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  1. 1SneakyDevil


    Coop isn't designed for the achievements earned in random/ranked play.
  2. Incorrect because you have blinders on. If you allow one class to be opt out then others will demand the same. - BBs will cry they shouldn't have to battle DDs they can't see. - Cruisers will cry they shouldn't have to battle BBs that can one shot them. - DDs will complain about facing all the radar and they shouldn't have to face cruisers. - Then potato BB players will cry that they shouldn't have to face unicums so on and so forth. That's why it will never happen.
  3. 1SneakyDevil

    An April Fool's Joke

    Only logical explanation I have since getting enough tokens to claim the Skane tonight. Almost every match is like this - a total joke.
  4. 1SneakyDevil

    Match Maker....AGAIN

    lmbo...that's a defeatist attitude. A smart player will have different strategies for being top or bottom tier. As bottom tier the longer you stay alive AND deal damage the more you influence the match and get a victory. To boot your XP will be even greater than as top tier because of the ships you are damaging. So learn how to play a different style as the bottom tier and be that factor in the back half of the match.
  5. 1SneakyDevil

    Match Maker....AGAIN

    So you are upset with the fact that you can earn more XP while being bottom tier so you can get to those camos quicker?
  6. 1SneakyDevil

    WoWS Tower Defense

    You win the internet for the day.
  7. MM only matches ships by tier and class. You are supposed to bring the skill by understanding your ships strengths and weaknesses and how they play to the map assigned. Additionally, your situational awareness or lack thereof often decides how much of the battle you play and potential damage you can deal to the enemy.
  8. 1SneakyDevil

    Player Base Intelligence

    Yep, yesterday we had a guy in random playing Yudachi. He had 20 random games and 89 coop games to his credit. Also, barely any games in a DD. Start of match he runs behind the BBs and then across the map. As only one of two DDs, he basically f'ed his side of the map and was the lowest XP earner. There is no more learning the game, it's just drive, shoot & miss, then die from many of these players. Even if constructive advice is given the comment inevitably is "it's just a game, who cares". The icing on the cake is when they start coming to forums and complaining that the game is rigged against them.
  9. 1SneakyDevil

    Call [edited] in game play

    There are so many game mechanics that come into play here. Angling, damage saturation, area of the ship hit, shell type, and RNG to start with. Without a replay no one can say it is bad RNG, your aiming, positioning, etc. So either post a YouTube video of a match for us to look at or the replay file that's in the game folders.
  10. 1SneakyDevil

    Call [edited] in game play

    Claims conspiracy posts no replays to back up claims. We're going to need double the popcorn now!! Doubt it's the game and more you're understanding of it's mechanics.
  11. 1SneakyDevil


    Finish grinding your T8s and T9 and you'll have several T10s. Then you won't miss out. I'd also suggest playing several tech tree lines because sometimes directives or rewards are nation specific.
  12. 1SneakyDevil

    Mission Code

    Code not working any longer.
  13. Code not working any longer.
  14. 1SneakyDevil

    luls April Fools map

    My wish has come true, they just need to widen the channel a little more.
  15. 1SneakyDevil


    Yeah same here