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  1. Farragut is also OP. That is all.

    If you think reload on Fletcher is painful wait until you get Gearing. I think BFT is much better than DE. You get +.5% chance of fire because of 10% higher gun fire rate so you get part of DE anyway, plus it boosts your direct gun damage and your AA.
  2. I lurve my Fletcher <3 <3 <3

    Very workable torpedoes. If you spec for reload you can get it as low as 81 seconds.
  3. So... when is this going to get fixed?

    If I get stuck on the load-in screen to long I just restart World of Warships and it gets me in. I do lose 60-90 seconds of battle though.
  4. C-Hull buff

    It's a sidegrade where you trade some of your damage output capability for additional AA capability. If there is no carrier you will definitely be worse off. Damage isn't everything. Spotting and putting friendly cruisers in smoke is big, thwarting enemy destroyers is big, capping and defending points is big. I value win rate over damage rate. Mahan overall is not doing well, dead last in win rate among T7 destroyers over the last 2 weeks on NA with only a 21k average damage: All I'm saying is that the C hull isn't 20% worse off. You can still do quite a bit while missing that one gun even in matches without carriers. In matches with carriers, I would prefer to have the C hull. Overall in 274 battles in Mahan I have a 65% win rate with 33k average damage. *shrug*
  5. C-Hull buff

    It's true that Farragut and Mahan AA aren't that great. But losing the one gun isn't that bad either. I took out Mahan C-hull with an AA spec captain and got a match without a CV and did just fine. 20k gun damage, 12k torpedo damage, took a cap, second on the team. IMO the only necessary skills on USN DDs are last stand, BFT, and concealment expert. The C hull is just an optional sidegrade. I don't think it needs a buff.
  6. C-Hull buff

    True. But they also have even lower dpm than their C hull counterpart. Kidd is -50% torpedo dpm +20% gun dpm compared to Benson C hull (if the 60/40 split holds then that would be +12-20 = -8% to overall dpm.) Sims would be less straightforward to calculate.
  7. C-Hull buff

    They can do more than that. Anyway, I ran 5 games of Nicholas and 5 games of Farragut and totaled up my damage. It turned out to be 60% gun damage and 40% torpedo damage. There was only one rush of a battleship in the 10 games. I expected it to be flipped, but even this split changes the dpm drop to 12% instead of 20%.
  8. C-Hull buff

    They don't have garbage torpedoes. Their torpedoes are fine for their tier. You can stealth torp with Nicholas and Farragut on ships that are closing the range on you. Minimum detection ranges are: Nicholas 5.8km, Farragut 6.6km, and Mahan 6.9km. No US DD is doomed to a detection of >6.9km. Next 10 Nicholas / Farragut games I play I will track torpedo and gun damage and see how they match up.
  9. C-Hull buff

    Yes, in non-carrier games, I agree that the C hull loses out to the B hull, but I think it's closer than you are suggesting. I previously made it to rank 1 in C hull Benson. You don't lose 20% of your overall dpm - you lose 20% of your gun dpm. But most of the time more of your damage is done by your torpedoes, so you are really losing 8-10% of your overall dpm. You gain position flexibility because you know you can get out of being plane spotted. In carrier games, you can get back that dpm for your team and more with your air defense saving yourself and / or your teammates. And your position flexibility becomes even more useful. That said, I don't think the C hulls for Farragut or Mahan are all that great even AA specced. Nicholas, Benson, and Fletcher are though. And Benson is the only one of that group where you lose a gun for the top hull.
  10. Fletcher main battery build: Worth it?

