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  1. Arlios

    Ship to ship combat

    It's a matter of balance, World of warships is an arcade game first, historical accuracy takes a back seat. otherwise this game would be heavy on battleships because they would be the dominating force in a naval engagement. Hell, if this game was anywhere near historically accurate it'd be boring, dreadfully so.
  2. Arlios

    Ship to ship combat

    Because the game requires a brain to play Really though, it's not exactly lopsided as it is soft countering, it's more reliant on your ability to make tactical decisions on what is a good move and what is going to potentially get you sent back to the port.
  3. Arlios

    Discord or Teamspeak? for a casual clan

    Discord is free and easy to maintain, Roles and rankings are easy to establish and permissions are done by the level of rank. Voice and text channels are a simple click and set for permissions and whatnot and once you have everything set, it's done, you don't need to do much else. Also discord has emoji's
  4. Arlios

    How does this stop TK'ing?

    The mechanic behind turning pink serves two purposes, one, it's a warning to other players that player has inflicted enough team damage or killed a friendly to turn pink. Another is to stop teamkillers from outright going on a rampage to continue killing team members by reducing team damage and reflecting that damage back onto themselves. Going pink is not necessarily that huge of a punishment, you get flagged for a few matches and it goes away. Accidents happen and going pink eventually happens to everyone, I've had my fair share of going pink accidentally, I've just come to accept it and just continue playing normally. That said, as stated before: Any project that leaves your ship is no longer your friend, or a friend of your allies. It pays to have some spatial awareness of nearby friendlies, the game isn't going to hold your hand and negate team damage altogether.
  5. Arlios

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Here's my channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/ChowderOfClams/featured I try to make at least one video a week.