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  2. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    The long range Sims torps have always been 49 knots afaik.
  3. Captain skills post 7.5

    Nicholas full AA build: 1. PM, PT 2. LS 3. BFT 4. AFT/MFAA/CE Farragut through Gearing: 1. PM 2. LS 3. BFT, Superintendent, and 2 out of 3 of TAE, DE, SE depending on my opinion of how much the destroyer needs more hitpoints or faster torp reload 4. CE
  4. What to do with Iowa once you have Missouri?

    Hoping someone had ideas I hadn't thought of.
  5. What to do with Iowa once you have Missouri?

    My Montana/Arizona/Texas/Missouri/Alabama captain is not full AA spec. He lacks MFAA. The Iowa captain that I'm trying out runs MFAA. On Missouri I am running the -11% dispersion mod, on Iowa the AA mod 3 +25% to AA dps. Missouri is no slouch in the AA department with a more well rounded build like I have, but I'll try out the Iowa full AA build for a while.
  6. What to do with Iowa once you have Missouri?

    3. I am guaranteed a CV game if I div up with a CV. 6. Eh. I'm closing in on 600 million credits. Selling a ship for credits is essentially worthless. I know, sunk cost fallacy, but still.
  7. What to do with Iowa once you have Missouri?

    l already have Montana, so there is no advantage there. When I get permacamos it's not to help with a grind but to give better economics when I play my favorite ships. I'm trying speccing Iowa for AA and using her in CV games. Radar is less important when planes are in the air. *shrug*
  8. Dummies Guide to the USS Sims

    Yup. Nicholas B hull, Mahan C hull, Benson C hull, Fletcher B hull, and Gearing all get defensive fire as an option. The Nicholas is the only T5 ship that can use defensive fire, actually.
  9. So, if you bought an Iowa and a perma camo before the Missouri ever existed....how can you make it useful again once you have the Missouri? I've been stumped for a while.
  10. Please - no more captain slots for me :(

    I always go for the flags / consumables since I use those. I have 148 captain slots, 112 of which are vacant. 7 of the 36 reserve captains are 3 pts or less that I just haven't bothered to dismiss.
  11. One destroyer chasing a CV all alone will only kill CVs that aren't worth killing. If the CV is worth killing because they're good, your chase will only result in your own death.
  12. Using the Benson in Ranked battles

    Your captain skills are fine as is. I use a 4x3 19 pt captain and forego adrenaline rush, but I seem to be in the minority now a days.
  13. Torp damage in BBs with the Sims and the Mahan

    You can only ambush low health battleships with the weak torpedoes of Sims / Mahan. If you want to kill a battleship, do it from stealth with staggered torpedo launches. Launch one set and wait about 20 seconds. Then launch the second set, taking into account the battleship maneuvering (probably turning in) to avoid the first set. Hopefully you get a flooding on both sets and the second one sticks.
  14. Farragut is also OP. That is all.

    I use IFHE on my Cleveland / Atlanta captain but not on my USN destroyers. The most important gun damage I do in USN destroyers is to enemy destroyers, IMO, where IFHE is unnecessary. *shrug*
  15. Farragut is also OP. That is all.

    If you think reload on Fletcher is painful wait until you get Gearing. I think BFT is much better than DE. You get +.5% chance of fire because of 10% higher gun fire rate so you get part of DE anyway, plus it boosts your direct gun damage and your AA.