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  1. "New" Cleve passes the sniff test..

    Yeah but Pens fell back to 6..and that is a good place for her. Penc as always outmatched at 7. with her guns upgrade Penc will be a fine replacement for Cleve at 6. And I disagree with your assessment that Cleve needs to camp. Granted I am a BB main and a brawler at that. I have been out of the cruiser game for a long time. The new cleve could do really well as a camper, but she really does well as a front line ship cutting down DD's and pushing the enemy back...just like she did in the old days. She might not win you any high achievements, but she Is going to be a presence that the enemy team needs to account for. A big upgrade from her old role as a slog that did nothing but play an occasional role in t 6 battles
  2. Cleve is a ship dear to my heart.. Oh waaaay back in the early days when she ran around and scared the living poop out of everything on the map. CV's lost many a plane.. DD's went down like a cheap hooker in vegas. Enemy cruisers ran at her AP fire rate. BB's feared her fire. Then the game moved on and made her pretty much obsolete. I have only had a few test runs in her new T8 model, and I did poorly as I have been out of the cruiser game for awhile, but the evidence is clear. Cleveland is a force again...and the world is better for it. :)
  3. What's the difference between a 50% win rate and a 60% win rate player? By all accounts here..a lot. The 50'ish win rate player is seen as a scrub and the 60'ish win rate player is seen as a god. The real difference? The god won 10 more games out of 100. Considering that most of the high win rate players are usually dive'd up with close groups that play together often. It isn't hard to see how they could squeeze out a few extra wins. Now, I have played with some really really good players that were capable of single handedly taking a game over. They do exist and they are a sight to behold. Fem, in her CV, was one of those. Unfortunately I usually played AGAINST her..and thusly ended up on the wrong side of that deal. lol. Mostly I think win rate is a function of player opportunity and is given way too much weight in terms of individual skill. Never was a fan of the purple crowd that acted elite just because they had a clan that won a couple of more games out of 100 than I did slogging it out on my own.
  4. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    IJN BB was the first line I ran to 10. Yammy was the undisputed god back then. I admit I haven't played any of them in a long time, but I have played against them and they are no where near what they used to be. Can they still play? Sure. Yammy these days is nothing more than a long range sniper that better hope no one gets a line of sight on her. If she gets into a spot where she gets fired on she's a goner. To go from a ship that used to sail the seas with impunity and not a care in the world to having to resort to hiding and sniping...yeah. power creep got her. Amagi.. I just saw one of those in my last game in my GK. 2 salvos. I didn't get the kill, but that just means I didn't get to clean up the mess. I shredded her and it wasn't even close. I didn't even care that she was shooting back at me. I could have just sat and let her have 10 free full salvos at me and not cared..
  5. Most people PLAY THE STRENGTH of THEIR SHIPS as it suits them for their personal gains. Not as how it suits the team. Now, I don't fault them for that as I am inclined to do the same though my personal gains tend to lean to the not so damage farming side and try to win side. We could pick apart the minutia of how each individual match should be played in a million different scenarios. I am talking about bucking the "trends" of certain players in certain ship classes to play for themselves at the detriment of the team. DD's that won't spot, no matter what. Cruiser that damage farm (that is about all of them), and BB's that camp and don't support. And... If you are currently serving (based on your "my CO" comment") god bless. I reduced the game to the basics. I would hope that individuals would take their own tactics in hand. Don't be a DD that skirts. Don't be a damage farmer cruiser, don't be a hang back BB. I did like your chess reference..and if you know chess you know that you move your lower level pieces into places to force your enemy to show his "hand"..and then you move your higher level pieces accordingly to take advantage of his exposed weaknesses.
  6. What’s your #2 money maker?

