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  1. awildseaking

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    A lot of really great players do not waste their time on Ranked. There's a much easier way to tell you were going to lose; statistically speaking, 3 man divs of typhoon or hurricane clans win 60-70% of their matches. The answer is to balance divs by skill and to restrict certain combinations, such as not allowing CVs to be used in divisions.
  2. Only thing that gets me excited are historical ships or challenge ships. I enjoy playing Wichita lately. It is markedly worse than Baltimore, but it feels more like the old T8 NOLA. I've also been playing more mid tiers to get away from CV cancer and Trento is definitely a challenge. Its damage potential is nonexistent against decent players but saving your health and doing late game smoke/torp rushes is a lot of fun. Reminds me of what you used to be able to do with most DDs before radar/CV ruined the meta. I know I won't be able to do this with higher tier RN CA, but Devonshire has been a wild ride thus far. I'm almost averaging 100k with it and if I actually bothered to play ships enough to end up on leaderboards, I had a very high damage game with it (150k) that puts me in the top 15 on NA.
  3. awildseaking

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    I'll support CVs in CB if CVs cost 50 points.
  4. awildseaking

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    I think these boycotts will work better if you don't spend real money. Play the game for free, force WG to spend money on upkeep, keep posting about all of the problems, but you give them even a penny and they won't listen. WG needs to be reminded that their vision of the game is irrelevant. Our vision is the only one that matters. If they don't like what their players want, then they should not be making games.
  5. awildseaking

    Ranked Sprint queue and BBs

    This is the worst season of Ranked to date. Not only did WG [edited] up by not having leagues and refusing to match players by rank, they also allowed divisions yet again, didn't pick an odd-numbered tier to remove CVs, and did all of this in a meta that does not allow anyone to play except CVs and BBs. All things that lead to more lopsided autolosses. You can earn more steel just by doing daily missions than playing Ranked at this point. Even worse? They cap BBs per team at 3, resulting in 8 DD/2CA queuedumps because MM won't empty out the pool of 100+ BBs, which exacerbates the weakness of CA and DD further. The final straw: let's say you just want the rewards, you don't care about the future of the game and just want to be effective. You'll play a BB...and wait 3-4 minutes in queue because there are literally 100+ of you at any given time and nobody playing any other ship class. This is just another nail in the coffin. WoWS is [edited]. WG is incompetent.
  6. awildseaking

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I'm still doing fine, but that doesn't mean I like what I have to do compared to what I had to do 2 years ago. DD isn't as fun or rewarding as it used to be.
  7. Confirms what good players have said forever. You can't carry stupid. The sub 45s and sub 40s either do nothing or die (if they do nothing, that is still something more than dying) and you can't replace a warm body, especially if you're in a multi-tier game and not the top or mid tier. It is far more impactful to have a 40%er than it is to have a 60%er.
  8. CV critics have said quite a bit. People just don't listen. Here's what I wish WG tested. Many of these features mirror real-world constraints without the objective being realism: limited planes in the current system (no regen), a fuel system in both the RTS and rework system (to prevent perma spotting and area denial), manual AA fire (user controlled), increased re-arm times, inability to manually recall and instantly redeploy planes (make plane choices matter just like shells and torp spreads), inability to dummy drop to reduce your squadron size (makes target selection more important), a shorter duration fighter consumable that does not require you to be in the area (maybe 20-30 seconds tops, reintroduces support to CV without bringing back deplaning), further reduction in alpha damage in exchange for DoT (APDB and rocket nukes are just as bad as RTS CV nukes), a more complex manual aim system for CV (current system is point and click with no need to lead, still doesn't feel like an action game, mechanics do not carry over from other ships), removal of alerts when your planes are spotted (removes pseudo-triangulation, especially important now since nobody has stealth AA), I could keep going on but... Many of us floated these ideas in 2015, three full years before the rework was announced. Many of us have been consistently asking for these ideas to be tested year after year. Once the rework was announced in 2018, we became increasingly distraught at how WG ignored community feedback. Remember the "Year of the Carrier?" I can't say my input has ever felt important because I don't even see acknowledgement of these ideas being considered. I thought it was a cop out that WG abandoned the RTS system, which had good balance aspects that we sorely need back. I won't let them throw in the towel and say it was hopeless when they didn't test so many other possibilities. The CV test phases were a complete disgrace as well. They limited access instead of allowing anyone to join. Many of us never even got accepted onto the test server, making our feedback even more meaningless. At this point, as much as I love CVs and want them to have a permanent and balanced role in this game, WG seems truly lost on how to handle them. The best option for the short to mid term is to remove all CVs. Bring them back when you're ready, but stop ruining the rest of the game by making the public server a test server. You know that sub mode we just had? WG should really consider that for CVs, especially all those missing odd-tier CVs.
  9. awildseaking

