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  1. DeathsStalker

    bad habit from coop

    How about the DD's who rush forward then smoke and camp as soon as they see the enemy. Not understanding bigger ships CAN'T See the ships approaching them to help them through the smoke..... and I'm not talking about T2 ship I've seen it 5 games in a row in T10 games today
  2. DeathsStalker

    Server Overload

    if its a sever issue it will need a reboot and depending on how the other servers talk to the offending one they all may need a reboot. That's if its a easy fix if its a hardware failure it may take longer
  3. DeathsStalker

    Server down?

    and that's why a now have a gaming laptop #marriedlife
  4. DeathsStalker

    CV Rework Feedback

    I was finally able to play the CV on Test server last night. FYI I've played up to and completed the Midway. I found it very boring to play. Now the planes are nice, the flack effects etc excellent. But my question if this is more or less the final product why even bother with the CV? There is no connect now in the game with the myself and the CV or the team. I'm just a pilot playing a flight sim over and over and I've never been a flight sim guy. On Another topic I tried some of the other surface ships and I didn't like that I was unable to target my AA on specific air groups. I understand I can focus my AA on the Port or Starboard AA batteries but in a surface battle I may be dealing with several ships, DD torps in the water and not have time to deal with planes circling around me to attack. So please let us click on incoming aircraft so when they enter my AA range I can activate my AA boost.
  5. DeathsStalker

    What have I done?

    Did it work on you when your dad told you had enough Hot Wheels and you didn't need that new one that just came out? Face it your screwed even more if your wife see's the visa bill lol
  6. 99% of the time it camo's but a few days I got a box of 15,000 coal I guess I was really bad and got my Christmas coal early
  7. DeathsStalker

    What have I done?

    Just don't show him all the US Premium Cruisers or you may have to get another job to help pay for it all