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  1. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    Yes they contain steel...1500 of it.
  2. Supercontainers - ad naseum

    Steel, ships, doubloons...they are all in there
  3. Lopsided Scores: What's up?

    Maybe OP is finally surviving long enough in matches that he's actually seeing the end of them now...lol Sorry....couldn't resist Blasto
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Hey OP there's no technology in the era or today that allows a DD to fire off 100 torpedoes or DDs to survive a full broadside of BB shells for example. It's an arcade game not everything is going to work like real life.
  5. I keep getting booted

    In addition to team damage the current penalty system is designed to punish players who leave battles early because they don't like the match up. However, the program can't determine if someone left the battle on purpose before they died or it ended versus a disconnect or slow load. So you get penalized as well. It's 2 games typically so nothing to get worked up over.
  6. bad managment

    Bye Felicia
  7. Just as many pink players are the result of disconnects, etc that have nothing to do with damage. So an even dumber idea when you think about that.
  8. Can I take the survey again?

    In game voice chat would be more toxic than the current system and it looks like you'd be subjected to a heavy dose of it. If you think a group of highly skilled players can't impact a battle with 3 players you'll certainly see a match tilted once you start letting more into the same division.
  9. I had a battle last night where I had to spot 9 torpedoes. The screen flashed that 8/9 were achieved when I had just driven through a full load of Shima torps. Then with no torps near me suddenly I completed the mission...lol. The delay is real.
  10. Did the last one occur as the game was ending? If not, then I got no idea why it didn't register.
  11. Enhanced Match Making

    You're doing something very wrong if you're "angled" in an NC and a Moskva can take you out in 3 savlos. Please provide a replay. Ok if you say so, the player that wants to learn will realize they need to adapt and focus different ships when they are the bottom tier especially early in the game. The lazy player will always blame everything but themselves. Yes they did this by protecting Tiers 3 & 4 and those new players hit T5 crying all over forums. You can't protect every tier and expect players to have any clue how to actually play the game at T10 suddenly. T10 is bad enough already since so many have failed their way up there that the majority of teams are filled with bad players that have no situational awareness, lack any understanding of how to make an impact on the match, when to take damage (god forbid) instead of running away, etc. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  12. Enhanced Match Making

    Hate to break it to you but various T9 ships can easily delete T8 ships so that won't really change. Same with various BBs at T8 and T7. Bottom tier is supposed to teach you valuable lessons on how to adapt your play style to different situations. Trying to limit or eliminate that won't make you a better player when you get to tier 10 just more cannon fodder.
  13. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    You can easily do 8-12k damage with AP to a DD at close range. Hell I dev striked a Khaba for 26k with my Yammy from about 10-12km. So AP is a bit broken because I rarely ever change from it now when I see a DD.
  14. Operations rewards

    They should be awarded immediately
  15. Super Containers

    I still get them but they come in bunches then a bit of a dry spell.