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  1. Super Container Contents

    I am whoever you want me to be.
  2. So now that there's this whole Arsenal shop thing, isn't it time that they finally removed stuff no one wanted from the contents of a Super Container? I'm talking common camos and flags and even special upgrades. Since we'll be able to buy them outright. I mean, Super Containers are super rare as it is. It's terribly disappointing to get stuff from it that you already have easy access to. Shouldn't they live up to their rarity by offering actual rare stuff? Instead of giving you 100 November Foxtrot flags?
  3. I do. For example; remove the Priority Target skill from the tree and give it as a unique ability to ships that rely on a long-range supporting style to perform; like Russian and French cruisers as well as Russian gunboat DDs. Remove Last Stand and give it to DDs that rely on their guns more than their stealth and those that are likely to contest caps; like US and German DDs. Reload Booster for Japanese DDs. Basics of Survivability for brawling BBs. Other stuff that can be designed anew. The new captain skills can then be used for more customisation options, instead of accessing absolutely crucial upgrades that the ship cannot perform properly without; like IFHE on Akizuki (before the DD armour changes).
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Hey I saw you too! I also saw @Treediagram @GunInDark @TeeHee and a whole bunch of MIA-A and CONQR guys like 5 games in a row. Also seen @SlowLife. First was with him in his MO and me in my (stock) Clev. Worked together well, scored top 2, both with over 2100 XP and won against the previously mentioned CONQR guys. Second one is still happening right now :)
  5. That's because they don't have enough variety to make things interesting. They only have a couple of weird gimmicks and they cycle them over and over again; namely repair and radar. It's barely acceptable in singular premium ships, but it's worse when they do it to whole lines, i.e. the British HE and repair, French speed boost. I've said it before, I'll say it again. They need to overhaul the captain skills from the ground up and give some of those as flavour/unique ability to specific lines and/or ships.
  6. You also won't receive private messages from them in port. That's about it.
  7. @SuperSpud1 Buddy, I've been following your recent threads on the forums and I appreciate your enthusiasm, I really do. But you have a tendency to come up with complicated solutions to simple issues. Just mute them in chat or simply disable the chat altogether if it becomes such a problem. Am I missing something here? I really don't see why you would spend so much energy on doing all that which, ultimately, achieve absolutely nothing. Just blacklist them my dude and carry on with your game.
  8. It's not on your list, but I'd recommend a T9 premium ship. It's got reduced service cost for being Premium, then you have the premium camo which reduces it even more resulting in 48,000 credits per game service cost. Which, if you are not aware, is nearly the same as T7 service cost. (For comparison, the difference between T8 premium with premium camo and T9 premium with premium camo is only 750 credits.) Add to that fact the frequency with which you get T10 battles and you'll be making very good credits very reliably. Just buy the doubloons to convert free xp that you would spend to get a T8 premium.
  9. Very astute. Knew I wouldn't have been able to sneak it past your keen eyes. Yea, I got you. Thinking back, I'm inclined to agree with you. (But literally all the damage? You did 195k damage ma dude!)
  10. Ah, copy. I was wrong and stand corrected. Maybe the Atlanta really does have a higher base XP modifier than the rest.
  11. No, the bulk of the XP comes from the damage percentage. But a kill counts as doing 15% damage to that ship. Although this number gets smaller with each subsequent kill, you're still looking at least 30-40% increase in your XP for getting 3 kills. Which is relatively easy in an Atlanta.