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  1. TsundereMusashi

    Bring Back the Musashi?

    Do you think there's a chance that instead of Musashi herself reintroduced for availability ARP Musashi as it's own ship is instead? It still feels odd to have ARP Musashi merely as a skin while I also have ARP Yamato. I'm sure Wargaming would make alot of money if they decide to do that if there's another Arpeggio collab.
  2. TsundereMusashi

    Bring Back the Musashi?

    The best chance for Musashi to ever come back is if Wargaming turns around and decides to introduce ARP Musashi as it's own ship. (if it's not just a Yamato clone)
  3. TsundereMusashi

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    So what are you suggesting? That ARP Musashi could be a thing later?
  4. TsundereMusashi

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    That's unfortunate. :/ It just makes no sense why ARP Musashi would simply just be a camo while they're giving us ARP Yamato as it's own ship. I really hope there's some chance down the line they'll reconsider and implement ARP Musashi as it's own ship. n
  5. TsundereMusashi

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Really wish ARP Musashi was it's own ship instead of a skin. And I say this as someone who already has a Musashi. I would of gladly paid for another ship.
  6. None. I would outright prefer Russian tanks going Jesus, cruising on top of the water over fantasy Russian CVs.
  7. TsundereMusashi


  8. TsundereMusashi

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    My idea of a brawler BB Shinano (retaining 9, 46cm guns) was alot better. There's really no reason for anyone to ever go above 46cms in this game.
  9. TsundereMusashi

    Future possible steel or coal Premium X IJN BB

    How does that stack up to the Ohio? From what i've been hearing it potentially has the most potent secondary setup right now.
  10. TsundereMusashi

    Future possible steel or coal Premium X IJN BB

    .... I mean I described later on in my initial post how she could potentially be different, you did read the entire post besides the first sentence right? o_O As well we have three Iowa hulls, two Sodak classes that aren't the Sodak herself (which will inevitably be added to the game at some later point) I don't see why they wouldn't add another planned variation of the Yamato class ingame in the armory. And I predict this will end up being the only way Shinano will ever be added to the game, there are far more relevant carriers that can be added as premiums that would be playable/viable ingame than Shinano could ever be as a CV. That's not even mentioning how unpopular CV's are as is in contrast to BB's.
  11. TsundereMusashi

    Future possible steel or coal Premium X IJN BB

    No they didn't. Only a handful of people disagreed with me, when I specifically asked you why on your position, you ghosted the thread as if you had no argument outside of muh history.
  12. Would be pretty neat to see Shinano in her original planned BB configuration added to the game, or the 4th/5th Yamato class ship as a premium. What do you guys think? I feel that due to the unpopularity of CV's and how impractical it is to implement the CV Shinano i'm predicting she'll be added ingame as battleship instead. If she is this is what she possibly could look like. Her secondaries include the 10 cm/65 Type 98 naval guns for secondaries, and two 20 cm triple barrel turrets like that of the Zao. Gameplay wise i'd predict she'd be a brawler unlike her sisters while having a very beefy secondaries alike to that found on Ohio/Georgia/Mass. Thoughts?
  13. TsundereMusashi

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Wow, this is sounding worse and worse. I'll stick to my IJN torp DD line. lmbo
  14. TsundereMusashi

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Personally I don't think this will break the game, unless they unrealistically buff either the speed or damage of the torpedo's. Subs back then were SLOW, subs could only travel 18-22 knots on the surface and 6-9 knots submerged and they only had 2-6 torpedo tubs on the front. I predict it will be less breaking the game and more WG wasting time and resources on something people will not find fun or playable. I myself will be sticking with DD's since I can stealth torp already with a DD and sail 35+ knots instead of being in a sub that can fire far less torps at once, while only being able to travel 8 freaking knots while a DD is chasing me and dumping depth charges on my hull.
  15. TsundereMusashi

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Don't you have a Walmart to shoot up, or a crowd for you to run your car into?