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  1. awildseaking

    World of warships player base summarized

    I'm mad about subs. Bad player: this is how you beat subs. No it isn't. Bad player: you want to be mad. SSDD. Happened with CV rework, latest commander rework, gun bloom rework, radar update...you think you're witty but you're just a particle of dust in space. Reality is you just can't stand the fact you aren't skilled enough to disagree. You want to be right, you want your version of events to be correct, you want to be the hero but you just aren't. That's why you never elaborate about "how" you think you can supposedly counter all these negative features that better players cannot counter. On the rare chance you show some vulnerability and provide a few examples, you'll ignore criticism, retreat back into a ball and rinse/repeat until you find a hugbox that fits just right. When I was younger, they would call every legitimate complaint crying. Have something negative to say? Call the whaambulance. I hope you realize people like you have been a regular fixture on video game forums for decades. Maybe you're too young or new and don't realize it yet, but if you ever attain consciousness, you will.
  2. awildseaking

    If you are playing; if you are installed, you are happy

    I get what you're trying to say, but it's not nuanced enough. Most of today's problems in-game are incidental. You might get lucky with MM. No subs, no CVs, full 12v12 lobby, no ridiculous matchups like 1v1 DD Khaba vs. Halland, relatively equal amount of radar (preferably none but YMMV), etc. Sometimes I log in and I'm getting lucky with MM and I might play more than few games. Other days, I just log-in and quit or maybe only play one game. I know I'm not the only one and fact is I haven't played this game like I used to since the CV rework. Spreadsheet shows WG doesn't get my time or my money like they used to from 2015-2019. They know why and I certainly do not get counted into the data as a happy player.
  3. awildseaking

    CB is Dead

    There are so few people playing CBs at this point that you will regularly get matched against Hurricane while in Gale or Storm. The smoke comp balance is disgusting with zero counterplay and a paywall in front of it. God forbid you have the requisite ships and just don't like playing that way and want to have some fun. I hope this season teaches WG three things for future seasons: CB should never go lower than T8. Smoke is busted in the CV meta and needs tech-tree radar as a counter. Ban all non-tech tree ships. You want people to play a mode where it's a net loss of resources unless they win? Make winning possible for the majority of clans. There are so many premiums and too many subclasses locked behind the paywall. Ban CVs. You've had multiple seasons to see how important vision control is. 2BB isn't an effective counter and you decided to add 2CV to the tier best known for smoke comps. If you're not going to touch smoke comps, at least make the lock-on dispersion buff and gun elevation increase universal so people can actually manually aim over low islands and obstacles and hit people in smoke reliably. Otherwise, blindfire will remain a stupid mechanic. Until then, CB will remain the low skill mode for people who buy everything and tryhard to maintain ratings no matter what the mode dictates.
  4. Might want to actually have Black before you start talking about it. Uncounterable smoke + radar combo, plus enough torpedo range to torp good positions. Doesn't matter that the nuclear potatoes rarely hit. They force movement just like Shima 20kms and really help the team. That's why regardless of skill level, Black has the highest WR among T9 DD.
  5. I'll attach screenshots if the description doesn't make sense, but I'm not sure if smoke is supposed to be visible anymore or not. When I am in my own smoke circles, friendly smoke, etc. I can see the smoke itself as well as the outline. Visually, I can see smoke at a distance, but I can only see the general direction of the smoke itself. Similar to bush/tree hitboxes in WoT, it's hard to see the difference between the visual smoke and the actual smoke circle. However, this only applies outside of sniper mode. When I enter sniper mode, I cannot see the smoke at all, nor the smoke circle. I know I have the setting enabled or else I would see nothing at all. Was this part of a balance patch that I didn't notice? Did smoke cruisers complain too much about sitting still in smoke and getting blind fired? This change has become painfully apparent in this garbage CB season with smoke comps.
  6. Hopefully Black never comes back until WG crosses the rubicon and starts nerfing ships regardless of their status. Cash premium, ranked reward, resource, tech tree, shouldn't matter. If it's OP, nerf it.
  7. I always lol at amateur hour statistics since I studied econometrics, but these initial results, assuming for the sake of argument that they would prove to be statistically significant after rigorous hypothesis testing, proves why you need control groups. We don't need exact numbers to understand bad games, regardless of how you define a blowout. Of course having a weaker team means you are more likely to lose. There are tons of omitted variables to consider. The tier of the good vs bad players, relative ship strength, # of commander skills, usage of signal flags, presence of CV, etc. I don't need a data set to tell you that if I play 1000 games in Krasny Krym and 1000 games in Giulio Cesare that, all else held constant, I will lose more with Krasny than Giulio. People need to stick to tangible improvements with MM. I would start by revamping the nation balancer to group ships by function. WG should also consider establishing sub-classes for DDL, CL, and CBs. Khabarovsk is not a Shimakaze, Austin is not a Petropavlovsk, and Alaska is neither. The current mirror system worked better in 2018 than it does today since there were fewer ships to balance. The framework works, but it needs a touch up.
  8. awildseaking

