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  1. Thetos

    Uh, did ramming get nerfed?

    Interesting, never really noticed that before. Could have sworn I've destroyed other ships by chasing them down in the past, but the majority of my rams tend to be head on or t-bones. Thanks for the info!
  2. I was in a Co-op battle with my new Cavour (Tier V Italian BB) and ended up in a 1v1 battle with the enemy Cavour. As it was the last enemy and it had more health than me, I chased it down and rammed it, but only I died. According to the after battle report, I appeared to only inflict my remaining HP's worth of damage (about 15,000)? Did they change something, because I'm pretty sure its supposed to inflict my ship's total HP as damage... (And it was a bot, so it didn't have a ramming flag.)
  3. Thetos

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    Okay, logging out of the Wargaming Game Center for a minute then logging back in before starting the game seems to have worked for me. Hope it works for the rest of you!
  4. Thetos

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I'm also getting the 'Waiting for authorization' issue on all three game start modes (regular, safe mode, reset settings) and on top of that, my WGCheck keeps getting stuck at 69.3% (left running for hours)...