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  1. Could not have asked for a better opening match for my first game. To bad the rest of the night did not go as well. But in the games i was not facing Kremlins and Haks, Odin faired really well. Copy the link and check out it and two other games from my highlights of the night https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653298252 and some others you might enjoy https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653298253 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/653298254

    Question about Mino AA

    oh yeah that skill is crap dang a skill that makes things worse smh geez

    Question about Mino AA

    Has Mino AA always has a priority sector reinforcement of 0% for and action time of 0 seconds? The AA has felt strangely off on it today and I was wondering if this had anything to do with it.

    I have yet to see a single good Puerto Rico player.

    I am doing ok with it in Ranked so far... I have had a few bad games where I made some bad choices and ended up in no mans land. But overall Ive seen several good PR players in Randoms and Ranked. But to be fair there are a lot of not so skilled players with them some people just need more time to get better with it.

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    Finally one I will be able to attend so count me as well.

    Goal for this year.

    Have a 300 thousand damage game which has eluded me since I started playing this game.

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    I think what your gonna find is that until good players start taking bad players or new players into their clans and teaching them the proper ways to play the game and helping them get better That these players eventually end up getting taught the improper ways to play this game and individual ships by people who should not be part of that process. Honestly there should be New Player Clans lead by Successful Individuals that dedicate their time to teaching and educating New or even existing Bad players On how to be successful at Warships.
  8. The it's just a game I don't care about winning or loosing seems to be spreading around to all tiers here of late. I see to many players looking like they do not care that they are only surviving for 5 mins or less.

    How do you Puerto Rico

    I tried Range Mod for several matches as well and while it was nice to have some distance. I found that Reload just worked better and being a little closer made the AP work better. Range just kinda had a way of making me get a little to far away from supporting anyone near the end of the match. HE spam is what was really getting to me at First being closer to the action. But a quick adjustment on strategy, captain skills and ditching Radar fixed that so i was able to go back to reload. Proper position on the map once you get a rough idea of how things are gonna unfold is really important in the PR. If your gonna Kite you need to plan that way ahead of time.... as in im playing the cap to kite before i see anything and if it is needed then Ill turn around and push

    How do you Puerto Rico

    So after finally getting the ship the fun task of figuring out the best way to configure the ship was next. I never watch any videos of people playing a ship im gonna get and play cause its painful to watch such horrid use of a ship sometimes. So after a few games I came to the conclusion Radar was not gonna be something I Utilized. I changed my Captain Skillz around to allow me to be able to get rid of the 2 or 3 fires that I constantly find myself starring at. Mostly the entire left side of the Skillz tree with Super thrown in there for extra heal. I Changed out Radar for Spotter plane which has been much more useful the past 15 games and Took Hydro cause Defensive AA is well mehh. I flirted with double steering gear Modules but i would rather be able to slip around the map unseen when i choose so I went back to Concealment Mod. I find it to be a good Flanking ship able to get out and get the sides and put shells over Islands easily. Very good to kite in and no matter where I am on the map i try to keep ALL guns Hot and avoid ever being Bow on at all costs. I see a lot of people choosing to stay really far back and at times find myself there as well but its never by choice. Each game im getting a better feel for the ship and its guns...... Its a good ship def not over the top but has potential to be one of my Favorites.

    How did your Puerto Rico grinding go?

    It went well I completed 6 of the 7 directives and only had to dish out 25 dollars.

    Coming to a patch near you: Build your own République!!!

    Instead of grinding more long events to build a ship... They should just let us use out resources mainly Coal and Steel to build a ship of our choosing...

    Premuium shop issue

    So help me out guys..... I bought a doubloon pack and I only received Half my Doubloons. I tried to send a ticket into support but It asks me to put in the Time...… But it want let me put in the time smh. Any suggestions or answers are welcome

    Gunstars Grind for Puerto Rico Here...We...Go

    Congratulations to Kemi337 for completing the PR grind for free. Much Respect for going against the odds
  15. That narrow margin is very narrow.... I knocked out the first 4 directives each 2 days early... The 5 Directive 12 hours early. Completely Crashed when the 6th Directive began and did not start it at as soon as it became available.. Took the first day off (To sleep) and even if I finish the Directive 6 before Directive 7 becomes available It want Complete on time. So even by finishing the first 5 Directives literally 4 and 1/2 days early it still wasnt enough to allow me to rest up or take a break sadly