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  1. I didn't update the modpack for but all mods work as they should If you want to install them follow this short instructions. The version of the game is written in properties of the launcher so you should just replace it with an old one ( in our current case) Go to root WOWS folder and find WorldOfWarships.exe Copy it to a safe place Replace it with a compatible worldofwarships.exe - link is in the first post Install the modpack - remember that all mods will be installed in folder! Rename the mods folder to current patch ( Return wows.exe back ??? PROFIT!
  2. Modpack updated for Added Alabama as Dead Master Please remember to use camo remover tool! Without it the game will crash! It is contained in Misc Modules mod
  3. You put them in same folder as before - res_mods\<patch_name> The logic didn't change
  4. I don't think they will share models - you should remember Alabama (North Carolina's sister), Mutsu (Nagato's sister) and many others.
  5. You need to disable camouflages with this file. Also you have to switch to DirectX 9 in game options
  6. I have Cleveland and Atlanta skins in my modpack. Unfortunately, my modpack is for not - so you will have to move the mods after installation - they will appear in folder but still are compatible with There is one in RU forum. Since there isn't any translation or guide for it I will create a thread so english speakers are able to understand it.
  7. Modpack updated for Changed Developed Abyssal Yamato to Semi-developed Abyssal Yamato since the fully developed versions caused toio much crashes Added new skin by BlackHawk16 - Izumo as Hijiri Byakuren:
  8. Please read the thread carefully. Old camouflages.xml doesn't work anymore and if you use my modpack you must use the new camouflages.xml. it is part of the misc modules mod and also you can direct link for it on the previous page of this thread Also the skins don't work with directx 11. This problem can't be solved by modders so please switch to directx 9 in game options.
  9. Good to know that everything is working again That's strange that the modpack doesn't allow you to install... Did you try to redownload it? For me everything works fine...
  10. Well that's a hell of a job But I did it myself when ModsAPI was released - I transformed all my skins and all skins made by other modders that I use... It took me about 2 months but I don't regret doing this. You can always ask the modders to transform the skin but I doubt they will do that :( The only man you can trust is yourself I took a quick look at the Atlanta and Cleveland but didn't notice anything bad... Need more testing - maybe tonight I will have some time to understand what's wrong with them. Apart of their excess size (32MB instead of 8MB) nothing seems wrong. Need more testing
  11. Oops. I forgot to tell it here. You must put the new camouflages.xml file - it is it that causes the crashes. Here is the link. It is also a part of Misc modules mod. As for the modpack installer - you have to point it to the folder where the worldofwarships.exe file is located - usually it's the root of WoWs folder.
  12. The problem with Atlanta and Cleveland seems to be with wrong textures. They are named as they should be but the game can't read them (maybe wrong format or incorrect compression). Can you send me the mods so I would try to fix them? As for the shader. There are 2 methods to implement bright lights for skins. First one: You should use the unpacker tool to extract them from the client. Here's the tool (it can be found somewhere on the forum but I don't remember where it exactly is). Unpack the archive into the root of WOWS folder Launch the tool and load the content. You need the folder named shaders/std_effects You need 2 sets of shaders - the ones that are named PBS.~.fxo PBS_emissive.~.fxo PBS_ship.~.fxo PBS_ship_emissive.~.fxo PBS_ship_skinned.~.fxo PBS_skinned_emissive.~.fxo . All of them. Copy them into the respective res_mods folder Delete the ones that are not emissive then rename emissive ones into non-emissive following this pattern (PBS.~.fxo -> PBS_emissive.~.fxo) (PBS_ship.~.fxo -> PBS_ship_emissive.~.fxo) (PBS_ship_skinned.~.fxo -> PBS_skinned_emissive.~.fxo). By doig so you replace non-emissive shaders with emissive ones and so the glowing will work This method has a strong side effect - it makes ALL models glowing. So you'll have to work a lot with mg files to disable glowing where it is not needed Second method is more... precise. It applies glowing only when it's needed. But you have to use ModsAPI to prepare the skin: I've already posted the method to create a PnFMods skin. Here's the translation in my own interpretation: You need ModsSDK to create the mod. Download and unpack it into your res_mods folder. Then you create a folder with your mod in the PnFMods folder: The ModsSDK archive that you downloaded recently contains a folder named ModsSDKExport - take the Main.py file from there and copy it into your Cleveland_nice_skin folder and then edit it with Notepad (I advice you to install Notepad++ - it's a much more powerful and easy tool to edit any text file you encounter). The content of the Main.py file should be following (green text is my comment so don't copy it): MOD_NAME and SHIP_NAME are variables that can be used further in editing this file but we won't do much programming. So now you have a PnFModsLoader.py file and PnFMods folder in your res_mods/x.x.x.x Inside PnFMods you placed ModsSDK.zip archive and Cleveland_nice_skin folder which contains Main.py file Launch the game. It will take a little more time to load since the content is being extracted into your mod folder. When the login window appears close the game - it won't start anyway. Edit the Main.py file: Now you can see a new folder that appeared in PnFmods/Cleveland_nice_skin: This folder contains all files that are needed to build a complete Cleveland model - the ship itself, all of its guns, secondary modules like radars, plane etc... So you can edit them as you like. The child folders contain not only dds files but also prmitives that are needed to edit the 3d models and many other things. You must keep them even if you don't edit them - the ship will cause the game to crash if something is missing To enable glowing for a module you must edit the corresponding mfm file: By doing so you can enable glowing for each module separatedly. Also any changes with common modules (for example Cleveland's secondary guns are used as Atlanta's main guns) won't affect other ships. You can use my own Cleveland skin as an example
  13. Not yet. But I see a Cleveland on your screenshot... You said you had problems with Atlanta? The problem is with correct texture naming - I mean that these ships' textures have wrong names and that's why you see the error "texture not found". I need to check my own mods for these ships and become sure that I know the right names. Since I don't have time to launch the game every day (in fact last time I've launched it last Thursday) - that's why it takes me so much time to help you. I know the solution but I have to verify it
  14. This pics are enough to understand the problem. Publish the skin mod somewhere and I will be able to fix it. I think I can help you. But not right now - I'm away from PC. I'll send you a message on monday or Tuesday