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  1. Nerf Saipan Now

    LOL...even Texas AA kills Saipan planes. Sorry OP but your statement is far from accurate.
  2. Team Killer Status Error

    You earned the TK status in a prior match by either dealing enough damage or killing a teammate. Rarely does the system assign TK status in error.
  3. Should there be a cap on DDs in match?

    But 5 BBs is just fine for a BB main...thx for the confirmation bias
  4. Should there be a cap on DDs in match?

    Cap the number of BBs and you'll see few DDs. I mean seriously are you guys fools to not understand cause & effect?

    Nothing to see here, move on people!!
  6. Must be the season, I got a SC this week with you guessed it 1000 doubloons.
  7. Probably not unless they made it a permanent campaign

    Exaggerate much?
  9. Pretty much sums up forums lately
  10. why can't we scuttle?

    I'm in favor of scuttling ONLY if you have to research the ship all over again. So if you scuttle an Iowa then you need to play NC again until you have enough ship XP to research and purchase Iowa again. Other than that I've not issued so many +1's in the same thread in ages.
  11. Potential Damage

    Yeah that one, everyone gets the big potential damage when not trying to complete that one....lol
  12. Potential Damage

    I played Ocean a few weeks back and got 2.89m in a Baltimore since I had to play bow on and in reverse most of the battle.
  13. New Mexico with Torpedo?

    Well that's messed up