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  1. yacskn

    Propulsion Mod. 2

    I don't know of a unicum who doesn't put it in most (if not all) of their ships.
  2. yacskn

    What is the median W/R?

    Literally exactly what I was thinking.
  3. yacskn

    What is the median W/R?

    It's not really a fruitful inquiry but here it is, this is as of April 2019, in NA. Have fun with it.
  4. Never said it's useless. I said it's non-optimal. There are only a handful of ships the Smolensk IFHE is good for, and even fewer that would make a difference in the hands of an average player who doesn't pay attention to damage maximisation by targeting specific sections of a ship. Hence, why my point still stands.
  5. Well, you can either build a captain for each specific situation you find yourself in or you can build one for situations you are most likely to get. The example you gave above would certainly benefit from IFHE, but you are still a very powerful opponent to go against even without it, especially if you know how to aim and angle. I mean, the numbers I posted above speak for themselves. To be frank, if you find yourself in situations where you need to take on a DM or Salem 1v1 with any frequency, you're doing something wrong and need to focus on not getting yourself into those situations rather than try and alleviate the problem with non-optimal builds.
  6. No, you don't. This is my average when I was using IFHE. This is my average after I dropped IFHE and got DE. Everyone takes IFHE with DD calibre guns out of blind faith that it's better. It's not always better, it's not better for some ships, especially those that would benefit more from level-3 skills.
  7. I disagree. SE takes your heal from 5k~ to 6k (with the flag). You're effectively getting almost another free heal from 4 heals.
  8. It's right in the screenshot, just look at the top.
  9. Don't need Concealment on Smolensk unless you get no range upgrades. In which case you should get range upgrades. Here's a Smolensk build that the Pros use: You can swap DE for IFHE if you like, which will potentially give you less damage but more kills, but then you need to give up one more level-3 skill and that's kind of an iffy prospect as far as I'm concerned. Alternatively, you can swap AFT for IFHE... ... but why would you.
  10. yacskn

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    I swear @Navalpride33, if you had put half the effort you put into getting outraged in the forums into trying to get better at this game, you'd be the best player in NA by now.
  11. I didn't play any at all. So probably had more fun than you.
  12. RC, you need to stop taking every post so seriously and start seeing it as the sarcasm it's meant to be. Especially when it comes to Ducky's posts. Writing a whole wall of text scientifically trying to disprove the point every time someone makes a joke is starting to get old and you're starting to make a reputation for it. Join in on the joke every now and then.
  13. Or, or @Ducky_shot maybe the Smolensk needs buffs. Clearly that's the ship that's underperforming, rather than all these ships overperforming. So, WG needs to buff the Smolensk.
  14. yacskn

    No XP game.

    Don't feel bad, there were a lot of 3 min battles that day where the entire red team just kept sailing broadside in a hurry to reach their positions. Courtesy of 10-second CV spotting.