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  1. Question in title. I stopped playing for about a year and now I’m back, but I missed a lot of stuff.
  2. Gavroche_

    Z-52 still missing something

    A hydro ship in a radar meta. A ship with terrible smokes in matches dominated by CVs. This ship was so good when it came out, but it’s not hard to see why it sucks now.
  3. Gavroche_


    Kingpin is obviously going to start his own clan with just himself. Then proceed to singlehandedly win every single season of clan battles from now until ever, by himself, without anyone else dragging him down.
  4. Gavroche_

    Newb question ,,,but honest.

    TBH a lot of it is just Wargamming selling premiums that they should know are wildly imbalanced. A lot of these ships *cough* belfast *cough*, were ships that overperformed and were called out by the supertesters prior to release for being OP. More recently, WG sold premium CVs that they knew they were going to further change.
  5. The BBs and CVs were literally sitting in port at those times. "Do you think the current crop of WoWs mains would be happy merely doing those duties in a WoWs random battle?"
  6. Gavroche_

    Is the current radar delay making the DD skill gap worse?

    The argument is that the Zao and the Stalingrad set up a very well planned and well coordinated ambush. Something which Kuroshio argues should have been able to deal ~12k+ damage to him. Without the radar changes, the Zao probably would been able the deal significantly more damage because Kuroshio would’ve been broadside or bow-in, something that would’ve led to 12k+ damage taken. IMO it was an innovative tactic that still would’ve worked, except the Zao wiffed two shots on a sub 10km shima. The radar changes certainly did make getting radared easier for DDs, but I don’t think it was a big change one way or another. It’s something like you might take 3-4K more damage once every 4-5th game or something. Personally, I play a lot of both cruisers and DDs and I neither think that the change was too terribly significant, nor care which way it get (if it ever does get) rebalanced.
  7. DDs pretty much did all the work for the US in the Solomons, along with some prewar light cruisers. All the heavy ships like battleships and carriers weren’t committed until mid-late 1943 and none of the heavy cruisers really contributed much before they sank (e.g. Chicago, Vincennes, Quincy). That entire campaign was mainly engagements with destroyers, light cruisers, and land based aircraft. The IJN (which ultimately lost the campaign) were the ones fielding fast battleships, and heavy cruiser. Saying that DDs did nothing is objectively historically incorrect, you cranberry. They were the ships that got worked the hardest right up until and even after the US got it’s new-build carrier tasks groups up and running. On the IJN side the DDs were present in every major engagement, sinking and fighting literally everywhere the IJN was. They were used as escorts, as raiders, as antisubmarine platforms, as transports. While the capital ships were being hotels from fuel shortages and lack of air cover, the DDs were often the only ones actually fighting the war.
  8. Gavroche_

    Tips for getting Liquidator in CVs?

    You're in a bit of a pickle. There is a campaign that requires a liquidator in a CV and I've been trying to get that for months now. It's been impossible because of the flooding nerfs. You need a CV with good torps. Of all the CV lines the IJN CVs have the best torps (a combination of a large number of drops, high individual flood chance, and forgiving torpedo aiming), but from tier IV-VIII pretty much all of the CVs except for Graf Zepplin have good/decent torps. At tier X Audacious seems to be the unquestionable best torpedo CV. At tier X Hakuryu torpedoes are actually significantly harder to land (both compared to Audacious, but even the lower tier IJN CVs like Shokaku) because of all the nerfs to her. Midway's torpedoes are just trash, they're hard to land, deal insignificant damage and flood chance, and she doesn't even getall that many TBs. You want to target battleships, partly because they're easier to hit, but also because they don't take that much alpha damage from torpedoes, leaving room for flooding (I think they also take more flood damage as well at 0.5% per second per flood compared to the (?) 0.3% per second per flood for cruisers and DDs). At higher tiers a lot of ships have insane flood chance reduction. You can sort of mitigate this by aiming at the bow or stern, but it's generally easier to target battleships without that sort of torpedo belt. It's funny because at tier VI a lot of the standard type battleships (e.g. Mew Mexico, Arizona, but also ships like QE or Arizone) actually have pretty decent torpedo belt. Around tier VII-VIII BBs generally have lower torpedo protection with ships like Tirpitz, North Cal, Richelieu (notable exception being Amagi), at tier IX-X the torpedo belts start getting better again. With this in mind I would suggest playing tier VIII CVs. While Shokaku is my favorite, ships like Kaga, Enterprise, Lexington, and Saipan also work. On the weaker side, Implacable and Graf Zepplin might still work out if you're lucky.
  9. Gavroche_

    Hakuryu change thoughts

    Link to the changes?
  10. Gavroche_

    Revise Torpedo spreads

    Are they though?
  11. Gavroche_

    German ships, powercrept and pointless

    That Hindenburg nerf was a sick joke. Please undo it already.
  12. Gavroche_

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    Is there any CV in particular you’re having trouble with? In general, the key to being successful in a tier X game with a tier VIII CV is to be very particular about which targets to strike and how you strike them. In something like a Shokaku, it’s a given that I’ll be losing all of my planes in a tier X game if I try to bomb the juicier targets at the beginning. Instead I try to annoy any isolated enemy DDs at the start and then spot for a while people finding people that begin to get HE spammed and start to separate from their team. I like to use my rockets to start with because they’re quite low impact. When the game progresses I’m finally able to find people to strike and only then do I begin to truly commit my TBs and DBs that I’ve been conserving.
  13. Gavroche_

    My frustration with tier 8 carriers

    Playing CVs is all about picking the low hanging fruit.
  14. Gavroche_

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Maybe something like Wooster or Minotaur would also work, but even those ships get f****d by CVs. From spotting if nothing else.