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  1. EyelessCr0w

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Back before they introduced another DD line I used to make very competitive cred payouts in my Kamikaze R, mainly due to the monster games I'd get. Kraken, High caliber, confed 3-4 games in a row now there are just so many DDs to contest with instead of lumbering stupid BBs. I think I got to 900k credits each time but that was with flags. I think I've broken 2million in missouri before. But even if I suck and lose I still make about 900k
  2. Thanks I did this when I got home. I DID do this at my lunch but it just went straight to the store. All is good now.
  3. Anyone not get the 2 free crates? When I logged in a window wanted to open but sat spinning for 10 minutes till I finally closed it. Only crates were ones I bought, checked it against my purchases.
  4. 28 opened I did NOT seem to get the free gifts...I did what it said to do and the page just never loaded. Either I didn't get those, or I did and I didn't get 2 gifts I paid for.. I should have just loaded in first and opened the two. Bought 20 big gifts 1 Mega gift 5 Gifts Krasy Krym...yaaaay... Okt. which I swore I had unless I sold it for some dumb reason Warspite... yaaaaay...never really been interested in her Ashitaka....No clue, hadn't heard of this ship before I saw it. For a second I thought it was an asashio and thought cool at least I can do the 2500 doubloons missions...nope 7500 coal something like 5k doubloons maybe 100 wyvern (lets go mighty MO) 15 dragon 58 streamer camo bunch of other flags and stuff. Not sure if happy with returns or not.
  5. EyelessCr0w

    Flamu just opened 60 crates.....and got...

    Yeah, the one year I didn't have the money for it. Bought maybe the smaller package. Now I could just do whatever but these have been a waste of money ever since that year. Black Friday containers gave a pretty good return. I will not be buying these...maybe one small amount to just have some fun but not be too angry if I get nothing.
  6. I bought 24, I forgot to list all that I got but I made out like a bandit, got all 4 ships (already had all but Asashio so that was 3x2500 missions) Tons of free xp something like 70something days of premium lots of the black camo, which I didn't mind. Ended up with 10k doubloons and bought the loyang.
  7. EyelessCr0w

    Amazing SC

    I don't get much from SC, I had a run of good luck maybe a month and a half ago? Or two months? We had some event where we got SC and on top of that all three of my daily crates were SC. I thought it was because of the event but nope, just luck...luck that I used up on those 3 drops, not their contents lol. All of them including the event ones were crap, the final one made it okay though as it was the Prinz Eugen.
  8. EyelessCr0w

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    One thing I've noticed that whenever I see a large group of clan members on either team that sync dropped...they are absolutely just...awful. I've seen maybe one group that just stomped the enemy team, usually everyone who ISN'T part of the clan tops the team score, just like the pic in this thread.
  9. EyelessCr0w

    Musings of a Turkey

    I only got one turkey and I can't remember the number. He was in a Mass, I was in a Mass. I got him before dd took me out. Just wanted to see what I would get. I don't even actually know what I got come to think of it.
  10. EyelessCr0w

    Getting Back Unspent Doubloons

    I got a refund when I accidentally bought premium time and Massachusetts on an old account somehow a month ago. They just refunded to my credit card though so I dunno.
  11. I bought the 24 pack, I think it was 24 right? I mean I hesitated at the cost but man I got all 4 ships, already had 3 of the regulars so that was 30 250 doubloon missions, plus I got fairly lucky on all of the other stuff so I made WELL over the cost of the crates if I had gone in any other direction. Was well worth it for me.
  12. EyelessCr0w

    SO, some of you are psychic.

    Would you like to know more?
  13. Try being yelled at for not yoloing into the cap with your Khaba, happens once every few games. Also, can someone explain to me why shimas are always on my nuts when I'm in my khaba? Is this some tactical decision I am missing? Because it happens a lot...they just float RIGHT behind me.
  14. EyelessCr0w


    I txt them to a buddy of mine. Maybe they do something similar and that's why they are with a phone. It's not like you can't see EXACTLY the same information than with a screenshot.
  15. EyelessCr0w

    Good job MM LOL.

    With the Harugumo, Worcester, and Minotaur I think it's time for a battleship. Surely there was a battleship even in paper form that had its canons replaced with cruiser guns. I would pay for that just to see the sheer number of shells going out from primaries and secondaries. Can't do high alpha damage but good luck getting close to it haha.