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  1. Nicholas hull/armament upgrade pathway.

    My best in the Nicholas was 23 planes. I think it was a double T4 carrier match. Best in any destroyer at all was Kidd with Nicholas captain, 53 planes. :D
  2. You can play this game well and not register a hit

    Whenever I click to download the replay, it sends me to an error page:
  3. You can play this game well and not register a hit

    I can't download this one either. #$@%@$#%@#$! Can anyone download this?
  4. Best Game in a Clemson

    I can't download it successfully. Can anyone else or is it just me?
  5. Set a new personal best for destroyer plane shootdowns with the Kidd:
  6. Farragut Gameplay

    Mahan is the most challenging boat in the line, IMO. It has the worst detection of all the USN DDs. So Farragut and Nicholas can out spot you (Nicholas by > 1 km) and when you get uptiered Benson and Fletcher can as well (also by > 1 km). The AA is also pretty stagnant from Nicholas through Mahan. The long range AA on the top hull stays at 15 dps for Nicholas, Farragut and Mahan before jumping up for Benson. I play my Mahan as mostly a torp spammer.
  7. Anybody with Games Models 3D access? Maybe there is a hull section for the torpedo bulge with 0 HP that insta-saturated?
  8. I thought Little White Mouse tested that out in the training room and the heal didn't change with SE.
  9. Fun With AA Spec Destroyers

    The third match in the video is AA spec Sims. Specifically, my AA spec Nicholas captain is on both Kidd and Sims in all clips.
  10. Fun With AA Spec Destroyers

    Some short clips of melting squadrons from recent gameplay: The funniest part was when the Ryujo directed his planes east away from the Emerald and Texas to return over me in the Sims instead.
  11. Benson, mod 3 torps.. worth it?

    43% more damage for a 12% increase in load time.
  12. Speaking of the Nicholas

    AnimaL21 and I just tried wolfpacking in a very challenging game - bottom tier with 3 Saipans and a Ranger! We successfully controlled the B cap and did our share of damage (especially anti-destroyer damage) and survived even with all those planes in the air. It was a blast!
  13. Generally, you're not unless they charge your smoke or you pull an island ambush or YOLO charge. 4km torps are found on gunboat DDs.
  14. Highlighting a problem with USN 5" AP fuse time, part of a great post by mjpia: Much more other stuff with details here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/7cne19/there_are_some_things_that_need_fixing_and_stuff/ Thanks for considering.
  15. Is it time to sell this ship now ?

    I think I fought against you in my Fletcher about a week ago. You played really well and did more damage to me than I did to you. Fletcher can do everything Benson can do but better - it's a straight upgrade. You don't like it?