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  1. But my base isn't that.. The non prem base is grayed out. My base starts with what it is.. Then adds modifiers. If you want to call it a base XP challenge then show my non prem XP and call my premium a modifier. I would be ok with that.
  2. Never seen this as apparent as it is now I guess... Call me stupid. I look at my stats and my base is one thing.. and not the other No worries. Just call it what it is.
  3. 3 Times today I was over 2k base Xp.. but only around 1500 on the grayed out side. If you aren't going to count Base XP on side where your stats count. Say so. I know some people don't pay for prem. I get that. If premium bonus is a bonus, then start with the base and call it what it is. Don't tell me I got what I didn't get. Yeah stupid rant over.
  4. Yes you are correct..and even as I wrote that I know that there are gun boat DDs/ US line is one. Aki is a very good example. I was generalizing that if you want to avoid getting blown up.. First try to avoid being seen.
  5. So fine. Let's say you have no flags. You play a few games.. POOF.. you get detonated. Now you have 10 flags. Given the odds of getting detonated without the flag, and the 10 freebie games you get with the flags. Is this really a big deal? I find it laughable. I got Det twice in my GK.. In a row. No crap back to back dets. lol. I find that funny as hell.
  6. Is this a hard thing to understand? DD's aren't gun boats for the main part. They are stealth torp boats. Keep out of detect range. Run your torps. Run your guns if you have to.. Where is the disconnect here?
  7. Know your concealment range is a start. If you close inside of that and invite fire.. well..
  8. Yep. You got me there. That was the one I meant.
  9. Ok wasn't sure.. There was a little tag line that said clan bonus. I hadn't heard anything one way or the other. Either way it was a good way to reset skills on a bunch of captains I may use later for whatever.
  10. Yep. I love it. Sure it sucks when it happens. but it keeps the game interesting and WG rewards you when it does. A few points... 1) If you get detonated, and you don't equip the (10) flags you got for that and get det again. You suck. 2) If you run a detonation prone ship, and don't invest 1 capt skill point to reduce det chance by 70%. You suck. 3) If you run a det prone ship without a flag and don't think to yourself, "crapI need to watch it or I might get detonated". You suck. 4) If you do anything other than laugh and have a good time in chat with the whole player base after you get det. You suck. 5) If you get detonated on a regular basis, and haven't read the WG Wiki on how det mechanics work, and just want to complain... You suck. See a common theme here?
  11. I am probably an idiot and most know this, but I finally, after 2 years, went and cleaned out my port today. Sold off some ships I never use etc. The main thing was this.. The amount of signals and camo I had equipped on ships just sitting idle in my port. I think I added 10-20 very useful signals to my inventory that had been just sitting on ships I never use. Same with Camo. Got back some old Gamerscon and some other really good camo. For some reason I seem to be able to to dismount modules for free ( no dubs) and also re spec captains for free. Clan thing? I don't know what that is all about, but I reset skills on about 15 captains for no cost and sent them to reserve. The rest I just dismissed. Final tally was about 30 mil in credits from ship sales and a huge boost to my signal and camo inventory. Yay. Who knew.... It was all just sitting there.
  12. From a brawling BB main.. I never had or liked your smoke anyway. The times you did you blinded me. Just spot that guy so I can kill him. BB main out.
  13. The best thing about my little DD buddies, and I can't say enough about them, is that even though they didn't get the glory.. They dictated the game. Without them those 3 DD's and that Cruiser would have eaten my lunch..and probably before I even knew they were there. My presence drew all the fire from them, which I can take, but the difference is that it was very obvious that while I was getting fired on, and believe me I am no stranger to focus fire, you could tell they were all looking at the DD's and just "hail mary'ing" shots at me. Aside from keeping the targets lit.. They were keeping the targets minds occupied. Yeah, those reds wanted me... But they sure weren't going to take their eyes off my guys. I put a massive hurt down and my little buddies probably walked away with not much to show, but they were really the heroes.
  14. My game was a wild one as well.. Well obviously for me at the start, but then the rest played out sort of strange. I was on the right side of the map in C cap with 2 DD's. Benson and I think a Shima.. Big hats off to both of them for helping keep those DD's spotted. It was a 4 DD game and the 3 of us had a heyday at C. Torp soup everywhere and I was cranking that GK from rudder lock to rudder lock to dodge. After I got that last DD for the hat trick I finally got a chance to look at how the game was going.. Annnnd we are losing horribly. We had C, but A and B were red and not a green ship anywhere near any of them. Of course, I look at the chat and guess who is getting salted.. Heavily salted.. Yeah, me. I just wrapped up my 4th kill on a one salvo delete of a cruiser that wasn't paying attention and I chimed back.. "Hey (something I probably shouldn't have called them)!! We (me and the DD's) have 4 kills, the only 4 kills and the only cap..and I just popped over 100k damage. wth are you guys doing and what more do you want from us?" Strangely.. That worked. lol. All of a sudden green ships got lively and turned the game upside down for the reds. As rare as the hat trick close Q was, I think that is the first time I have ever seen a team respond to a "get off yer butt" remark. lol. I say "we" on the kills because even though the DD's probably didn't score real well in the damage department and I tagged all the bodies, I not only wouldn't have done it without them.. I doubt I would have even lived long without them. I love playing with a good DD escort. A secondary spec GK paired with a DD driver that is willing to keep targets lit for you.. Unstoppable pair. Put 2 DD drivers in with you that will both keep things lit.. That makes the GK an unstoppable monster.
  15. maybe you get the flags for the first game of the day that you get the achievement, then say an additional reward for at every 5 after that? That would make it so it wasn't a "gimme" and you had to either play a lot or be good (lucky) at what were doing to get the second or third in a day's time. As it is I get it often enough that I don't have to worry about running out of flags any time soon... lol. But still would be nice.