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  1. DeathsStalker

    Co-op needs some love. Let the PVE Community Thrive!

    Nice to hear Even if it was baby steps it would go a long way to helping us forsaken PVE folks
  2. DeathsStalker

    New European Campaign

    Working on #4 all in Co-op and only playing enough WoWs right now to complete my 3 daily containers so I'm not trying to grind it fast since I've got 5 more months to complete it.
  3. DeathsStalker

    Campaigns - Demanding more and giving less

    I was surprised they even had a campaign they mentioned several month ago, in the stream, they were not planning on creating anymore of them.
  4. DeathsStalker

    The F keys

    If someone in my game is spamming the F key's I block him / her/ it instantly.
  5. DeathsStalker

    Yay, more un-achievable missions

    and that's why I unfollowed Warships on twitch. If they can't support all game modes with their Twitch mission I can't be bothered with them anymore.
  6. DeathsStalker

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    I did the same I so done getting missions that are not able to be completed in my game mode.
  7. DeathsStalker

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Yes I'm pretty much done watching twitch streams now. I've complained about the lack of Co-op able missions and get the "party line" replies from Wargaming. I understand having more PvP focus but even Wargaming mentions they have many people who play PVE but the last few months they are creating less and less PVE capable missions. I liked watching the banter between Mr Conway and the various other people he streamed with. But I really don't like getting a special Twitch mission only to see its another big middle finger to Co-op players so I won't be watching anymore Wargaming Streams
  8. DeathsStalker

    Swirski: Strong-Willed Campaign in Co-op (PVE Thread)

    I agree as far as Campaigns go this is not too bad. Remember there are several you can't complete at all in Co-op
  9. DeathsStalker

    So... um, how do you counter high tier CVs?

    Mmmmm find out where they live and have their internet service cancelled ..... that's all I got
  10. DeathsStalker

    EU DD Event Part 4 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Finished it late last night 7 boxes didn't get enough for the next ship ;-(
  11. New code NAKAMACONT Now its Random only since Ranked is done I just wish I could cancel these missions in my Combat mission tab since they are wasting space as far as I'm concerned
  12. DeathsStalker

    Enjoy the scenery

    A radar tower on the mountain
  13. New code dropped HIDDENLLEAFDD and as the last one the big single Digit for Co-op players (Random or Ranked Only)
  14. DeathsStalker

    How to use smokeless destroyers in co-op?

    Only other tip is if possible shoot at ships other team members are shooting at. The Bot's might not switch to target you if they are already engaged. The key word is "might" keep an eye on those turret if you see them moving in your direction its a good Idea to perform the Monty Python and the Holy Grail maneuver and RUN AWAY
  15. DeathsStalker

    EU DD Event Part 2 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I got it done early in the afternoon even with part of the morning lost to a chiropractor appointment and a stop at my eye doctor about some pain in my eye ending up with a emergency visit to remove an unknown object embedded in the side of my eye. On the plus side because if the eye issue I missed the hour or so where people couldn't log in to the game. From the 5 crates I only received about 250 tokens so even with the I'm at 290 and still 110 short of the T6 DD I did complete the Eu Control Method with my Friesland by hanging just outside of a Cap and pounding any red ship that entered it for defend ribbons. It only took 4 games to complete.