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  1. DeathsStalker

    Tinfoil hat time yet again.

    Its always difficult to get some of the challenges done in the 1st couple days in Co-op. I've learned to not sweat it since we have 7 days, Usually by Thursday the rush of people trying to get them complete are gone and it can get done easier. As for the Aircraft shoot down I noticed the lack of CV's Monday morning since normal the matchmaker normally drops a Bot CV on our team almost every game. The Potential Damage can be a pain when Bots decide to ignore nice juicy targets sailing up the middle. What I find works best is having a faster BB so you can keep with the smaller ships and Just fire some max range shots to see if your can attract the bots to target you.
  2. DeathsStalker

    Question about Supership only Missions?

    We've been getting these mission for a while and I've been wondering why they can't be completed in Co-op? I've seen many players using SuperShips in Co-op and I'm currently playing the Edger myself lately Since the missions require "Base" XP there would be no advantage of not having the mission available for Co-op players ... Cheers DS
  3. 61 been retired for 12 years (Started planing for retirement at 18) I have a cat who thinks 5 am is feeding time so I'm on most morning for about 30 games. Been playing since the open Beta and still ticking along grinding new lines
  4. DeathsStalker

    What do you guys do during game patch day?

    Grocery shopping .... by the time I'm back everything is back up an running
  5. DeathsStalker

    PSA: Álvaro de Bazán now available for Coal.

    Just got and only played one game. It seems to be an ok DD I know more after a week or so. But seeing as it was for sale for coal (that I have lots of) it's worth it. I wonder how those who spent 49,000 doubloons for it feel having it come out so soon...
  6. DeathsStalker

    time for another research bureau question

    Go to your Tech Tree for the line your looking to reset. At the very bottom there is a message telling you the amount of time until the next reset. It starts off telling your the number of Month and once it less than 1 month it will change to the number of days left until it resets
  7. DeathsStalker

    NA Community Stream: HUGE devblog reveal!

    Well the only thing we are missing in game is ....
  8. DeathsStalker

    Tech Trees NOT Worth Re-Grinding?

    I regrind the EU DD's but I free xp them as much as I can.
  9. DeathsStalker

    PR Dockyard Too hard?

    Compared to the 1st go around this Dockyard is far easier. I completed the 1st in co-op (yes I had to spend more daboons than I wanted to at the end since the final 3 weeks of the mission were stupid hard) This dockyard really just takes time to complete. The hardest for me will be base xp since co-op games have very low base returns. Generally I get around 12,000 to 15,000 base XP just playing my ship I play every days, so at worst the hardest level of Base XP will take around 5 to 6 days to finish.
  10. DeathsStalker

    Bot AI Disappointment

    So far I've only notice a ship that would normally run aground... turn slightly to clear the island
  11. DeathsStalker

    Easter Eggs.. How many did you get??

    Well for sprint 1 I got 931 but that was also running a few Super ships for that Super container Mission For Sprint 2 I got 834
  12. DeathsStalker

    Easter Egg Hunt in Co-op land

    lol I would be out on my motorcycle but its still been snowing every week or so in Canada, another month and winter should be gone for a while
  13. DeathsStalker

    Easter Egg Hunt in Co-op land

    Well I'm finished for Sprint 1 and have collected All were earned in Co-op just playing like I normally play. 29 ship each days and few extra on Friday's and Saturdays for Naval battles requirements (we won't talk about last weekends 400 Bxp ) Also I ran some extra 15 games to complete the SuperShip, Super Container Mission I was surprised I was able to collect so many and I'm curious how many did everyone else get ?
  14. DeathsStalker

    Annapolis First Run

    I have /had over 600 million Credits and other than a few tech tree ships to get there is not much to spend them on so I picked up 5 of the Super ships (not the Cv's) The only reason I'm playing any of them right now is for the Super Contain mission for them. (figure I'll get some more bad camo's will be inside) I'm loosing around 50 to 70,000 credits per game with credit flags so I'm down to just over 225 million left Once that's done they will rarely be used
  15. DeathsStalker

    Auction - Winning bids?

    I got the Nelson Flag for a even 25,000,000 Credits