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  1. HMAS_Melbourne

    Prime Gaming: Fourth of July Special

    Nice one. Already had the Marblehead so got the 1500 dubs. Used the dubs on a black container. Out popped a black Jean Bart. Win!
  2. HMAS_Melbourne

    Lost Ork

    Problem fixed. Orks is back.
  3. HMAS_Melbourne

    Lost Ork

    Yep was a visualisation that got turned on with the patch. All working now.
  4. HMAS_Melbourne

    Lost Ork

    Checked the reserve and assigned ships. He was on the t9 cruiser, but now just seems to be a lame hooman.
  5. HMAS_Melbourne

    Lost Ork

    With the most recent update it looks like my Ork captain has morphed to a regular boring human captain. Did this happen to anyone else. Sadly missing my moar dakka captain.
  6. HMAS_Melbourne

    American Battleship Tier 11 or supership candidates?

    Maybe the New Jersey in it's 1990s form. Use the missiles like an air strike. It might fit the power level and would be a real ship for a change.
  7. HMAS_Melbourne

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    Got an Anhalt and 500 dubs, so that's pretty good.
  8. HMAS_Melbourne

    My new graphics card arrived!

    Look, it's an NVIDIA 5080!
  9. HMAS_Melbourne

    WG please invigorate low tier play

    I wonder what ranked at tier 3 would be like. Could be fun for season.
  10. HMAS_Melbourne

    Brawl Recommendations

    Mogodor for the reasons stated above. You have to get real unlucky with bbs to lose. If they damage your torp tubes on the way in and then bust your engine it can be tricky.
  11. HMAS_Melbourne

    Which ships for upcoming 1:1 brawl (T9)?

    Tried the t9 Italian DD without much success. The only way for me to win against the German bbs was to to play keeping off. The Mogador on the other hand seems to be made to sink the German battleships. Zoom in and drop torps, boom next game...
  12. HMAS_Melbourne

    ASW Aiming Reticle/sights missing

    Same issue here. Running a Radeon 6800 xt with latest driver. I'm also missing the torp lead indicator as well.
  13. HMAS_Melbourne

    Asymmetric Battles Boooooring

    Was an excellent best to get the wins in the Yukon done. Other than that it was mostly a bit farming exercise.
  14. A line of super super carriers...