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  1. DeathsStalker

    I think I'll End Exeter after Round 2

    I think I'll be able to finish part 3 but to many ship missions that required heavy grinding lately and if I can't do it in Co-op I guess I won't be completing it then.....
  2. DeathsStalker

    Which steel ship to get

    I was under the same quandary too. I love the idea of the Flint but I went for the Black (I'm love playing DD) its a beast of a DD Fast smoke Radar and faster torp reload. I will be getting the Flint if they have another Steel event down the road
  3. DeathsStalker

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    Like all T8 ships you will have good games and bad so sometimes you WILL loose credits but only 50 to 100 thousand at worst... But that's why i play a lot of my T7 ships they almost always make credits so I can afford to loose some in the T8, 9 and 10 ships
  4. DeathsStalker

    Massachusetts back in the shop

    I don't know why they just don't sell the Permanent camo I'd buy it for my Mass....
  5. DeathsStalker

    Server Issues?

    MR Conway on the EU Twitch stream said it's his fault he spilled his coffee on it.
  6. DeathsStalker

    So what is happening with submarines?

    The developers accidentally fitted them with screen doors and they all sunk
  7. DeathsStalker

    Bot torp bug STILL not fixed

    I've seen that a few times today both with DD's and Cruisers I figured the bots were just drunk...
  8. DeathsStalker

    Parachutes? All of the pilots die every single time.

    admit it you just want to run him over with your ship and grind him up with your screws...
  9. DeathsStalker

    Parachutes? All of the pilots die every single time.

    I think it it would be nice to see the parachute then a sea plane land and pick him up....
  10. DeathsStalker


    I run both with the same Captain and they play pretty much the same
  11. DeathsStalker

    Alaska in Co-op

    The Alaska is fun in Co-op as long as you remember to NOT be Broadside to any BB
  12. DeathsStalker

    How to shoot planes in co-op

    The whole Exeter mission is a waste of time in Co-op. It took me until today to get my 30 plane kills, And I have pretty much every US DD and Cruisers. The later missions want you to do it with JPN DD's and Cruisers that have even worst AA. Never mind the requirement of collecting 7 Achievements that are not available in Co-op The P.E. Friedrich mission took forever but was doable in Co-op, too bad Wargaming dropped the ball on the Exeter....
  13. DeathsStalker

    port UI PAIN

    I run Ocean as my port too. Less stuff going on taking up computer resources I don't have any freezing with it.
  14. DeathsStalker

    New sound

    A temp fix that was posted was to check the box in the audio setting "Play you own music" muted it. I'm pretty certain Wargaming is going to fix it since it was brought up in every Stream they put on last week..
  15. DeathsStalker

    Is the Worcester worth the grind?

    And plot their revenge. Remember that the next time you get magically deleted by a shot across the map OVER 3 or 4 Island by a Bot you never saw....