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  1. Oh man whats that like 1 victory
  2. Well ill i can tell you this much 3 of those losses were early in the morning against Kid_next_door and that 3 man OPGS division. I was in my gearing and did not play at the level needed to overcome those 3 guys.
  3. If that happens ill just Uninstall lol
  4. Woke up Sunday morning with nothing to do only ships to sink. 30 battles for the day to a tune of a 37% WR.... F---ing A!! Now normally i would not share such a tragic day because honestly who cares right and god forbid anyone see 37% :( But i am not ashamed because it does happen and rather than go through the numerous reasons why it happened or play the blame card i will eat this horrible day and only blame myself for not doing more. Hopefully i soaked up all the bad luck letting you all have awesome WR's yesterday at my expense ;) But if anyone else took a beating and are not afraid to share your day I could def use a pick me up.
  5. I wonder if they did bring this to be, how many more ships would survive the match longer due to not becoming a sitting duck in smoke and being torped. I calculate at least 2 ships get destroyed per match that i play from sitting in smoke for over a minute firing away only to be deleted by torps or that occasional dead shot player.
  6. The one thing that i could not understand is why our Kurfurst went so far south and did not turn back to B. But idk sometimes reasons exist that you do not realize that cause a player to end up where they are
  7. This is just an example and it happens to involve CV's. But the point of it really is do not let a name or a tag or even a higher tier sike you out. You never know your performance against them might get you a invite to their clan or in the future get you accepted into one. Some players like myself remember almost every good game, bad game and great individual performance they see or are apart of.
  8. Thats actually the one of the matches our CV didn't start out in chat with well I am screwed. I actually thought he put forth a good effort the two Minos smoked up and ate 2 waves of torps in the process. At the start i actually felt like we had that match but it fell apart at the end. I just could not get a clean shot at the N.C and he had plenty of good shots at me :(
  9. If it was the Hakuryu match i don't think we had much AA to pool. If it was any of the other matches Idk you are prolly right.
  10. One CV i actually think torpedoed himself a tier X hakuryu. The other 2 siked themselves out of it and just sent their planes out to die as in i am not even gonna try and strafe or do damage there is no point Austia will just kill them all anyway. At least ill be able to spot some for all of you for some short period of time.
  11. Played 10 games yesterday and went 5-5, 4 of my 5 losses came to the hands of Austia. Trouble being our CV captain in 3 of the 4 matches seen that they where facing Austia and just threw in the towel before the battle had begun. Now i know when you see certain names and divisions that the thought of well we are screwed passes through many players minds. But please you just never know it might be your day to shine and turn the tables on them. When you are presented with better competition you have to step up to the plate and give it your best shot because if you give up then you just make it that much easier for a player like Austia to dominate the match. Sorry for using you as an example Austia and throwing your around like that, but you was my best example from yesterdays battles :)
  12. So your saying that even if the number 1 Yamato player faced the the number 1 Montana player in a 12 v12 random solo no division help match that the Yamato player would out play the Montana player at the point the game is at now? I am not trying to start up a argument, just trying to get an idea of why that player would survive longer in the Yamato than the one in the Montana
  13. As of right now i would have to say that in the right hands the Montana is the best in a 12v12 random match Throw out all the stats and numbers and simply think of how dangerous this ship is in the right players hands. I think it is the ability of this ship to equal the damage of the other two ships but be able to draw less attention from the other supporting ships. Basically if they can not see you then you are not a target and if they can not see you then everyone becomes a target for the Montana. The other 2 ships despite all there might simply cannot hide from all attention they attract and if they manage to hide they find themselves in a position that diminishes there abilities. The Yamato can still take the most beating but what good is that if the outcome is you can only sit bow on burning to death taking all the fire while the enemy Montana unseen picks your team off one by one. The Kurfurst sure it packs a lot of firepower as well, but what good are secondaries if you can not get within secondary range. So keep at distance right? use those 420's and wipe everyone out. If i am the Montana i want you to do that because you are making it possible for me to citadel you which would seem unheard of. But i have personally racked up more citadels on Kurfursts of late at range than i ever have before and taken none in return.
  14. I would rather anyone including myself complain on the forum than in the game. But mindless complaining without having a clue in the game is pointless and helps no one and lets not talk about correct spelling if you can not spell or use words correctly yourself. Leave that to the other forum pros :)
  15. It usually takes 300 matches of misguided players before i have to say something then i am good for another 300 or so