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    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    Please see my later post above #45, Sent a ticket to Support and they confirmed while I did not see the drop, it was in fact credited to my account. Support got back to me fairly quickly.

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    For those who may not have received their drop, I submitted a ticket to WG late last night, first thing this morning customer service confirmed I had 5 days premium and 1000 doubloons from the Prime drop. This wasn't shown in game when I logged in and out several times, but was credited to my account. So if for some reason you miss the special effects from the drop, like I did, and don't think it worked. Send in a ticket and they will confirm and let you know what you received. Fairly quickly too I might add. Thanks again Wargaming, free stuff is always appreciated, but good customer service is appreciated even more so.

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    I have tried logging out several times, unlinking twitch and amazon, relinking. Prime shows it as claimed but nothing in game, been over 8 hours so far. Guess SaiOps.....you and I get the booby prize this month.....lol Will be submitting a ticket to WG hope they can help

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    Hmm this month the drop didn't work, logged out and logged in, unlinked and re-linked the accounts and still nothing. Prime shows it claimed but WG nothing. First issue and been collecting trouble free since the start.

    Rare ship encounterd in randoms and ranked.

    Not that rare of a ship, have one as well.

    Navy veterans/active members, what is your story?

    in the Commonwealth, Engineers are still referred as Stokers, especially those who worked with steam.

    Navy veterans/active members, what is your story?

    Loved Puerto Vallarta, another friendly port with great locals, great food.

    Navy veterans/active members, what is your story?

    20 years Royal Canadian Navy. Marine Engineer (Stoker) Decommissioned steam Destroyers HMCS Terra Nova and Nipigon, Air Defense Destroyer HMCS Huron, sailed on Frigates HMCS Winnipeg, Vancouver, Regina. Trained on submarines SSK HMCS Victoria and Windsor. Sailed both Atlantic and Pacific, west coast of South America was my favourite spot to visit (Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico) Friendliest port hands down, St John's Newfoundland, great people
  9. I looked at the first question, and since it is not related to WG nor WOWS in any way, I too closed it out. For a moment was wondering if some Hack occurred either on my account or at WG end.
  10. WG is always doing Military appreciation, just join their Salute program. Exclusives for Military Veterans - World of Warships Salute - News And Announcements - World of Warships official forum Exclusives for Military Veterans - World of Warships Salute | World of Warships
  11. RGINBC

    Commonwealth line when WG?

    Even Commonwealth Carriers.....Magnificent, Warrior, Bonaventure.. Cruisers HMCS Quebec ( ex HMS Uganda, Colony class) and HMCS Ontario (ex HMS Minotaur).... Just to name a few. If we can have a Fantasy BB Yukon....surely they can take some real ships and add them to the game with a unique take for Commonwealth ships
  12. RGINBC

    BUFF for Gibratar

    Uhm hate to disagree, Gibraltar is a beast, really good ship in the right hands.
  13. Awww Kryspy Kream is a great ship, baby Smolensk with a 21 pt Captain, and Hawkins is fun with Jingles as Captain. Worse ship in the game hands down.....Yukon what a POS that thing is. I am surprised anyone would pay cash for that. But each to their own
  14. RGINBC

    Gibralter Reviews?

    I have it, love it. Wrecks DD's and Cruisers. Just be careful and know your surroundings, high citadel. The Smoke is handy but lacks torps if you get pushed. Oh and in a way kinda nice not having to decide what type of ammo to use....Hmmm AP or shall I use AP. Hope you enjoy it, I do
  15. Its great, be patient, spot at first, really good at that. Really shines with the heal that will keep you in the game when a DD is really valuable, mid to end game. Hope you have fun with it