    Community Time with Ev1n and Mademoisail (8/25)

    I just want to go back to 2015. As a team, WG was more responsive. Surveys were more frequent and I usually saw changes based on the survey questions. You incorporated mods and other QoL features that many asked for. Last 2 years I feel like I got nothing. I can't even name an update that went well. The only good thing that changed is torpedo speed buffs. You teased me a bit nerfing Smolensk and Thunderer, but the nerfs should be more significant and apply to paid premiums as well. Ranked, CB and most Random matches suck with MM roulette giving one team more meta ships. Every CB season exposes this. You have to ban these ships because you won't balance them. It's time to give WG a free commander reset for a few years.
  9. The "every player has a different understanding" argument is just par for the course with Russian pravda. Statements like that are solipsistic and a meaningless contribution. Of course people disagree. The question is whether or not gameplay and monetization changes are well received and spreadsheet says you're bleeding old players who aren't whaling like they used to. You can pretend we don't exist as much as you like, and maybe you'll get by fleecing ignoramuses for another year or two, but you know this model isn't sustainable. It destroys all goodwill with your community, gives people no reason to invest in the game, and kills any future ability to develop. Sooner or later, there will have to be a WoT 2, WoWS 2, or some new WG product and don't blame us when the only people who actually pay attention to your games avoid them with a 10 foot pole, reviewbomb your sites and tell everyone by word of mouth to avoid WG products at all costs. I hope that internally, WG realizes they have the same reputation EA had in the early 10s. Protip: that is not something to aspire towards. As someone who has played many F2Ps throughout my life and seen many die prematurely due to overly aggressive monetization, do not assume that you are insulated just because competition is thin. Player tastes are not as simple as "people who want a naval game will keep playing." Push us far enough and we'll just accept there are no naval games on the market and disappear. I understand you have an internal vision for the game, but your vision is irrelevant. The people playing your game are the ones whose perspective matters. If you don't like the direction we want the game to go, then you have no business making games.
  10. awildseaking

    contents of my last 141 super containers

    Still haven't received a ship via SC and probably never will.
  11. awildseaking

    Subs are killing gameplay in ranked.

    There's a lot to hate about subs, but the part I hate the most is how subs interact with everyone. There's zero counterplay for both the sub and everyone playing against it because the ship is so spotting and mobility dependent. You also have no ability to carry, which exacerbates MM imbalance and creates more landslides. It's amazing that subs are both OP and something so weak that I'm doing a disservice to my team by playing one. Please WG, ditch this horrible idea ASAP. If this ever touches Random or CBs, your game is dead. Ranked was dead anyways so nobody cares.
  12. The larger problem is still CVs. DDs have shrunk to less than 20% of all ships played and that's including stat inflation from low tiers where there are more DDs than other ships. It is extremely common to have a 1v1 or 2v2 DD matchup and there are too many nations and flavors for simple nation balancing to work anymore. Balance changes are harder, so I would start by creating a separate DDL (Destroyer Leader) class for larger DDs that cannot contest caps. This would prevent DD imbalance, like 1v1 Halland vs. Khab, and make games less dependent on MM and more on player skill.
  13. awildseaking

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    Game isn't un-fun to the point that I would actually quit for good, but I play a lot less than I used to 5 years ago. I also don't see myself buying anything other than premium time, out of respect for my own time. I don't want the game to die, but WG needs people to do more than just buy premium time to survive.
  14. awildseaking

    Did LotGH Fans get a Bad Deal?

    I definitely won't be buying anything even though I love LoGH. Regardless of the timing, it's insanely overpriced for both crates and camos. $20 for a permacamo that is no different and is purely visual? Come on, that's half a T8 ship. Camos are on generally bad ships. Couldn't care for Kansas, Parseval or Z-23. Baltimore is good. It also sucks that we only got Die Neue These and not OG. I'd love to have Norio Wakamoto record some new lines for Reuenthal. It seems bizarre that WG goes to such lengths for collabs and then makes no real effort. Unsurprising that a company that doesn't understand what its players want wouldn't understand what we want from other series we like.
  15. awildseaking

    Da respect from WG.....

    Sounds like WG needs to kick themselves from their own company for toxicity.