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    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    But can they put me down faster than I can take out their 1 or 2 DDs... So far the answer is a overwhelming no all the way up to Rank 4 at the moment. Problem is they are so far back and the DDs push right to the caps without Radio Detection cause someone told them that skill was useless. So the outcome of the engagement for any DD that is not a Tashkent or Udaloi is 100% now in my favor. After they are dead I can now do just about anything i please including keeping those poor super cruisers spotted with little to no effort.

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    Ive been using the Radar Neptune for the most part.. Kills DDs with guns and Radar, Effective Hydro to keep torps spotted for BBs. Good all around ship that has a lot of tools to be effective. Still though if you play it you are a good percentage of the time the key to winning or loosing.

    Midway Deck Armor

    Just to see I put a full salvo onto the deck of Just adapts Midway at 27km at the start of a match and as expected all bounces. But then again prolly not a good idea because well i got bombed and torped the rest of the game lol

    Rank 5 waiting list

    thankyou ivan

    Rank 5 waiting list

    If you have made it to Rank 5 post here.... Stat sites are not keeping track so trying to get an idea of whos here and whos almost here.

    Mid Rush Monday

    Yeah I meant to show this last night but I forgot... So here is a successful 2 brothers Mid rush that I was on the wrong end of last night. Yes I should have moved south but what fun is that lol. I think this takes place around about the 52:16 mark.

    Naval Legends: North Carolina

    I think this is one of the best videos thus far of a Warship that still exists today that WarGaming has produced very well done .

    Turning Point Tuesday - The Battle

    If I happen to get confederate with Halsey during a match and its a close game. That is the turning point in which I say to the enemy team in my mind.... You guys are so screwed. On another thought If my teams happen to make it longer than 7 minutes without half of them being sunk or all my DDs being sunk. I consider that a turning point in the game in which we may have a chance to win.

    Here is a Good Example of Why High Tier Play Sucks

    During Femennenly's recent competition for Tier 7 Cruisers I played the Atlanta something like 52 games. I noticed that the teams were much more organized and played much better together than the current state of tier 10. Not to say that some moments did happen that made you scratch your head and wonder why. As soon as It was over I went back to Tier X and realized even more how miserable it has become game after game. I still firmly believe that things will balance back out eventually for Tier X. But I did find myself saying to my Div Mates from the Clan...... Hey guys lets play Tier 7. i never thought those words would come out of my mouth lol.
  10. I thought it was based on the quality of Clan you were beating or loosing to that determined how many points you earned (not stars) Stars just determines the Winner or Looser not the points.

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    There is also this and how much it plays into how good of a game a well known super unicum CV player has is up for debate. I think every match i have been in someone is like OMG there CV is sooooo good we are all screwed. Its like the worst thing to announce I think that the team always seems to respond in the worst ways. They almost always lemming to one side, Cower in the corners or very back of the map, Yolo into the caps because they want no part of it, Practically playing into the the hands of whoever this Super Unicum might be and the results over 80% of the time are always bad.

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    Im still laughing after reading this so funny!! Edge mentioned hitting the speed brake during a turn and this is helpful to get those nice tight turns. Also Gaishu runs into issues as well just not as often. Was not to long ago one of Gaishu's Divs ran into a team I was part of and even as skilled a CV captain Gaishu is. Was not able to inflict any devastating attacks that contributed to the out come of the match an the inevitable defeat. Now that AA does not shoot through mountains try to set up some attacks so that your planes do not have to take a beating until the last possible seconds. The terrain itself can help out a lot when you are setting up your attacks.

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Yeah that is normal for tier X. No matter what they do or change the MM is incapable of creating even teams. It might do a decent job of getting the ships equal but as far as placing the Players evenly among the ques it is impossible for it to do it. Maybe 1 out of 10 Tier X battles you get good player distribution any other time one team is loaded and the other is not. But let me stress this one fact about Tier X and that is MM does not have much to choose from. Your match is just one example of the endless examples of how poor the WRs and PR are to choose from the past few months. Just for the fun of it go into Wows stats and numbers, pick any tier X ship, look at the WRs of the players with the most battles played in that ship. Try not to be overwhelmed with joy after looking at them because these are the players you are most likely to see at Tier X on a regular basis because they are always in those ships more than anyone else.