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  1. The weekends, what can be done?

    Hmm.. Weekends. Like when kids or other people that have a life working want to play, but don't have the unfretted time to play non stop come out. How about this. Take a break from your week long gaming binge and go do something outside the house for a change, or just realize that maybe on weekends people that do real stuff for a living come out and play and deal with it. So sorry that people that can't game all day every day are intruding on your time. I propose you just STFU and deal with it snowflake.
  2. Server/global record for secondary hits?

    Who the heck has ever said, "hold my wine"? I think it is "hold my beer.". lol.. ') I'll hold your wine while you daintily tip toe across a water puddle.
  3. Server/global record for secondary hits?

    1500 damage wouldn't be unachievable. Though it would be pretty impressive. I think I have topped out around 700-800 max combined damage from seconds due to hits and fires. Under the right circumstances I could see doubling that as reasonable. Especially if you could rain hell from cover and not take damage yourself. That really is the key. Most times you are running guns, you are taking hits to boot. It is a hit point race at that point. If you can skew the race to your favor and still run them guns. Yeah. You could run up a huge tally.
  4. Server/global record for secondary hits?

    Belay my last.. that wasn't it. I got on the wrong end of my photobucket. This was the correct last game I had that was a brawl.
  5. Server/global record for secondary hits?

    Still chasing the magic 500 mark for hits. Been close a few times in the 400 range. Been harder as of late as fewer and fewer BB's will come brawl with you. Used to be able to pop 300 easy in a game, but that is even hard these days..or at least when I was last playing a lot. As for damage. I have tallied 3 Witherer achievements due to seconds. The only ones I have ever gotten. I had one really good game from a brawl standpoint last time I was out.. This was probably my best game in a BB I awhile. Not sure if the new mechanics got people going again or the new BB line, but it was a total different game that I had been used to and one I really enjoyed. Good old fashioned fighting like the old days.
  6. Pig checking in..

    Yeah no doubt there. I heard that sound more than I cared to. Not too much of a diff though. GK was always susceptible to heavy pen damage even if it wasn't a cit. Just a little extra precaution in times when I might have been more aggressive. All is still good in GK land.
  7. Pig checking in..

    Yeah..... Seems like I was getting Cit pretty easy. I bet I heard the "tone" more times in 4 games tonight than I had in maybe the last 50 I have played before that.. All good. I still did my thing. Just had to be a little more careful than I normally would. Which would mean being careful at all. lol.
  8. Pig checking in..

    Still not really motivated like I used to be, but 4 games in tonight has me thinking I could get back into this. These new BB's got some hammers. I (GK) sluffed them off as non issues in two different games and got HAMMERED by them in both. GK don't do cits. GK doesn't like getting double cit in back to back games. I like this. I gave these guys a little more slack than I should have and they both made me pay. First one I wrote off as a fluke. The next guy let the cat out of the bag. I like a game....game on. Best part as they will come fight a bit. Seems like there might be a new kid on the block, but the ol' GK is getting wise and is going to keep at least a few of them honest. Other than that.. How is the home crowd doing? Still the same old things?
  9. Why 'play' the game?

    You get mad because you missed a shot at a DD at 14K? Hell I would throw a party and name my first born son after a shell that hit a DD at 14k. I am a hiatus and just got back into some games tonight. I like the play so far over past results.
  10. I agree about Izzy. I ground though that ship to get to Yam and god every game was a chore. But a lot of T9 ships are like that, just not as bad as Iz. They make you pay price to get to 10. In the KM line Bis was boss at 8, but FD sucked at 9. GK is balls out. Izzy does one thing right. It forces you to learn "bow in", which you need to know when you get to Yam. There is a method to that madness.. Once you learn it you got it. IF you don't you will never like her and probably have no business in Yam. I agree that Izzy is a tough ship to get by, but if you can't learn to at least run her as a tolerable ship then you have no business in Yam. Yam's guns are great, but if you don't know how to use them you are just a poser that skipped for a T10 ship.
  11. You say you are mostly a BB player. Which do you play? To answer you, you have to let us know a little about your style. Both ships you mentioned are range fighters, so I will assume that you don't like to get in the mix. If that is your game I would suggest Yam. If you really want to breathe HE fire just use HE on her. If you want laser AP run her AP. Conq has a huge repair thing going for her..so there is that. Yammy has some blazing seconds that a lot overlook so think about that also. Conq HE isn't really all that "Amazing".. it is just that it is what it is only good at. Yammy HE could rain similar hell and give you a great AP back up if you wanted to switch. IMHO the Conq shine has worn off and the Yam has been around since the dawn of time and still rules. Go Yam. My 2 cents.
  12. What did this guy do...

    Depends on who you get. Most of the actual real doctors you will get in the hospitals are guys that have civilian practices, but still owe time back to their respective service for paying for the schools. Some of them are cool about having to do their reserve time and some of them really resent it and take it out on the patients. It get's worse when something really goes down and they get force recalled because the regular docs got shipped off. If you get a regular military doctor you are usually ok. If you get a reservist with an attitude you are in for a bad time.
  13. What did this guy do...

    Can't say I ever recall running across a female CMC, but when I was in Women weren't really allowed on Combat ships. My ship did actually have some of the first female officers on board a combatant. Good officers both. They were only on for a short time as a "trial", but I would have taken them full time. Small ship..small family. They fit in pretty well considering the times. They did their job right and that was the only thing anyone cared about. I would say that these days the odds of a female CMC would be a lot greater, if not even common place. I am cool with that. One of the best workers I ever had was a gal that ran circles around the guys in my div. Shore duty station, but she would have made a good Snipe. She is a hard core lesbian biker running a bar in Florida today. God I miss her. lol. Navy Doc's in the marines are different than the Navy Docs. Marine Docs are combat medics and I know for a fact are probably the most well respected, and protected, guys in the unit. (got a lot of marine buddies and ex navy/marine doc buddies). Navy docs are politely referred to as "pecker checkers". See above discussions for reference on that. Don't take that as a slight though. On my ship we had 2 HM's. One Chief and one 3rd. Those guys got us through a lot of bad times.
  14. What did this guy do...

    Man I soooo wanted to go A gang. I loved M div, don't get me wrong, but I wanted out of that hole and get out and work on everything else. A whole different world. That was what was so great about our rate. We worked everywhere. M Div, A gang, Repair. MM's were everywhere man. Don't mess with any one Snipe, because you could be taking a cold shower the next day...or maybe your air would be shut off to your berthing for "maintenance". Roll the rest of the Fireman rates in with us..and we ran the ship. BT, HT, EN, and I forgetting someone..... Anyway, I was MM2 and qualified Top Watch in my engine room. They weren't letting me go anywhere. Best thing I did in my entire time in. Last leg of our decommission cruise I made it a point to take my two MMFN's and sign off there quals for 3rd class. It was easy..these guys had it down pat and no one was looking after them. I got out of the Nav when we hit port, but both of them made 3rd and one of them went on to finish a nice career.