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  1. CaptGodzillaPig

    What do you do when team play just drops off?

    Yeah actually I have been running Hatsu, which is just a torp monster..10k torp with 5.8 detect and smoke.. But even that is just sometimes a toss. I don't care. I never been a win rate chaser. I am happy with my basically 50/50. (maybe a little under) since my days here in Beta. Actually I find the play here now a lot better than say a year or so ago. Not the competency of the play, but at least the good will and have fun part of it. WG did a good job taking out the trash.
  2. CaptGodzillaPig

    What do you do when team play just drops off?

    Yes.. And sometimes I am on that "other side" that just rolls the lop team. Either way. The quality of play drops significantly. Do you keep rolling the dice and hope for the best or do you kick out and protect your win rate? I keep slogging. Just me.
  3. CaptGodzillaPig

    What do you do when team play just drops off?

    It's not that I don't enjoy it. I am still doing my thing. But I guess I was just curious who here would kick out to save win rate and who would keep going on. I clearly keep going on. lol
  4. So, being house bound for the last 2 weeks I have taken back up some Ships.. Starting in the morning US PST, the team play is pretty good and I have been roaming around the T5-6 IJN DD realm with really good success. Like 10-1, 12-2, even 15-0, win loss rates. But then... around 1-2PST every day, the team play just drops.. My stats don't vary much, but all of sudden the losses just start rolling up. Literally just watch teams sit and lose. Games that should be won. So.. I am no griping about that so much, but I just sit and take loss after loss. Should I just pack it up and call it a day? There is no carrying these teams. My win/loss rate in the Hatsu would be ungodly if I did, but I just keep going....
  5. CaptGodzillaPig

    Tier X1 dancing ship

    It is a Submarine from the old ARP ship line from some Anime show. It wsa WG's attempt to make everyone happy with a "sub" that you couldn't play, but could have. It came with a captain. Ion or something like that. I still have her in my lineup somewhere in the reserves.
  6. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    Tammy only appeared in one of the matches..and "appear" was about all it did. The "Iron Wall" or whatever they called it that CUTE deployed in match 3 I thought was pretty neat and I was pretty sure that they were going to roll over that match (As I am sure they did). Instead that seemed to be the turning point and they just never really got the upper hand again. At any rate it was pretty fun to watch and I sat through all 5 matches when I can barely stand to see 1 game replay. I thought both teams played with a lot of skill and strategy, but in the end the games go the way they go. One bad over extend or one moment getting caught with your side exposed can change the whole fate and that was certainly the case a few times over the course of the series.
  7. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    07 with the win in a game 5 battle.
  8. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    07 wins game 3 in a close match.
  9. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    I have no dog in this.. I am just enjoying watching the match. So far it has been pretty one sided, but still some good game strategy to watch on both sides.
  10. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    Game 2 to Cute in a complete one sided match.
  11. CaptGodzillaPig

    Why do people think O7 will win?

    Game 1 to Cute..
  12. CaptGodzillaPig

    Too Many Over-pens?

    Again my point. You have to choose. Game or simulator. It is already very very far from simulator. So just make it a game. As intended.
  13. CaptGodzillaPig

    Too Many Over-pens?

    The real problem is that it is a GAME. This isn't a naval battle simulator, though some would like it to be. You can't hold out one hand and say "because reality" and then on the other hand have situations where DD's take 6-8 mid ship hits from a BB and keep sailing on away. No little tin can is going to survive that in reality. At the very least they are dead in the water forever (however long that may be). I agree that there is a little too much "thought" being put into what sort of hit you get when you hit another ship.
  14. CaptGodzillaPig

    Hail and Farewell

    I did that about a year ago after a 3-4 year stint of playing. It was just time to do something else. You may find your way back after a bit. It is a completely different game now than when I left. So that is sort of interesting. Some things are still the same..Mainly the complaining. lol. Good luck with your next adventure.
  15. CaptGodzillaPig

    Halloween operations

    Haven't played in awhile, but this is basically what I remember from years past as well.. I may try them later today. Nice ride in your Avi, not to mention the name. Panigale rider here. 959. Too bad it is going to sit in my shop for the next 6 months due to rain.