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  1. DoIphin_Princess

    This isn't fun

    I misunderstood you. Sorry
  2. DoIphin_Princess

    This isn't fun

    It is impossible to face T6 CVs as a T10 in random battles. At least try to make it realistic when you lie.
  3. DoIphin_Princess

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    I thought you were talking about random battles? Yes in clan battles where there is a single battleship limit having the ability to create cross fire is important. But there is no such thing as "worst cruiser in clan battles", every cruiser have a role and are chosen accordingly.
  4. DoIphin_Princess

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    First of all, the concealment alone would be able to compensate for those advantages. Think about it, Stalingrad have worse concealment than Yamato/Montana/Kurfurst/Republic/Conqueror And all of the battleships have even more hp, even bigger guns (that have overmatch on cruisers), and even better armor. Stalingrad have worse turning circle than all the battleships as well. As a matter of fact, it turns just as bad a Midway and Hakuryu. Yet it does not have the advantages that a cruiser bring to the table in terms of DPM. In fact, Stalingrad have worse DPM than some T7 Cruisers Oh also it have a citadel bigger than that of Minotaur Its a ship, with all the weaknesses of a Battleship (size, concealment, turning, RoF), without the strengths of a Battleship (HP, Overmatch, AP alpha) And for its class, "Cruiser", it doesnt have the strengths of a cruiser in DPM yet it has a Cruiser's weakness of citadels
  5. DoIphin_Princess

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    You forgot to put Stalingrad as an option. Its pretty much the worst T10 for having the most extreme and exploitable weaknesses.
  6. I actually want to know, why do people care if a ship was real or paper. If WOWS was modern warfare, then I can understand the excitement of commanding a real weapon, and thus get the feel of "what if you were in control in the outbreak of a war" But none of the ships in game are in service today, so why does the fact that it existed 60 years ago or not have any impact on your enjoyment of the game?
  7. DoIphin_Princess

    Why do you play Ranked?

    Surprised "For the prestige" is that low on the vote count At this point I really see no reason to play ranked at all besides the Rank 1 symbol
  8. DoIphin_Princess

    Amazing Skills?

    Here is the top 10 Buffalo players on NA As you can see, they all average around 110k and have more than 66% win rate
  9. DoIphin_Princess

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    I will, once again, explain why +2/-2 is healthy for the game: Now, many players think that the downside of +1/-1 MM is the queue time, this isnt the case at all. Sure it isnt fun for anyone to sit in queue but the majority of players will be willing to sacrifice a minute or two for a better matchmaking. But, +1/-1 MM isnt better, it is worse, A LOT worse World of warships have a very repetitive gameplay, the re-freshness comes from facing a variety of ships (and they do not get released nearly as often as other popular game releases their new content). Lets say you are grinding your T8 ship, with +1/-1 you can only see 3 different tiers instead of 5, and for a normal player at least 70-100 games is needed to grind the ship. That is extreme repetitive gameplay to say the least. A large part of the fun also comes from being challenged and doing well in the face of a disadvantage. Getting better at the game is fun, improving yourself is fun, facing challenges is also fun. In WOWS your ship doesnt respawn, you can only do so much in a game. Being top tier in +2/-2 allows even the average player to get in some amazing games and achieve what is greater than their normal potential can take them because they are given an advantage. Getting krackens and achievements is fun, and +2/-2 allows players that normally wouldnt have the ability to get such a game to do so.
  10. DoIphin_Princess

    Destroyers would be the most overpowered ship type

    They make the best bait
  11. DoIphin_Princess

    Destroyers would be the most overpowered ship type

    As a superunicum if I have to give advice to a DD player in a single phrase: Dont sail into caps, dont go near them, dont listen to the potatoes telling you to cap.
  12. The process is managed by a human, so it is subjective. Higher tier games are much more likely to get made into a video, along with multiple-achievement games. Additionally, "special" games like having 500 secondary hits or 100 plane kills also tend to be made into videoes. The main focus is on the overall result of the battle, so replays where there is a funny or epic moment in game are not likely be made (unless the epic moment translates to a lot of damage/kills/achievements)
  13. DoIphin_Princess

    Monster Monday - Dominating the Seas

    Somehow, its the Emerald Oh god I wish I can un-see that
  14. DoIphin_Princess

    Reccomended USN CL/CA builds?

    Heavy Cruisers: PT -> AR -> SI -> CE -> DE -> EM -> SE Light Cruisers: PT -> AR -> DE -> CE -> IFHE -> SI -> JoAT