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  1. Paul_Revere735

    Daring and Z52 need a buff . Idea's ???

    Protip OP: The only time you should really be wanting to smoke and shoot is when you get a flood, smoke up and light them on fire and then GTFO.
  2. Paul_Revere735

    Daring and Z52 need a buff . Idea's ???

    You can't be serious.
  3. Paul_Revere735

    CV players, stop blaming DD players.

    CVs weren't added, they were always there. Just because they became more common has absolutely NOTHING to do with it being a new counter. A counter you don't know how to play against maybe, but it's not new. To be honest, there really is no "hard counter" to DDs. There's radar. That's a cooldown. That's a soft counter. Edit: Do you really not realize that radar was added as a stopgap? And while you are at it, show why BBs and CAs weren't made an easier target for CVs to compensate for the change in rocket planes. I strongly suspect you will come up with nothing.
  4. Paul_Revere735

    CV torps

    Happens once in a while with Midway torps. But seriously, boohoo. Its like 2k damage.
  5. Paul_Revere735

    CV players, stop blaming DD players.

    It might have something to do with game chat lighting up about how CVs are "cancer" nearly every time a DD doesn't get their way in game. Or better yet, come to the forums over the last month. It's DD players. You'll notice the BBs and CAs went quiet after the AA change, and especially after the Midway nerfs. CVs are no longer anything more than an annoyance to them. You want it fixed? You need to stop pointing at the CV players, and start convincing WG to do something about the absurdity of a BB that can't be sunk, or a CA that can't be attacked. It's pretty simple really.
  6. Paul_Revere735

    8.0.3 CV results

    @Femennenly, @Radar_X I've played all of the tech tree CVs and the Saipan for ~386 games since the rework. I have played every hotfix, and tried to play every one of the CVs to get a feel of how that hotfix "fit" that area. I have played numerous games in the 3 other ship types to get a feel of how it feels on that side of things as well. I consider myself pretty decent with them, averaging around 100k damage per game with the Midway. 8.0.2 was close, now I feel things have swung too far the other way. Frankly I'm not interested in playing an IJN CV above tier 6. Shokaku and especially Hakuryu, with the 8.0.3 changes, are flat out not fun. I don't mind challenging to play by any means, but there is nothing going for them now, especially the Hakuryu. The blanket change to spotting is what has broken this for me. Changing DDs was fine. Why it was necessary to give cruisers stealth AA fire is what I don't understand. Multiple times tonight in Hakuryu or Midway I had squadrons that lost 2/3 of their HP, or were flat out deleted by unseen ships. In one particular example, I was using DBs on a DM that was camping behind an island. I expected to lose about 1/2 of my squadron and be forced to recall, however the other 2 cruisers who were behind him, which would have been spotted previously, engaged the squad as soon as I started the run and shredded the planes. In another specific example, just flying into an area with Midway TBs, I lost 2/3 of the squads HP to a Minotaur -that my squad never spotted while this was happening-. Said Mino was not in smoke, he was spotted shortly after by a friendly DD. Whereas before, I could at least spot these ships for my team, now it is not possible without immense aircraft loss. I cannot provide support to the team. The rocket aircraft aiming time change needs to be looked at. I understand why it was changed, it was done to buff the DDs who can't be asked to make any kind of maneuver when aircraft are nearby. It is nearly to the point where one can drive in a straight line and not have to worry about rocket attacks as a DD. Again, I could care less about hunting DDs as a CV, there are better targets out there for me to pursue. The problem here is Midway torps now do 3300 damage to a DD per torp. This is the result I had dropping torpedoes on a Kitakaze with Midway. Doing the math, landing 6 torps, into a DD without torpedo protection, isn't even enough to kill it. Lets think about that for a minute. A lower tier ship, with the lowest HP of the 4 classes, with no torpedo protection, and it would still survive a Midway putting 6 of 6 torps into it. I attacked a Montana with my TBs later in that game. 6 torps landed, his heal that he popped immediately healed more than the value of the strike. The expected aircraft losses made another attack foolish, and on the attempt the remainder of the squad was shot down. The rocket plane nerf for the attack time feels overdone. There is now a very tight window in which you can actually fire your rockets, even at BBs. Due to the reticle nerf, you're forced to fly in fairly straight line, which coupled with the squad HP nerf, cripples the ability to use them against cruisers or BBs. This pushes them back towards the DD as the preferred target, however, they really aren't reliable to use against a DD anymore. The CV now is at a point where it cannot spot an area if there are cruisers present, which you won't know until they cripple your squadron. Replenishment times make this not worthwhile. The Midway TB nerf has made attacking BBs feel neutered, either the flooding change or the damage change would be ok on it's own, but now what's the point? When the new flooding mechanics come out, coupled with the flooding chance there is now, good luck doing any noticeable damage to a BB with the Midway's TBs. Attacking cruisers has been rough since 8.0.2, which I am ok with it being costly. but the new detection change for them makes it pretty futile now. In short, the CV now has no reliable target it can attack. With cruisers being what they are now, the only thing one can attack with a reasonable expectation of not sacrificing a squadron is the DD. In my opinion, if you want CVs to stop harassing DDs and let them play their game, then something else has to give. Most of my time is spent at T10, but the Minotaur especially, and the Worcester need a nerf. They effectively shut down large portions of the map with this new spotting change. They were painful to deal with before, but now it's just not worth playing to be honest. If one is only doing pitiful damage to a BB, what's left to attack? 8.0.2 was the closest thing to balance that has been achieved. Had the change merely been the 20% detection change to DDs, and maybe half of the nerf to aiming time on the rocket planes, things would be in the right place. With this current iteration, a newer player to CVs, or those with lesser skill will be flat out shut out of the game. While I wasn't a fan of the micro aspect of the RTS carrier, at this point that was actually more fun to play. For one I think I'm pretty much done with CV play, with the current change and the general toxicity of the playerbase towards the class, it's not worth my time. I'm not quitting playing, but I am spending a lot more time with Cold Waters and picked up War Thunder to give it a try. After getting every T10, and all but maybe 5 premiums, I'm really not feeling it now. The rework had been fun and challenging up until this point. As it is now I just flat out ignore aircraft with my surface ships. There's no interaction needed on my part when playing a T10 cruiser or BB to keep them from being a threat, at this point it's more of an annoyance of all the flak going off. Thank you for your time.
  7. Paul_Revere735

