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  1. That's taking "situational" to a whole new level. Why give it a gimmick that will only come to use 1 in 50 times, when you can give it a gimmick that it can use all the time, like the engine boost? WG really hasn't thought this one through or they simply don't care.
  2. Not to derail the topic, but you aren't just the messenger. You're providing an opinion on the message. I know you wrote that up there because people downvoted your previous similar post, in which case I can only say that maybe they downvote your opinions, not the message. Anyway, continue.
  3. Russians get 950m/s guns at T6 tech tree.
  4. Umm... What's the point of having single-launch torps < 4km? Especially in a Russian kiting cruiser that is practically dead once it gets under 10km. I swear to god I'm starting to think they just have this "gimmick randomiser" app they run whenever they feel like a new premium ship and call it a day. What? Engine Boost consumable was busy while they were giving out gimmicks to future ships? Something that can actually be useful in a ship like this? Also, I agree with @Super_Dreadnought. Yet another Russian cruiser is the last thing we need right now. Let's give some to the Brits. There's a criminal dearth of good, British heavy cruisers that actually existed in real life, unlike half of the Russian ships. (I can't delete or type anything after this thing. So it goes here...)@Super_Dreadnought
  5. What on earth are you talking about? With this change, the BB is guaranteed to do no more than 10% damage per shell. Compared to 33% it currently is. This is a buff to the DDs through and through.
  6. Hate to be the buzzkill, but nothing's free. Have you thanked Facebook or Google recently for providing so many free services that you've come to depend your very daily life on? People treating WG as if they're giving you stuff free for the good of their hearts is starting to irk me. Friend, they're using behavioural psychology (in this case reciprocity in social psychology) to improve your engagement with the game and eventually make money off of you. At the very least, they more or less guarantee that you'll spend more time in the game, filling the servers, which they can then use to obtain more accurate data about gamer behaviour, which they can then use for commercial projects and/or in their marketing. Heck, I'm not even going into the opportunity cost of the time you spent into the game that got you "free" things. It's ok to enjoy the game and the goodies you get, but don't go gushing about it on the forums when the premise is patently and demonstrably untrue. But yeah, still feels nice when you hit a premium ship in a supercontainer.
  7. This isn't quite some random "rough patch" though Gneis. There's always an increase in player complaints and lose streaks whenever WG puts up some DD specific mission. I dare anyone to go ahead and check the correlation between the frequency of lose-streak complaints and DD specific missions. I bet you're going to find there's a link between the two. The circle is always like this: WG issues some DD missions > MM gets flooded with DD players > The average game gets 8-10 DDs in a game > One side loses most of their DDs early on > Roflstomping begins > People's win rates go down the toilet > Frustrated people post angry threads on the forums > Missions end, things go back to relative normalcy > WG issues some DD missions > Profit? ------------------------------------------------------ DD specific missions have been a constant source of problems since WG started issuing them. We keep pleading and begging for those to stop but no one ever listens. Really starting to get tired of WG repeatedly doing things to the detriment of the players. I'm just saying.
  8. Hey Lou, nice to see you in these parts :) We are of mind when it comes to T10 gameplay. I do not like it, I do not want it, but I do tolerate it because it's expected, to fulfil certain ambitions as a player. I'm not too sure about that. Low tiers are filled with poor players near to the brim and as hair-pulling-frustrating as they can be, poor players have a tendency to make the game more fun overall, for no other reason than because they are not concerned with protecting their paint as much as high tier players do. They simply rush into the fray, close the distance and have a good old time. No, it's the mechanics that furiously incentivise slow, passive, long-range type of play. I have long felt that high tiers can especially benefit from smaller maps. There's absolutely no justification to have such large maps and then wonder why BBs are sitting at 25km, trying to snipe things. Make them smaller and you instantly change the meta. No one will commit to a closer fight unless it is dictated on them by the mechanics. The horrific, relentless, incessant HE spam is also not exactly inviting people to close the distance. In all honesty, 98% of the reason why I want to stay a fair distance away from the enemy in a given game is the Worcesters, DMs, Harugumos and Minotaurs of this game. The spam takes a real, almost tangible toll on one's nerves. Make the maps smaller, decrease the spamming (or at least its effects) and suddenly you have BBs that are more willing to push. And once you have BBs who push, others follow. On the whole, I don't believe there's much difference between an average T10 player and an average T7 player. The most obvious reason I can think of for such a drastic meta change is because such change is dictated on the players by the game's mechanics, not the other way round.
