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  1. Loose_

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    DD main here CVs are free kills and RU BBs even more so.
  2. Loose_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    What you don't understand is that I would had said the same thing even if I was a potato. The difference between a unicum and a potato is that a unicum is willing to accept that opinions can be wrong and fact are facts. The reason why I sound so confident is because I am a data scientist in real life, I do data analysis for a living. I can write a whole paper on why server averages mean nothing with linear regression analysis via minitab, but its easier if you just think about it this way: If we were to assume that a low average win rate / damage means the ship is underpowered, then why would WG need to have a balancing department? Why not just buff/nerf all ships until they have near equal win rate / damage? If you want more proof, take a look here: These 2 are the exact same ships, yet one have 10% more win rate and 20k more average damage. Why do you think that is?
  3. Loose_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Stubbornness like this is why the majority of the playerbase will never improve.
  4. Loose_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    The USN playerbase, not the US playerbase People who play American ships and American players are completely different things.
  5. Loose_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    I judge ships based on their parameters. And realistically that is the only way to judge a ship. Server averages doesnt mean anything because the playerbase if different, you have to look at performance by individual players. For example, a unicum doing better in ship X than a potato doing in ship Y doesnt conclude that ship X is better than Y. Buffalo especially applies into this because it is mostly spammed by the USN playerbase, known to be the worst in the game, hence the lower server averages despite being a better ship. This is also why the Stalingrad is the worst T10 cruiser despite it having good averages because it is a exclusive ship and mainly played by unicums and super unicums.
  6. Loose_

    Worst higher tier ship in the game?

    Stat checked it? Its tied with Roon for being the BEST T9 tech tree cruiser and better than the Alaska in just about every meaningful way. The only Cruiser that shines above it at T9 is the Krons. What more can you ask for? Its got really good armor with the 27mm bow allowing you to easily fight the most common BBs like Bismarck/Tirpitz/Richi/Alsace/Monarch It also have a 12 gun alpha with USN super heavy shells, its got the famous hydro+radar combo. To top that off, it also have really good concealment allowing it to get close to dev strike enemy ships, and it have normal cruiser dispersion unlike Alaska.
  7. You shouldnt be running DFAA on Sims Usually the exception is when diving with a CV but there arent any T7 CVs anymore and you shouldnt do an offset div.
  8. The strategic spot is whatever spot I am currently at. Never stay at a single location, the optimal spot changes all the time with the flow of battle.
  9. Loose_

    The 1 mil XP grinding no more.

    Play Clan Battles 30k FXP per game, farms 1 million FXP in a matter of hours
  10. Loose_


    Did you even look at the picture? It reads AVERAGE DAMAGE, not from a single game. My highest damage Sims game is twice as high as my average.
  11. Loose_


    Sims is so weak that I can only do 100 thousand damage a game in it /s Its got the best maneuverability tier for tier of any ship in the game Like Minsk and Leningrad it can easily dodge shells, and even when it have trouble doing so, Sims have the super long USN smoke.
  12. Loose_

    Failing to GK

    Here is what I did so far in the GK. I am not the best GK player on the server, but I am at least the top 1% The key to playing GK is to press P Turn off your secondaries, they do no damage and only bait you into unfavorable situations. Instead, spec into actual useful skills like Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert. Like all ships, the ideal engagement range is just outside of its minimum surface detection range, therefore you want to stay anywhere from 15km to 18km away. Remain in stealth and wait for the right opportunity to strike at broadsides, GK requires patience as it does not have overmatch like Yamato.
  13. Loose_

    Attention WG +1-1 Topic

    Never said +3/-3 is better than our current system. I like the +2/-2 the way it is, however, work should be done on T5 MM caused by the +2/-1
  14. Loose_

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Balance does not care about you and your history.