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  1. New modpack update. Now all skins are made with ModsAPI. Here are some pros and contras: Good: All mods now load while the game starts - so battles start much faster and you don't experience lags No need to disable camouflages - they are disabled within the skin container by default. Now the camouflages are shown only if there is no skin for the ship. Though I left the camo removing tool in the modpack - you should disable its installation Bad: Initial game loading a bit longer Spome ships are not present in SDK yet - Flint, Atlanta, Warspite, Prinz Eugen, Kamikaze. They are still present in the modpack but you'll have either install camo remover or watch their skins with camouflages on. The SDK update is totally in hands of WG so we can only hope they will fix it The skins are much bigger now - total modpack data to download is abour 5GB now. It will use aout 20GB disk space after unpacking and installing You should reinstall the modpack from scratch - I mean delete everything from folder and install the modpack. Upcoming game updates won't crash the skins so you'll have only to reinstall the interface (folder gui/flash) - everything else can be copied from patch to patch Incompatible with Steam version of World of Warships - they use different architecture and I don't have enough time to support both
  2. That was sooo long ago... Anyway I don't know - I don't use this mod and so I can't help you.
  3. Link for the ModsSDK is updated for the newest version
  4. There is a suggestion about space skins - they are not compatible with flag mods. So you remove modified flags maybe you'll get rid of these NULLs
  5. Any flag mod causes problems on spaceship skins. The game mode is unaffected but if you buy a space skin for a regular ship you should delete the flag mod (it is located in content/gameplay/common/flags)
  6. Modpack updated for Brand new camouflage removing tool included - developed with @hakabase. Added some new skins for ships that were without anything, removed old unused and unupdated ones. Download link is in my signature or by clicking the Abyssal Fleet logo
  7. I've fixed the camouflages file. Now it works as intended - hides all camouflages and doesn't cause game crashes. Tested it on HSF and Yamamoto camouflages. Download it here. It will be part of next modpack However there are several problems with it: It is not compatible with upcoming game patches. It must be updated after each game update - otherwise you'll get crashes It has a bug - Yamamoto/Kobayashi camouflages become unavailable in equipment. Someday I will fix it but for now you will see this image when opening camouflages tab in ship equipment. If the camo is already picked up it will be used and replendished after battle but you won't be able to put it on - you'll have to reload game in safe mode to do so Another problem is that this file disables shining. I have to update ship skins to turn this option on - this problem has to be fied by modifying skin files I think that I've completed the main goal - disable camouflages while keeping the client out of crashes and preserving the shining. Some glitches remain but they can be fixed
  8. Hello! I see you've updated the mod with invisible camouflage. Is there a chance to get a direct link for this mod or I can get it only by installing the modpack? I need only this mod...
  9. Then only one advice - copy .dds files from PnFMods to content folder. Rules "how to": Copy from PnFMods/<modname>/<shipname>/.. to content/gameplay/<nationname>/.. ../<shipname> -> ../ship/<class>/textures ../director and other similar -> ../director/textures guns are a bit more complicated - they should be stored in ../gun/main/textures, ..gun/aaircraft/textures ../gun/secondary/textures and ../gun/torpedo/textures. But in PnFMods they are stored in one folder - ../gun. But there is a hint - letter+number code in the beginning of the .dds file name These codes are simple - <nation><type><subtype> For example American Main Guns are marked with AGM, Japanese Torpedo Launchers are JGT and so on So for North Carolina use this mask for searching in PnFMods/ship/gun folder - *AGM*.dds - for main guns, *AGS*.dds - for secondaries and *AGA*.dds for anti-aircraft Then disable the PnFMods folder - rename it for example (PnFMods1 will do fine) Unfortunately the modified files will be applied to other ships (for example Alabama uses same main gun textures as North Carolina) I can't fix the camouflages file because I don't have Yamamoto camouflages - and so I can't test the modification. Maybe some day I will get it - and then Abyssal modpack will get a perfectly working anti-camo mod
  10. Try this one. It will cause some glitches on glowing skins but at least you will be able to use skins and won't see no camo camouflages_0.7.2.2.zip
  11. Skins from this folder cause crashes if you didn't apply the camo remover. It is part of Misc modules mod. But if you have Yamamoto camouflage it won't work. Yamamoto, HSF and Kobayashi camouflages add specific content that must be disabled in unusual way. Unfortunetaly I don't have these camouflages so I can't get a method for removing them
  12. Ermm... Nope. Too much work. But I can offer a workaround: create a folder copy this to that folder (it contains the WorlOfWarships.exe file of - the modpack will check it and say ok) launch the modpack and choose that folder as destination wait for installation copy everything from res_mods\ (it will be created during installation in your folder) to your game_folder\res_mods\ ??? PROFIT P.S. I didn't test the interface in so if you see bugs like endless game loading or game crashes after login - delete folder res_mods\\gui\flash
  13. are you ok?

    you looks very tired.

    1. VikingRDD


      Ugh.., Does it really looks like tha?
      Yes I'm exhausted and have big troubles in real lif. But I'll manage don't worry!

      I'll have much more free time so I will soon add your skins to the modpack

  14. Modpack updated for Since I don't have time and I'm too tired in real life I've managed only to update the skins. The interface is NOT working - I've removed it from the modpack. I'll try to find some time and strength to update it in future. The link to download the modpack can be found in the Abyssal Fleet logo at the top of my each post that is related to the modpack update or in my signature