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  1. Neither is pretty much any of the so called consumables. Last I checked a ship DC/Repair?Fire party didn't just work for a few seconds and then tell the captain to piss off the next time there was flooding or fires, they are on break and won't available for another few minutes and after one more fire they are leaving for the rest of the day. Hydro is an always on thing. This IS an arcade game. It isn't a naval simulator. I am willing to accept that not everything will be 100% accurate, but in the case of radar it needs to be a little less OP. It can still be an effective counter, but WG really messed this up IMHO.
  2. Hydrocoustics (not sonar as most people call it) is not a line of sight thing. Hydro listens for sounds underwater and based on those sound waves can identify and locate targets. The interesting thing is that WG calls it Hydro, but while active you get the sonar "ping" sounds. Not sure if they did that just to let you know it is active or if they actually intend it to be an active sonar and misnamed it hydrocoustics. Radar can counter smoke while not constantly lighting a target for the entire team to see. All you really need to know to counter smoke is the approximate location of the ship. Is it still in the smoke? Is he sitting still or moving? Did he smoke and run? Did other ships move in behind the smoke to ambush your team? All this things could be known with the "realistic" radar that acted like something I suggested.
  3. Played a few games tonight with a guy @SaidNoOneEver Good player. saw him on both sides and was a good game each time. Last game he was the perfect DD compliment to my GK. This guy gets big thumbs up from me. He knows how to drive his rigs the way they should be played. One of the other games I saw him in he was rolling a Mino. And I mean rolling. We didn't do that well as a team in that one. Most of our side had been hiding and I got smoked by a sneaky dd that was laying around when I thought I had a clear path after a fletch got whacked. Anyway, while everyone was hiding this guys was running and gunning that Mino, totally unlike any hiding and fire streaming mino. He was everywhere. Was cool to see.
  4. As one that absolutely adored my Texas when I got her on first release (full 'Murica camo of course). I was pretty intrigued when 'Bama was being talked about. More I saw the more I realized she was going to be a victim in a mean MM world, just like the fate that befell Texas. When she ('Bama) first rolled out I jumped in the Bismark and it was game on. I whopped all the newbie 'Bama crowd like it was nobody's business. To be fair, some put up a pretty good fight and on a few occasions I walked into a match with low HP an got spanked, but really it wasn't much of a fight usually. Funny thing you bring this up now. After not having seen 'Bama for a long time. She is appearing again in games against my GK. Poor girl. "Bama has a lot of fine attributes, but if her T9 and T10 superiors are routinely outplayed by IJN and KM ships, what do you really expect? You honestly are probably not doing anything wrong. It's just WG dropping another premium with hype that can't really hold it's own in the MM they set up.
  5. Don't. I am not trying to make everyone happy, because obviously that will never work. I am proposing an idea that might actually be considered by WG to release premium ships to the general public for a trial basis. It won't happen in game, and I would prefer it that would most I would imagine. Why do you sacrifice your hard drive space for anything? Because you want to and think it is important to you.
  6. I don't like this idea at all about putting rentals in Ranked games...or any games on the live server. I have in the past mentioned that making premiums available to play around with during the public test times might be a good way to get people interested in buying a premium ship for their own fleet. Pub test already gives you a ton of everything to start, signals, dubloons, a bazillion credits, 15 point captains, a fleet of ships and a super cheap cost to upgrade up a line. You can easily run a line to T10 in just a few games and in one good session of play have pretty much maxed out every line available. Why not toss in premiums? Once the test ends everything goes *poof* anyway and all you end up with is whatever rewards you earned for completing whatever criteria they set out. Additionally adding the premium line ups to the test server might get some more people playing test, which it sorely needs. Nothing like 2 on 2 random battles. lol. I even had one once where it was 1:1 with 2 carriers.
  7. That would certainly be a better fitting name as what WG has implemented as "radar" works absolutely NOTHING like real radar. Not even remotely close. It would be a really easy fix to at least make it almost like real radar. Forget the ridiculous "see through solid objects" aspect and just focus on the "always on" thing. Illuminate the target for 2 seconds out of every 10, to imitate a sweeping radar. simulating an actual radar "sweep" might be a bit difficult, so go ahead and leave the 360 degree all at once thing in place and just have the targets "blink". Only allow the ship with the radar active to see the enemy ship. If the person with the radar wants to communicate it out to his/her team, they can call out coordinates in chat, to simulate real ships radioing their fleet to report a location. increase the duration of the consumable to compensate for only seeing the target for a couple of seconds. I'll take the first point one step further, and say that the target appears on the users mini map for the 2 seconds it is "painted", but is not actually "visible" on the screen, as radar doesn't allow you to actually SEE anything, it just shows you an object on a screen. Real life radar is not a targeting system. WG's version of radar acts more like a Aegis targeting system.
