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  1. Rorik64

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    Thanks - I feel the same way.
  2. Rorik64

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    For those that have her - does she come with a 'normal' tier IX premium camo, or only the Waterworld one?
  3. Rorik64

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Love it. Well done WG!
  4. Rorik64

    Premium Ship Policy

    I wish you were wrong, but you're not. I can hope they'll change, and can do a small part to steer that by giving feedback. Some like this, and some like the support case I'll file asking to have my unplayed premium ship refunded for cash if GC is uptiered. As it won't have been played as a tier 6, I'll make the case that I haven't played it. I'll probably NOT get the cash, but it'll make the point. After that I'll move on. I think I spent $25 on the boat, so I won't get too wound up about it. I'll even keep playing the game, I just won't risk more money here. Edit to fix a typo
  5. I limit myself to just using them on DDs. Between the occasional rare double strike, event rewards, and always choosing 'more flags and camos' for containers, my supply tends to grow. That said, it's nice to be able to spend cash if/when I eventually DO run out of some signal. Good change!
  6. Rorik64

    Premium Ship Policy

    There's the policy as written in the T&C, and then there's the guidance given by their representatives over the last 3 years (we don't nerf premiums) AND the track record they have over that same time of never directly nerfing a premium. That's led the community to trust that they won't do it in the future. If they feel they can't keep the game right without this change, the only fair thing to do would be a cash refund. I don't expect one, but I also didn't expect they'd change a ship I paid cash for. While they probably DO have the legal right to make this change, I and the others have every right to conclude that they can't be trusted any longer and stop risking more money. The best resolution for this would be for WG to just say 'well, that wasn't such a good idea, thanks for the feedback. We won't nerf it, but we also won't sell any more'. To do otherwise will alienate a bunch of paying customers, no matter what the EULA fine print says.
  7. This is the best fit for my stance - I expect the ship to stay what I bought it as, even if the game changes. Negatively changing something I spend money on makes me far less likely to trust future purchases, so I probably won't make them.
  8. Rorik64

    possible solution for GC situation

    Agreed. Lot's of threads on this, here's hoping WG takes it to heart.
  9. Throw me on the 'don't change GC' bandwagon. I try to avoid tier VI premiums due to their matchmaking, (events and containers notwithstanding) and would not have purchased her at tier 6.
  10. Rorik64

    Why why why why BB players

    The OP's highest ship is tier 4. At that tier, I can understand not believing that shooting at a DD at 10km is worthwhile. OP, BB guns DO get more accurate, and hitting a DD at 10km is as folks above say, very doable. And while it's true that cruisers are a BB's 'natural prey' in the rock, paper, scissors meta, that's not an absolute. DDs are very high value targets - if you get the chance to hurt one, you should take it.
  11. Rorik64

    Reset captain skills sometime soon ?

    If you play clan battles, you're in luck: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/clan-battles-north/ "From November 28 until December 4, all players who join at least one Clan Battle will be able to redistribute the skill points of their Commanders for free." If you don't, then I expect the previous mention of the CV rework should bring a reset.
  12. Rorik64

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    Back during the last pre-Clan wars period of free captain respecs, I tested my Mass with a variety of builds - IFHE yes/no, Manual Secondaries, yes/no, and BFT yes/no being the big ones. I ended up settling on Enderland's build as the one that gave me the best performance for overall secondary damage (damage + fires). I keep second guessing myself on manual secondaries, just because they already have such good natural accuracy and I'd LOVE to be able to shoot from both sides, but I've had great results this way. As Fruta_mala says, pushing to a cap and backing your DDs is extremely effective, and the example often makes your teammates bolder.
  13. Rorik64

    Massachusetts 3rd skill BFT v. SI

    This is all so, so true. My Mass captain is: PT, PM AR SI AFT, IFHE, MS I tried leaving off MS in favor of CE, since I like sneaky BB's. But MS just makes the ship a monster. Any DD and most cruisers inside 11.3 km just MELT. Re SI vs BFT, I've tried the ship with BFT, and it's nice. But I've had any number of games that I've burned through 5 heals and STILL could have tanked more. I had two tonight that gave me dreadnought and fireproof medals, and in both games I spent the last few minutes being very careful not to attract attention, as I was low health and out of heals. The odd thing is that neither got me a CQE! Luck of the draw, I guess. Edit to add: my only gripe with the ship is that she didn't REALLY come into her own until the capt had 18 pts. And with the 4 pointers crowding out CE, there really isn't another US ship that you can use him on. I'd LIKE to put him on my Atlanta, but driving that without CE feels suicidal. All of that means that while she's a very fun ship, dedicating an 18 or 19 pt captain to her is expensive.
  14. Rorik64

    The New WGC Launcher

    Put me down as another who's not interested in 'fixing' something that's not broken, nor adding features that aren't useful to me.