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  1. BatRastardly

    GPU Loading In Port

    Some time ago I noticed my GPU fans running much faster while in port. I installed some GPU software and was surprised to find how much hotter it runs in port vs during a match. 50C while in a match and 80C while sitting in port. Watching videos full-screen the temp is 35-50C. So the GPU is under much greater load while sitting in port than at any other time. Anyone else notice this? Any idea why this is happening? Are there any solutions? I appreciate any insights
  2. BatRastardly

    Poll Surrounding Several Items of the Game

    Thanks for the poll, I appreciate the thought you put into it. I realize it is unlikely to be viewed objectively by WG as they may have put too much into the CV Rework to see it's failings objectively. Still, it's nice to have a voice on the issue. I have found Carriers to be problematic since the beginning. While interactions between players of all other ships come down to skill v skill, CV players enjoy a skill v bots advantage. Having to rely on bot controlled AA makes me feel like a helpless victim facing damage levels determined by luck and the CV players skill. The CV Rework has only made this situation worse. Another issue is while other ships must consider risk v reward in actions they take, CV's can spot and attack at will with no risk to their ship XP. Again, the CV Rework has only made this worse. I had reasonable hopes that the CV Rework would add a positive dimension to the game and make the CV an enjoyable elemen. It appears to me that the entire focus of the rework was to make the CV more enjoyable ONLY for CV players. For everyone else what was a nuisance before has become an exceedingly uncomfortable ordeal, game after game. It's sad because I know the WG crew are a decent hard-working bunch trying to do well. They just appear incapable of seeing the fundamental issues that prevent CV's from fitting into the overall game design. It must be discouraging for them to see their enormous efforts achieve such poor results. I hope they can move past trivializing all critical viewpoints and find a way forward that can produce results found comfortable for most players. Das Bat
  3. BatRastardly

    Summary of Sub_Octavian's Q&A

    I have to question what constitutes "failure"? I suppose if the CV Rework is never actually "tested" one could say it never failed. Here's one possible test: In Settings give a player a checkbox to opt out of matches with CV's. If you think that would be unfair because "why would anyone play in a CV match" that says a lot right there. But ok, try adding another box so players can choose +/-1 MM . Make it so they can only choose one ... No-CV or +/-1 MM. If the majority choose "No-CV" would that constitute a failure or not? Certainly more of a real test that goes beyond merely labelling as "haters" any player that does not enjoy the results of the CV Rework. Don't like that test? Fine, give players control of their AA guns. Let players have the opportunity to develop skills to fight off planes just like the CV players have the opportunity to develop the skills to attack ships. Bottom line issues never addressed concerning CV's are 1. CV's have a PvE advantage. It is not skill v skill when one player can attack, and the other player can only shoot back with bots aiming their AA. 2. CV's are largely immune from having to consider trading their ship HP when attacking another player. They can take away HP with no risk of losing HP. They don't even risk getting spotted. These two elements cause CV's to be separate from other ships and justify having an opt-out option for CV's only. I bet the very same CV players who would rail against a CV opt-out would just as likely use it if they were playing a CV. It's not like CV's make the game more fun for anyone besides CV players, right? When do you ever hear players complain when there are no CV's in a match? I realize no opt-out option will ever be considered. Removing bots and giving players control of their AA is a non-starter too.The CV Rework is already "too big to fail". Problem is it has failed for the majority of players. Rather than face the facts, or challenge the facts with a real test, WG has chosen to dismiss any justified concerns and/or opposition by using the "haters-gonna-hate so they don't count" approach. They will continue to just bury their heads under a pile of stats and metrics they control and ignore the reality all around them. An untested and therefore easy to dismiss reality. Works for the Flat-Earthers.
  4. BatRastardly