  9. Dev Diary and BB protection

    To be fair, too many DDs ruin the fun for all types of ships, especially other DDs. If anything, they haven't gone far enough with their limiting. It should've been a soft-cap of three ships, not four. I don't understand how this is something to complain about. Those who want to play DDs will still play DDs, all that's going to happen is less frustration overall and maybe, just maybe a bit more fun gameplay, especially for DDs because they won't run into other DDs in every step they take and will have more room to move about the map.
  10. To be fair, this is not a game you play to have fun. This is a game you play to feed your addiction. In any case, MM is not the issue here.
  11. sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    Am shy. Hiya. Aaand you're right behind me aren't you?
  12. sounds like a player [ISSUE]

    Comic Sans. Reject.
  13. Hello everyone, Let's cut to the chase; the clan has been founded a few weeks ago with another player that I've met during ranked. The name comes from a joke I've made in the game chat because I kept seeing the same guys over and over as if we were in some private club. Haha, funny. Whatever. Moving on. Short story short, the other partner has decided to leave the clan for one reason or other and I have this clan now with no one in it. So I'm sniffing around to see if anyone is interested in joining a clan no one has heard of. Pros of joining this clan: The deserved pride in being one of the founding members of the clan. Like those first people who built Google. Yeah, no that's it. Cons of joining this clan: Literally nothing. So there you go. It's demonstrably a better proposition to join this clan than not. Oh, and I guess you'd want to hear about me and see what you're getting into. I'll save you the details. The gist of it is that; I am mostly quiet during the game because I focus on the thing, except for tactical comms, that I do rather efficiently due to my years in flying in an online fighter squadron where we took things rather seriously. I have a highly developed sense of humour (#humblebrag). I am one of those guys you can literally talk about anything and have a satisfying, mature conversation. I will satisfy you (rules and exceptions apply). As for things I'm looking for in prospective future clan-mates; the list really isn't very long. My win rate in the last 8 months has been over 58%. I would, in all honesty, prefer if people in the clan were actually better than me, but this should in no way imply that we won't accept players with a lower win rate than that. I, myself, have started out at 48% win rate (which is why my overall WR is only at 53.5% so far) and am acutely aware that people can and do improve themselves if they have the motivation for it. However, your stats has to show that you've been in a period of continuous improvement over the last 6 months for that to be a consideration. As for why you would even consider joining a virtually nonexisting clan with your 64% win rate over some of the Hurricane League clans? Other than the awesome one item list I've provided above, I really have no answers for that. I mean I wouldn't join some [edited]'s newly founded clan if I could join ZR, you know? The only exception to this I can think of would be that you're not a weeaboo and cannot find a top-tier clan that isn't all neck deep in anime porn on their Discord server. I mean seriously, what's with all that stuff? I digress. If you are interested, just apply through the in-game thing and we'll see what we'll see. Have fun y'all!
  14. Two Belfasts and an Atlanta. They were on the other team and went into that middle channel between two large islands on that map every YOLOer likes to rush so much. What happened next was as sad to watch as it was horrific. As my teammates kept going one by one, to stop their expected rush through the middle that never actually came, they all got HE spammed into oblivion. First, one Belfast would smoke the 3 of them, then the other. When they needed spotting they would use their radars and hydros from inside the smoke sequentially and just keep HE spamming. The 3 of them killed more than half our team without once leaving their position. I swear to god, towards the end, the sea was on fire after so much HE spam. I still get sweaty PTSD nightmares of that game from time to time. It shook me to my core. Damn you people! Don't you know how terrorising it is to go against such a division? Why do you people do it?! WHYYYY!?! *sobs uncontrollably*