonated. Ohh I got a kraken....no reward....= wth We understand you need to make money and you are a business.... we will support you and buy stuff..... if you make these changes.
  3. deadh0rse

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    WoWs Walk Out on Wed. Tomorrow 8-18-2021 Do not turn on the game, drop those server numbers. Send a REAL message to WG.
  4. deadh0rse

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    WoWs Walk Out on Wed. Tomrrow 8-18-2021 Do not turn on the game, drop those server numbers. Send a REAL message to WG.
  5. deadh0rse

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Save Face and make it right! Give huge bonus to old Missouri like +50% credits Give new Missouri away for 750,000 Free Xp, its original price, to give everyone a chance to get it. Fire some people and bring in some talent..... like some of the CC's that left. Make this years XMAS EPIC and not geared towards PROFITS, actually give back to the community. Ohh and Buff Enterprise and Keep subs in their own "game mode" and out of Ranked and randoms.... Your Truly..... The Community
  6. we should be able to get our first dock tomorrow!



      This is exciting!! Our first dock will be the "CRUISER" Dock by popular demand. It will provide 10% savings in any cruiser played. :Smile_coin:

    2. Ray1942


      That's great news...