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  1. My Tier 7 Experience

    Yeah I am hardly critical of anyone and if I am it is because I want that player(s) to be successful, I never go on long Rants dropping the F-Bomb every other word in chat that is for sure even if I am the one being criticized. I will try to turn down the competitive juices just a few notches when I am down there and thanks for the insight.
  2. My Tier 7 Experience

    Oh ok I see what I am dealing with now.... I am not gonna spell it out but I understand why.
  3. My Tier 7 Experience

    Ok Soshi I will try that out and just stay out of Chat altogether. I am however keeping a list of everyone who tells me to F-OFF. If i see them on the enemy team I will be sure to make them have a wonderful experience in the match
  4. My Tier 7 Experience

    yeah every game is a cv game is it not, crazy how that is
  5. My Tier 7 Experience

    Well I do not either it is only tier 7..... Why is it only at tier 7?
  6. My Tier 7 Experience

    Constructive advice gets worse results than any negative comment sadly Dread. I mean i would not be shocked if i told someone hey your doing good..... only to get chat raged for mentioning someones name.
  7. My Tier 7 Experience

    So every now and then i like to play my Atlanta because I love the ship it is just fun to play. But I am still very competitive and want to Win so of course I play it and tier 7 just as I would any of my Tier 10 Cruisers. But apparently at Tier 7 which I was very unaware of, Winning or at least playing to Win is not a thing in my games. Any advice, or lightly negative comment like please do not throw this game lol, gets the same reaction. Which would be F..k You!!!! or F..k Off, or This is not tier X and we do not give a S..T about getting better followed by another F..k YOU!!!! Now that is only the F words lol, I want even start trying to tell you about all the other words. It would seem to be that this reaction is mostly around Tier 7 as I never see anyone act like that at tiers 9 or 10 its not even close. It is so saddening to realize that these players somehow exist in the game and I can only hope they never ever stop playing tier 7. But yet So many players would like Ranked to be Tier 7....... apparently this is where the competitive players hang out. Yeah ok lol
  8. All good answers to your question in this thread. I will also agree that PR is not something you should worry about. Some players can only win games by doing massive damage and having to kill everything in sight. Other players Win games in other ways by contributing a little of everything to the match. You get a cap, you spot 2 or more ships, you tank some damage, you do 70-100K, get 2 or 3 kills, you get a few defense ribbons, you survive more than half the game. You Contribute that to every game in each ship you play your well on your way to becoming a great player. Also do not get caught up in the color Hype down the road, There are plenty of Unicum Players that do not have Unicum Purple Stats.
  9. All personal record for killed ships past 5

    8 kills in a Radar Mino would be by best 1 game. I had 5 games at tier X in which I totaled 23 kills total over that 5 games not to long ago.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    That makes to much sense for them to try that out. I agree with everything you just said including duration of Radar. I would scale back that before range if they really want to make a difference.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    Looks at and reads thread...... Laughs at idea of Nerf and thinking it will help. So now instead of pushing a cap at the start to use my stealth radar ability and taking damage that I normally avoid to kill a DD I can now lay back and wait for a DD to smoke up or Flank them and still be at full HP and use my Radar at even closer ranges. Taking away stealth Radar is actually gonna benefit me in the Worcester :) because of my aggressive type nature and play style. That normally gets me smacked by BBs.
  12. Worcester

    Honestly if I was my opponent I would be on here talking about DesMoines not Worcester. Worcester might be the new cool thing everyone wants to pick on...... but to me Des is still the King of the sea.
  13. The issue I have is that I know that I can dominate a game in the Worcester because yes it is just that good. On the other hand when I face Worcesters in games in which I am playing anything else I hardly find them to be a issue. So for me the story has 2 sides and makes it very difficult for me as a player to lean towards is there an issue with it or not. The Harugumo on the other hand has to many weaknesses so I would say right off the bat that the ship is capable, but 1 strength does not outweigh many weaknesses.
  14. Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    There are a two skills that after awhile should become second nature to you, almost a sixth sense. Vigilance and incoming fire alert are two skills that I would recommend to new players. But after awhile you need to slowly get away from these skills if you have them. Most good gamers naturally have this feel for when death is coming their way. Now the truth of the matter is that if for some reason or another I decide to run Vigilance. It is not to benefit Me at this point in time.... It is to benefit the DD's and BB's that I support who may not have the luxury of a high point captain. Or have not quite developed that Sixth sense of Steel Fish headed their way.
  15. That is a easy question to answer. Have me on your team as a Cruiser and your DD worries will be a thing of the past Seriously though if you as the BB are having to deal with DD's at high tier. The issue is whoever on your team is playing Cruiser no matter if it is a Radar Cruiser or a Hydro Cruiser, Someone should be aware that a DD is near and have a plane up and hydro up and even you yourself should have a plane up as often as you can, if you even think a DD is near by. Unless you are the last ship afloat someone else should be dealing with them not you. You will not be able to deal with a good DD in a BB eventually he will get the timing down right no matter how much you try to WASD. eventually your plane will go down or your hydro will run out and that will be the end of it.