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  1. DeathsStalker

    Saw my first Z-44 play yesterday

    I've had that DD the weekend it came out. I'm a sucker for any good DD.. and some not so good. I find the Z-44 a very good all rounder and never had any problem with it in co-op
  2. I was planning to reuse the paper bag I was planning on Filling it with cow dung, lighting it on fire, then knocking on the door of whoever underfunded their disaster recovery budget... and of course running away
  3. I's prefer a pain brown paper bag with 25,000 Research points
  4. DeathsStalker

    Where is the Vampire II?

    It just showed up but the missions for Research points have not arrived, give them a couple hours I'm guessing
  5. DeathsStalker

    Server Back UP

    Sweet my unbroken streak of playing is saved #havenolife
  6. DeathsStalker

    Two humans and seven bots

    In the EU stream yesterday It was mentioned that Wargaming are aware of it and are now investigating.
  7. DeathsStalker

    PSA: WOWS Twitch Stream Dates (German Tokens)

    Yes it does work I watch a RU Stream for part of the requirement and finished it with the French stream yesterday (I'm in NA)
  8. Yes something is wrong I start playing most days around 7 am EST and its normal to get a few games with more bots than humans. Since the patch I'm getting, all human games or 2 human 7 bot games. nothing else. No 3, 4 or 5 humans and the rest of the team is made of bots games. That statistically rare but since it been happening since 10.3 I'd call it statistically impossible So either is a bug or maybe Wargaming is (tinfoil hat time) pulling an Apple on us (slowing down the IPhone) to make us switch to PVP.. (upgrade to a new Iphone)
  9. DeathsStalker

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    I now have 8. they are spread over 34 Premium ship I like to play every day So I'm finally able to build up enough Elite Commander XP to work on turning my remaining 20+ 19 points Captains on non Premium ships to 21
  10. DeathsStalker

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    I started today as the only person in the game but yesterday I had many 2 person games as well. I think part of it could be some people are not interested in a DD Dockyard event. I bet the only thing worse would be a CV Dockyard even... Also over the last month a lot of places are getting out of "C" lock down and it spring so some may be trying to get some fresh air and sunshine..
  11. DeathsStalker

    WHOA! So The Bots In Co-Op Can Team Kill You?

    lol You always need to keep the "Stinkeye" on any team bot that has torps they have no problem with killing you at all. Their best trick is they have an enemy on the right of them, you are on the left side of them, so they fire their torps from the left side.... I like to call those team bots enemy "collaborators bots"
  12. I worked up 1 19 point captain on as many of of my US Premium ships I have to get to 21 points. I then used him to help get 1 German 19 pointer to 21, then Jpn, Uk etc I now have 1 21 point captain for each country that I play. I finally now able to build up Elite XP so I can get my other 19 point Captains back up to 21.
  13. DeathsStalker

    Anyone Else Notice The Accuracy of Bot Carriers Lately?

    I noticed in the last few months that in my DD's. Normally I'd just jink a little and dodge the rockets now planes hit me most times no matter how much I twist and turn....
  14. DeathsStalker

    Just Curious WG on This Event

    I'm pretty certain that BB has 1 torpedo that can do between 23,000 to 25,000 damage. however it is a 1 shot deal with no reloads.... unless you equip it with a certain flag
  15. DeathsStalker

    Whoomp there it is... (PVE Thread)

    Well done I'm in the low 500's