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  1. Buying the ship doesn't make you special. WG has been clear on this from day one with many other missions, etc.
  2. I haven't played much of ranked because I don't have the time and the reset makes it not worth it. But to call it discrimination is just crazy. Games change and evolve all the time. They are not going to stop because some may not be able to play like they used to.
  3. 1SneakyDevil

    verizon bogus signup

    Did you check the dates for that offer?
  4. 1SneakyDevil

    Less coal in containers?

    Been getting plenty of two coal drops, usually one per day. Maybe I'm taking yours.
  5. 1SneakyDevil

    Unbelievable RNGeezus!!!!!

    You got a better shot of pulling a rare ship out of the Santa crates than him actually providing the video.
  6. 1SneakyDevil

    Todays Advent "quest"

    Oh snap, the cat's out of the bag now.
  7. 1SneakyDevil

    From rigged santa containers

    Must be COVID affecting the brain for this many people to never realize it's always been this way or they just want to be SJW now.
  8. Got the big prize in the 2nd box - Makarov!!!! Now I should go buy some crates...lol!!!
  9. Yes it existed before but they turned it way up after the 9th ship was added.
  10. They programmed it that way since they add the extra ship. It's designed to not give you any more XP than the old setup if possible.
  11. 1SneakyDevil

    forumites BTFO

    Can you take the camo from JB-B and mount it on JB? That's when it's the same ship. #troll_fail
  12. 1SneakyDevil

    Are you sure about this? Wargaming!

    Yes, this is exactly why the ships were put into the game. Amazing how greedy a lot of these people get when they see dubloons and coal without reading the full clearly written description of the mission and then playing the victim in forums.
  13. 1SneakyDevil

    Are you sure about this? Wargaming!

    They believe they shouldn't be accountable for this oversight. Especially the one you response is addressed back at.
  14. 1SneakyDevil

    Are you sure about this? Wargaming!

    It's clear as day what is required, no scam just poor reading comprehension by many for the 3rd year in a row.