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  1. OP triggers easily, barely noticed the dockyard since event ended.
  2. 1SneakyDevil

    American BB Update Needed

    There would be global flooding if they got their historical main battery accuracy. Game times would need to be extended though.
  3. 1SneakyDevil


    Henri has always been a very strong ship with the ability to burn ships down from BB like range depending on which upgrades you choose. It has a better win rate (51.15% vs 49.91%) and better average damage (84.6k vs 81.3k) while having a significantly longer base reload time. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/compare/?id[0]=4179539792&id[1]=3655251408 For ships with over 100k battles these are 2nd and 4th respectively in average damage. So some tweaks may come down the road for Smolensk.
  4. 1SneakyDevil

    Admitting when one is wrong is a strength.....

    Well said, that's pretty much the blueprint on how to play her effectively. Once those fires get going it really pisses the BBs off.
  5. 1SneakyDevil

    Admitting when one is wrong is a strength.....

    Are you complaining about getting the Krispy Kreme? You have no idea what your missing if that's your reaction.
  6. 1SneakyDevil

    This patch is rather underwhelming.....

    Directive 1 - mixed of random/coop and randon/coop/scenario/clan battles. There's also a base exp one that's randon/scenario only. Directive 2 - mostly random/coop & the base exp random/scenario one. There's also 2 that require either the new Pan-Asian ships or new UK cruisers. Directive 3 & 4 - similar to #2
  7. 1SneakyDevil

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Agree that this was occurring way before PR. It started a long time ago when players stopped being concerned about learning the game and just wanted to race up the tiers to get the bigger ships. Dumb player base = bad random play. You could see this coming when these forums went from a great place to discuss the game and get information to the whine fest it continues to be today.
  8. 1SneakyDevil

    Paying for orders crap

    You have the option of credits or dubloons but I think it defaults to credits.
  9. 1SneakyDevil

    Ridiculous underdamage

    Maybe he's not the juggernaut he thinks he is
  10. 1SneakyDevil

    Frustrating and Funny.

    Did you hover over the target hits ribbon to see how many penned vs non-pen, ricochet, etc. Have to think you had a lot of non-pens to barely get any damage or hit a lot of their AA and secondary mounts.
  11. 1SneakyDevil

    I can take a hint.

    It's not hard to adjust to the changes & I try to help the teams I'm on where I can. I was playing DD in one OP and all 3 BBs started to follow me to the 1st CV. I told them that they needed to stay with Raptor and escort. I was told to STFU because they knew how to play their ships. So they help kill the 1st CV and 2 mins later Raptor died. As Raptor was dying one of them realized the gravity of their error in coms and the defeat screen appeared 5 seconds later. You literally can't make this stupidity up. The game has been taken over by players who have no desire to learn strategy. So while the game itself may not be on a downward spiral yet the quality of play has been for several years now.
  12. 1SneakyDevil

    I can take a hint.

    Don't know why but I've noticed the player IQ in Ops has dropped considerably. - BBs running out of position so they can sink 1st CV. - CVs refusing to spot the 2 CVs in the Op - Cruisers sitting way back in the repair circle fully healthy instead of being towards front to kill the DDs and Raptor gets sunk. - Players dying in the first engagement as you head to Raptor It's like they have no clue anymore how to play these Ops and those that do have to carry everything.
  13. 1SneakyDevil

    Raptor Rescue is the most engaging scenario event

    I've had multiple BBs follow my DD or cruiser to kill that 1st CV and each time Raptor dies. I even tell them it's going to happen because they are out of position and I'm told I'm clueless. Then Raptor dies a few minutes later. It's a fairly easy Op. Focus fire the ships and escort Raptor. The fact that so many can screw it up is mind boggling.