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  1. Paul_Revere735

    Selling hulls

    WG has "a-hull" events regularly, it's called ranked battles.
  2. I've completed This directive 3 times in my Hindenburg, the bar has not moved. 2 wins and a loss. Mission reads "Earn 10,000 base XP. Must be completed in a Random, Co-op, Ranked, Clan, or Scenario Battle. Cruisers of Tier V or higher." These were random battles. Am I missing something? Edit: I went back and looked and I did finish the mission and get credit, HOWEVER the directive list in the UI did not update. This appears to be a directive "quest" bug, and not a ship specific one. I rebooted the client (I had been logged in about 5 hours) and it is now properly updated.
  3. Really @Sub_Octavian?? At least we didn't do as bad as with German DDs? C'mon man.... If we are being reasonable, and it's not a big nerf, then just revert it and leave it the same as Stalingrad. Lol.
  4. Paul_Revere735

    My thoughts on the French BB line VI-X

    I'm starting to understand this ship. It's a fat Hindenburg without torps and less tanky, but better secondaries.
  5. Paul_Revere735

    The IJN is Back!! <3

    And what reactors might those be?
  6. Paul_Revere735

    My thoughts on the French BB line VI-X

    I'm curious as to if most of you played the Alsace pre nerf or post nerf. This thing is no Richelieu. Its a heap of trash.
  7. Paul_Revere735

    Alsace — French Tier IX battleship.

    I've not yet leveled PA DDs, nor the CV lines past tier 8. I have the T10 in every other line. This is the worst T9 I have played, without a doubt. This makes the Seattle look fun. Pre-buff FDG was 10x the ship this is. It doesn't do anything well, other than sometimes it goes fast? I liked Richelieu. I had hoped for it +1 more turret. That's a far cry from what I got. If I wanted to play a crap dispersion shotgun BB with secondaries, I'd play my Mikasa. Alsace is a Lyon with a perma broken turret, just uptiered with some more HP.
  8. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Do you have a source on the 2.0 sigma for Arizona? Pretty sure it is 1.8. Tier Ship Sigma 3 South Carolina 1.8 4 Wyoming 1.5 4 Arkansas Beta 1.5 5 New York 1.8 5 Texas 1.8 6 New Mexico 1.5 6 Arizona 1.8 7 Colorado A 1.8 7 Colorado B 2.0 8 North Carolina 2.0 9 Iowa 1.9 10 Montana 1.9
  9. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Ok, I'll bite. So you're saying you consistently land every shell and don't hit modules for these massive salvos? After the first one dmg saturates that section, then what? I don't disagree with your numbers or your theoretical dps. It is factual. However, in practice you aren't killing a same tier DD in 3-4 HE salvos as your previous posts suggest. There are too many modules/torp tubes/gun mounts in the way. I don't care how good the dispersion is. AZ also has lower shell damage than NM if memory serves correctly. I never said you should be bow tanking, merely that you can be citadelled through the nose.
  10. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Premium? Huang He gets my vote. Non prem is a little more difficult, as tier 6 tech tree overall is pretty balanced -in my opinion-. The "hardest" to be successful in or "weakest" is hard to quantify. DD: Farragut. She gets hurt by her concealment and always being first spotted, limited torp range, easy to push around the map/play around. CA/CL: Nurnberg. Not an inherently bad ship, but gets punished extremely hard on mistakes. See also De Grasse. BB: tough call. Personally I rate the Normandie lower, because of French dispersion and softer armor. That said it is still a decent ship.
  11. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    I'm not at my PC so I can't look, but that furthers my point: you can do equally well in the tech tree ship.
  12. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Because my z52 captain doesn't go into the Gaede for free? If it fuels your "it's the ship not the captain" fire more, I spent more coal on the hydro module for T61 than I earned ranking out. Z52 captain is setup for gunboating, which isn't optimal for the T61. Conversely, I ran a lol IFHE secondary build on my PEF that was left over from some training room shenanigans, completely suboptimal build.
  13. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Ah yes, the free Fubuki. You're only doing 33% on another DD if it doesn't have SE and you get incredibly lucky with 6 pens that don't hit modules for 0 damage. Theoretically possible yes, likely real world? Not often. Unless I'm mistaken the Arizona has the same broadside as the NM, and the NM has a turtleback. The plating on the AZ is better to not get HE spammed to death, but it still eats lolpens through the nose by the new 16" BBs in tier, as well as Warspite if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Paul_Revere735

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    Not unicum, very average player. Ranked out in 25 games with some T61, Shinonome, Acasta, PEF, Leander, and Arizona. I'd hardly consider that list an OP list. There wasn't anything I did in the T61 I couldn't have done as well in the Gaede.
  15. Paul_Revere735

    [FATE] is looking for more!

    Thanks sir!