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  1. Game Change Suggestion

    1. We really don't need more colors. The pink is now that the player received a warning of some sort and I've seen nothing in game where players are automatically assuming the pink player killed his own team. 2. Getting pulled into higher level matches is the down side of a fail div. You can't pull the higher tier ship into the battle and break the division. In your example, MM pulled another fail div onto the other team so it all balanced out.
  2. Some General Right Of Way Etiquette

    Last time someone told me bigger ship has the right of way in a match I said great then you're leading the way into the cap and suddenly they changed their mind...rofl
  3. User using illegal mod

    The salt is real, now for more popcorn
  4. Radar

    I've been focusing on my cruiser play for clan battles so grinding up several lines has taken time away from DDs lately. However, in radar heavy matches I tell the DDs to spot and torp rather than cap at the outset. No reason to get them killed in first 5 minutes when they can cap after some of the radar has been removed. Unfortunately, my philosophy is in the minority, many players still expect DDs to charge straight into their death instead of understanding that the radar heavy meta calls for an adjustment.
  5. Radar

    So you think because you've spent a few dollars you deserve more credence....rofl...you have one premium ship from a mission so that means you've spent on some premium time, doubloons or flags. Hardly anything to brag about. If you want more credence then come to forums with something useful and contribute to the conversation rather than make comments like you have. I play plenty of DD and can survive just fine with the current radar meta. It's an arcade game not a simulator so nothing will ever be prefect but then again nothing in war ever is is it.
  6. Radar

    Another one who thinks that because he's dropped some money into the game his opinion counts more...rofl Many of us who play DD have adapted for a long time. It's not radar that is the issue, it's a situational awareness thing.
  7. Where's the Missouri?

    You did but later on in your post. If you started with that you wouldn't have everyone thinking you're out of the loop. Given how long it was offered and they have several free XP ships available now I'd guess maybe end of the year at the earliest.
  8. Grrrrrrr

    Hmm, so you never had a chance to put out the brie and wine? Tragic truly tragic...lol

    At least 50% of the random matches I play end in 8-10 minutes so this is not abnormal behavior.

    Confirmation bias? Every time there's a new mission these threads pop up but honestly poor play happens all the time not just when these missions come out. Frankly I think people pay attention more during these missions cause it's slowing them down from completing them.

    OP overreacts like a petulant child to everything and always throws out there he spends lots of money like that will change something...lol.
  12. It's simple OP most newer players don't learn what each BB line is best suited for so they see the range and sit back. Then they come to forums to complain about dispersion, RNG, etc that their BB suffers from. It's been the meta for quite some time now. Also, throw in that cruiser & DD players don't work in unison with any BB that pushes and it further entrenches this behavior. The game isn't broken the player base is broken.
  13. Weaselly Customer Support

    It was 5 camo that didn't give you much bonus (American Alley-Op). You didn't miss much.
  14. How do I contest Pink?

    Play it off and move on. You're responsible for any team damage you did.