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  1. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    Patch 0.8.7 Bug

    I ended up having to uninstall Comodo Anti-Virus. Now the game works
  2. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    Patch 0.8.7 Bug

    I do have green lines. Support recommended disabling Comodo AntiVirus. This makes sense because the green lines are the same as when you launch an application in a Comodo container. I will try this when I get home
  3. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    Patch 0.8.7 Bug

    Submitted ticket. I discovered that I can get the client to respond to mouse clicks if I boot Windows into Safe Mode. I also swapped to an older Nvidia card and there was no difference.
  4. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    Patch 0.8.7 Bug

    Same problem running Windows 10 64-bit. Mouse works in all other apps, including World of Tanks and World of Warships PT. Uninstalled and reinstalled client, Updated Nvidia drivers, tried to switch monitor resolution, tried to move game to another monitor, ran the "check and repair" problem persists.
  5. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Rock Artists/Bands?

    Rush Pink Floyd Led Zepplin AC/DC Def Leppard
  6. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Action Movies?

    Kill Bill Vol. 1 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Dr. No Thunderball Fistful of Dollars
  7. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    I was playing a random battle in the Hakuryu and had no control over my planes. I could launch them with the 'F' key but all they would do was circle my ship.
  8. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I have a problem with the aircraft being stuck in a left turn if I launch my planes too close to the edge of the map. Can't go into the Arsenal Can't go into inventory
  9. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    I've suggested it before but: "DC Assist"

    Neat idea
  10. Harbinger_Of_Defeat

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    In the port the graphics have a glitch where the tier should be displayed. The Tier VII Fiji and Tier VI Normandie only look like Tier I. (Screenshot attached) .