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  1. EyelessCr0w

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    So your argument that BBs not being OP is that other BBs (which I am calling OP) can counter them...okay. DDs can sink them, DDs can also sink carriers - point is what exactly? You're calling carriers op and bbs not op CAs can burn them - yes you're right they CAN damage them, they can even burn them down over many minutes of sustained shelling and fires...you got me. That totally counters the claim that a single click of a button can delete any cruiser in the game the vast majority at any angle and any distance. My point was that you are making up stories about a carrier having the ability to wipe out your BB in a single flight of planes with most of your health left being an issue. But it's not an issue when the ship you are talking about playing...can do the EXACT same thing almost every single game but that is okay but the ability of a carrier doing that is somehow wrong (even though it can't), Your armament cannot be shot out of the sky, the carriers can be.
  2. My Missouri does JUST fine at this thank you very much
  3. EyelessCr0w

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    This didn't happen, you either got detonated or you are not remembering correctly or lying. This is what pisses me off about anti-cv comments. Majority of them are ridiculous exaggerations like this one. The only ship that can really even approach this anyway is a tier 10. Anything below that can almost be ignored. I am NEVER worried about an enemy carrier killing me with the exception of being crippled where any other ship can kill me easier. Let me ask you this, say your fantastical scenario did happen. Why is it OP for that situation to occur where you can avoid it by not being alone and having overlapping AA where you can for all intents and purposes shoot the armament out of the sky, and it is NOT OP for a Battleship to do this to literally any ship in the game with the exception of dds due to protections on a basis of about every game? Explain that too me. Is it because one is happening to you and the other is you doing it to other players? I don't understand the logic here. My opinion is battleships are by far and large the more OP of the two ship types. Outside of detonations how many dev strikes do carriers make vs battleships? How many times do carriers take 50-75% of a ships hp with a single hit? Both are capable of striking targets from across the map. I'll wait for you to call my points exaggerations too, too bad they happen about every match. Yours just doesn't at all because it's statistically impossible outside of a det.
  4. EyelessCr0w

    Help! How do I get 25 more ironium

    I think the only thing you can do is buy one of those missions for 5k doubloons. finishing one of those gives 200 something Ironium I think. Is 5k doubloons worth having a legendary upgrade without the grind is the question you will have to ask yourself.
  5. Anything below tier X carriers I am never worried about. They absolutely suck, AA can rip them apart and if there is at minimum 2 ships making an AA bubble HAHAHAHA. Even if they manage to make runs against you it knocks very little HP off of you. I view carriers as wasted slots, especially at tier 4 and 6. Their best damage games are going to be average games for everyone else. At tier 8 they start to get a little bit better however if you get uptiered you are relegated to spotting and bottom of the score board. Sure you can have good games if enough AA gets destroyed but you probably could have done much better in any other ship with guns if your team is hitting the enemy that hard. And they put a limit on BBs because people complained about them at one point. Why is it that when a carrier gets lucky takes a few thousand HP off you from across the map with planes that can easily be shotdown and rendered useless it's OP garbage!!! When a BB actually deletes you from across the map nobody bats an eye, and you're usually always broadside to one somewhere seeing as how there is 5 per side. The only thing I will agree with is the root of this thread and that I can't imagine it's much fun playing DDs anymore. Might grind up to groz after I finish my grind to Henri
  6. EyelessCr0w

    20 Air Supply Containers Results

    enterprise graf zepplin Kaga Saipan 20 sci fi 20 sci fi 20 wyvern 12500 coal 12500 coal 20 ouroboros 20 sci fi 20 wyvern 12500 coal 20 leviathan 12500 coal 20 scifi 20 hydra 20 scyllia 20 sci fi 20 red dragon
  7. EyelessCr0w

    20x Air Supply = Terrible

    here is my x20 (not in order of pull, put carriers at top) enterprise graf zepplin Kaga Saipan 20 sci fi 20 sci fi 20 wyvern 12500 coal 12500 coal 20 ouroboros 20 sci fi 20 wyvern 12500 coal 20 leviathan 12500 coal 20 scifi 20 hydra 20 scyllia 20 sci fi 20 red dragon
  8. EyelessCr0w

