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  1. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    lmbo well it depends on what time of the day you are planning on Carrying those teams in your (Carriers) maybe neither of us will have to endure what would be quite the battle. Better yet maybe the potatoes take a break and the weekend will be all epic battles worthy of a LordZath replay moment.... we can only hope right?
  2. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    umm I will def be running Full AA on everything now the rest of the weekend Just do not bring kombat_Wombat with you lol My personal record against Wombat is something like 0-12. But if you are gonna solo it then whew that is a bit of a relief. At least I might have a chance to pull out a victory against you
  3. Baltimore Tips

    You will find some of the things players tell you will change as Baltimore will soon be tier VIII. It will most likely loose its Heal and the rate of fire, armor and some other small things will likely change as well. But congrats the Baltimore does not get enough love. It is a good ship if you stick with it for a few hundred games.
  4. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    Good luck shizzle I have been trying to get that one but cannot seem to average another 5k per battle :(
  5. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    What is a super container lol
  6. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    I know right! Being the weekend i could use all 5 reports in one game lol
  7. Goals for the weekend in Warships

    Win 70% of my games. Survive 60% of my games. Compliment at least 20 players. Report less than 5 players. Average 2 caps per match in my DD's Level up another cruiser captain that will eventually go on Buffalo Level up 2nd cruiser captain that will eventually go on Worcester. Out play another super unicum division with a team of 49% ers Finish the weekend catching a few good streams from the likes of Pizza, Business6, AdmiralRedHair or whoever else may be streaming into the early morning hours.
  8. What's the best carrybote?

    Hmm lets see what can kill DD's, Shoot down lots of planes, HE spam dimwitted BB's, can out DPM almost every other ship and comes equipped with Radar that can pierce through islands and smoke..... DesMoines!!!
  9. CVs who do not spot are the worse players.

    Ok well good opportunity for a lesson sounds like. So Hyena if you had been that person and were going against another CV player who had your number so to speak. How would you have approached it differently in a way that they did not, other than just trying to do the same thing as before.
  10. CVs who do not spot are the worse players.

    I take it they had faced you a few times already with poor results. The player did not rage quit but I think they were demoralized and basically just gave up. But I was like that DD is all alone with no cover take him out. If nothing else it might have been a bit of confidence booster for them to get a kill. The response to that just showed how much their confidence had been chopped down to nothing.
  11. As a DD player...

    Do not be so modest you play the other ships really well to other than a 1 or 2. Doing well when you are low tier helps out. I had a Benson in a tier X match that I finished 3rd in XP, right behind two other guys who had multiple kills 4 or more and tons of damage 100k or more. Just from spotting, a solo cap, an assisted cap, 25k damage and I finished off 1 Shima that was about dead and got a torp in on another for half his health. So I did not really do a lot but 2000 base XP for so little is a decent reward for a tier VIII in a tier X match I suppose Finished just under the second place Midway by less than a 100 XP, who ended up with a Kraken and 31 or more plane kills go figure. One of your Clan members who placed first had over 3200 base XP in their Monty that was really nice.
  12. CVs who do not spot are the worse players.

    We also have Midway Captains that avoid Akizukis because their AA is to strong. Apparently Midways strike group is not good enough to handle it
  13. Well then Idk because the guy lost no HP just a broke engine. I was in my DesMoines and you know what those Main guns can do to a DD at point blank range
  14. I can hear it now every time someone torps someone else they will blame it on that bug lol
  15. Alsace secondaries

    The Alsace secondary build I feel is better than the German one. But if you want to be most effective with it get yourself into a kiteing position and just toggle speed to keep them in range while keeping a good angle. It has the most secondaries when firing from the rear and you can still get all your main guns on target. Trouble with the German BB's is they require you to show at lot of side to get the secondaries really going and that can lead to lots of big hits to the superstructure. The Alsace secondaries do not reward you always with good damage because the shell caliber is so low but they set plenty of fires and we all know how many BB's love to use DCP on the first fire.