    Is Kuznetzov (sp?) getting nerfed?

    Remove in the sense that I cannot be matched with anyone using it. I will fully accept the consequences too. I own Smolensk, so WG can take my coal and my money. If I owned Kuznetzov, I would let them keep my coal for him too. I would prefer to never see the ship or captain again. They are cancer and they will kill this game. If that means I specifically get longer queue times, so be it.
  10. awildseaking

    Is Kuznetzov (sp?) getting nerfed?

    I'm still advocating for reverse-premiums. I will pay WG money to remove Kuznetzov and Smolensk.
  11. awildseaking

    Wargaming is Creating Some Severe Imbalances

    They're still the most played. Time creep is an issue too. The more chances you have to run into a radar ship, the more radar you'll see.
  12. awildseaking

    Yahagi vs Huanghe?

    If you reverted the change today, nothing would happen. T5 was already seeing T7 constantly, same as how T4 was seeing T6 and T3 seeing T5. Did you forget why the changes were made in the first place? We had matchups in these tier ranges where a BB literally had a larger detection range than firing range. I know it was years ago, but we had AFT Clevelands stealth firing at ships that were too slow to ever close the gap and spot them. Tiers don't see certain tiers because of MM. They get matches based on player population. Back then, T3-5 was smaller than than T6-7. It is still smaller by a longshot. Each successive tier becomes substantially more populated until you hit tier 8. The T9 and 10 populations are smaller because of the game economy. You cannot downtier frequently if there are more people above you than below you. It's simple math.
  13. awildseaking

    Opinions on the Neptune

    I wasn't a fan of Neptune. It cannot play like a CL and that alone makes it unlike everyone else in its tech tree. I had no interest in playing with short fuse AP on a ship that can't even contest DDs.
  14. awildseaking

    Yahagi vs Huanghe?

    T5 doesn't uptier because of T3-4 pref MM. It uptiers because there are a lot more people playing T6-7 than there are playing T3-4. The only time this wasn't true is when the game first came out and that's because everyone started over. Statistically speaking, T5 cannot see T3-4 frequently, even if it could still see them. T3-4 protected MM has been scapegoated for years.
  15. The only point I disagree on is whether content is geared towards new or old players. It most definitely is geared towards old players. Now you might not like what has been offered and you might not consider such changes to be new or end-game content, but the addition of special captains, elite commander xp, OP ships for resources, and OP legendary modules only serve older players. WG is at a very difficult turning point right now where doubling down on the additions of such content will only further the gap between the entrenched playerbase and anyone who dares to try and play this game for the first time. Everything right now is geared towards helping people like us get even more advantages over new players more quickly. The scary part is that this content isn't cosmetic in the slightest. As time continues to pass, new players will have an increasingly unlevel playing field where older players will have more DPM, more survivability, more consumable charges, etc. It is impossible to say such content is geared towards new players because new players are literally incapable of obtaining it without a lot of time (read: playing games with a terrible setup against your OP setup). As the amount of time required increases, fewer people stick around and eventually nobody new comes around. Look at WoT if you want to see the damage time can do to a game. Requiring people to play thousands of matches at a blatant disadvantage is unheard of in the industry. Even EA wouldn't stoop that low. All of the above mentioned features should be immediately removed from the game and never return. Any content geared towards old players should be purely cosmetic. I want to be able to play this game for years to come. That's going to become very difficult as the list of disadvantages for new players grows longer with each passing update.