  8. If you bring up the available captains, as if you were going to assign one to a ship, and then choose "from other ships" it will display all your captains in your ships and their points. So to answer your question, if I understood it right, "Yes. This already exists." Hope that helps.
  9. I'll take that trade off. I loved playing Amagi and I wouldn't mind dropping a bit of speed for a little more 'Beef". I might seriously consider buying this one..
  10. Yeah I get what you are saying about Yammy. I had fun getting there (except for Izumo which was a painful grind, but useful) and had quite a few games in Yam, but like you the real way to play her just didn't fit my style. I ran the KM line and never looked back. Genny is an odd duck in that line though. If you really like the play style of the Bis, Genny is completely opposite. She is more like a Nagato with torps than a Bis. It is kind of a mind bender when you run that line because the ships play styles all the way up are based on sort of the same premise. Tanky ships with hard hitting guns (if you can hit something) and blazing seconds. Then along comes Genny with her speed, light armor, laser guns (for KM ships), and torps. lol.
  11. Ex US Navy here and it pains me to say this, but the US BB line to me was simply boring. Fun to shoot at, but not much fun to play. They seem to have gotten better lately with the cit lowering, but still fairly one dimensional ship unless you happen to play with a CV that is stupid enough to fly over you..and plane kills mean anything to you. After running around in DD's and Cruisers for a bit, I started up the US line and also bought the Texas when it first came out. Tex was a blast to play because she could just bang heads with anything and simply ATE planes. But that was ago old past and she rusts in port now. Between the two you mentioned, KM line hands down. You get a lot of variety coming up through the line with some slow plodding ships that are not a lot unlike their US counterparts, then you hit Genny at T7 and she is a whole different beast. Fast, 8k torps, decent guns, if not a bit light for her tier, but really basically about the closest thing to a sniper the KM line has and the added bonus of torps for anything that gets too close. From Genny you jump into the Bismark and then your whole world changes. This is the start of the KM line dynamic play. Tanky, punishing guns, and secondaries that just hum and can really reach out and touch someone. About here you will start to actually not mind DD's that wander in a little close thinking they can snipe a fast torp shot on you. Bis, FD, and GK all play roughly the same with their own little quirks, but when you hit GK with a full secondary build. She can be a monster. I was to try to talk up the US line I would have to say, good guns. You can deal some hurt. And they have some pretty monster AA. Not really much to add for the US line. North Carolina might be the only ship in that line that interests me, but not enough to waste time to get her. You didn't mention the IJN (Japanese) line. That is a pretty fun one to run and almost 180 degress out from the KM line. Fast, laser guns with stupid long range. Perfect run and gun sniper BB. And when you really get the feel for them you can do a bit of brawling as well. They can hold their own and their seconds aren't KM worthy, but nothing to turn your nose up to. Puny armor is about the only downfall. Ran IJN to Yam Ran KM to GK, which is my go to ship ever since I have had her Ran US to.. I don't know. Maybe T6, but probably not even past T5 in the tech tree since I had Texas already. I know I won't waste another game in one of them though. I will run the Brit line when it comes out, unless they are turds like the US ships.
  12. 50 Gamerscon camo and 50 Hydra Flags. I'll take it. Better than a useless super consumable. The camo should go well on my new Gearing to offset the play cost since I won't waste money on premium camo for her and it will take me a long time to roll 50 games in her.
  13. Manual seconds already have a pretty decent hit rate, aim themselves with a click of the mouse, and the vast majority of the time I am running them it is in conjunction with firing my mains. I can see no real benefit to this other than maybe a bit of "fun factor" or maybe a boost in your secondary damage in some rare instances. I have nothing against the feature, but certainly isn't much for me to get all excited about IMHO. Personally I like the ability to select a target and "forget it" while focusing on either another target with my mains or lining up my next shot on the primary.
  14. Depends on the T8BB and which T10 BB's you are facing. I would roll the Bis against US ships without much worry and the Amagi also plays well above her tier. Both of those being tech tree ships. I wouldn't have a ton of heartache playing the Bama either, if it wasn't something you had to shell out hard cash for.