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    Hey...Surprise...New Maps!!!

    I really hate they don't let us play Ocean more often. Id rather play ocean 10 times straight then suffer through Tears of the Desert Epicenter once lol.

    Why is the community so divided in regards to CVs?

    Some people do not like to be challenged and some people do Jut like some people like Pepsi instead of Coke. Or Miracle whip instead of Dukes Mayonnaise. Or Splenda instead of Sugar. There are always gonna be people who want a watered down version instead of the real thing. Those people always whine the most ;)

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    I might make it there if the weather don't turn to crap. I wish one day they could travel to Wilmington or Virginia. Lots of History in Wilmington with the NC and Fort Fisher.

    Early morning Fun time

    So not many of us play the early morning hours. But if you do, you get to experience some games like the one I got caught up in last night. A good example of two teams loaded with good players and 4 yes 4 British tier X CVs went on in the early morning hours. This is from @Business6 who was one of our CVs.... enjoy. The match starts around the 2:56:35 mark just in case it It does not start from there for some reason.

    The Demise of the DD has been Greatly Exaggerated

    Sometimes when i read thorough threads like these Snar. I realize why sometimes I have struggles in Randoms some days. Why teams fail to meet expectations and get rolled over. A strategy game that throws curves at you that makes you work out new strategies and change your play style. But yet so many want it tailored to meet their needs. They do not want balance or compromise just a one way street of if its not the way i want it then to hell with it. DD play to me so far is about the same, I win the same amount of games, I do the same amount of damage. I have something new to work around with some CV knuckle heads on my tail at times. I mean its not like I have not been harassed by a CV before in any of the 2000 plus battles I have played in a DD. No DDs are not dead as a matter of fact I see a few thriving after the rework.

    Why not have player ranks show on the forums??

    LOL that was def a joke.. The majority of posts on the forum would be subject to.... Your Karma score is like 0 man who the heck cares what you got to say your obviously what is wrong with the game. So def not something to get put out there for people to see for apparent reasons. But something like your rank seems harmless enough.

    Why not have player ranks show on the forums??

    Why not have players in game Karma show up on the forum beside their name haha. Now that would be interesting indeed.

    DD population in Randoms?

    When playing DD at Tier X id much rather only see 1 or 2 DD per side. Its easier to take advantage of being 1 of so few ships that cant be spotted at all times. Its also less likely that you will loose 2 or 3 DDs in the opening moments of the match which can cause a huge issue. 1 or 2 DDs usually means you have a very experienced DD player who is not afraid of whatever MM throws at them. Whenever i read how few DDs are playing at tier X thats the time when I decide I'm gonna play DD.

    Good Spot! Good Dog!

    There is also this aspect of high Tier that I have noticed as a DD. The CVs are causing both teams to play back further away from the caps. Cruisers and BBs are sitting further back or end up there earlier than usual. Cruisers get spotted and almost all of them have the initial reaction to turn away. As this process happens over and over they eventually end up nowhere near the caps. As a DD this mean very little or no Radar to deal with and if you are spotted as a DD you may get focused but. Everyone is so far away trying to shoot you that its easy to avoid the incoming fire of most everything other than lets say Stalin or Moskva.

    Good Spot! Good Dog!

    Now what im about to say is going to go against every DD thread on the forum about CVs (including my own) Having this early spotting has effectively given me as a DD a more clear picture of what i have to do and where i need to go. You get a early preview basically of where all the Radar cruisers are, where most if not all the other DDs are going and which ones. If i happen to not get spotted during all this myself, I now have this huge advantage of how to approach the caps, the enemy, and where and when to pop smoke for my team if I so choose to do so. If I am spotted then I have a more than enough time to decide, Should i continue on my present course, Should I change course and move to a different cap, Should I wait for more support to catch up or do i have enough to capture now instead of later. With this spotting that CVs are providing It is now easier to fill in the gaps in my plan as a DD. Where as before it was a bit of a guessing game as to what you might encounter. You still run the risk of being annoyed by rocket planes, But with the amount of Minos, Worcesters and DesMoines in the game. There is always friendly AA to help you fend off those early on.
  11. Ive found that the game rewards me with a citadel on the majority of shots onto other BBs and Cruisers that takes them out. I have got Citadel rewards on most every ship when it was the last shot to take them out no matter the angle or placement of the shot.

    Back to CV School

    Well if they never move that is really easy to accomplish. If they move with the team then that becomes a lot harder to accomplish. These players are basically implying to the enemy team that Oh here i am come sink me. No worries I am just gonna sit here and willingly let you kill me with no attempt to make anyone work for it.

    Back to CV School

    There seems to be a common issue with the CVs in my games the past few weeks. So here it goes..... There is this thing called auto pilot and these buttons WASD. Now i realize you cant fly planes and control the ship at the same time. But sitting in one spot the entire game only to have DDs sail right up to you and torp you. Instead of trying to relocate your ship to a different spot shows that some of you need to go back basics 101. To many games now the CV or CVs by the 11 minute mark or sooner have been sunk because they failed to even try and make an attempt to avoid getting hunted down. When you do this nonsense and the enemy CVs do not you basically screw you team over in the worst way. Giving away free points for being a tool is not a good thing to be known for.

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    Capping is slightly delayed because you must get yourself and the AA ships to the same point, just charging ahead alone trying to cap is not a good strategy anymore. Spotting is not an issue at the start of a match because the CV effectively does that for everyone now right from the start of the match. Spotting as a DD only becomes priority later in the match when the CVs become hyper focused on whatever side of the map they end up focusing the most. I have still been able to do most of my DD jobs but I have to take different approaches to them then I would before the rework. My last 21 days of playing which include the rework launch and the first hotfix have still been ok for most my DDs. Most all of my games have involved 1 or 2 CVs to deal with and oddly enough my Haragumo been very lucky. My damage sucks but that is normal for me as I play DDs more for the spotting and capping anyway.

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    I am a fairly mediocre DD player and honestly the CVS don't as of now since the last patch affect my gameplay that much differently. Yes I get spotted earlier but I just stopped rushing ahead and usually stay inside the AA bubble of whatever ships is closest to me. Until I can make a break for it and relocate.