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  1. Isn't that the Rebel Fleet? Wait, what's an Imperial shuttle doing amongst Rebel ships?
  2. yacskn

    Clan Battles a-Coming!

    All clan ranks and clan missions are reset. Hype!
  3. yacskn

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    Yea, these sort of threads don't tend to create a positive response in these forums.
  4. I'd like to see you make it work in ranked and clan battles with 15.7km detection and little armour. I'm talking meaningful contribution, not just surviving.
  5. Yah, in theory. In practice, you can't move around the map without eating citadels or massive HE salvos at all. Stealth for Henri is infinitely, I repeat, INFINITELY better than a slight range and reload boost.
  6. yacskn

    Jutland and Daring 113s...

    They gave those two ships uber-AP angles to make up for the effective non-existence of HE (and it's 23mm with IFHE, not 24). You just pretend you don't have HE at all, like the RN cruisers. Also, to anyone listening; don't take IFHE on those ships for crying out loud. They change absolutely nothing. Yes, you get to pen DD hulls that you couldn't before, but you already had AP for that, just use that! Just use AP for everything.
  7. The only thing "legendary" about these "upgrades" is how underwhelming and sucky they are. Excepting one or two ships, I would advise anyone to not bother with them at all. At best, they give a near imperceptible bump to your ship's capability, and at worst (like with the Henri) they make the ship utter crap and unplayable.
  8. The whole point of rank 1 was that most people couldn't get to it. Making it a worthwhile effort. It's like winning an Oscar, and then finding out that they're giving them out at the entrance anyway. I mean, I get that WG is trying to make ranked more appealing to players (likely because more and more people are simply not bothering with it anymore), but do they need to spit in the face of those who went through the hell of ranked to do that?
  9. In 2 days, but ranks are already reset.
  10. Can someone explain to me how this makes sense? It used to be that you worked hard to get to rank 1 and whatever rank you ended up at, you got to keep it for 3 months before the start of the next season. But now I see that all ranks have been reset, barely a month after the end of the proper season of ranked. Some people literally worked the entirety of that season (1,5 months) to get to their ranks, but now all that work is deleted? Am I crazy for getting worked up about it? Why did we all go through that crap if we were going to get another one (and a [edited] one) this soon after? Does that mean there are no longer proper ranked seasons? That people can get to rank 1 in effectively a day? Doesn't this massively devalue rank 1? What about the valuation of time and effort people put into the game to get to rank 1? I need answers.
  11. yacskn

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    That's taking "situational" to a whole new level. Why give it a gimmick that will only come to use 1 in 50 times, when you can give it a gimmick that it can use all the time, like the engine boost? WG really hasn't thought this one through or they simply don't care.
  12. Not to derail the topic, but you aren't just the messenger. You're providing an opinion on the message. I know you wrote that up there because people downvoted your previous similar post, in which case I can only say that maybe they downvote your opinions, not the message. Anyway, continue.
  13. yacskn

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Russians get 950m/s guns at T6 tech tree.