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  1. Gavroche_

    How to De Moines?

    Your shell arcs are garbage. Absolute trash. Realistically, only 6" cruisers have worse shell performance than you You lose when open water gunboating against pretty much any other tier X cruiser. Unless you catch a Zao or Moskva or something perfectly broadside, you're going to be trading 2:1 in terms of health. You lose when open water gunboating enemy battleships. If they have any idea how to aim, every single one of their salvos are going to do 10k+ damage. You lose when open water gunboating Khabas, Tashkents, and Kievs when they're around 11km+ out. You win when open water gunboating Woosters when they aren't kiting away from you (if they are you lose) and you win against Minotaurs if they give you broadside (if they don't you have to perfectly angle against them and they can't deal damage to you, but you can't really deal damage to them because they have that ridiculous superheal) Minotaur does have torps, but if you can always just AP them down when they're broadside and basically both of you die. You might think that the Des Moines does really well against DDs, but it doesn't really. The shell arcs make it difficult to land solid hits at range, and your DPM doesn't compensate enough for that. Your radar is best used for making DDs run away rather than actually killing them. They have to screw up big time (smoke up in front of a Des Moines and full stop) in order for you to actually kill them. With that in mind: You really suck at straight up fights, unless the enemy commits and goes close-range with you. In that case your AP and turret angles really shine, but it rarely happens at the start of matches. I like to set up behind islands in the start of the match and get use my shell arcs + radar to control caps. If you're div'd up with a gearing a smoke des moines is super strong. When the match progresses and the enemy ships start to thin out you can make use of your excellent conceal to pick fights with distracted or weaker ships. If you try to pick a fair fight open-water its probably not going to work. At the very end of the match the Des Moines is the strongest. Since you have so much utility, you should really try to make yourself last as long as possible instead of suiciding or trading near the beginning.
  2. Gavroche_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    *Laughs in 140k average damage Midway*
  3. Gavroche_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Tashkent would be a perfectly balanced ship if it got cruiser matchmaking. In games when you have 3-4 DDs per side it does fine, but holy s*** does it suck to have to cap in your 8.9 detect no smoke tashkent in a single DD, CV game 'cause MM decided to pair you against a yugumo.
  4. Gavroche_

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    I got this map like for like two thirds of all games in my Queen Elizabeth grind. In the beginning I would just set a waypoint then go check my email for the next five minutes, but after 3-4 games of getting into the A-C cap after my entire team had already died or pushed through it, I just gave up and started driving down the middle. I got focus fired and farmed from time to time, but tbh that's still more enjoyable than trying to chase 35kt cruisers in a 25kt ship. Im pretty ship this specific map is the reason why I don't like low tier BBs.
  5. When the Soviet BB specs first came out I ran a little test: In three games, I used DCP in my Montana 8 times. In three games, I used DCP in my Yamato 12 times. Soviet BBs get 5 DCPs w/ SI. TBH I'm probably going to use DCPs on single fires in the soviet BBs. The cooldown seems short enough that they can't punish you for not having a DCP up and you don't get set on double fire often enough to justify waiting for that to use a DCP.
  6. Gavroche_

    The T9/10 AA Ship Guide

    My ranking: "Great AA" = Difficult getting strike off Try to avoid these unless absolutely necessary. E.g. In a Midway, a giant wall of flak spawns in front of you. As your planes evaporate, a wooster briefly renders on your screen before fading away... "Good AA" = Difficult getting multiple strikes in Des Moines, French BBs, some other high tier cruisers. Most ships from the level below this can actually reach up to here if they go full AA spec (all the modules, including the 3,000,000 credit one), but people rarely are dumb enough to invest that much into AA. It's okay to do a fly-by and release some rockets, but if you're thinking about loitering around for a second strike, it's generally not worth it. E.g. In a Midway, you can rocket a Des Moines if you speedboost straight through the flak. You're going to do ~10k damage and lose the three planes doing the strike, but the rest of the squad will survive in the orange. However, if you turn around and try again, you're going to lose the remaining 6 planes, probably while not even doing any more damage. I would further break it down into: "Decent AA" = You can do multiple strikes, but you're probably going to lose planes. All other tier IX -X Battleships, most tier IX-X cruisers You have to be efficient about it. You can still deal damage, but no loitering. E.g. In a Midway you slam a Zao for 30,000 damage with your HE bombs. You lose 8 planes and you're sad, but not as sad as the Zao. "Trash AA" = Unless you somehow connect the dots and manage to hit all the flak clouds, you're not going to have any difficulty. Kronsdadt, Musashi, most tier VIII ships, most DDs If you possess even a cursory knowledge of how to dodge flak you're going to be functionally immune to this AA. E.g. In a Midway you get all four drops off with your HE bombers on a lone Kronsdadt, dealing 68 thousand damage without losing a single plane. As the Kronsdadt burns down to 200hp a yamato 18km away steals your kill. Sad face.
  7. Gavroche_

    Does the new midway suck, or do I

    Everything does trash damage except the bombs. Midway DBs are the only reason why it's good. (Tiny tims are okay) The main reason for low CV damage IMO is a poor understanding of rework AA. It's understandable why you're sucking if you just came into the rework from the old RTS without having played on the PTS servers. I recommend watching some of Giashu's streams to learn how he manages AA, as well as the basic use of consumables, engine boost, ...etc.
  8. Gavroche_

    CV play sucks now

    Just play like Gaishu. EZ 200k average damage
  9. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Well, tbf a lot of the low tier carriers are pretty underwhelming
  10. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Watch Gaishu’s stream.
  11. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Like the old RTS USN CVs that couldn’t cross-drop.
  12. *laughs in Wooster*
  13. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Okay, that’s true. And it’s not like the old RTS carriers were any worse at deleting DDs. I’m just saying it’s not unreasonable for DDs to complain about this happening.
  14. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Not in this case, but I’ve seen Shimas and Yugumos being Dev struck by Midway bombs
  15. Gavroche_

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    If the bombs don’t hit, it’s not because you dodged them; it’s because the CV missed.