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  1. 1SneakyDevil

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Ah threads like this are always good for a chuckle, shocked no one posted the "Where Did the DD Touch You" meme.
  2. 1SneakyDevil

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Why would they nerf Smolensk when they never nerfed Haragumo or Kitakaze? WG loves HE spam OP ships so they can balance the game against BBs and their insanely OP AP.
  3. 1SneakyDevil

    When are USSR getting this bad boy?

    It will be available after the next CV rework is done...so figure 3-5 years...lol.
  4. 1SneakyDevil

    Battle Ship Secondary's

    I was going to say this too. Would you be surprised that OP is a BB main...lol.
  5. 1SneakyDevil

    Missouri has been Nerfed

    You started the same thread in two different sections of forums. Did you expect the answers would differ? As pointed out in the other thread you were top tier in that battle but left out the damage screen that would show where you did most of your damage. If you hit mostly lowest tier ships that would reduce your payout.
  6. 1SneakyDevil

    Clan Wars Reprieve for Hurricane Dorian

    WG has never delayed the end of a season due to environmental issues because it then creates an issue with the rest of the player base that isn't impacted. While it sucks for those that are in the path of this storm this game should be the absolute last thing on anyone's mind given the potential for catastrophic damage and long power outages.
  7. 1SneakyDevil

    Where is the USS NJ?

    To differentiate her from the others I suggest WG equip her with the some of the missiles she carried at the end.
  8. 1SneakyDevil

    Does WG REALLY want you to play tier X in a BB?

    Hmm, sounds like a sky is falling thread.
  9. 1SneakyDevil

    Bayard Decamped?

    You snooze you lose with WG sometimes
  10. 1SneakyDevil

    Ranked is rigged

    Ah the whine of a Bbaby, it's been so long.
  11. You were part of the issue so you take the strike too.
  12. We've seen this before, it never ends well. IB4L
  13. First sign of the game's apocalypse merging events over the same time period, we're doomed I tell you!!!
  14. 1SneakyDevil

    Island choked maps

    Bring back OWSF and there's no reason for cruisers to camp behind islands. The BBabies will cry either way about HE spam so might as well revert back to when cruisers actually roamed the seas.
  15. 1SneakyDevil

    Ghost ships killing me.

    How would you know any of this since this account hasn't recorded an actual battle (coop or random) since at least some time in June? You can't even succeed at being a troll.