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  1. My DesMoines still likes smoke I have not even noticed it was Nerfed lol The key element still is the DD though, they have to be aware and work with me. The DD has to know when to smoke, where to smoke and then get out there and spot without being blown away.
  2. Ehh that ship is not all that awesome. To me it is just another ship in the game that you can focus down or push to the back of the map. If i am in my DesMoines and it is firing HE at me then i have no issue with that by all means keep using it. Its when you run into one that uses AP as its primary ammo choice and is accurate with it that i care more about.
  3. To me most kills are not always the best indication of who really Carried their team if all the other aspects do not match up with it. For example someone who had massive damage and no kills most likely Carried their team more than the player with 4 kills and average damage. I have also noticed that some of the best Carry games do not always come from the winning team but rather from the loosing team. A player who from start to finish keeps their team in it with little or no support until that player has been sunk and all hope is lost for a comeback. To me they did more for the team and Carried the team harder than the opposing player on the winning side who had several kills that resulted mostly from good team focus fire and they just happened to get the final shot the majority of those kills.
  4. AMEN :)
  5. The more you had down loaded at the time you hit pause and depending on your download speed it does take a long time for it to start downloading again I hit the pause button at 75% the other day and it took Forever for it to catch back up a resume.
  6. Yeah when they switched up rental ships last patch I as well wish they had rotated in some new maps
  7. Hi fellow captains!! just thought i drop in and see how everyone is doing in clan wars thus far? I know the clan i am in has been doing alright up to this point and we have had our highs and lows. As for me i really enjoy it and so far working together with my clan mates has been a nice change of pace. I am not much of a hide behind the island type of player i feel more comfortable out in the open but i am getting the hang of it slowly. How does everyone like the maps? I am not to fond of Mountain range but i rather enjoy hot spot. I feel like they could have made a better choice than islands of ice but hey at least its not shatter lol.
  8. I would not say ran into.... More like rolled over Gunstar on the way to victory in a game he would rather not think As a matter of fact at least 5 ships ran into your Torps maybe a few more.
  9. Nothing worse then seeing a BB such as a Montana with 1000hp ram another Montana with full health and both ships die.
  10. Finally joined the 1000 kill club in the Des Moines. Took me more games than i would have liked but I can not average a Kraken per game lol like some players. So that puts me 23rd on the list of players to accomplish this on the NA server. Now i guess ill have work on that in the Kurfurst as well. If you are closing in on a milestone in your favorite ship or ships i would like to hear about it.
  11. Finally had a good base XP game that has been avoiding me for some time
  12. Hey centarina so are clan battles going to just be only for tier X?
  13. Sundays have been ok but i am with you Mondays are becoming a day i do not invest to many games into.
  14. I think i got that one in my Gearing and all i did was spotted a few enemy ships while my team focused them if i remember right. Honestly i noticed it is easier to complete most of my missions if i do not try but just go out and play my game and the missions complete themselves. When i try to focus on missions things like bad loosing streaks and 18% survival ratings hit me like what happened yesterday
  15. LOL I had 4 games that I got 6 ribbons in my Kurfurst yesterday and lived I was like SOB can i not get just one more flag WTH