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  1. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Suggestion for crooshair choice in Aslain's mod for USN dds

    I don't use any of the modded crosshairs, I just use the in game dynamic one.
  2. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Question for DD Mains regarding solo WR imrovement

    My solo win rate is higher than yours but I have no idea what we do differently. I'm always interested in trading ideas around.
  3. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Anniversary rewards, fresh from the oven!

    I can confirm for Salem
  4. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Captain Skills Calculator

    I'm happy to hear that!
  5. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Captain Skills Calculator

    I believe shipcomrade is shutting down. I do love the captain calculator there.
  6. In your captain skills calculator, you have BFT not recommended for any class of ship. At the very least it should be recommended on destroyers.
  7. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    When you have different categories called 'Missions' and 'Challenges' having the title of a mission include the word 'challenge' is confusing.
  8. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    Issue: Harugumo AA is displayed incorrectly Expected result: In port and in game, the AA values should match. They don't. In port the Harugumo shows short range 25mm AA (base 3.1km range), mid range 40mm (base 3.5 km range), and long range 100mm (base 5.0km range). In game the short and mid are combined to be mid range, all with the same range. Expected result: In port and in game AA values should match. I think the port ones are correct, and in game should display short-range, mid-range, and long-range AA values. How to replicate: Look at Harugumo AA values in port. Take it into battle and hold down H to see values in game. They won't match. Screenshots:
  9. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Displaying USN DD Versatility in Nicholas

    New personal best for AA spec Nicholas, 33 plane kills:
  10. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Legendary Upgrades

    Ah. Yes, I agree with this.
  11. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    Legendary Upgrades

    What would be the point of having more than one module? Each legendary upgrade only works on one ship.
  12. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    1000 karma

  13. BoraHorzaGobuchul

    USS Monaghan - Good bote

    The long range Sims torps have always been 49 knots afaik.