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  1. You're forgetting that YY has longer radar duration, lower armor profile (harder to hit), and can angle better to reduce armor profile while maintaining most of its dpm (33% loss compared to 60% loss). It's far more versatile and looking at raw DPM (or any single factor) is a poor way to evaluate any ship.
  2. The problem is the facts just don't support the claims. CV damage is down. The hull doesn't risk getting sunk (it never did), but a CV cannot contribute without planes, ergo deplaning or lack of planes to attack with is tantamount to sinking on any other ship. They do have the best ability to scout, but the effect of scouting in randoms is highly questionable, especially in a blob meta. Finally, the ability to pick and choose fights is 100% misleading. You choose in the sense that nobody forces you to fly one direction, but user choice stops right there. In reality, the only targets you can attack depend upon what the enemy allows you to attack. Often times, what you must attack to win doesn't coincide with what you can attack. Before the rework these 4 conditions were certainly true, but now they could not be farther from the truth.
  3. awildseaking

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

    Of course you're not being literal. You were suggesting the population is small. It is not and never was. Even if it were, that doesn't justify blanket nerfs, otherwise DD wouldn't be playable either. Your irrational hatred for CV is pathetic and if you can't wish well for everyone that plays this game, then you really don't belong here and should consider quitting.
  4. awildseaking

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

    This meme needs to die. Before all the garbage updates of 2018, CVs had a very healthy population. You can see the NA CV population here from this exact week one year ago. The numbers aren't even close to 15. Bar the lack of interest in top tier CVs due to various balance patches, premium CVs that ruined the T7-8 CV grind, bad CV economy, waste of time due to CW ban, grim expectations for the future of CVs, etc. there are thousands of unique players at low and mid tiers. Go back another year and it's close to 10k uniques. Stop making crap up and use facts for once. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/pastrecords/20170211/na_week/average_ship.html
  5. To be fair, you couldn't strike anything in a T6 as bottom tier before either. None of the CVs fared well as bottom tier. One of the reasons WG came up with unlimited planes is because CVs often found themselves in situations where they couldn't attack anyone or became instantly deplaned if they were forced to attack a strong opponent at some point.
  6. Or, god forbid, introducing any semblance of player control and skill into AA mechanics. The whole reason +/-2 worked in the first place here (unlike in other WG games) is because a T8 ship can damage and tank a T10 just as effectively if they outplay them. Sure, there are blatant advantages in being top tier, but good sailing and teamplay trumps everything else. We're long past the days of horrible balance where ships have so little range that they can get outspotted by DDs and melted from outside their range by cruisers.
  7. awildseaking


    Dev strike (or even significant damage) was always avoidable and we still have map perma spotting. Matter of fact, perma spotting is worse than before because removing initial launch times enables CVs to spot earlier before anyone can get into position. Every game starts with the entire team being spotted. The ships most susceptible to spotting (DD) are neutered because they can't create any plane downtime. You used to be able to play with the team, wipe groups, and have several minutes at a time to move around freely. Or you could zone the map and make it impossible for CVs to break through to you. Now we have reduced AA ranges and even more RNG dependent AA DPS. Maybe you should have played old CVs past mid tiers before spouting off about how they worked.
  8. I'd hardly call this hotfix over the top. It did what we needed; destroyed all interest in playing CVs. WG won't actually remove them, but this is the first step. Now that they aren't even remotely viable, we can resume playing normally while WG finds an actual solution. Spoiler alert
  9. awildseaking

    CV Rework Feedback

    Please just revert 8.0 and remove CVs temporarily. Start an actual test server that runs for more than a month. Abandon the entire rework because it is fundamentally flawed. Planes are a CVs effective health pool and infinite planes cannot be balanced no matter how much of a cooldown you add. Either the cooldown is too short and CVs cant stop attacking, or the cooldown is too long and CVs are unplayable. There's no middle ground because you can't make a ship with unlimited HP and ability to contribute balanced. Start from where we were before 8.0. Try some of the many suggestions made over the past 3 years. Limited flight time, removed spotting, new fighter mechanic that allows you to have control but isn't as RNG dependent as strafes, etc.
  10. awildseaking

    CV Rework Feedback

    Le Terrible is the only ship I bought in 2018. I haven't spent a dime on WoT or anything else in WoWS in 2018. I had such low expectations of upcoming changes that I not only quit during the holidays and skipped CBs entirely, I also chose not to buy yearly premium again. Seems I made the right choice. WG, what you do over the next few months will decide if I quit the game permanently or not. I'm already grossly disinterested and I have almost no hope left for this game. You've proven to me that the past few years were really just dumb luck. When push comes to shove, your dev team is incompetent. They're great programmers and the game is beautiful and runs well, but that's all it does and there are a million games that do that even better. Just like WoT, people play this game for gameplay and nothing else. I hope you realize that you've made more people quit in just a week than you did over the last 3 years letting CV stay exactly as they were.
  11. Remember how WG refunded GZ customers or let them test new versions on the live server as compensation? WG should refund a week of premium to everyone. If they want us to be testers, compensate us.
  12. awildseaking

    Who Says That DDs Can't Do Anything Since 8.0?

    It's a "average game in (insert nerfed thing) against shitters means x hasn't ruined the game" thread.
  13. awildseaking

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    I'm sure most people think that too. I was just generalizing because I see all these panic threads about GC "nerf" (we don't even know if it will be nerfed moving up a tier) but I didn't see that kind of criticism about the CV rework. Most of the arguments were about whether or not the changes worked and not the actual principles of WG substantially changing stuff we pay for.
  14. awildseaking

    RIP DD playerbase?

    Remember when people celebrated the IJN DD alpha un-nerf? True to form, WG found a way to nerf non gunboat IJN DD yet again.
  15. awildseaking

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    I find it ironic that people consider a premium nerf (while keeping the core gameplay and function of the ship in tact) to be a bait and switch, but the CV rework is acceptable.