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I feel like the only cvs that are anything are tier X. I've tried playing 4 and 6 and I just can't do it. I made it to 8 and played 1 game in the lexington before I sold them all. I was in my iowa today and an implacable made multiple carpet bomb runs on me fully the length of my ship, perfect drops. He did MAYBE 250 damage to me and I'm being generous. He launched torpedo bombers that were obliterated before they could drop and his bombers dropped, 3-4 runs on me and I heard all the bombs hit and I was puckering from the sound...arguably call it a scratch, didn't cause a fire, nothing. He got nothing for his time and effort, nothing. I came upon his ship sitting lifeless as I assume he understandably ragequit. Maybe it's different at tier X but nothing about any of the carriers is fun at 4 or 6. I have played "bad" ships grinding up lines but an entire line that made me so frustrated and angry about being 100% active, spotting, landing quite a lot of strikes with every armament and being near bottom of the board...every...freaking...time. I get nothing for spotting, I can't really defend against the other carrier, my damage is negligible and many times ships ignore me unless I am in a torpedo bomber in which case battleships don't try to maneuver, because I do jack all. If I do manage to cause fires and set myself up for another attack to actually earn damage, the target is usually near dead by the time I get planes back to said target. Carriers seem to prime targets for floodings and fires but don't really get to reap any of the benefits for doing so I've found. As I said maybe this is different at tier X.
  9. EyelessCr0w

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    BB: Missouri:143 CA/CL: Belfast:183 Carrier: N/A DD: Kamikaze R:174 I clearly like clubbing. I just wish I had the GZ pre changes and Nikolai to really make this a clubbers list lol
  10. It has been my experience (up to 8 at which point I sold every damned carrier I had the ability to sell) that almost every ship, at least the vast majority, has strong aa. I am also talking about continuous, not flak. Planes melt around dds just as easy as they do around battleships. Nothing about any of the carrier lines is fun. Maybe it's different at tier 10. But up to tier 8, there wasn't a single time I played carriers and thought "Wow this is great!" It wasn't that I hated the gameplay, it was that there was absolutely zero reward for any effort. Even in great games. It was so painful to play, there is also so much latent CV hatred from before the patch and from DDs now that you can't criticize them and comment on it without getting "git gud" as a response, which is exactly what this OP is about. Never played a single game as the carrier but telling other players how to be better in them.
  11. EyelessCr0w

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Everyone has ships that just don't work for them. For me that was the Gneisenau. That ship just never wanted to work for me at all. The guns were the worse I've ever shot in this game. No matter what range I fired the shells would find themselves hitting all around the target like a cartoon where someone shoots at someone and the bullet holes make an outline of the target. I was able to do work with the Furutaka and Schors. I absolutely loved those ships for different reasons. Been a long time since I've played them but Furrytaco could citadel battleships and bounce their shells and delete cruisers like a BB, Schors was a glass jawed flamethrower. On many occasions I had reds get infuriated because I would set them on fire bow to stern and do it all over again once their repair was over. It seemed like every game I had witherer and arsonist in that thing. I mention those two ships because I always hear how much they suck, including this thread. Some ships people love that I suck in. It is what it is. I will say this however, the most useless ship for me that I despise playing now is tier 4 6 and 8 carriers (never made it to 10). Absolutely useless aside from spotting (yay for being bottom of them team even if you spot all game) I just sold off everything regarding carriers.
  12. EyelessCr0w

    What can you do?

    Meanwhile I've seen divs and sync dropped clans comprising half the enemy team absolutely suck.
  13. EyelessCr0w

    Weekend spree

    Trying to grind up to Montana and I am in my North Carolina. Grumpy because I am in a tier X match...I then detonate a near full HP Zao and turn around to citadel a Hinden numerous times. I really couldn't bellyache as the game was throwing me some love. On a side note I didn't get to play much as I was visiting the Seattle area seeing if I wanted to move there and I think I'll pass.
  14. EyelessCr0w

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Back before they introduced another DD line I used to make very competitive cred payouts in my Kamikaze R, mainly due to the monster games I'd get. Kraken, High caliber, confed 3-4 games in a row now there are just so many DDs to contest with instead of lumbering stupid BBs. I think I got to 900k credits each time but that was with flags. I think I've broken 2million in missouri before. But even if I suck and lose I still make about 900k
  15. Thanks I did this when I got home. I DID do this at my lunch but it just went straight to the store. All is good now.