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  1. Unfortunately I'm wrong - new and old models don't match. PnFMod skin for Yamato is not working properly - the hull is the same but the guns are not modified. You can modify the new files and put them into content folder - then they will work. But it's not good
  2. Extract again and rename the old ones. The model is the same but the name is new
  3. hey Viking I tried to download the new version of the Abyssal Modpack but it keeps giving me a "Anonymous users don't have access" screen instead of the download

  4. I post them here in Russian forum. The modpack is still supported but in a bad way - only in Russian (I've updated the link in this forum signature for the English version). But there are some problems: Since I don't have the means to upload all mods into cloud (they are about 8GB and my home PC is broken - I update the modpack using the PC from my work) and I also don't have time to support this - I've decided just to update the modpack program. It means that you will be able to launch the modpack and install the mods BUT they will be installed into folder. They are compatible with current game version but you'll have to move them into appropriate game folder. Abyssal Interface is NOT compatible with current game version
  5. Eugen and Hipper models don't match either
  6. I've visited the original post too thank you As for ModsSDK - I was talking rather about modifying normalmap and metallic gloss map - this will make the skins much more beautiful. ModsSDK is more about skins organizing and combining skins that don't interfere - that's an instrument rather for users and not skin makers
  7. Nice works! Is there a chance to see screenshots for your other skins (Germans, Americans)? Also, as I can see, you don't modify _n and _mg files and don't use ModsSDK. I can check this guide to make your skins even greater than they are
  8. Of course not. I wanted to see if he understands that he can't control the process of his skins distribution. I understand that I can't control or restrict it since I can't trust anyone here. Simple words "I forbid using this" are not enough - who will listen to them? I can't even pursue those who steal my works (any artworks - images, skins, pictures...) - all rights belong to WG. You should read the EULA more closely - there is a paragraph that says "all mods areproperty of WG" The only way I can punish the thieves - stop sharing my skins. But hey - I'm here only because I like making skins! If I stop doing that I lose all purposes to play this game and visit this forum. That's why I don't restrict anyone using my works - do as you please. The only request is to mention my authorship. Also I want to see more mods and skins in game - that's why I help anyone who wants to learn. If someone wants to take my skin and rework - sure take it! I will even give you the source files with layers and commentaries. More skulls for th God of Blood!
  9. I don't understand the "you're the most"... Did you mean that I tested his trust?
  10. Can you ask your question in a different way? English is not my native and I didn't understand...
  11. Of course he's right. It's his work and he has all rights to distribute it in a way he likes. That's why his skins are not present in my modpack (though I post links to this thread everywhere I can )
  12. But how will you know that someone uses your skins?
  13. What if someone changes your skin but tells no one about it existence? Also he doesn't share it or upload anywhere - only for personal use? How can you prevent this?
  14. The modpack is operational again. Unfortunately, I didn't get any help and it is not stable (I mean that you will encounter troubles while trying to install mods using it). Here are the problems: Most of mods will be installed into folder but some will be installed into - just copy into - everything will work Sometimes you will recieve an error message after the installation - check your desktop and you'll find a txt file. It contains a list of all mods that were not installed - just rerun the installation by selecting only those mods that weren't installed - this will solve the problem Anyway - all mods are tested by myself and they are working. If you get troubles - contact me and I'll answer Also I don't have right to post my own topics in region other than Russia - that's why I publish it here My main topic is here Modpack link is in my signature
  15. You can use the "paths" tool. Here's a small tutorial how to use it.