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  1. DeathsStalker

    Easter Eggs.. How many did you get??

    Well for sprint 1 I got 931 but that was also running a few Super ships for that Super container Mission For Sprint 2 I got 834
  2. DeathsStalker

    Easter Egg Hunt in Co-op land

    lol I would be out on my motorcycle but its still been snowing every week or so in Canada, another month and winter should be gone for a while
  3. DeathsStalker

    Easter Egg Hunt in Co-op land

    Well I'm finished for Sprint 1 and have collected All were earned in Co-op just playing like I normally play. 29 ship each days and few extra on Friday's and Saturdays for Naval battles requirements (we won't talk about last weekends 400 Bxp ) Also I ran some extra 15 games to complete the SuperShip, Super Container Mission I was surprised I was able to collect so many and I'm curious how many did everyone else get ?
  4. DeathsStalker

    Annapolis First Run

    I have /had over 600 million Credits and other than a few tech tree ships to get there is not much to spend them on so I picked up 5 of the Super ships (not the Cv's) The only reason I'm playing any of them right now is for the Super Contain mission for them. (figure I'll get some more bad camo's will be inside) I'm loosing around 50 to 70,000 credits per game with credit flags so I'm down to just over 225 million left Once that's done they will rarely be used
  5. DeathsStalker

    Auction - Winning bids?

    I got the Nelson Flag for a even 25,000,000 Credits
  6. DeathsStalker

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    I've played competitive gaming for years, won a MLG championship in 2009 with my clan in a game called Warhawk. Played COD, BF and Killzone. In Killzone I was one of the top player so the hate was "real" had people send hate messages, some would rage quit if they saw me in a game. I loved the game but hated the [edited]. Was playing Destiny and had a friend mention WoWs was in Beta and he tried it and liked it, so I gave it a try. At the time there was only PVE and it was pretty toxic for people just trying to learn the game. Once they opened up Co-op I started using it to learn how to play new ships with out the chat S*** After a while I just stopped playing PVE and stayed in Co-op and have stayed and just chill.
  7. DeathsStalker

    0.11 Bots

    Yes I remember more than once getting NUKED by some BB 15+ km away shooting OVER 2 islands and wiping me and my little DD out. I loved (not) how as soon as a ship was spotted every single bot that could, no matter where they were on the map shoot at it. Or they'd be getting blasted at by a BB on our team and turn it's guns to shoot a random DD that was sailing by and not even involved with that part of the battle
  8. DeathsStalker

    Grinding Battleship Potential Damage

    The hardest is the potential damage in BB's, right now I'm at 14 mil after 3 days. After Monday I noticed it was going to be a hard grind in Co-op I switched over to complete the other missions to get this weeks event completed and now I can complete the Potential damage over the next week without worrying about the deadline for this weeks Dock Yard event I switched to any of my DD's that have an engine boost and would just run out in front of my team, I'd then drop my smoke between me and my team mates so they would have to use my spotting for a little while at least. I then sailed around as fast as I could turning and dodging like my hair was on fire and I only shot at ships that threaten my survival to keep spotting as long as possible. I had several games with CV's so most of those I would get little or no spotting points but most games I could get 10 to 20 thousand spotting points and of course the last game when I only needed 11,000 to finish I had a game with 55,000 It took about a day of playing just DD's to get it done.
  9. DeathsStalker

    Cant say WG doesnt punish cheaters

    I remember see a bot account with the USS Missouri It would just sail around shooting its gun randomly and and surprisingly it had better collision avoidance than the Wargaming game bots in Co-op. It took about 1 month of reporting (by several regular co-op players) before it vanished only to return with a new username. I think this happened over and over again for a little under 1 year before it disappeared for good.
  10. DeathsStalker

    Surprised by a 2/7 Game

    I've had 4, 2 Human games so far today out of the 8 I played...
  11. DeathsStalker

    The Clock Is Ticking Down

    If you have no idea grab a low price T8 ship, it will at least give your some steel twice a year...
  12. DeathsStalker

    Bots new AI

    Aiming was not a big deal with the bots in the past except if you go all the way back to the 2nd year of Co-op when they "buffed" them so a Bot BB out of detection range could blind 1 shot hit you in a DD 15km away OVER 2 or 3 islands while you were steaming not even aware of them but another bot had spotted you for it. That's also back when the RTS CV would send its planes at the start of the game DIRECTLY to one of our DD's and even if he/she changed direction you could watch the planes adjust their course to compensate. and we can't forget see a bot sailing across the map, you are out of detection range aim your torps, launch them only to watch as your pressed the button you watch the bot instantly alters its course just enough for them to miss.
  13. DeathsStalker

    Is Groningen worth it for PvE?

    I've got all three Groningen, Friesland & Hayate and play them every day in Co-op. Groningen & Friesland are the same ship and your have to play them differently than most DD's. Generally I park, smoke and burn down BB and CL's for points. Enemy DD's are not worth a lot of XP but you get what you get. Currently a lot of the Co-op games are very short due to snowflakes and Dock yard events so racking up lots of points is the exception right now The Hayate if expensive but if your have the Free XP its worth it even for Christmas and WG Anniversary events. As for play style it's played like a US DD with very good torps or a JPN DD with better than average guns.
  14. DeathsStalker

    Marlborough Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    1st week DY almost done got 15,236 of the required 17,000 to have it all done. So it will be finished tomorrow. I'm not grinding hard, just playing the ships I normally play everyday with the exception of the end of the German BB line and to try out a few new ships I just acquired. FYI I'm playing 36 ships, once each day but It should be back to the normal 32 in a week or so. I also spent the 40,000 db to complete the DY at the start of the day to gain the extra steel