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  1. I have already quit playing WOWS for 2 months now and 0.8.0 does not seem to give me any reason to get back playing with the ultra nerfed AA and fking easy CV game play. Just before completely uninstall the game, I hope WG realized why CV was such a bad ship class and why CV has such influence on the outcome of the game. The reason is just one DD, CA, CL, BB game play is player vs player. The damage done back and forth are achieved largely (>95%) by human controlled means, sailing, pointing your nose, aiming, watching for boardside CV vs other classes is player vs computer. The damage CV do to other ships is by human controlled means but the damage from other ship back to the CV planes is done by computer. If a CV strike you, there is no skill that can save you from that. You can try to sail to beat torps but the level of control you have over your ship to defend against planes is nothing better than an AI. CV players in current game design see other ships as no more than bots, really.
  2. l1nv5

    Shima got a buff? Sweet!

    It's amazing to see this long-needed buff to Shimakaze. Guess my protest of using only Shimakaze in the last ranked season has finally paid off. To those who think 2150 dmg/shell is not a big deal, take this, your usual salvo of 2300dmg/salvo will now be 2700, good salvo of 3600 will now be 4300. That's ALOT of ALPHA for 5s reload guns with the best shell velocity, flat arc (better than Khabarovsk, yes). This buff comes just nice when I am grinding up the 2nd IJN DD line. For 20km torps, they should outright take it out of the game though, totally useless torpedoes where ships run into it more often than it run into ships. The nerf on Yueyang though, totally unnecessary. It's a strong ship for holding flank but not a strong ship for attacking enemy due to its slow-reload torpedoes and the inability to fend off enemy DDs. Though if they want to make this nerf work, giving it radar + smoke in separate slots will help.
  3. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Dang that's 210 pages already and I am adapting by, 1. Stop playing Shimakaze entirely 2. Play whatever DD that's coming up. So far only YY, will grind to Harugumo soon 3. Spend more time on IJN CA line Yep, "adaptation" = stop playing the worst ship and ship class in the game.
  4. l1nv5

    Destroyer Yueyang Guide For CBs And Randoms

    I disagree on DD cap being the caller. You can predict what the team needs but DD needs a LOT of micro manage, you should not be distracted from that.
  5. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    In what measure you think DD is your best performing class? WR% does not reflect how a ship perform, it signifies how good you are at influencing the game in that ship. Most influential ships in the game are the hardest to play types and the most underpowered so not many can influence the game in them. You have a high WR% in destroyers meaning YOU are good in destroyers, not the destroyers are good. To measure pure strength , you have to look at aircraft shot down and average damage. In this measure, CAs and BBs outperforms your destroyer stats by a far cry.
  6. Interesting, thank you for the knowledge. this is the link you should be looking at
  7. Not just Gearing, all DDs are upscaled from real life values in relative to BBs and CAs. Most DDs are only half as long as CAs but in game, they look the same.
  8. l1nv5

