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  1. DeathsStalker

    What happened to my Simms...It is gone

    If you played Ranked or Operations sometime your Port filters "stick" hiding some of your ships.
  2. DeathsStalker

    Puerto Rico is popular

    I have it used a few doubloons and worked the minimum number of Directives to get it. Now that the event is winding down I expect to see more but judging how few of the popped up when the event launched compared to other Events I don't think there will be as many as some think. As for game play its ok nothing really stands out to make it really special or (OP) that would make someone jealous over the fact they don't have it
  3. DeathsStalker

    So how far did you get?

    I had used 1 booster before I knew how F up the grind was. I did 1st directive then did the math and spent a 2nd booster. I finished 4 directives and got the PR yesterday. After that I went back to my ships I'm ranking up and like to play, none of the remaining directives will be completed. On a side note I normally buy several Christmas boxes for myself and a few friends I play with. That DIDN'T happen this year due to this event. One of my friends stopped playing Warships and went back to his PS4 and I notice most of the people in our clan were have not been very active for the last 5 weeks now. Great job there Wargaming
  4. DeathsStalker

    North Carolina/Alabama

    I use my NC 19 point Captain on all my Premium US BB's along with the Alaska and PR He had a secondary build and they all are pretty much played the same way.
  5. DeathsStalker

    Who programmed these bots?

    I noticed yesterday I was dodging a lot of team bot Torps. It seemed worse when I was in my DD's
  6. DeathsStalker


    it ok I play it from time to time. Its a total gunboat not having torps so you have to blast away from your smoke and you need to have another ship spotting for you. You can pretty much rip apart any other DD in the game in a gun fight and really annoy most cruisers But the real way to rack points on it is to find a BB and pepper it with your pop guns until it dies or someone else puts it out of it misery.
  7. DeathsStalker

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    I know I was watching my AP bouncing off T9 cruisers and the SAP doing almost no damage sooooo much fun in the game being little kid in a highschool dodge ball game
  8. DeathsStalker

    Anyone trying to do part 4+?

    I got Directive 4 completed it took 7 days due to Christmas eve and day interruptions. 4 of the Base XP (JPN, USA, Germ, UK) and damage to ships were the ones I completed Directive 5 is a No F Way as far as I'm concerned
  9. DeathsStalker

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    When you a working for a company your held to a higher standard than us players. You are NOT suppose to insult, taunt, troll, or make fun of the companies customers Its the 1st rule of PR and anyone should know that as part of the job. Now if it was his personal account, he would get a pass but if he's been using it to promote the game or converse with players as part of his duties, even if his account he in trouble now. That's why most PR people have 2 Social media accounts 1 for the company stuff and 1 for friends and family and never the two will meet
  10. DeathsStalker

    I am officially broke (credits)

    I'm down to about 26 mil from over 200 mil. Hit that perfect storm had 3 lines reach T10 ships, then did my US Cruiser respect to get the Ohio and hit the coal for the Thunderer And now I'm into T8 for the 5 other lines I'm grinding and as you know that's when your start loosing credits
  11. DeathsStalker

    Twitch you SUCK

    #Spaceballs password
  12. They must have upgraded their string According to my Aussie friends I play other games with their internet consists of 2 tin can connected to a long string
  13. I worked developing databases and from experience merging data can be a nightmare depending on how complex the table structures are. I kept my databases structures pretty consistent with no quirky interfaces and the few times I had to merg data it was a royal pain. Now you can write a script to do it but all it takes is one item in 1 table to be wrong and BOOM data is gone. You can test all you want on dev servers and it works every time but when you try it on the live server and something unexpected happens.... You then have to make the call of shame to the network guys for a restore.... So it could be done, It may not be easy, If there is enough demand for it Wargaming could assign some resources to it. But it may not be high on their to do list.
  14. This is nice for people who have moved to and new country (Region) but it still doesn't address the fundamental flaw in Wargaming player configuration. On line gaming is not "region gaming" it WORLD gaming and the only thing that should be restricting you from playing with someone in a far off land is your internet quality (Ping) I've played other games where I can play with ALL my gaming friends from England, Australia, USA and Canada. In WoWs I can only play with my USA friends so they have cut out about 40% of my on-line friends. Wargamings solution is for me to create another account on their server but it then leaves me locked out from my NA friends so I have to jump back to my NA account. I won't even go into the fact I'd have to grind all the ships for every single server I create. What should be done is You player should be able to play globally with all their ships (depending on the quality of your internet connection) The region should be your location and where your purchase stuff from the Premium shop. Also region specific missions rewards etc would remain here.
  15. DeathsStalker

    Co-op going downhill?

    There has been a little more poor play the last few week. I've never had so many torpedoes fired behind me from team members who don't seem to care about the pink plague. It also doesn't help with the update including new missions that a large number of PVP players jump in to PVE to complete.