    8.0.3 CV is still OP Against DDs

    The attitude of people like you referring to other players as cancer is what is killing this game. You sir need help. Are you that sad of an individual that you must make these derogatory statements? Does it somehow make you feel better? This attitude is what's killing the game. There's not patch or hotfix or rework that hurts this game more than the toxicity of people like you. Congrats.
  8. Paul_Revere735

    8.0.3 CV is still OP Against DDs

    Well, until CA and BB AA is put into line, you're the only thing that is reliably able to be attacked that won't result in squads being stealth fired to death, or wrecked on an attack run. The "F CVs" movement has pretty much ensured that. Either the DDs decide that it just might be the CAs and BBs that need nerfed, and not the CVs, or they keep getting the short end of the stick.
  9. It could be that it was a T10 match, and the Enterprise literally couldn't attack anything, considering AA has been buffed to absurd levels for downtiered CVs. One of those careful what you wish for things. But yea, with your detection as low as it is, and seeing how much harder it is to engage DDs right now than it was, no sympathy sorry. Try not camping.
  10. Paul_Revere735

    Cannot finish 100 planes shot down mission

    It may be in your graphics settings? I know I don't render planes on other CVs decks.
  11. Paul_Revere735

    Cannot finish 100 planes shot down mission

    I've been playing "helpless" DDs and BBs tonight. Figure there will be more CVs out before they get more balance tomorrow.
  12. These Midways, I just can't play DD anymore. Please help WG.
  13. Paul_Revere735

    Cannot finish 100 planes shot down mission

    Well I guess you got what you wished for lol.
  14. Paul_Revere735

    Update is poorly thought out

    Asashio is really struggling right now with CVs.