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  1. 1SneakyDevil

    Premium Shop Rip Off Thievery!

    Each account is separate, there is nothing that links them together for you to receive a cumulative purchase award. So you were not robbed of anything. It only shows that you were greedy and got butthurt when it didn't work to your expectation.
  2. 1SneakyDevil

    Premium Shop Rip Off Thievery!

    You can have a WG account and Steam account. This was discussed a long time ago.
  3. Team battles was replaced by clan battles.
  4. 1SneakyDevil

    I am now PINK!

    Man I clicked on this hoping the OP had like a rare skin condition or something unique...oh well it's another one of those threads
  5. 1SneakyDevil

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    I don't seem to have too many issues firing torps and in the rare instance where they do catch a teammate I don't come to forums to blame the other guy...lol
  6. 1SneakyDevil

    Special Event End Warnings

    Welcome to fourms, reading the patch notes eliminates this from happening.
  7. 1SneakyDevil

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Doesn't sound like a clear shot if anyone is able to drive into your torps.
  8. 1SneakyDevil

    Where are my "Go Navy" coins?

    That event ended awhile ago. You're way late with this type of thread.
  9. 1SneakyDevil

    T8 MM again

    T8s if they ain't seal-clubbing T6s then they are whining MM isn't fair.
  10. 1SneakyDevil

    AP bombs

    Aww, such a nice butthurt response. Most of us who play BBs have experienced this but few of us cry about it.
  11. 1SneakyDevil

    AP bombs

    Show us on the model where the nasty CV reached out and touched you inappropriately. #BBabiesAreMeTooWhoKnewIt
  12. 1SneakyDevil

    "Win battles and earn ____ base XP"

    So you choke when a win condition is present...hmmm.
  13. 1SneakyDevil

    Server Overload

    Just got it after taking a short break from ranked.
  14. 1SneakyDevil

    continuous fire

    There are captain skills and upgrades for this type of stuff...just saying
  15. If you didn't research the B hull on Seattle it is added to the research price for the Worcester since researching Seattle B hull is a requirement to obtaining the Worcester.