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  1. Ah, but see; if people enjoy their time with a T9 ship they will feel less inclined to finish the grind and move on to T10. And if they don't move to T10, they will feel less inclined to open the purse for premium time to make T10 more economically viable. You guys are approaching this from a perspective of gameplay enjoyment. WG, on the other hand, approaches from a perspective of... (To be fair, it really is overperforming though. The changes are justified.)
  2. It's only OP if you actually believe the Akizuki and co are DDs. But they are not DDs. They are light cruisers that cross-dress as DDs. The manoeuvrability nerfs make this even more pronounced now.
  3. As an update to this, I now think this issue occurs whenever I try to open a resource container that's been given after a battle (instead of me picking up one).
  4. First couldn't use the Arsenal for roughly 30 mins. Now, I can't open containers (the eagle/shark ones) without restarting the client. It just says "operation in progress" ad infinitum. I suspect this happens when I click the open container button too quickly.
  5. Step One: This is essentially (and practically) the same as making all ships same. WG wants each nation and line to have a flavour. This suggestion goes against the very philosophy the game is based on; i.e. differentiating each nation/line from each other with gimmicks and play-styles. Step Two: Again; flavour and gimmicks. Step Three: I'd like to hear how one would go about enforcing that rule. Make smoke available only once a ship's hp has dropped down to 50% mark? Also, this too goes against the flavour model WG has in place. Step Four: That just won't do. If you give cruisers any more survivability, they start approaching BB levels (at high tiers), practically relegating BBs to obsolescence. Cruisers are supposed to be vulnerable to large calibre shells. I can already brawl and kill a BB (higher tier too) in an Atlanta with guns only, the last thing this game needs is tankier cruisers. Step Five: Again, neither necessary nor desirable. The game is built on a rock-paper-scissors philosophy. Cruisers are not the counter to BBs. Now granted, WG has some serious issues keeping to their own restrictions on this subject. As it stands, it's less rock-paper-scissors and more rock-rock-rock. Everything counters everything with gimmicks. A while ago, light cruisers were closer to their historical roles in the game. Then WG introduced IFHE and suddenly an Atlanta can kill a New Mexico in under 2 mins. A Cleveland can do the same to a Richelieu etc. There's also the issue of limited selection of gimmicks to differentiate ship flavours. WG basically abused smoke and radar consumables to make premium ships (and some regulars) "unique" to drive sales. Which only ended up saturating some of the already very annoying metas. But that's a whole other thread topic. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest issue the game has is the long-range meta at high tiers. The quickest way WG can facilitate closer-range fights is to cut 10-to-15km off the sides of T8-10 maps (or rather, bring them down to T7 sizes). Long range sniping is really only an issue at those tiers and T9+ maps especially are just too big. I think I remember the devs saying something about the maps being too large as well, in one of the recent Q&A sessions. As for radar and smoke; I don't really see an issue there (apart from WG's over-reliance on these gimmicks to flavourise some ships). Overall, the game is more-or-less balanced and WG says the data shows these gimmicks don't affect battle results to be statistically relevant -which I believe. What WG needs to do is to come up with new mechanics and gimmicks to create more customisation options for future ships and stop using radar and smoke in new releases. The radar/smoke ships in MM would in time get diluted that way and hopefully, we'd see fewer radar/smoke rant threads.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    Caps are easy to flip when there are few enemy ships to defend them. Enemy ships get fewer by killing them. You kill them by knowing where they are. You live longer when you know where they are as well. As I've said earlier, it's much easier to move around the map if you have even a general idea where the enemy ships are. This is just as true for DDs as it is for cruisers. I've seen many times where a complete cap dominance has been turned upside down just by being patient and sober on exploiting flaws in enemy positioning. Gotta have trigger discipline (like don't spam torps on your way to a cap and basically shout your position to everyone in sight) and the ability to use speeds other than "full ahead" for that to work tho. Ultimately, a living DD is more valuable than a DD who capped but got killed.
  7. PTS Is Down...

    I was gonna put it there, but then I thought I'd get a much faster response here. I was right. Of course, if I had actually gone in there I'd have seen the notification myself and saved myself the trouble. Oh, what a paradox! Thanks by the way.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    This. For some reason, majority of DD players have this notion in their heads that they need to go and sit in a cap as soon as the game starts. Don't do that. A cap can be gotten eventually, it's more important that the DDs survive and spot enemy movements. Once the enemy positions are revealed it becomes much, MUCH easier to stay alive and contribute and win. If DD players didn't rush into caps and enemy guns headfirst right from the get-go, they'd find radar much easier to deal with.
  9. PTS Is Down...

    ... Any information on when it'll be online again?
  10. What are you on about?
  11. Let's add another one to the list.
  12. Not only yes, but fu#k yes! Light cruisers of all type are only a single good salvo away from being insta-deleted at any given time, and not only from BBs. T8 and up, heavy cruisers become just as effective at dealing catastrophic damage to CLs as any other ship in the game. It is absolutely critical to try and minimise these instances from happening while you're on the move and without island cover. That extra 1.5km will often mean the difference between life and death on many an occasion. Get CE friend, and be well.