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  1. Raulmacca

    Let me pick my tier

    I have every t10 ship i shall ever need and more games at t10 than i shall ever want but when i pick a t8 i get t10 only with a giant handicap so why bother currently picking a t8? T10 is boring, rare t8 exclusive games are dynamic and fun because dds in smoke cannnot harvest all of a bbs hp in 60 seconds and so on so ppl will and do push. So as a customer I would ask if wg could implement an 'Option' for t8 etc only battles, i know i am not alone in this. As it would be an option those with issues simply just need not tick the box to opt out of multi tier spread mm, everyones happy and how hard could it be to program in such a change. Just loaded into another t8 game and surprise all t10s.... So until things change when this happens i just punch engines sail foward and go to make coffee
  2. Raulmacca

    [edited] of the RN DD mission

    Flags, got 700k from a meh game in gallant flagged to hell with credit camo and all
  3. Raulmacca

    Game Unstable since patch

    Cant get into a game, get to awaiting player screen without issue and just doesn't load and its not my internet as it runs very well. Something is broke, i am pink, fix break and fix my pink wg mercy
  4. Raulmacca

    Ranked just aint FUN

    My two issues with ranked are it being t10, and saving stars, would a mix of tiers have been a bad thing? And why the hell is it so much harder to save your star in a dd than a bb 20km back from danger? Otherwise i enjoy the poisonous chat from ppl on a losing streak lmbo
  5. Raulmacca

    Flint vs Belfast?

    Belfast all day imo, i enjoy playing belfast more as well, oddly for fun prefer fiji over both lol
  6. Raulmacca

    Question regarding Steel for Stalingrad and Black

    I have 5000 steel for ranking out four times, cant play clan because of time difference so it would take me 6 r1's just to get black, several years to get stalingrad lmbo Until wg let me migrate server or change this they wont get another penny from me
  7. Raulmacca

    Go Navy Points

    Got the ugly eagles camo for wooster, more normal camo option would have been nice, and going to use rest on crates or something
  8. Raulmacca

    Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    How many players either team? , is their a numerical reason eagles are getting licked in a bad place.
  9. Raulmacca

    Make ranked great again!!

    Can black still be got by ranking out five times? Or have they changed that for this arsenal nonsense
  10. Raulmacca

    0.7.7 Akizuki

    Took mine out once since buff did 120k dmg with guns alone, thing needs the nerf bat, personally i would have hit torpedos and reduced it to like 3 per volley or something.
  11. Raulmacca

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Remove torps but bring back her ability stealthfire lmbo
  12. Agree with poster, as a non na player i cannot take part in clan wars and wg don't let you migrate server, until something changes not a penny is being spent by me.
  13. Raulmacca

    why not predreadnought battleships

    Trafalgar class, lets see them model belt/bow armour on those lmbo
  14. Raulmacca

    Daily Ship Sales for July

    Isn't roma said to be awful?
  15. Raulmacca

    Hood 50% off, Sumner sale 7/21.

    got hood already she isn't a bad ship but nor is she one i would have bought if wg did trial periods.