    GK with perm camo and premium. Prints credits.. even on a bad game.
  7. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    You are an AZ fan eh? I never got that ship.. I was never really impressed with it looking at it across the map. I know it has it's following and a lot of good things are said. I guess I was just bitter at that time because I was a huge fan of Texas and that ship got totally destroyed when the KM line came out. Talk about going from first to worst overnight.. That was it. The old floating Budweiser can with her 5 turrets of freedom went right into the dust bin when Sharn and Genny started rolling around. Texas vs Nagato was a classic match up and a 5 vs 7 to boot. There was no more 5 vs 7 when the KM rolled out.
  8. DD's - Go get the caps. I don't want to hear excuses. period. Don't go chasing CV's to the end of the world when your team needs you. You are the eyes and the "stance takers" for the team. IF you are weak, the team is weak. If you hide, the team is blind. Cruisers - Your job is NOT to hide and just see how many fires you can light or how much damage you can farm. Go find DD's and kill them. period. also don't go following DD's to chase CV's to the end of the world when your team needs you. back up the DD's play until the heavies get there. BB's - don't be [edited]. Moreso, don't believe that your job is to do the cruisers and DD's job. Be aggressive and get them big guns working on the heavies..take out cruiser targets when available. Be in a position to support, but don't over extend. The light ships are going to need you to back them up when they get up front. You better get behind them. Just don't get in front of them. You can't run fast...but your "friends" around you can (and will) run faster.
  9. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    Agree. She really shined in the Ops games. It was almost like a breath of fresh air to take her and do what she was best at in those. AA blazing.. loved it. It's hard to see a scenario where she is going to play so well at 8 that it will make up for not having her in those ops games where she just did what she always did so well.
  10. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    I do too. I hope she shows the "leapfrog affect" that each new ship intro since has shown and they pop her back up to her old glory at the head of the class. Power creep is real and the ships coming out today absolutely outclass the old guard in just about every way. Give this old girl a new life back up front!!
  11. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    Cetain ships at 8 can play up, but they are the new intros. I agree that all my old favorites are pretty much shelved. I really hope the cleve isn't just moving to a higher shelf. At least at 6 I could still play her in scenarios and such and do well. She still had a solid place there.
  12. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    She will need something. I doubt they are giving her torps to go along with the rest of the T8 cruiser crowd.
  13. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    T8 is such a crap shoot anymore. Lots of good botes running around T8 in a lot of lines that I just don't play due to the MM. Yeah I know..you take what you get. The "8 plays with 10" MM wasn't sooo bad when there were just a few lines and you had a few 8 botes running around with a few 10's. The lines have expanded so much that if you are an 8 bote in a 10 match you are just a punching bag. Not to say you don't get your time in fair MM games as well. Cleve is dear to my heart and it will be interesting to see her up tiered. I hope they actually do her a little justice and at least put her on a level field with the other 8 botes. She should certainly give those DD's up there something to think about. IF she can get anywhere near the playing field to do something. RoF increase should be something. She already was a capable fire breather and her RoF was one of the things that made her feared back in the day. She can put some metal down range in a hurry. I can't imagine running the lines I ran long ago. Amagi today? pffft.. why? Amagi was a force before.. just a stepping stone to try to get over now. Even the Bis when the KM line first came out. I would run my Bis in a 10 game no worries. Not today.
  14. Fuso is a fun ship and one that is usually overlooked. You ran her really well showing a blend of patience and aggression that is vital in the IJN line of BB play. I liked your target selection. You could have "long ranged" that Koni at that first point, and a lot of people would have, but you took the better close option on the BB and not only eliminated the bigger threat to you, but maximized your firepower. Your utilization of the mountain gaps was top notch. When I first watched this my initial impression was you were just boot stomping soft targets while being ignored by the other team...aka easy ride. When I paid attention a little closer I realized you were using your position to maximize opportunity. You weren't being ignored. You were placing yourself smartly. That video could be dissected into a tutorial. Very well played game. Congrats. I forsee many more Krakens in your future if you keep that up.
  15. Is this Cleveland's Way of Saying Goodbye?

    Cleve was my stalwart favorite when I first started playing the game. Oh she was grand, and at that time, a feared ship on the seas. While her AA has held up well over time and she can still play with all the new lines and ship intros....she is simply like a long lost young love... That smile on my face that the current girl just doesn't understand. Oh.. and wth is happening with Cleve? I have been out of this awhile and waaay behind on patch update notes.