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  1. This isn't a replay, just 3 SS's from a fight a few weeks back. The fun part is it was my team that had the 3 detonations, And we won. Kudos to our Montana - he did a great job. Note that if this counts as naming and shaming, someone PM me and I'll take them down. I think we may be getting more Dets since the Brit BBs came out, just because there's more large caliber HE splashing on DD magazines. But I'm one of those that just gets a giggle from a det (a targets OR mine) and moves on to the next game. My anti det flags are reserved for protecting special flags and camos, or ranked.
  2. I voted 'no'. But, back in another thread like this I suggested that matchmaking spread be narrowed for lower captain levels. So a new capt would te +1/-1, but once you get past a certain level (or maybe a certain number of games) it would open to +2/-2, no matter the tier. That has the desired effect of protecting the new players, while clearing up the tier 5 and 6 issues for the more experienced players. And really, if a 3000 battle player wants to go back and play the St Louis, they can just live with seeing tier 5s, since the ship was their choice. If they're working up a new line and NOT seal clubbing, they still likely have the chops to handle it. I don't recall ever seeing any comments on that the first time. Thoughts?
  3. This is why i bought my Gearing. I DID play one game in her, and did so well that I didn't want to spoil it by reverting to my Fletcher ways. Fletcher's my favorite ship of everything in Wows, but I had a terrible time in her to start - just played it wrong. I've since started to improve, but haven't hit a 50% win rate in her yet. I'll get there though...
  4. I plan to get the ship, but likely at the $50 bundle in a bit over a week. That will give me plenty of time to grab the camo. While I'd be happier if all of the bundles were released together, I understand what WG is trying to do, and even though I don't LIKE it, I won't dispute their right to price their product their way. In the meantime, I'm halfway through the Bismarck campaign playing other other ships, and have the collection complete. That's with 2 days not playing due to work. So Hood doesn't mean a lot there, unless you have NO time.
  5. This. I'm not really a fan of either HSF or ARP, but I just turned off the gaudy appearance and went on with my life. And the plus to them is that while I don't have any interest, there ARE folks that do, and when they have them, it's more folks in game. That benefits all of us, and makes it more likely WG will come up with alternate content I DO like.
  6. No worries, and kudos to you for owning up to it and correcting yourself. I know I've had my own share of cranial rectal inversion, and respect anyone that deals with it. If it's any consolation, I just got done with a fight in my Blys, and absolutely abused a Leningrad, Kongo and Pensacola (killed two) from 12-13 km range. They saw me the whole time, and I only took damage when I screwed. I'll be careful of a Brit or VMF cruiser, but don't have a lot to worry about with most of the rest of the opposition.
  7. I'm a DD main and at 1.3%. I only run the flags either in ranked or to protect something like a special camo or a dragon flag. Only time it ever bothered me to detonate was my last one - I was kicking some major fantail in my Gremy, and a cruiser got lucky from halfway across the map. Usually it's just a laugh.
  8. I only use them to protect important games - i.e. ranked battles or ones in which I run a dragon flag or a rare camo. Outside of those detonations are really rare, and I generally just get a laugh when it happens. I've had good luck of late, detonating a Farragut with a Sims torp and a GK with an Atago torp. Wish I remembered that BB driver's name, he was a really good sport about it. Of course now that I've said that, I've taunted RNGezus and will pay for it! Edit - spelling
  9. Given: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/113917-flex-the-lex-in-game-competition/page__p__2764281#entry2764281 I'd say if you're going to play it this weekend, having the extra AA and Def fire will be useful. Other than that, conventional wisdom is that it's not worth it to give up the gun. I've played mine both ways and I generally stick with B. Still, it's nice to have the choice.
  10. /Internetrage I didn't complain but got some anyway. I feel unfairly targeted!!!12eleven!! //Internetrage In all seriousness, I WAS going to go with the Christmas missions, but the good behavior policy could be it too. Either way, I'm happy to get them. Thanks WG!
  11. I have PM, EM/AR, SI, and CE on mine so far. Sneaky Nikolai is stronk! I'm up for a Nikolai division - if you see me on throw me an invite. I agree that it wouldn't be much fun to abuse, but a fight or two could be fun.
  12. 3 crates last night and continued trying my luck on them. First one was a super container with 250 speed flags, and the other two were 5 x flag. Even if I have a dry run for a bit, I have nothing to complain about.
  13. 3 boxes the first day, 2 yesterday, and tried my luck on all of them. 3 sets of flags, 5 x ocean camo, and one super container with 250 DC. I make enough money to keep afloat and don't use many flags, so I'm just going to keep rolling the dice. Given the value of 250 DCs (on top of the first 250 we got) I figure I'm already over 11 million credits ahead.
  14. Has anyone suggested basing tier spread on account level or number of games played? If the goal is to ease new players into the game, why not give players below account level 12, or 100 games (or pick whatever numbers make most sense there) +/- 1 MM spread, and the rest the standard spread? It'll restrict the MM choices some, but since most players will come out of the narrowed MM in short order, it should let the novices have a bit easier time without putting a whole tier of ships in a difficult spot.
  15. Forgive me if this has been mentioned somewhere - has WG looked at adjusting tier spread based on either account level or number of matches played? If MM kept sub acct level 12 players (or sub 100* games) to +/- 1 tier, it would give the result of protecting those players from the larger uptier, but allow the bulk of the population to see a larger spread. After all, if the goal is to make the experience for newer players easier, why not use those metrics for experience, instead of ship tier? * pick some other number if 100 games isn't the right spot.