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    Personally, not at all, In the Navy I used sentences made of just colorful sentence enhancers.....lol Then when I retired, I grew older and wiser, one could even say matured.. and now don't use them so much anymore......$#%& It..... When something stops being fun....find something that is fun. Perhaps another line or another game. Why get upset over the performance of Pixel boats?

    How do we report Bots?

    Who is the bot......Pirate_Bounty_XXX Lol
  3. No issues here with the server. I had that problem before and it was always my internet provider, not WG Have you done a speed test? Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

    Compensation for downtime

    Thank you WG. Glad you fixed the issue so quickly
  5. No trouble getting wins.... or getting all the daily missions finished every day.....Must be a personal issue with the OP. When I was in the Navy, used to tell the new engineers......"You have to be smarter than the tool you are using".....guess that may still apply....lol

    Changes in availability of several ships

    There are two things people hate...... 1. Change 2. Staying the same...... Perhaps they will replace them with other interesting ships, Rodney instead of Nelson? Have to wait and see what the plan is.
  7. Earning your daily containers. You couldn't do that before
  8. dot com and no VPN funny enough it fixed itself with this last patch. Same time when they dropped the link to the Wiki from the website page. Had a similar issue with Tanks a few years ago that corrected itself after a few patches
  9. One question, ever since the update when I log into the game it is in English, my chosen language. However when I log into the website it defaults to Russian..... and yes took a moment to find where to change it back. Btw thank you for pointing it out in todays news article Now every time I log into the website it comes up Russian. lol Spasibo Comrades
  10. RGINBC

    For those that still have the Moskva

    Just going to keep it, play it everyday so not worth the hassle of demounting and replacing the upgrades. Not for a bit of silver that you can make back in a few battles anyway.
  11. Go to exterior....then camouflage.....it is at the top. Cheers GLHF
  12. RGINBC

    Some teams just can't be carried

    Yes it sad when you lose and still have a higher base Xp than the top member of the winning team
  13. Thank you wargaming for continuing to make this a great game. Verified in a few minutes with no issues. RCN 20 years service. Thanks again And as a Canadian I apologize for all the whiners and malcontents who feel that they are owed. I did my service never expecting a handout or discounts or anything of the like. If and when any gratitude comes it is most certainly welcomed but never expected nor demanded. Bravo Zulu Wargamming and Chieftain for a job well done oh one more question I did ask in my earlier post.....Now when is there going to be a Canadian Tech Tree.....lol Good Start with the Haida btw