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  1. This might be the most simple but completely true reply in this thread.
  2. The Zao is ok if anything the people playing it need a Buff to their skill level
  3. My goal is to end up with at least 1 tier X from each nation. The elite xp i tend to use to level Admiral Yamamoto to 19pts when i get him in late November since it looks like he will already be at the 15 point level.
  4. Are you one of those players who keeps saying one day i will have myself a bigger fleet so you never convert xp or commander elite xp? Or maybe you are thinking hey sometime in the future they may offer something that i will need all this for? I happen to be one of those and yes i have plans for the majority of it.
  5. Did not feel like doing a lot of typing so i just saved a screen shot
  6. Honestly I expect nothing less than a 100% victory everday. That 60% may look like the wins came easy but it was nothing but a grind every match.
  7. That is the mindset i like to have when presented with one on the enemy team. When they put ships out like this we always first want them to bring it down a notch. But the reality of it is we should be coming together to find ways to overcome and so far i think it has made players actually work together better in most instances
  8. I have not played one yet but i thought it had great Concealment? So why do so many play it so far back? Would it not be better to play it just on the edge of that concealment near the rest of the team?
  9. I agree as strong as it is if you are in a tier X cruiser such as Des Moines with it's insane rate of fire if you can stay on it and just keep dumping HE at it while it is engaged you can stack fire upon fire. I have found myself on the back side of one while its guns were faced the opposite direction and even though it healed i kept pouring it on getting closer and closer as i fired. Like Business6 said it a recent video take out a Conquerors legs ( any supporting cast) and it will fall victim to most any focused fire, or in my case unchallenged high rate of fire.
  10. I almost capped out the enemy team on tears of the desert in my Kurfurst with some help from 2 cruisers. The enemy team was so caught up in trying to push to our flag they did not notice we came around from the south. When they realized their flag was being capped they tried to come back. But when they got there a realized it was a full hp Kurfurst with 2 cruisers they put on the brakes real quick like lol. Oh yeah we won by the way
  11. ahh that was my weekend good friday, horrible saturday, great sunday
  12. I seen the server top out at 14,100 online at 8:30 p.m sunday. I agree lots of CV action and some impressive displays from some Graf players. I witnessed a N.C get deleted from almost full health in 1 strike and a Bismarck almost get deleted in 1 strike if he had not started repairing just before the bombers hit.
  13. Haha show off :)
  14. This weekend was how should we say special. I do not want to say bad but it was not good as to many teams just vaporized so quickly. After looking back at the majority of the games i dare to blame most of it on Match Making. Not the matching of the ships but the balancing of the talent among the two teams. When you have 3 players from MLGB and 2 palyers from OPGS and another player from MIA all on the enemy team all with 60% or better WR and your team has none of the above well at the 12 minute mark it was check mate game over. This was the case match after match one team loaded the other team not and the games never made it to the halfway mark. I literally fired 3 salvos in my Kurfurst one match before the team went negative and the match was over. I wish they could design MM to balance teams better player wise but i guess it is their way of making sure you get challenged on some weekends for all the killing you did during the week lol. (KARMA)
  15. and that is exactly what i got. also i think i was limited to a wide spread even though i could see i was changing between narrow and wide it always launched wide