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  1. l1nv5

    Resizing DD models?

    I don't know what this discussion is about. I am here only because 2CVs are in ranked queue.
  2. l1nv5

    Overall ranked season12 impression

    CV is a non factor for me. And I play radar Yueyang. The moment I saw 2 CVs in queue, I leave queue, wait for 15sec and join queue again. My rank experience has been CV-free with that regard, which makes Yueyang the king of rank. Team with more radar often win, so bring out yours to make sure your team will always have x+1 radar.
  3. What ship don't have to think about what they do? Being CV you already have the least to think about, just need to know all the AA ships, avoid blob of ships and strike DDs. So easy. Worst case just wait for mid to late game to do your strike on BB and CA, most AA mounts would have been spammed to death by then. You already have unlimited aircraft to last you if you don't lost planes too fast. You already can determine if you are going to lost plane, when you going to strike, when you going to be strike. What more advantage you need to get damage?
  4. After 0.8.0, all professional players complained CVs are OP After, all noob players complain CVs are UP You kinda get the idea after a while, noobs want to have their moments too. WG is too cruel, why let them taste glory for 1 week (yes to some 40-60k games are glorious) and then take it straight out the next. This is why CV rework sucks. You destroyed people in the most cruel way!
  5. From watching Flamu's stream just now I think CV is at a fine stage right now after the hot fix. It's still unfun to play CV though and DD spotting/rocket issue is still there. However for BBs and CA/CLs, games should be playable by now. This could be a blessing too. Now you can play CV in COOP and having as much realistic interaction and practice with the new AA system as playing CV in Random Battles. New CV players could be trained by COOP without killing the game for the rest of the player base.
  6. l1nv5

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    @Sub_Octavian quits forum and reddit because of player base anger over CV rework and premium ship nerf. I appreciate @Sub_Octavian for his patience and passion in his work but I am really not sure who should I appreciate for merging my threads regarding Deletion of CV temporary/permanently or addition of No-CV game mode amidst this CV rework chaos to a thread named "My turn to whine" which has no relevancy what so ever. Honestly though, for a patch that has caused many decent players to take refuge from Random Games or outright quit WOWS despite their addiction, I wouldn't expect any less reactive repercussion of the player base on the company's PR staff either. It always works like a mirror, when the game causes us frustration, those frustration will always be reflected back and PR staffs happen to be ones who take it all. As much as I sympathize with what @Sub_Octavian is going thru, I equally hope that he and WOWS developers sympathize with us, decent players who already quit/take refuge from the game because of the pain and frustration that the patches have caused us. Hope that SubOct will be back soon, and hope that I have the reason to get back to the game I love soon. Regards, Linus
  7. l1nv5

    CV Rework Feedback

    I am probably one guilty of this quitting without saying a word thing for 2 months. So here I am saying, "I Quit". Goodbye WOWS.
  8. l1nv5

    CV Rework Feedback

    Well-versed? OK let's see. Among the player base of thousands of player, only 41 guys found enough interest to play more than 80 battles in the broken Hakuryu either because they need to play for their videos or to enjoy their few moments of actually scoring more than 20k damage in a game. So among those 41 guys, where do you stay? Yep, 34/41 huh? Yeah, well-versed. /s
  9. Wow haha I don't even play CV how can I be horrible? Seriously just be honest with yourself for a little, after almost 6000 games, how did you not get this, On the main page, nice purple right? When you click the detail, how come no more nice purple? I will let you think Also don't accuse me for stat shaming again, when you bring out the stats that the other party is supposedly proud of, why would it call stat shame? Shouldn't it be stat proud? Hahaha
  10. Nope. Just look at my stats, my Yugumo PR is 2000+ while my Yueyang is just about 1600+ despite the Yueyang both dealing more average kill/match and more damage/match and even better spotting damage, also better kill/death ratio. Sorry to burst your bubble but even in the new OP CV, you suck badly compared to the player base.
  11. No you don't get PR for doing that. PR is solely calculated based on win/loss and how much damage you get RELATIVELY to other players that play the same ship. The purple damage number is calculated solely based on the absolute damage number that you have. So if you have purple damage number yet red PR meaning that you might deal alot of damage but the ship you are playing is OP and other players are performing much better in it than you.
  12. l1nv5

    My turn to whine.

    @iKami well done merging all topics suggesting deleting/temporary removing CV from the server to unrelevant topics and label "whine" to the posts so that you won't have to deal with it. For a company like WG such passive aggressive move is just showing how professional you guys are.
  13. l1nv5

    My turn to whine.

    Oh wow, and you completely ignored the other comments where I detailed how to make it work. Though I do believe No-CV mode will be pretty easy to get matches due to how unpopular CV is.
  14. l1nv5

    My turn to whine.

    Not if they implement a time out system where your filter is prioritized for the first minute and if there is not enough player to play with you then too bad, you need to play normal games.
  15. l1nv5

    My turn to whine.

    They can do it perfectly fine on the PTS by rewarding players to join it. I don't know but a Stalingrad would have get me in easily.