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  1. I think between the spotting change and the rocket reticle change, it may make a difference. DDs don't need to kill the squad do 'win' an engagement, they just have to live through it. Killing the planes is one way to do that, but isn't the only way. I'm pretty anti CV, but that's mostly because (in my DD) I don't like the game design issue of the DD not being able to do much once spotted. If the spotting change (shorter 'line up' time) with the reticle change makes it a more even contest between the DD's dodging skills vs the CV's rocketry skill, this has promise.
  2. Love the idea. And if so many clans opt out of CVs, what does that say about CVs inclusion? Either a lot of folks love them, and there won't be a queue time problem for CV teams, or the clans vote with their feet.
  3. Rorik64

    Sims a good buy?

    I've really enjoyed mine. She's fast, and as noted above is the most maneuverable DD in the game (currently). Play her to contest caps and generally be a nuisance. You won't get a lot of damage generally, but can really be a factor in a win when played right. Watch out for Shokakus that know how to avoid flak.
  4. Rorik64

    What should a BB shoot at?

    From a silver and exp standpoint, yes. From a 'impact on the game' standpoint, the DD hps are most likely worth more. My target hierarchy: 1. The biggest thing I can kill in this shot. RNG may troll me, but if there's a good chance to take a ship off the map, it's preferred. 2. Any DD I can expect to do damage to. (I won't waste a shot on a DD 25 KM away, even in a ship that can reach that far. But damage to a DD helps the team most, so it's generally top). 3. Radar cruisers/CVs 4. Other. Prioritize this based on situation - broadside Cruiser beats bow in BB, but if the BB is what the team is focusing and I can hurt him, I probably will join in.
  5. I didn't re-up this Christmas (and haven't spent any money since then) but this would have me re-up.
  6. This. No interest, and unhappy that they'll make randoms (and eventually clan battles) no fun. For what it's worth, I stopped spending money on the game late last year, and if I can't avoid them, don't plan to spend more. Honestly, I think they'd be a hoot in a wolfpack style 'subs vs DDs' scenario to guard the convoy or the like. But in randoms they dramatically change the game, and not in a good way.
  7. It makes perfect sense that there would be a lot of positive feedback - Subs are new, shiny, and have some engaging gameplay. Plus to give credit where due, the artwork is up to the usual outstanding standards. They're gorgeous. And many of the fans of this genre are sub fans (myself included). But, they are hugely disruptive of the current game, and the folks that dislike that change (myself included) have a point. Playing against sub in a BB, CA, or CV is an exercise in frustration - you're just a target. That's not fun. (That's the core of the gripe many have against CVs, and - back in the day - OWSF, but that's another topic). Also, playing a DD requires giving up your 'eyes of the fleet' role that's so fun. Sharing with CVs wasn't so good, but didn't eliminate it. Add in the loss of a DD's ability to do many of the things DDs traditionally do in this game means that those of us that LIKE to do those things aren't happy with seeing them go away one day. So, do I like subs or not? Well, I'm not opposed to adding content - usually more content is better than less content. But, when they come into randoms and clan battles, I'm likely to stop playing altogether, because they'll make playing DDs and many other ships far LESS fun to play. Take it for what it's worth, but I've already stopped spending money here - I don't want to put money toward a game I don't think I'll want to play. Which is too bad, as I've really enjoyed my time here, would love to see it continue - I just don't think it will.
  8. This comes closest to fitting my stance. Sub absolutely were part of the time period, but they just don't work with the way this game works. Adding them makes it almost a new game - which would be great, but the 'cost' of getting the new game is giving up the old one. And I like the one we're losing a LOT better than the new one.
  9. Rorik64

    Why are T8 put against T10?

    Something that is usually forgotten in talks like this is that WoWs is intended to be a TEAM game. How well we act as teams is another matter, but remember that if you're in a tier 8 quaking in your boots at all the scary tier 10's over there, there's a tier 8 on the red team doing exactly the same thing. The team that wins may well be the one that has a tier 8 strap on their big boy (or big girl) pants and fight their ship to the best of their ability. And even if you lose doing that, you'll get some decent rewards, and possibly learn something. +2/-2 makes for more interesting battles at any tier, and I'm very happy WG has shown no interest in changing it. Ditto for radar imbalance (not mentioned here, but another frequent complaint). Think of these as being a surprise 'hard mode', remember that you're on a (mostly) balanced team, and deal with it.
  10. Rorik64

    My Sub Skepticism has changed, thanks WG

    Here's hoping they leave them there for good. They're really not fun to play against, and their presence disrupts the basic meta of the game of surface ships shooting at one another. Carriers do too, but they effect and are countered about equally by the other ship types, and the reward when one finally tracks down and kills a CV may not be worth being a plane pinata, but it's still good. BBs (and other non ASW ships) don't even get that with subs, they just have to hope they're not in range. Subs are an answer to a question that a significant portion of the playerbase never asked, and are very unwelcome to many. There's been too much development work put into them by now to ever hope they'll just go away, but here's hoping they never make it into randoms or clan battles. Doing so would spoil a good thing.
  11. Rorik64

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    I have a bit over 5600 randoms, and just 55 dets. I feel a little bad for someone when I detonate THEM, but when it happens to me I usually just chuckle and move on. I have a TON of JC flags, mostly because I only use them in competitive modes or when I'm flying a special economic signal that I'd rather not risk. All that said, last week I had a torp hit my Yamato (under the B turret as noted upthread!) and she detonated. First time in a LONG time. Then just two games later my Mass blew up under me from a volley of shells from something. I never did go back and check what the something was. I confess I was a little salty there, but moved on. All that said, I second Mouse's thought - they're a part of the game, and I'd be sad if they went. Put me down for in favor of earth shattering kabooms though. Make the size of the explosion based on the undamaged hp of the victim ship. I'd have LOVED to see a Yamato sized mushroom cloud!
  12. Rorik64

    Post your SC loot here

    100 x Sierra Mike flags. Given how rare double strikes are, and that I'm pushing resources on my daily containers, they're very welcome!
  13. Rorik64

    Premium Signals?

    We have this: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/14780/ In the special section of the premium shop right now. OP, that reads as 1 year of premium time, and 50 of each of the 'special' signals. If that's what you're asking about then no - no infinite signals - just 50 of each. Plus the premium account time. I hope that helps.
  14. While I expect you're right about where this is going, I disagree about there being no point. I'd really rather not see subs in randoms or the current competitive modes. We have a pretty good thing here right now of ships running around shooting guns and torps at each other. Granted, a CV or two will occasionally step in to ruin the party, but it's at most 1/6th of each side, and is tolerable. After all, even a ship that's been pounded on by the random CV still gets a chance now and then to 'get payback' when the player catches a CV. But if we now add in another ship type that adds in a threat that at least two of the current 4 types can't fight back against, it might be fun for the sub, but it'll just be frustrating for the cruisers and battleships. If subs do come to randoms and competitive modes (i.e. PVP) we'll still have a game. Even if they manage to balance and implement it well, it will make it different enough that it really won't be the same game. I for one really don't want to play the game that I see coming. Which is too bad, since I enjoy this one.