    How to Shimakaze

    Damn that was a misplay, RPF shows you the Shimakaze position right when you start chasing after that Yammy. Should have went for cap and spot instead.
  9. You are amazingly lucky as no DD come your way. Sitting boardsided in cap in a stationary position, popping smoke, not spotting crap. Your teammates hate you, I bet.
  10. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    HE does not ignore armor, Torpedoes does not ignore torpedo belt. Cruisers has hydro to spot torpedoes and fast rudder controls to avoid it completely, priority target to counter BB APs. What does DD has as a ship to counter radar? Don't quote play style, it's not a ship feature, it's how pro a player is. It is. CV requires you to be able to multitask and having good knowledge of AAA ships and team play. How does the 2 of your DDs die? No cruiser support? Did you told your DD you going to have his back, get into cap? Your team lost because you have bad CA and bad DD. Don't just blame the DD. No friendly DD dies on my Mogami's watch. Your example is flawed because you are quoting an example in a radar heavy meta. Radar can push enemy DDs out of cap but the fact that you can get the cap with CA/BB proves that enemy DDs and CAs are playing passive, just like how radar meta game play has taught them to. After your 30sec radar, enemy DD could have spotted you contesting cap and their CAs can pound you all to death in the cap. You won not because radar helps you to cap, you won because enemy ships are bad or in other word, too influenced by radar meta habits. Quote my quote fully in context please. It's impossible to protect DDs from its bad decision. His single bad decision could be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time and get radared with me not knowing how to help him because there is no enemy DD insight and the source of radar is not detected, yet there are 10 enemy ships shooting at him Then I have to tell you either WOWS player base is much worse than CSGO, or it's not the random players that's not interested in teamwork, it's the game mechanics itself does not promote teamwork.
  11. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Interestingly at tier 6, 7, 8 the moment I told my DD in my Mogami that I have their back, they go in cap. As a CA I can help them in certain way to get them out of their own wrong doings. With radar, I just can't. Sure radar CAs complains that they can't shoot at things not visible and it's not fun but when they themselves killing others with absolute invisibility they don't say a word against it DD capping and spotting should be as easy as BB tanking damage/CAs raining fire HE shells on stationary BBs. It shouldn't be this hard until more than half the DD players can't figure out how to do it properly. I know BB and CA players like to take the high horse and claim to be pros (because they can deal big amount of damage, duh) but truth to be told, the whole player base average skill is about the same between BB, CA and DD players with slight skill advantage on DD players not because they are better but because BB and CA are just more popular, hence attract more noobs. I don't see any player having trouble shattering and bouncing shells in BBs nor dakka their HE rain in CAs, but more than half the DD player base can't stay concealed and spot and cap. Concealment is build in to DD, just like BB armor and CA DPS. It should NOT be taken away that easily. Yes, and you are begging the question. It's the fact that DDs have the most impact to a battle after CV that need to be changed, and radar does not reduce the significance of DD in the team, it only amplifies it further. Making a certain ship hard to play does not make the ship less significant. The less player playing a certain ship, the more significant that ship is in the team. No Radar does not allows team to play objective. Radar only helps you to defend an objective to a certain extend, if you pushes into cap in a radar CA or BB, you still get focused down and die, even with a Zao or Mogami, a DD around, you are not in there for long, even with Desmoines, you have 1 min of radar to scare them off but you are out in the open, just a time bomb. My point is, radar makes it impossible to protect your DDs, you skipped the whole of that cause and only focus on the effect of that cause, "they are likely going to die really fast or be useless, this leaves the team wihtout the ability to play objectives" to justify radar. There is no bad DD, just like there is no bad CA or BB. There is only bad decision making that gets punished. A good DD can cover for bad CA/BB positioning by sending out smoke screen or go in front spotting for them so that they don't have to be in that position. A good CA/BB in turn, can cover for bad DD game play by providing cover fire, helping the DD to get out of his own mess. In radar heavy environment, it's still possible for the first, but impossible for the latter. That's why "bad DD" or rather, bad decision making on DD player is unforgiving and makes them die really fast. They won't die really fast if their bad decision making can be covered up by a good CA supporting them. That's how teamwork should be used to balance the game, just basic commonsense teamwork, no need for strategic kind of teamwork like those in competitive modes. You support your other ship types, you win the match, hence next match you continue to support other ship types. It's a positive feedback loop that can change players' behavior. A ship alone should not be countered just as a ship alone should not be able to win the game. Teamwork should be countered by teamwork. We should stop looking at the game as a bunch of 1-vs-1s but rather 7 vs 7 or 10 vs 10. Game should be balanced with promoting Teamwork in mind, not demoting it.
  12. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    ...But for EVERYONE not having it. Before jumping into my face for the clickbait, please hear me out. I am a DD main (Shimakaze main to be specific). I have been grinding up the IJN CA line recently and this get into me. At tier 7 and 8 with my Myoko and Mogami, the game was so much fun. DDs push into cap, knife fight enemy DD and with my support 5km away from him, he easily gets the rival DD and secure the cap. I have received so many compliments for helping friendly DDs, because as a DD main, I know how painful it is to not having a cruiser 5km behind. Once reaching the Zao, the game becomes monotonic with DDs not getting in cap, or getting cap and die with me sitting 5km away not knowing how to save him except for mindlessly farming that BB 15km away, who does not participate in the raping of my friendly DD. As a Zao with great concealment and great gun velocity, it's supposed to be this monstrous DD hunter and cap supporter but turns out because of Radar, it becomes a BB flamethrower. The problem with Radar does not just stop at DD not capping/not spotting, it's rather a chain reaction. DD not capping/not spotting/not knife-fighting DDs -> CAs not having DD to shoot at, turn to burning enemy BBs ->DD flanking because lack of support, drop torpedoes on enemy BBs -> BBs stay back in fear of torpedoes and being burnt from CAs -> CAs hang back even more because lack of support from BBs. The problem with WG bringing Radar to the game and try to balance it based on Ship type counters ship type is that it will never get balanced as non two ship types has capabilities that can be equated to the other ship types' capability. This will always lead to situations where by 1 specific ship type is so critical that having bad teammates driving such ships will almost guarantee a lost. In this Radar heavy meta where DD is countered hard, having bad DDs will most certainly mean lost to the team (especially having only 1 or 2 of them in the team). Just like with CV in heavy AAA meta, bad CV = 80% chance of losing. WG has to remember, introducing more counters to a certain ship type does not nerf that ship type. It only signifies the importance of that ship type even more and then break the game because of that. A game should not be balanced based on individual ship-to-ship counters. It should be balanced based on equalizing the significance of each ship to the team. aka. Good BB, Good CA, Bad DD teams should have the same chance to win as Bad BB, Good CA, Good DD teams.
  13. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Russian CAs are cover-based CAs too, not open water CAs. Mogami and Zao plays like Khabarovsk. I killed DDs just fine working with my DD teammates when there is no radar. When there is radar, DD no longer cap/spot, which raises the need for even more radar CAs. Get matched up at tier 10, I have more chance shooting at DD following a Desmoines than following my DD, which is a pretty bad thing to have.
  14. l1nv5

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I am playing Mogami now and it's fine without radar.
  15. Might explained the drop outs in my clan in clan battle session today. I am in Yueyang and get dropped out EVERY single match. Got 1 match with most serious drop out where 4 players disconnect at the start of the match and 2 permanently disconnected until end of the match (can't get back in the battle). Screwed our clan progress today.