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  1. AnimaL21 and I just tried wolfpacking in a very challenging game - bottom tier with 3 Saipans and a Ranger! We successfully controlled the B cap and did our share of damage (especially anti-destroyer damage) and survived even with all those planes in the air. It was a blast!
  2. Generally, you're not unless they charge your smoke or you pull an island ambush or YOLO charge. 4km torps are found on gunboat DDs.
  3. Highlighting a problem with USN 5" AP fuse time, part of a great post by mjpia: Much more other stuff with details here: Thanks for considering.
  4. I think I fought against you in my Fletcher about a week ago. You played really well and did more damage to me than I did to you. Fletcher can do everything Benson can do but better - it's a straight upgrade. You don't like it?
  5. I don't think so, but to each their own. I think I will get more out of the extra 1.2 km of AA on the first 3 defensive fires than I would for 4 defensive fires out to 6 km.
  6. But picking all 3 works better than any 2 :D
  7. Completely full AA spec gets you 127 dps at 7.2 km (on a selected squadron), another 77 dps at 5 km, and another 43 dps at 2.9 km. Defensive fire boosts that to 509 dps at 7.2 km and a total of 816 dps at 5 km. :D For reference, fully specced Benson with df can do 403 @ 7.2 km and 509 @ 5 km. Fully specced Fletcher can do 636 @ 7.2 km and 972 @ 5 km.
  8. The aiming arc only tells you the position the ship will be in if it were to continue in its current course and speed. I'm usually betting on a ship to turn one way or another. Heck because of the torpedoes' short range, if the target turns away from me usually the torpedoes are a guaranteed miss because they will run out of range. So usually I'm shooting between the target and the aiming arc, so if he turns toward me, they might hit.
  9. I tried to draw up what I mean when I'm talking about torpedoing from outside your torpedo range. Destroyer at the bottom of the drawing drops torpedoes on a closing foe when they are 7 km apart and turns out, always staying outside of detection range. The foe moves southeast and intersects with the torpedoes before they have traveled 5.5km.
  10. The most useful thing I think I can do for offensive smoke is to put friendly light cruisers in it. Their detection isn't TOO bad when shooting in smoke. Their guns can do a lot more damage than mine and I can do a better job of spotting without getting killed than they can. When that isn't an option, if there are some friendlies engaged and spotting enemy ships and I can't safely launch torpedoes, I can put myself in smoke and try and help with guns. You have to make your best guess about how long your spotting will last and if you are likely to be forced out of your smoke by torpedoes or a charging enemy. Spread out your smoke as much as you can and angle yourself to where you think torpedoes will come from so you can dodge them.
  11. I launched torps at ships out of torpedo range based on them moving toward me (or potentially turning towards me.) The torpedoes go 5.5 km to some geographical point. A ship that is 7 km away but moving generally towards me could easily get to that point 5.5 km away from where I launched from. If I don't think there is going to be a better opportunity before I reload, and there are no friendlies in the way, I will shoot those speculative torpedoes. I only knew the Belfast radar went into cooldown because I was no longer detected. (No detected symbol with the little radar thing.) Thanks for the feedback and the games!
  12. Put you on my contacts list along with AMajor, will keep looking :)
  13. Well, I didn't quite get a really good game like I wanted. But here is one where I'm bottom tier in a loss. I derp exiting my smoke trying to get more torpedoes off from the other side and die. Bottom Tier Keeper.wowsreplay
  14. Interesting. Some things I do differently, which may or may not be better: It looked like you shot AP exclusively? I would have been shooting HE for most of those targets, AP just against the Omaha when it was showing side (which it rarely was.) HE against the superstructure of those battleships might have started fires and I think would have done at least as much damage. Early engagement with the Omaha: you and the Emile coordinated well and gunned it down effectively. I would have been much more cowardly in that situation, as an Omaha can take away too many of my hit points too early. You lost few and did much better than I would have here because of the aggression, I think. After that it looked like you were contemplating going south after the CV? But you decided to go into the B objective, exactly as I would have done. With the first closing battleship I would have tried to stay undetected and dropped torpedoes for him to (maybe) run into. After that you had an opportunity to fire on a battleship at the north side of B or go after their last destroyer, the Mutsuki, north of B. Here is where I most strongly disagree - the enemy DD has to be the most important target here. You are the most effective counter to it. You can get closest without being detected and can gun it down with HE in a minute or so. It can do significant damage to your ships if unchallenged. Was speed boost particularly useful that game? I saw a couple of times where defensive fire would have been useful for ships near you. I'll turn on replays and play a game so you can critique mine. :)
  15. There are a few ways to set up a division. In the lower left there is a red squarish dialogue box with 3 periods in it. If you click on that it brings up your contacts. You can search for players and add them to your contacts and / or invite them to a division. I have you on my contacts now but I haven't seen you online when I've been online to invite to a division. To directly message someone on the forums, click on their username and it will take you to their profile. One of the options to the right is to message them. For captain skills, I always go PM first (as geser98 described perfectly) followed by Last Stand. I break on the third skill and go BFT because it helps with main gun fire rate (which will indirectly help with starting more fires) and AA. Then CE. After that for a USN destroyer it depends on if I'm going AA build or not. On non-AA builds, I just start adding 3 pt skills. Superintendent, Demolition Expert, Survivability Expert, or Torpedo Armament Expertise depending on the ship and how useful its torps or guns are. On the Nicholas and Fletcher I like going AA build. For that, I pick up Advanced Firing Training and Manual Fire Control for AA. The last point is mostly wasted but I usually go PT.