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  1. HMAS_Melbourne

    California at 100

    Yup. I like the slow boat us bbs. Its pretty hard to end up as the first ship to be killed in one. Most reds I have seen don't seem single the California out as kill on sight ship which I think helps.
  2. HMAS_Melbourne

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    I keep hoping for the reknown as a tier 9 super cruiser. 15 inch guns, good speed, good anti air and torps. As an added bonus - it existed and has history.
  3. HMAS_Melbourne

    HMAS Australia/Canberra

    Maybe a dd eating cv as well...
  4. HMAS_Melbourne

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    I like it a lot. The only downside is that it feels like picking a ship is like a bit like paper, scissors and rock. For example pick a Cleveland and the guy in a destroyer is basically stuffed. Pick a Cleveland and run into a Bismark and the Cleveland is in big trouble.
  5. HMAS_Melbourne

    What Donkey is responsible for this game mode?

    I have been enjoying this mode. Each match has been reasonably close.
  6. HMAS_Melbourne

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Hmas_Melbourne NA server. The most fun premium I purchased for 2019 would be the Lazo. The kiting russian fire monster seems pretty effective.
  7. One has a beer can on its head. Kii all the way.
  8. HMAS_Melbourne, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    So grab a french dd and just zoom in and drop torps on bbs and hope you don't run into a Cleveland or a cv. A french dd should be reasonably capable of dealing with other dds as well.
  9. HMAS_Melbourne

    The Same Ship in Two Different Tech Trees

    Red October and Gangut.
  10. HMAS_Melbourne

    Santa just gave me a t9

    Got the stage 3 mega crate. Out popped a fujin. Now I have the full set of kami sisters. Yay.
  11. HMAS_Melbourne


    Free xp. You can grind that stuff pretty fast.
  12. HMAS_Melbourne

    How many days to I have

    Not hurting at all for credits. I adhere to the rule of never sell a premium ship.
  13. HMAS_Melbourne

    How many days to I have

    Thanks. I may as well finish directive 3 for the ship.
  14. HMAS_Melbourne

    How many days to I have

    So if I understand the PR directives correctly and have purchased the 3 booster packs before the timer for the event started and have already completed directives 1 and 2 how much time to I have to grind out directive 3. I know that you get 7 days for the first 2 directives and then 14 days for the 3rd, but if you finish the first 2 directives ahead of time does that mean you get 21 days to finish off directive 3? My math ability is not really up to the task of working this out this late in the year so any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. HMAS_Melbourne

    "There is Australian people here..."

    More of us is better.