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  1. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    As a destroyer main who quit the game about a month ago....this is delicious. What's that? There is no effective counterplay and you can just be killed by a competent opponent no matter what you do? Bwahahahahaha
  2. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Stealth torpedoing

    People know Shims have torpedo ranges greater than their detection ranges and that they have to be on their guard for torpedoes to appear without ever spotting the Shim. Ships like the Nicholas, where the torpedo range is shorter than their detection range, give people a false sense of confidence that they don't have to be as on guard unless they spot the destroyer closing on them. :D
  3. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Stealth torpedoing

    I got lucky and pulled off a perfect stealth torpedo attack in a Nicholas, which supposedly isn't stealth torpedo capable. The torpedo range is 5.5 km and the detection range is 5.8 km so you need the target to close some of the distance and intersect with the torpedoes. Here, a red Lyon obliges me perfectly.
  4. Because if you got snared by the sunk cost fallacy, they want you to buy the 15k finisher instead of the 6k booster. All of the math is designed to trap you into spending doubloons. And it's set up to be complicated enough to either make you do spreadsheets (for a game?!) or risk investing a lot of time and effort for nothing.
  5. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Hill, Siraco, Benham (return) ?

    It's kind of a cross between a Farragut and a Nicholas. You get the 5 guns of the Farragut B hull instead of the Nicholas's four guns. From the Nicholas you give up .6km of concealment, a rack of torpedoes, and a bunch of hitpoints in exchange for a fifth gun. In general I find the Nicholas more effective. YMMV.
  6. You got it without spending doubloons, but if you were running premium, I disagree that you got it for free. Incredible job.
  7. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Puerto Rico Buy Out Question

    I'm pretty sure you get the rewards along the way if you use a finisher.
  8. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    BoraHorzaGobuchul NA server Benham is soooo much fun to play....
  9. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    Then your reading comprehension is poor. The problem is not the company seeking revenue; the problem is the company's lying and underhanded tactics in seeking revenue.
  10. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    In the past I've spent $100+ on christmas crates. I haven't bought any this year and don't plan on doing so. They're losing money too.
  11. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    What in the article suggested to you it was an impossible grind?
  12. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    I think even the devil's advocate argument fails, since (as far as I can tell) they're still hiding the base points per minute you're starting at. Also I would consider claiming that you could get the ship for free would mean you could get it without running premium.
  13. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    USN DD commander builds

    On my USN DD builds I mostly go 4x3. 1pt - Preventative Maintenance (Priority Target has a lot of fans as well) 2pt - Last Stand (Adrenaline Rush has a lot of fans as well) 3pt - BFT, SE, SI, TAE 4pt - CE
  14. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Still only one French DD bonus mission

    Meh. If wargaming wants me to sealclub my way up the French DD line instead of letting me bypass a lot of it, I'm game.