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  1. Ready Room Wednesdays - Supporting Fire

    I think I support most of my DD's in every ship I play in one simple quote by Willis Augustus Lee. "Stand aside, I'm coming through" Lots of times I feel the best way to support My Destroyers is to bring the focus onto myself and take the fight into my own hands.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    I think they should all be glad that every ship that suppose to have Radar does not have it and that they only have to deal with a select few. Battleship NC should have Radar but it does not, even though it was one of the first if not the first BB to have Radar.
  3. Re Thinking Conqueror

    Well another week into my experiment with the 457's and my overall damage avg is dropping some but my WR is still climbing. The point of difference still is when a ship or ships present an opportunity for me to remove them from the game there is no need to have to worry about switching ammo. I can just line them up and if only 2 shells make good contact i can still wipe off 20k or more HP. So while yes the damage I deal is not always anything to brag about, I make it count by dealing it at the right times and towards the right ships. I also have no idea why i just quoted ACE lol but I am to lazy to change it so ill just go with it :)
  4. Who have you seen in game

    I think you had a good game.... I know i did not lol. But I am glad we won because it was looking sketchy there for a minute :)
  5. I guess for tier 7 that might be a lot. But ive done over 4 million in my DesMoines and the XP gain from it was decent a best.
  6. 17800 online !!!

    Lol server is gonna crash lag everywhere
  7. Zath's Replay Theater Week 33 - Vacation time!

    Very good commentary on the game. Im def not a great DD player so having my mistakes pointed out hopefully helps others including me become better at making wiser choices. Also I originally sent that in because Mewz had a great game and I was hopeing some of Mewz gameplay could have been shown.
  8. Worcester First Day Results Thread

    Oh yeah a khab will tear it apart. I wouldnt even try to engage one at any type of distance. suprise attack maybe.... but a khab would have you burned to the ground before you get those floaty shells to make contact in the open.
  9. Will not be playing for awhile (subject to change)

    You are 100% correct and I do not think the game is more important than family. Otherwise I would have just moved out or kicked her out lol. The reason i turned everything off was to show her that lack of family time was due to more than just Warships. As a matter of fact she quoted everything you just said in a 1 hour non stop lecture. Then proceeded to go sit down and watch 3 straight hours of the Walking dead and Orange is the New Black . That is when i said this is not the way its gonna be.
  10. Will not be playing for awhile (subject to change)

    Yeah I remember that.... I also remember that I was not bothered by it because I grew up the vast majority of my life without all the things we enjoy today. Was not hard to revert back to pre internet, phone, tv life lol.
  11. Will not be playing for awhile (subject to change)

    Ahh I have a 8 to 6 job that has free internet 5 days a week :) So i can still chat but not actually play.
  12. Will not be playing for awhile (subject to change)

    Well we had worked out that kind of game plan so to speak where through the week I played maybe 2 hours each day during the week and on the weekends I only sat down to play after Her and the Kid went to bed. But know she wants it to be only Saturday and only after 10.pm. But still thinks its perfectly fine to still have access to everything she enjoys everyday all hours of the day. So my reaction was well since we cant agree on whats good for everyone lets just eliminate all the fuss for awhile and actually spend some quality time together as a family.
  13. Will not be playing for awhile (subject to change)

    So yesterday I got into it with the Misses about the usual Spending to much time on the game and Working through Clan battles and the time it requires. Now even though She spends the same or not more time on her Computer or tablet or phone watching her shows or on twitter, snap chat or face book and shopping online ALL DAY Somehow I seem to be the only one that is causing an issue for a couple of hours in the evenings So to solve this Delima I gathered up my Computer, keyboard, mouse, Monitor and everything else and just gave the to my brother. I also then promptly canceled my Internet service, my amazon prime, my netflix and Dish service. So now with no games, movies, tv, or internet there should be no issues... guess will see how that goes.
  14. How to BB in this new era of FIRE SPAM?

    I think the part about using DCP on 1 fire should be updated to Do not use DCP on 2 fires. Id say if you got 3 then you have an issue and if you have 2 but you can drop off the let 2 burn until it is safe to put them out.
  15. Before long we will have Build your own ship. Pick a hull, pick your guns, etc etc It will be like Build a Bear for kids except with ships lol.