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  1. HMAS_Melbourne

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    Got the Perth. It turned into 4800 dubloons and a 10 point commander.
  2. HMAS_Melbourne

    Tier 6 Ship for week 4 directive completion.

    It will be dubloons, nothing else to get.
  3. HMAS_Melbourne

    Yahagi = Half Baked Effort

    A large dollop of wd 40 on the turrets would do wonders for this ship. The ship moves about well but getting the guns onto a target seem a real challenge.
  4. Yes. Very much this. My father in-law served on this ship during the late 60s. He tells stories of being in Vietnam with orders to shoot anything floating in the river. Gunners aboard the vendetta had observed an American cook tossing scraps overboard and following orders opened up with the heavy machine guns on the scraps. Apparently the cook got a bit of a scare.
  5. HMAS_Melbourne

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    HMS Dreadnought itself did pretty well at hunting a submarine. Just run it over.
  6. HMAS_Melbourne

    What ships do you think need some love?

    Roma. Those shells feel like they have a mind of thier own.
  7. HMAS_Melbourne

    An NTC perk I'd want

    I would do the regrind for permanent camo. Some low tier ships would look pretty smart in the great white fleet paint scheme.
  8. HMAS_Melbourne

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    Could we have HMS Renown? It had above deck (fixed I think) torpedo's in its late 1939 rebuild.
  9. HMAS_Melbourne

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    At this point I would be happy if the CV itself are damage from surface ships like a broadside minotuar. They seem a little to tough at the moment, they should flood and burn like everyone else.
  10. HMAS_Melbourne

    $100 what ships we buying

    You could wait until Christmas time and go for crates. You might get a collection of premium ships and flags and other possibly useful things.
  11. HMAS_Melbourne

    Suggested Rocket plane changes and Midway changes

    The Midway is the carrier I fear most. With a skilled commander they seem to have a far greater impact on the game that the other 2 carriers.
  12. HMAS_Melbourne

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    Maybe one of these could be an end level boss in the halloween missions. That's about the only way I can see them being used in game.
  13. HMAS_Melbourne

    What are your professions?

    Formerly an electrician working on trains. Currently IT manager for software company.
  14. HMAS_Melbourne

    How Many Ships

    280, just a few carriers to get. Probably get them with free xp.
  15. HMAS_Melbourne

    HMS Tiger???

    Not sure there is any way it could mount 15 inch guns. Renown could though and they kept it away from the Bismark. A refitted Tiger might make a decent CV escort though.