    Fletcher is such a nice ship you can make it several ways. You can get the torp reload down to 81 seconds focusing on the torpedoes. You can be an AA monster with a full AA build (1069 dps out to 5.0 km for 36 seconds of defensive fire) against a targeted squadron.
  11. Questions for fans of the Sims

    Nice example. You were bullying 4 destroyers at once for a while and doing about 10x as much damage to them as they were to you. I'm guessing you accidentally left your AA on, and when it opened up on the catapult fighter and revealed your position you decided to finish off the Omaha? :D Excellent opportunistic shooting at the Colorado when his guns were turned elsewhere as well. My contribution from today, from a game with no carriers. The early cap advantage ended up winning it for us as we were down ships by the end. 20180319_082540_PASD029-Sims-1941_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  12. Questions for fans of the Sims

    The only way to invisifire is to fire at a ship that is outside of your gun range but moving toward you. I like the 9.2 km torps without TA and I run full AA spec with defensive fire.
  13. Displaying USN DD Versatility in Nicholas

    Ol' Jack always says.....what the hell. :D
  14. I had a very fun game in the Nicholas that I wanted to share. The action: I drop into a double carrier match, 2 destroyers per team. I am closest to A cap so head off to contest it and let teammates know. About a minute and a half in the first ships are spotted. The opposing Shenyang and I begin contesting the cap. The nearby presence of an enemy Kuma leads me to smoke up to not take too much damage. We begin dueling for A. My blind drop torpedoes do not hit anything but I whittle down a Kuma and a Wyoming some. An enemy strike flying overhead prompts me to light off defensive fire, costing them 9 planes. Kuma torpedoes get dodged and Shenyang torpedoes get spotted so friendlies can dodge easier. As my smoke runs out, I continue to try and get the A cap. Wyoming is moving south toward A so I try to stealth torpedo him using island cover. The Shenyang breaks cover and we engage in a gun duel. Fortunately I win quickly as there are 2 battleships and 2 cruisers nearby to support him, but am forced to use my second smoke. Enemy bombers are going after our friendly Iron Duke and I burn my second defensive fire to try and help him. I whittle down a Konigsberg including one citadel and HE shell a Wyoming, trying to cap A and get maximum value out of my smoke. On the north side there is me and an Iron Duke against a Kuma, an Orion, and a Konigsberg. Since the Kuma starts to fixate on our Iron Duke, I break cover and start shelling him and the Orion on the run. It isn't enough, though, and the Iron Duke goes down. Our southern Furutaka rams their Podvoisky though and leaves me as the sole surviving destroyer. With the Kuma no longer fixated on the Iron Duke I cease fire and get dark. The red team has 3 out of 4 caps with a Myogi capping our only remaining cap (C) and leads by about 100 points and one ship. What to do? Our 2 carriers are threatened by both the Kuma and the Myogi. I see friendly bombers going after the Kuma so I turn to rush the Myogi. While tunnel visioned on him I fail to notice the friendly Hosho launch torpedo bombers to attack the Myogi as well. My last rack of 3 torpedoes kills the Myogi and I eat 2 'friendly' Hosho torpedoes. This brings me down to about 900 hit points. We preserve the C cap but are now down 240 points, 2 caps, and a ship. The Kuma, Konigsberg, and Orion are still coming south and bearing down on our 2 carriers. I use my last smoke and begin shelling. The Kuma goes down to 3 citadels. The Konigsberg kills our Bogue but dies to a Hosho torpedo bomber strike. The friendly Wyoming, the Hosho and I all combine to kill off the Orion. Now it's 3 on 3: 2 enemy carriers and an Iron Duke against the Hosh, the Wyoming, and me. 2 caps each, 230 pt lead for the red team. I head north and grab A cap burning my last defensive fire to survive an air strike and killing the enemy Langley. The defensive fire gets me up to 17 plane kills but I am out of smokes and defensive fires. The enemy Iron Duke finally reveals himself when he starts capping D. I grab B and do some shelling over islands. Finally, as the Iron Duke is moving from D to C he decides to turn north toward me and runs into torpedoes I dropped into his path. He dies and we win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmSy-an9M2M
  15. New Gearing Captain

    Plenty of ideas here: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc?sid=4281219056