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  1. HMAS_Melbourne

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    If I get a coupon, I will buy vanguard for sure.
  2. HMAS_Melbourne

    West Virginia — a compromise

    Make Wee Vee a t8. Give it good range and gun accuracy as well as mass like secondaries. Job done. Its not like a Colorado doesn't see ships that are significantly faster when uptiered.
  3. You can only get the 10 as a once time offer. You can't buy 5 sets to get to 50 Guineas.
  4. HMAS_Melbourne

    What premiums do you still want to see?

    Hms Renown , give it the Alaska treatment and make it a cruiser at t8. Make the guns super accurate, give it its torpedoes and buff the hell out of the secondary guns.
  5. HMAS_Melbourne

    Motivation Monday - Toughest Battleship to Learn

    Roma I just can't work out a sweet spot to start shooting. Too close and the guns over pen or miss. To far out, and it misses most things anyway.
  6. HMAS_Melbourne

    Proposal: IZUMO "D HULL"

    Turn the backwards main turret around and make it super firing and we would have a winner, or a least something better than the current setup.
  7. HMAS_Melbourne

    Help with tactics with the Haida

    Just be careful with reversing with smoke on. It can break stealth between smoke puffs.
  8. HMAS_Melbourne

    First impressions of the Haida...

    First trip out. Kraken released. I like this ship.
  9. HMAS_Melbourne

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    The tribals look like a hot rod compared to normal destroyers. One a separate note, I wonder if we can have an australian tribal.
  10. HMAS_Melbourne

    What are you going to do with your coal and steel?

    Would have about 55k coal and the only ship that would be new for me would be the Salem. At current rates a Salem would take a few years to get. I wonder if we could trade free xp for coal. I think free xp ships might go the way of the dodo if the arsenal is a success.
  11. HMAS_Melbourne

    Best SC you've ever gotten?

    De Grasse and a Cesar! Not at the same time though.