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  1. CatSnipah

    Wait till you see 8.2

    That’s adorable. They think new people are joining this game.
  2. I had just spent a bunch of money on premium time and botes late in the year. Now, I've only played once since Jan 27th. I'm so unmotivated right now to spend my very limited gaming time on this mess. Frustrating and sad.
  3. I have only played one session, a handful of games in over 4 weeks. While the CV rework was bizarre and poorly executed, my biggest issue was WG deciding to use the entire player base as a test server. Get your crap together and I will consider coming back. Yeah, I'm not a long time player, but had been in for just over a year when all this started. Spent some good money, too. Surely not as much as many others, but was investing. Now, I dont even use the premium time and ships I bought around the holidays. Guess the laugh is on me, since WG has my money.
  4. CatSnipah

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    I’ve only played 1 day in the past 3 weeks.
  5. CatSnipah

    What daily containers do you pick?

    This. Exactly this, lol.
  6. CatSnipah

    Cleaned my ships out.

    I just haven’t bothered loading up the game in two weeks. I miss it some, but not banging my head on the pavement. Wasting premium time, I guess. But not worth the aggravation, imo.
  7. CatSnipah

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    Same. Took a timeout. Good timing, too. Lots of other life happenings, so I dont have to consider how I get grind time in.
  8. CatSnipah

    To respec without CE, or not?

    The fact that this is even an issue is preposterous. When I say "issue", I mean that we have a limited window to re-spec. Considering that the live server is currently being treated as a test server, and the game is in such flux right now, it's silly to put a time limit on this. Yes, we will get another re-spec in the future, but that doesn't solve the current issue. If the live server is being treated as a test server, then we, the players, should not be punished. Granted, I've not been around but just over a year, so my comments might not carry as much weight. However, I've not spent one minute in the game since it became obvious that the entire player base was going to be used as guinea pigs. And I was just really starting to get the "feel" for the game and enjoying what it has to offer. I added a year of premium and some shiny new premium botes around the holidays. Again, not as much as some of you have spent on the game, but it still counts. I hope that's not all that matters to WG - they got my money now they don't care? I'll come back if and when the dust settles and I some of the silliness calms down.
  9. I will be back in game in a few weeks once the tweaks are made and the dust settles.
  10. CatSnipah

    This isn't fun

    I think he meant a Texas, not a tier 10.
  11. CatSnipah

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    I'd honestly advocate for a zero-limit on CVs in coop....
  12. CatSnipah

    Why Does COOP not Issue Achievents?

    Was going to add something similar. I play mostly coop, and totally understand the logic of achievements being limited. However, it’d be cool if there were a few coop-specific ones. Wouldn’t have to be extensive or reward too much so they don’t get farmed too hard, but something minor , even.
  13. CatSnipah

    Asashio or bust?

    If you do get it (and I got a B version for free from a BF crate), don't forget that it has a very good stealth rating. So, like others have said up-thread, you don't HAVE to sit at 15-20 kms and launch torps. You can still do that while pressing a cap and doing some spot work for your team. I'm not a master by any means, but trying to do what you can to support your team while still throwing torps at the BBs sitting way back in the early portion of the game is helpful in more ways than one.
  14. That would be ideal. Not that I've had a lot of time to play lately due to work and life stuff, but I might just plan on purposely taking the first few weeks away after 8.0 drops, so that they can get this all figured out.
  15. In this thread, we see who reads the fine print of an Op and who doesn’t lol.