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  1. Matchmaker. Seriously.

    Seems like OP already lost the game by looking at stats and pre-determining the outcome. Plus we don't know from that screen what role divisions played in the distribution of players. I'm not familiar with MM Monitor but the screen shot looks like it only takes into account the player's rating in that particular ship. Meanwhile the player could be very good overall. I would love to see the final battle report to match those ships performance against what OP provided to see how it really played out.
  2. MM and Radar

    MM is rather basic as it looks at ship class and tiers. They tried a long time ago to have MM not put 3-4 Clevelands on one side (pre-radar) since it was death for CV operations and the HE spam was deadly. While it worked better after many patches it seemed to not work any more. Radar is a consumable and MM isn't built to look at consumables. Additionally, for some ships radar is an option not a fixed consumable so that would add more complexity. Many players would like to see the MM updated for many different reasons but this doesn't really seem to be a priority for them. EDIT - Also, when MM is more one-sided with radar your team should make deleting those ships the first priority towards winning the match. If not, then your team has made it one-sided by their poor decision making.
  3. ship stuck on island, cant back off when bow on

    Sometimes it takes a long time steering like you did before you can get off that invisible obstacle. You just got to keep at it until you're off of it.
  4. Operations AI Cheats?

    You were spotted by satellite from space.
  5. Aircraft hack or bad bug.

    Welcome to advanced carrier operations!!!
  6. Feedback requested

    Seems to be a bit over the top to just drop you like that with no discussion or anything. QP's loss will be another clan's gain. Players like you are always welcome in Fifth Dimension.
  7. Ship sniper?? You average 0.4 kills per game and per death. Where does the sniper part come in to this discussion? If you are being targeted it is because you are not angling your ships properly and are easy to damage farm.
  8. If he rammed you then yes he was a torpedo otherwise UI bug.
  9. AFK solution

    I just find it hard to believe that the OP had 26 AFKs in 10 games without screenshots. I've played 9 games today with 1-2 AFKs between both sides. I think people include many things that would not be considered AFK in the true sense when they write these threads.
  10. I usually wait until I have enough duplicates to complete the collection so that way you don't wind up with a duplicate of something you purchased with duplicates.
  11. A Change in Approach

    OP has a 57% win rate and decent stats for a BB main. Sounds like he's trolling.
  12. I finished the collection yesterday with 2 crates to spare but only got the T5 BB out of all those crates. The good thing is you only need 3 duplicates to purchase a missing collection piece. That's much better than the 5 needed in the HSF collection.
  13. Suggestion of new game modes

    Just agree to disagree and move on
  14. Kancerkaze Infestation This Weekend

    Thank you I was going to post exactly this. OP is too lazy to check the wiki to see that is the case.
  15. Suggestion of new game modes

    Yeah you snowflakes think whining gets you somewhere. Can't deal with DDs or CVs then go to co-op or better yet the training room and have your BB only battles. As you can see there's no need for a class only mode or more like you would be all over this thread demanding it.