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  1. CaptGodzillaPig

    What the hell did you do WG??

    Ok.. So I am being cool with your new changes to the camo etc. But It's a little hard. I have been here since Beta. I have a lot of cool stuff that suddenly is gone. Some of it was hard fought thought various difficult missions. Some of it was bought with hard currency with the understanding that I bought a fixed product. You have gotten rid of a lot of that. Some of it I can adapt to, but some things... Where are all of my special signal flags? Wyvern, Scalia, etc ? I am still not happy about the economic drop on the perm camos I paid for. I paid for a product. There was a contractual agreement between as at that point. You changed the game. I should be compensated for that. And no your new system does not compensate for the old. Give me a choice. Let me choose between the old economic and your new one. No.. You won't, because your new one favors you more. Understand when I say some of my old stuff is "gone". Yeah I still have the camo. I don't care about that. It could be the ugliest thing in the world. I rolled my camo as needed. I earned all of those. Now I have to pay "expendeble points" to get what I would have gotten for free. This is [edited]. 53 days of premium time. I am out.
  2. CaptGodzillaPig

    PSA: 60 Free Community Tokens

  3. CaptGodzillaPig

    Give your DD's some love..

    What game mode are you playing where the DD's are consistently behind the lines? I mean I have been in games where I have seen DD's hold back. Like one out of maybe 20. And even then that would be one out of like 3 DD's in that game. There are maps where I won't be the first to rush in. But I will still pull up close to spot..and see what happens. I think I know what you are saying though. There are certain maps where, at times, a DD will run wide and around the back of the enemy to spot. It may seem like they are abandoning the team, but actually they are lighting up the reds for you to shoot. I have done it. It is a bold play because if you get spotted you are cut off and done. But if you can keep the enemy lit. Your team has a great chance at winning.
  4. CaptGodzillaPig

    Give your DD's some love..

    Sorry for the dump, but This is a classic IJN torp boat play. Stealth... and torp. Spot and cap. And yeah this more times than not will actually get you reported than complimented. lol. Thank you @Final8ty for this post.
  5. CaptGodzillaPig

    BB Secondary builds

    This might sound like some random talk of an old codger, but I have been in this game from a time where there were only 2 BB lines, and then one more... And as far as I am concerned those really are the only 3 real BB lines in the game. Everything else that came after has been WG novelty. In the days when there were only 2 BB's. US and IJN. Most people loved the IJN line for their long range big hitting laser guns. Annnd what was not to like about that. The US BB line had AA capability that pretty much made it invincible to CV's. but for that they gave up gun range. Now one thing that got overlooked, was that the IJN BB's actually had some pretty good seconds. If you were willing to trade off those long ranges, you could make a really nice brawler out of Amagi, or Yamato. You had to watch your sides, but you could do a lot of in close fighting. KM line came along and redefined what it was to use secondary's. KM BB's turned secondary's literally into a primary weapon. I ran KM line to the to ASAP and honestly.. If there was a game that I didn't get at least 2 close Q kill. That was a fail. KM BB's have been nerfed a lot since then, but to this day if you want a straight secondary build brawler. Bismark at T8 is your gal. GK at T10. You still won't do better than the KM line for a straight secondary fighter. You can look at my profile for my secondary kill stats if you doubt what I am laying down here. :)
  6. CaptGodzillaPig

    Give your DD's some love..

    Play ranks. You can literally do everything right in a rank battle.. Get #1 spot on the team. Caps.. And lose like 2 Karma because some people think it your fault the game was lost. Not that I care about that. I find that laughable. But it is the thing. lol.
  7. CaptGodzillaPig

    Give your DD's some love..

    We do all the dirty work. Yeah we hear it. Oh spot here for me. Oh smoke for me..Oh cap this cap.. Go here.. Go there.. Seriously.. We are the only ship in the game that everyone else thinks that they have a right to just control us like an RC race car. Ummm.. Sorry. We have a place to play to. If we don't do what you say, and quite honestly most of you have NO IDEA what you are talking about anyway, we get blasted for poor play, down voted karma (lol on that one) and generally denigrated (that is not a racist term). It is time you stood up and defended your little friends in battle. Because if you support us, we do wonders for you. We demand respect.. and if none is given, then we will unite!!! We will unionize the lowly DD worker that has slaved so long without respect and we will no longer spot for you. You will get no smoke!!! We will hold back behind islands like our cruiser and BB "friends" that just want to use us as tools. We can farm damage too!! We do not need to be your eyes. Or seriously guys/gals/other pronouns. Just cut us some slack.. OR ELSE!!!! MUUUHAHAHAHAH!! lol
  8. Agree. I was about to ask the same question myself. Also on the West coast and no issue here other than I have to wait a bit for ranks or other modes to open up. Some of my best times are in the AM before the kiddies get home from school.
  9. CaptGodzillaPig

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    Teamkill hasn't been a thing for a long time now. You can shoot your own players as much as you like and not cause damage. lol. Personally I miss the old ways when you could team kill. It was a way to deal with bullies and butt heads "in house" and seemed to keep them in check a bit. The good thing about getting rid of it was not sucking friendly torp fire on accident. In today's game with soooooo many ships popping torps everywhere I can't imagine having team damage enabled. About the only way to team kill a sub now would be to call out it's location to the other team, but that is a reportable offense and I believe that particular one is dealt with rather harshly.
  10. CaptGodzillaPig

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Yes. Being detected. Once a CV is visible it is pretty much just a sitting target for anyone within range of shooting it. Not 4 games ago I just one salvo'ed a Lexington from my GK. I would say that was a pretty good counter. lol.
  11. CaptGodzillaPig

    Do we have to pay to win?

    In a sense, yes. If you look at what the game has begun from where it started. Early on combat signal flags could only be earned by in game achievements. WG stood on a pedestal and screamed they would never allow combat signals to be something that could be bought. Well here we go. And granted they can be purchased with in game credits everyone can acquire..The reality is that you can only run the ones you need if you are shelling out the dollas. I run a premium account and I can't even keep up. Oh,, Now you can "buy" a captain that has enough points built in to make him/her a viable option right out of the gate. "Pay to Win" is not that obvious, but if you have been around awhile you can see now where the money goes.
  12. CaptGodzillaPig

    One Shot From Full HP

    Nah I used to delete lazy cruisers years back when I was rolling Yamato with lazer long guns and a spotter. You should have heard them cry when I one shotted them from 3/4 of the map away. lol. CHEATER!!! Only got lucky like maybe once every 10 games, but it was soooooo worth it when I did. :) Detonations are a thing. You can det almost anything in one shot. In a weird turn of events I got a det in my GK once.. Full health.. From a "plink" shot from a cruiser. lol. *poof* that was all she wrote. lol. I was out of the game.
  13. CaptGodzillaPig

    Did I report this correctly?

    In the early days of the game we used to call this, "Tuesday". lol. Just get over it and move on. No need to cry to mommy every time someone says something mean.
  14. CaptGodzillaPig

    Playing BB with WH40K music

    Wow that audio (I won't call it music) made me want to slit my wrists and jump off a bridge. How would that inspire taking a fight anywhere? You need real music to do that. Try out some '80's classic rock or pretty much anything by Dropkick Murphy's. This will get it going.
  15. CaptGodzillaPig

    Gearing is back!

    Gearing has always been an amazing ship. Just one that goes overlooked most of the time being that it is one of the old OG ships in the game. So much new eye candy to look at took away from the old girls beauty. :)