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  1. LOL I enjoy reading your thoughts here. I try to keep a level head about most things but every now and then I get a little passionate about some topics and come across a bit more personally than I would have liked to. I agree with your "more flies with sugar than vinegar" approach to most things, but sometimes stuff just hits me wrong and I take it a notch outside of that. I used to play this game with a framerate of 7frames per second but no lag. No Idea how it translated to the rest of my team, but I can only imagine if someone posted that people with single digit framerate shouldn't be allowed to play this game.  We find ourselves on a slippery slope when we start trying to look for arbitrary ways to exclude people from playing and making our own standard and perspective the sole determining factor for such actions. Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your thoughts and perspectives and look forward to reading more of your work.


    1. CaptGodzillaPig


      Thanks.  I would say 80% of what I post is babble, 10% actual thoughtful posts, and the other 10% drunken rants (not proud of those), so I guess it is nice to see someone consider my "contributions" as a body of work.  lol. 

      Completely agree though about looking for ways to exclude people.  Seems like there is a lot of that going on.  CHEERS!

    2. Ariokk


      big red state with little blue city..... East Germany?


  2. I think I will re roll and see how it  goes.  Just a start...  shhhhh.   I'll give it a bit and you can see the name.  




    1. CaptGodzillaPig


      Not because I care about it.  Just because I can.  

  3. HEY.    Join our clan.  TAC.  already talked to the guys about you.  We just play for the fun.    You will like these guys. 

    1. SaidNoOneEver


      I'll consider it.  I just joined ARP and they're a pretty cool bunch of gents too.  How big is TAC these days?  I only ask because it's not necessarily the size of the clan that hooks me, but the activity of the clan.  I left my original clan because everyone just started playing other games and pretty much left WoWs by the wayside; only playing occasionally, if sometimes rarely even.

    2. CaptGodzillaPig


      TAC is pretty active.  I left BEERS, which I really liked, for mainly the same reason.  I just never saw those guys when I was playing.  I can pretty much play with the same crowd on a regular basis with TAC, which is sort of how I hooked up with them.  I was Div with a guy from them and he finally talked me over.  They run a chat on Discord if you are into that sort of aspect.