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  1. As I am grinding the PADD line after giving up on IJN DD line with 2000 battles in Shimakaze and Yugumo combined, there is one thing keep bothering me. Although I have already outscored my Shimakaze both in WR and AVG Damage, I cannot somehow score more damage in the Yueyang, and my personal rating keeps dropping (meaning there are more players who score better damage!) Don't get me wrong, I am totally comfortable driving Yueyang, much more competent DD player than when I was in Shimakaze. I am able to hold a flank, therefore, help the team wipe out the whole flank and winning the game. Honestly only when sailing the Yueyang do I realize how good DD play can win games. When in my Shimakaze, I do have some idea of spotting and throwing torps to hold enemy flank but I have never felt that I have the power to single handedly carry a half decent team against unicums like on my Yueyang. To most closely describe the difference, it's like when you play Lexington for a long time, get a decent WR in her and then move on to the Hakuryu. Yes it's THAT much of a difference. However, despite multiple matches of 100k++ (yes 2+) spotting damage, I can't seem to score more damage for my own stats, and as you know spotting damage does not count in WTR, I often get crap WTR. Enemy teams either collapsed too fast for me to have any torpedo hit at all or the BBs and CAs behind me kill everything I spot (hence the 100k spotting dmg) before my torps even reach them, or torpedoes reaches them only to take 2-3k HP off an already dead ship. It's incredibly frustrating! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the wins and the carry and the adrenaline of carrying an incredibly close game and all but the only games where I can break 200k dmg is when my team consists of totally noob BBs who can't delete boardside neptune because THEY ALL shoot HE. It's just a little frustrating isnt it? So for all pro Yueyang players out there, how do you all do it? Any advice on how I could farm more damage for the ship? My WTR is dropping steadily, I need help!!!
  2. Or just look at their clan tags, if they are light blue or copper, cap as usual, if they are light green or purple, GTFO. Just that light blue and light green are quite similar so make sure you have color blind option turned on. J.k. seriously there is way too many radars that I have given up on stealth and start shooting them down.
  3. An empty TB/DB squadron can perma spot not only DD but the whole team if positioned right. No they don't have to rearm and they can technically outrun FT forever.
  4. DDs and CVs are different in nature. DDs can't cover ALL flanks, CVs can. That's why as important as good DDs are, they never come to dominance level of CVs as we most often can only hold 1 flank. Also the random nature of the game means there are more than 1 DD in every team and each DD can only hold 1 flank. That's why they even out. On the other hand, DDs can't deal meaningful damage on their own, unlike CVs. DDs relies most on friendly BBs and CAs to deal damage. I have many battles in my hand that BBs and CAs are so noob that they run the first moment they see enemy DD and not shooting anything at all despite my spotting. So good DDs are important, yet they are not game breaking important level. Without radar, I challenge you to get a Shimakaze go around and torp everything. Many times, doesn't work.
  5. Yet, RADAR is a problem. Don't you see? Your argument is a typical "No true Scotsman" If I am noob, you will say my argument is invalid, learn to play the game more If I am good, you will say I don't have a problem with Radar, why complain? I am good and have problem with Radar, can't it be true? I myself know as hell yes.
  6. @Kombat_W0MBAT is average @Flambass is average This is average That's why we make posts on forums on nerfing RADAR. Thanks for pointing out the obvious
  7. It's been active all along. Radar is the problem, kid
  8. Possible CV fix?

    What tactics to chase down and kill a full HP CV at the end of the game, hiding in 1 corner of the map? Looking for and spot it by itself a hard enough feat on its won, yet still have to drain its useless HP to secure a win? When you have already killed all surface ships, take all the caps, shoot down all the planes, the game should be an auto win imo. A CV already has the ultimate ability to carry a team by being the best at dealing damage and spotting DDs, that's good enough, we don't need a CV that can carry the team even more by just surviving. Sure, but a 1000 hp CV also can cap, but it's just unfair for teams, who has killed everything in their path to lost a game due to 1 CV hiding AFK in 1 corner. CV is the ONLY ship in game not having to risk its life to deal damage to other ships. It has to change. And btw, secondary damage are no skill involved, yet the damage is still counted in XP calculation.
  9. Possible CV fix?

    Most of the games I played are just CVs surviving by doing CV things, aka sitting essentially outside the map. Imagine playing chess and you take your King and put inside a pocket
  10. Possible CV fix?

    Because surface ships has to "be" there to kill/make impact/carry the game. And it's too much to ask surface ships to then having to travel the whole map surface to seal the win for the team. Most ships don't travel 100kts you know. A deplaned CV is essentially a dead weight. It's just stupid to reward someone for just their presence.
  11. Possible CV fix?

    I don't believe that would be so much issue for surface ships as BBs and CAs rarely lost their turrets anyways. The issue with CV is that they can be deplaned, having absolutely 0 impact if the game goes on and still can win the game by hiding far enough. Plane survivability is low but CV survivability is way too high. Not as if CV survivability is the most important aspect of how good CV dominates the game but this should fix a (small) part of it.
  12. Possible CV fix?

    A CV can be effective sitting anywhere in the map. A DD just killed another DD in another corner of the map and head for the CV. Is that CV worthy of the win just because he is sitting far away from his teammates? Sure. But a ship doesn't have 100+ turrets as far as I know