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  1. Rorik64

    Massachusetts 3rd skill BFT v. SI

    This is all so, so true. My Mass captain is: PT, PM AR SI AFT, IFHE, MS I tried leaving off MS in favor of CE, since I like sneaky BB's. But MS just makes the ship a monster. Any DD and most cruisers inside 11.3 km just MELT. Re SI vs BFT, I've tried the ship with BFT, and it's nice. But I've had any number of games that I've burned through 5 heals and STILL could have tanked more. I had two tonight that gave me dreadnought and fireproof medals, and in both games I spent the last few minutes being very careful not to attract attention, as I was low health and out of heals. The odd thing is that neither got me a CQE! Luck of the draw, I guess. Edit to add: my only gripe with the ship is that she didn't REALLY come into her own until the capt had 18 pts. And with the 4 pointers crowding out CE, there really isn't another US ship that you can use him on. I'd LIKE to put him on my Atlanta, but driving that without CE feels suicidal. All of that means that while she's a very fun ship, dedicating an 18 or 19 pt captain to her is expensive.
  2. Rorik64

    The New WGC Launcher

    Put me down as another who's not interested in 'fixing' something that's not broken, nor adding features that aren't useful to me.