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  1. 1SneakyDevil

    End of the game

    Tinfoil defense shield activated.
  2. 1SneakyDevil


    Do the torps become missiles if fired from that position?
  3. 1SneakyDevil

    Where do I send replay for ban?

    At the top of forums click on Player Support
  4. Great story but I've been playing the last of the IJN DD line (T8-10) since the rework went live and I've rarely had this happen to me in those matches. That includes no smoke version of Kagero and Yugumo. However, it seems that every anti-CV person cites this like it happens every match.
  5. Hey you got a point there, I should have thought of that
  6. LOL...sorry about that
  7. 1SneakyDevil

    Game control over win loss percentage

    Maybe you should learn to carry harder instead of blaming WG...rofl...what are these guys going to post next?
  8. He didn't need to cover for anyone, he was in the back humping the CVs leg most of the match while I was torping ships in my Shima. Another BB and Zao had killed a Salem at A cap and then I let off torps that killed an Iowa as our Monty shot me. After killing me he ran behind B (we were on Trap) and there was a Conq he could have engaged yet all he did was run towards islands so he wouldn't be shot at. This wasn't a 1 v 1 battle. Our ships from C were starting to focus him as well. Even as the Conq was on it's last legs he turned away from the opening between the islands rather than poking through to fire the kill shots to avoid any damage. It was a truly pathetic display after the comments he made that I had to die because I sucked. BTW his win rate was 5% lower than mine and his personal rating so no clue how he can even judge what a decent player looks like.
  9. Glad you noticed but I felt like it was piling on since the point was made by the score.
  10. 1SneakyDevil

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    Why I've had a great time play them since the CV rework. Done just fine playing no smoke Kagero & Yugumo and now 44 games into Shima with no worries about CVs. It's all about knowing when to turn AA on & off as well as navigating around the areas the CV wants to focus. Kind of like staying at the edge of radar. For too many that's more work than they prefer to do.
  11. That's already been done. Just wanted to share the comic value of the final XP score since I suck so bad...rofl
  12. When you get TK'd by a BB who claims you suck and shouldn't be in the match and you finish 1000 pts ahead of them in the final score and he played 7 more mins than I did
  13. 1SneakyDevil

    Game control over win loss percentage

    Sadly OP the issue is you. You've played almost 1,750 random matches (75% as a BB) and are already in tier 10 with low average damage in each tier and a low survival rate for a heavy BB main. You have not mastered the game mechanics and need to go back down to some of the lower tiers (4-6) and work on getting consistent damage each game and then start moving back up through the tiers. Mistakes in the higher tiers are punished very quickly and you are probably losing lots of credits in the process. Do yourself a favor and go back and work on your game. I was horrible at this game until I realized I needed to learn more about the ships, maps, etc. This lead me to alter my play style a bit and I became better at the game instead of an easy kill.
  14. 1SneakyDevil

    rough streak in top tier continues

    I seem to be on the opposite streak from you
  15. 1SneakyDevil

    BOTS in co-op get xp...........why?

    They have to earn enough to upgrade their AI, so far it's been a very slow grind for them.