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  1. Roma I just can't work out a sweet spot to start shooting. Too close and the guns over pen or miss. To far out, and it misses most things anyway.
  2. Proposal: IZUMO "D HULL"

    Turn the backwards main turret around and make it super firing and we would have a winner, or a least something better than the current setup.
  3. Help with tactics with the Haida

    Just be careful with reversing with smoke on. It can break stealth between smoke puffs.
  4. First impressions of the Haida...

    First trip out. Kraken released. I like this ship.
  5. Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    The tribals look like a hot rod compared to normal destroyers. One a separate note, I wonder if we can have an australian tribal.
  6. Would have about 55k coal and the only ship that would be new for me would be the Salem. At current rates a Salem would take a few years to get. I wonder if we could trade free xp for coal. I think free xp ships might go the way of the dodo if the arsenal is a success.
  7. Best SC you've ever gotten?

    De Grasse and a Cesar! Not at the same time though.
  8. Who is a better T7 Premium British BB

    Hood, its not even a competition. Hood is faster and seems to hit harder. DOY has hydro, but gives up too much to be competitive. On the other hand Hood does not get the frosty the snow ship cammoflage.
  9. Huang He We must not BUY IT-BOYCOTT

    Made a purchase of the ship. Took it for a run and it seemed to go reasonably well. It has an interesting bag of tricks up its sleeve. The lack of a spotter and getting uptiered will hurt it though.
  10. The Giulio Cesare, the long and the short of it: Short on: Size Range Armor Turning Circle Long on: Looks Fun Speed The Giulio Cesare is one of the most fun you can have at T5 and does not feel outclassed when up-tiered. It feels like a hybrid between a Kongo and a Konig, and that can never be a bad thing. Another 5 star premium, highly recommended.
  11. The mission were completing its just the status bar that doesn't get filled in, so it looks like its not completed. I just finished the 3rd stage and that has the status bar indicating that the mission is complete. Restarts were completed to check. Its only a minor issue, so no biggie.
  12. Just a quick one. I have purchased the Loaded bundle for the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. The mission is listed for the ship but it does not seem to be progressing. I have done more than 30k damage with tier 8 ships and killed more than 2 ships in a match and survived which should meet the requirements for the mission. On a possibly unrelated note I still have the mission for the Kii cammo but I have this equipped on the ship. Quick edit. Its up to the correct stage just not filling in the completion bar for the first 2 stages. Thanks for looking in to this in advance.
  13. If it gets me the HMS Renown, sure.
  14. Thought Exercise -- Predict the OP Ship

    New Mexico could work for clobbering cruisers and seems reasonable at swatting down planes. Anshan for dd, Buddy for bringing the fires. Carriers no idea.
  15. HMS Renown. Should be t5 or t6. WWE 2 rebuild.