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  1. Clam you do need help. Video won't do it. Now, are you running Sharn or Bis? Because they are two very different ships. I can't help you with Sharn. But Bis.. First, are you secondary spec? Next.. get up and park yourself where the enemy is coming in. Then just drop bombs on them all day while they come. 9 times out of ten they run away. You are doing something very very wrong here. I think you might be a little over zealous. There is a fine line between running in and running in stupid. I am still learning it myself. I applaud your desire to get in there.. Just pick your spots.
  2. Special skills for Dasha as a captain

    1 day of premium for every 30 days served. lol.
  3. I know right.. lol
  4. Ranked "rankings" are a joke. Case in point I played in a game about a year or so ago that had a Div with 3 Blacks in it. So obviously they all ranked out enough times to earn them. They all 3 got rolled out in the first few minutes of the game and the over all game ended in a roll for us.
  5. Yeah man I hear ya. I have been at it awhile myself. Maybe I have just been lucky lately in my "draw". I can totally relate to what your game play has been though. That has certainly been my experience for awhile also. I was hoping something changed. lol.
  6. Battleship question about higher tiers

    Disagree on the "non manual seconds". Yeah you get to sling a lot of shells on both sides, but not a very high hit ratio. Learn to play the man seconds right and you can take out a ship on one side with them while taking out the other with your mains. If you just like to see little fireflys going every which way around your ship.. sure. don't take the manuals. If you have DD's at 6k around you. They are too close. At the higher tier range you need every bit of the 11.6 range and you need to get that fire focused...aka manuals. If you see a DD at 6k in the high T games.. You are probably already dead and just don't know it yet. But you will in about 2 seconds after you spot him.
  7. Battleship question about higher tiers

    FD was really a pain IMHO. Bismark was much better play and when I finally went from FD to GK it was like a light switch. I'll never get rid of the Bis, and if I haven't sold the FD already I will as soon as I get back. I had no use for it other than it was the ship I had to grind through to get GK. Just like Izzy on the way to Yam. Amagi was a dream, Izzy sucked. Yam rocks.
  8. Battleship question about higher tiers

    You seem to the type that the game needs in the High T range. You have the right idea. At low T BB's are pretty much punching bags as you have no real means to defend yourself and you rely totally on your main guns to do anything. First. Run the KM line. They are your "tanks" with the armor and seconds you want. Second. Totally ignore Genny at T7 and simply skip her if you can. She is a fun enough ship, but is nothing about the KM BB line of brawlers. Third. When you FINALLY get to Bismark at T8. You will find what you are looking for. Go total full out seconds build. Manual seconds are going to be almost important as your main guns. Fourth. Suffer through the FD at T9.. Like most T9 ships she seems like a "yawn" in between 8 and 10. Last. Get GK. Do these things. You have to be willing to live the life of a BB that runs though.. There are times you are going to get straight eaten alive right at the game start by fire breathing HE monsters. But if you want fun BB play in close "knife fight" style.. It is there for you.
  9. Heckuva day so far fellas...

    Sorry I missed ya. After more than a hours at it and a few hours more. I wasn't around. Things took a turn downhill in the GK so jumped to the 52 and grabbed two more wins. Then it was Netflix and Chill with the gal. Today is doing ok though.. Maybe see you around.
  10. Not sure about you guys, but the last two days I have had the very fortunate experience of playing on some really good teams. Granted I have seen some rolls over on the reds that probably didn't think so, so may I was just lucky. All I know is that is has been a fun filled time lately and I am hoping the impending weekend doesn't change it up too much. Sure is nice to get out and do my job knowing that I have a team with me doing theirs. Probably racked up more close Q badges in the last two days than in the last 3 weeks. Had a few fails in there. But the "Feast or Famine" running in the GK has been a LOT more FEAST than FAMINE lately..and that is a direct reflection of the guys around me. o7 Anyone that has been around. It has been a fun run.
  11. New combat mission?

    2 Containers is the final reward. Good luck in your travels.
  12. Special skills for Dasha as a captain

    Dasha Capt has no + stats. All stats are negative in nature as she whips her slobbering crew into slave like conditions.. Which they all accept. They eat gruel while she sips wine. Occasionally she will hand down some crumbs that the crew heartily thanks her for. If you listen closely in the raging storm of a cyclone... You can hear her maniacal laugh as she drives her crew through the maelstrom into harms way...........
  13. Cursed Ship

    I bought the Krispy Kreme as a gift for my kid on his account when it came out. I played in a few times and never did much in it. He plays it and does really well..even with a low point Capt.
  14. Cursed Ship

    Cleve was one of my favorite ships when I first started playing. I used to roll around in her a lot and did fairly well in her considering my relative inexperience in the game. Loved watching those DD's and CA's just run for their lives when the Cleve popped up on them. But there weren't a whole lot of ship lines back then.
  15. Cursed Ship

    This is a good point...