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  1. Why did you not just turn around and drop off repair and wait until you could get a better shot? unless you are perma spotted by a DD or CV it is not that hard to just fall out of sight in the Missouri.
  2. I do not see any issue with any Top tier U.S ships. To me they all do their job and do it well. Montana DesMoines Baltimore Gearing Fletcher Midway Even Iowa when played by a good player can dominate a match. Those ships get played a lot badly by players who have not learned how to play them so the numbers look bad overall for a long time. But once they do get the hang of those ships ( For the players that stick with them) they slowly begin to take over matches in them from what i have seen.
  3. The 100 Club

    Uh ill just put down my top 7 DesMoines- 1,460 N.C- 844 Montana- 781 Gearing- 607 Miss- 592 GK- 698 Atl- 387
  4. Sierra Mike Flags

    They sell them on the EU server i Bet. Last time i checked you could get them in the Flag package for around $55
  5. Port Camera

    The port camera seems a bit jumpy and zooms out a lot less than i expected. I seem to remember they said you would be able to zoom way out whenever you was looking down on the ship. But I can only seem to zoom out about as much as before.
  6. make sure you go into settings and check off the box for all scenarios available for training room as well
  7. Ocean map-more rotation

    well I got Ocean 3-5 times yesterday so maybe your wish is coming true
  8. I'm a 50% Player Forever

    I was once stuck at 50% and then i started playing mainly nothing but tier X. Now my overall is up to 54 and i have a respectable but not great 57% WR solo over 3000 battles at tier X For some odd reason I suck at low tiers but at the top I hold my own and many times dominate more than flop.
  9. Worst played class/type of ships?

    I think i would have asked what is the worst played ship per tier. First ship that comes to mind is the Iowa at tier 9, I cringe when there is more than 1 of those on my team.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Yep that was one of the better C pushes on shatter that i had for the day, good job on the Missouri with the Kii there Brandon
  11. Ocean map-more rotation

    They should make Epicenter on Ocean map now that would be fun :)
  12. Favorite in game player sike outs

    Another time a CV player told the other CV player he was gonna snipe him that he did not care about anything else but sinking him. So the one CV held his fighters close by the the first half of the match while his team got bombed and torped to no end. When he finally decided the other CV was just BSing he sent his fighters out to cover the remaining ships. He promptly got torped and bombed
  13. Favorite in game player sike outs

    I personally had a game in which as i sent my torps 13 km away i asked the BB in chat if he could spell torpedo. He was like wth you talking about and i was like wait for it just wait for it.... hard to WASD hack when you are responding in chat hehe
  14. Favorite in game player sike outs

    There are lots of matches some player says something to the other team that is funny but so true and sikes them out My favorite one from this past weekend from a game on islands of ice where my team had 3 shimas and me in the gearing. A Shima captain on my team said and i quote: Are you ready for the wall of skill B_itches 45 torps wide lol. That being said the enemy team i do not think even tried to get close to the cap everyone ended up fighting on their side of the map and we controlled all 3 caps from the 12 minute mark on. There never was a 45 torp wall of skill ever implicated sadly but it made them think about it.
  15. Weekend spree

    Well i played my gearing a lot even though my overall personal rating was trash I still managed to in the majority of the games help my team win. I focused mainly on tracking down and taking out other DD's, Smoking my Teammates, spotting lots of targets, getting at least 2 caps and mostly not getting sunk in the first 10 minutes. In some games i did land several torp spreads and got high damage numbers but i am more of a do everything but damage DD player sadly.