    game just not FUN anymore

    Maybe play some Co-op? I've been getting increasingly frustrated by all the negative effects from being forced to play CV's with only poor performing bots as AA gunners to shoot back with. CV's have a PvE advantage with no real counter. I've tried going back to Co-Op and have been pleasantly surprised. Not as challenging as Random, but no frustration either. Just an idea. 75% of the player base find the CV Rework to have negatively impacted the game but WG appears to be "all-in" so there's no relief in sight. Random matches are a mess so maybe Ranked, Clan Battles, and yes, even Co-Op are the best choices. Das Bat
  5. Is Legends CV-free? If there are no carriers I would probably switch over to it. The cv rework has pretty much ruined WOWS for me and every patch only makes it worse.
  6. I'm pretty sure WG rewards players for maintaining positive karma points. I believe it's once or twice a year. Personally I look for players to complement as it allows me to focus on the good rather than the bad. More enjoyable imho. My allotment of negative karma points I just use on every CV that shows up on either team. CV's are universally bad and almost everyone hates them so why not? Thanks to the comments here I will only use "AFK" in the future!
  7. BatRastardly

    We need to speak out against pointless CV nerfs!

    The CV queens just cannot grasp why the player base hates CV's. It's simple. A CV player can attack any player at anytime and cause actual ship damage w/o trading. Also, the player in the targetted ship cannot shoot down planes but has to rely only AI controlled AA. Essentially, CV's are fighting bots but seek to maintain the delusion of fighting another player. If CV players wanted anything like fair play they need to lobby for either player controlled AA, or bot controlled planes. Oh, and how about damage to planes count against CV HP? How about CV's being spotted when attacking for the full distance of the attacking planes. A "plane-bloom" just like a "gun-bloom". Personally I will only play CV's in Co-Op where the PVE advantage applies to all. I cannot see how having CV's in other modes is good for WOWS or the player base. Most players would be happy to have a check box in Settings for "No CV MM". They could do that and lift the CV population limit so CV Queens can go at each other to their hearts content. Much better than having to face real players in real control of their AA guns. Das Bat
  8. BatRastardly

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Exactly. No matter how anyone spins it, given a choice most players prefer matches without CV's. Why? Because the attacking planes are guided by human players employing the skills they developed through time and effort. Meanwhile the players under attack have only bots aiming the AA guns to fight back with. We all know how bots play. Most appear drunk. It's frustrating for real players to choose Random to play a PVP match and be forced ino PVE mode by becoming essentially a bot for a small group of players in CV's. Furthermore, how do you smooth over the fact that players in ships need to consider whether they can afford to trade HP prior to initiating an attack, while CV's can attack at will with virtually no risk to their ship XP? The list of elements that have no parity in the CV question go beyond these two. This is why CV's have never been balanced and the CV Rework has only made things worse. Avoiding the primary issues and dismissing the mounting frustration by "debunking" a few minor issues will only serve to ensure CV's will never be balanced. How is this healthy for WOWS? I get it, ok. WG has given you your marching orders Mouse, and all CC's need to follow along to maintain their standing. Focussing on minor issues to hide the real issues are disengenuous, try something else. Don't insult the intelligence of the player base. Who cares if CV's have unlimited planes or it only "seems" they unlimited planes? Players cannot and do not shoot down planes, and that is a huge issue. The AA-bots shoot down planes and they are controlled by WG, not players. Nice try Mouse. I'm sure it sells well to the nodding head CV Queens who want to believe they actually earn kills mano-a-mano and ignore the fact they are losing planes to bots. The rest of us are neither blind nor stupid. How about an article where you estimate the migration to WOWS Legends CV-free console game? Das Bat
  9. T8 Cruisers huh? Sounds like you're trying to provide more food for the Carrier Queens. T8 is almost always low tier, and high tier matches are the most likely to have 2 CV's per side.T10 planes captained by highly skilled people. Since DD's are harder to hit and BB's are now the top AA platforms, T8 cruisers are the meal of choice. How much fun is it to put the neutered-bot driven cruiser AA up against highly skilled players in T10 planes? Not enough fun for any prize when 99% of the players will receive little more than frustration. I play Randoms for the challenge of PVP matches. The PVE attack advantage CV's have robs us of a full PVP scenario. I hate becoming a bot in the face of a plane attack and T8 bots against T10 planes guided by humans is horribly frustrating. Nice try but I won't fall for it. Keep your neutered-bot AA cruiser. Das Bat
  10. Just subscibed to your YT channel. I'm also a member of ONAVY and we have many who would like to take a step up in clan battles. I know for myself that I tend to play much stronger in Randoms than I do in Clan Battles and have not figured out what is causing the performance gap. Bad habits? Poor communication? Situational Awareness differences btw solo and team play? Must be something I'm not seeing and any help would be awesome. Das Bat
  11. BatRastardly

