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  1. connorpiper

    Server issue Ping

    When I have World of Warships open I experience ping spikes in every program, but only when WoWS is open. Strange. Every other game connects to nearest server no problem and then has latency consistently under 30ms. EDIT: There is one exception to this, the Halo multiplayer servers give me very similar rubber-banding and latency issues to WoWS, which points to Comcast.
  2. connorpiper

    Why is the FPS still capped at 75?

    Wow reading these comments was hard, even if your monitor had a refresh rate of 60Hz increasing your framerate to a steady 200 would make input lag dramatically decrease. While WoWs is a very slow paced game where reaction time does not matter, many other games would make getting 80FPS feel like crap. Playing at 144Hz with framerate to match for 2 months will convince anyone that "the human eye" stuff is [edited]. Same goes with 240Hz, once you get used to it, you can't go back.