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  1. PercyPercy1

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    How about this? If you look closely you will see that, in a battleship (Missouri), I managed to get credit for damaging my own ship. That's got to be unusual. I thought it was impossible for any ship but a CV to team-damage themselves. Apparently, I shot up one of my own AA modules.
  2. When you use the shell follow camera (z-key), upon returning the camera to your ship after the shells hit (ship(s) or water), it forgets where the camera was and places your view at max zoom out. If you were in binocular mode (shift-key) when you started the shell following camera, then this does not occur, instead it returns you to binocular mode and upon exiting binocular mode (shift-key again) it returns you to the correct zoom you had previously set. So... I think this is a bug, but... WG Tech Support says: "Thank you for contacting Player Support. It`s not a mistake. This is a part of the game's implementation and we are sorry that it doesn't meet your expectations." Now, obviously, WG can make their game any way they want to, but I think it's odd that they would intentionally designed-in a non-self-consistent feature. I'm interested in the community opinion on two points: Do you believe the game designers intentionally programmed in two separate zoom return set-points, or (in your opinion) did the first-line tech support person who replied to my ticket make a mistake and/or not consult the right programmers? Separately, if it were to be proven to be an intentional choice (a feature not a bug), do you believe WG should change that choice and make it either 1) Always return to the zoom level the player chose, or 2) Always return to fully zoomed out, or, should they stick with the current game behavior? What do people think? Test it out yourselves, then give your opinion. Thanks
  3. PercyPercy1

    Be warned: Not all your captain skills get reset

    They added the reset all captains' skills page. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/resetting-skills-for-all-commanders/ You can only do it once though. After that, it's manually resetting each captain, one by one again, if you change your mind about the way you reassign skills in the future.
  4. PercyPercy1

    Public Test 0.9.10

    Cool concept, poor implementation. Specifically, very poor explanation about how the new gamemode works. We are supposed to get a key from killing special monsters. OK, what do they look like; how do I distinguish them from normal monsters? (Killed many many monsters, did not find one key, so I assume either I never found a key monster, or the notification that you have a key is way too subtle.) Explain the new weapons. How do we know what to dodge and how to react if we don't know what blue waves, or similar things coming at us, are? (In one battle I got hit by three blue waves with no effect, so I assumed they were some non damaging ability another ship type had. Then poof, 4th wave hit and I went from full HP to dead, instantly.) I still have no idea how that weapon works. It's just not fun in the current state. You wander around seeing no enemies for many minutes at a time, with no idea what you are looking for or what you should be trying to do. (Other than "get a key" which you have no idea how to actually accomplish.) I won't be playing this gamemode on the live server if there are not significant improvements to upfront explanation of the gamemode mechanics and improvements to remove the long stretches of boring nothingness that currently pervade what might have been a good game play option if it were better thought out. Hopefully the feedback from the PTS testing will allow this gamemode to be revised into a good enjoyable option. As it, it's not that.
  5. PercyPercy1

    Container Suggestions

    Has anyone notices that the logo on the try your luck containers is made of invalid dice? It would be a simple fix to change the logo to dice that follow the "opposite faces add to 7" rule.
  6. PercyPercy1

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So it's basically a means for veteran players to exchange Free XP for OP premium ships. (Already exists; called Armory) They will rest, play one match in each tier and Free XP to the next one. In one day they will be back to T10. (Had someone in a match the other day tell me he had 4 million + Free XP, with nothing to spend it on.) If they are going to do this, at least make it so you only get the Research Points if you grind the ships: if you use Free XP, no research points. That would at least accomplish the stated goal of getting more people playing lower tier ships. Otherwise it's yet another case of haves and have nots.