    Solution to Both CV and MM Controversies, maybe?

    Seriously? You want to imply that player controlled defensive measures and pre-match build choices are comparable to a CV player in control of their entire strike? Players have NO direct control of the aiming of their AA guns. This is done by bots. Yes a player can do things to prepare but ultimately the actual attack becomes PVE. This would only be comparable if CV players had control of planes to position them and then had to hand over the attack to bots. Does having bots do all the aiming sound like fun to you? Even worse, imagine this scenario with players in control of AA aiming while the plane attacks are only bot controlled. You want to believe in the position you've taken in order for you to feel that you are engaged in PVP battle. You are not. At the critical point in all air attacks it is PVE. If you truly want it to be fully PVP then push for player controlled AA. I doubt if many CV Queens would like that as they appear to struggle a great deal with just the bot-AA.
  12. Why complain about AA? Players cannot aim at planes themselves. They have to fight off air attacks controlled by a human player with only AA bots they have no control of. What will CV players do if they had to deal in an actual PVP environment? If you cannot deal with bots you need to stay in Co-Op longer.
  13. BatRastardly

    Golden J next to player name

    No because everyone knows the earth is flat which confuses the aliens. They only do fly-bys and never land. Duhhh. Pretty sure Flamu did a vid on this so you really have no excuse for your obtusisity.
  14. BatRastardly

    Solution to Both CV and MM Controversies, maybe?

    It won't be pay to play at all. Premium Time already has advantages to it that people pay for. What I am suggesting is only 2 options added to Premium Time that people may or may not even want. People can still play for free, so what's the issue? I am not calling for CV's to be removed entirely like many do. I am not demanding +/- 1 MM. Both of those would change the game a lot, for everyone. What I am suggesting is merely adding 2 options to premium time that address the two biggest issues people complain about. If a player wants those options they can buy premium time or earn it for free in various missions. No one is excluded, what's the problem? You do realize players now get a 65% boost to what they earn in matches with Premium Time right? That has a bigger impact on free-to-play players than anything I suggested.
  15. BatRastardly

    World of Warship - NOT Fun Anymore.

    No hate here, just sorry to see you go. I've also been playing since OBT and it's the only game I play. You could say I'm a WOWS-main. As such I would like to see the game do well. Like you I have gone through many patches, many changes. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. All in all it hasn't been too bad and for me at least, it's been worth it. I believe WG has gotten more right than wrong. I would even say they have a 55% winrate ... not unicum, but not bad at all. Maybe after venting here you can just give it some time. I'm almost 63 and at times it can be too much and what I do is play a few T3 games. Take out my old St. Louis and blast the crapola out of stuff for awhile with no gimmick in sight. Ahhhhh. Give it a try man. The only thing that I struggle to deal with currently is the increase in CV's since the rework. I have always found plane attacks frustrating since day one and now it's gotten worse. The thing for me is when I play Random I want PVP action. When planes attack my ship it's a human in control while my AA crew is nothing but bots. Often times drunken bots. When I play PVP I don't enjoy one class getting to fight me in what is really a PVE situation. Maybe that's just me, but my poor St. Louis crew is getting a work out lately! Das Bat