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  1. You still work on mods guys? That's cool I tried to play several battles this weekend though. The game is same as before. Or even worse. I'm very sorry to disappoint you but I can't play at all. Does the ModsSDK work? As I know - not. And that makes me sad too. How can I create mods if my ships conflict with each other? How can I use Montana if she uses Missouri's turrets? That's not good Also I didn't have a day-off for half a year - too much work. But I think my vacation is coming - and I will try to upload my mods to a different cloud so everyone will be able to download them easily. Also I will convert them to "content-only"
  2. I will not update the modpack anymore. If you need the skins - tell me your email in private message I'll give you access to the cloud storage. But the skins are not working - you'll have to update them yourself. The ones made with ModsAPI don't work but you can copy their textures to the content folder and it will work
  3. Thank you for replying! This art perfectly fits the gun roof. But first I have to find a way to remove thos AA turrets from it...
  4. -Where is the modpack? I don't feel it! We need this art on the deck! Also I recommend you to use "Расстреляйте" instead of "Стреляйте" Anyway thanks for good work as always I'll grab this skin 100% Hope that the modpack will be released soon...
  5. XnView can edit files in bulk (in fact you don't need to edit anything - just open/close the file - I use "update metadata" function that rewrites creation date of the file and it works fine) but it converts them in its own dds format. The game reads this format without any problems but neither Photoshop nor GIMP can edit them anymore. So you have to save an original file (to be able to edit it) and use bulk change with XnView.
  6. OK maybe I understood what you mean I'll check the Midway skin tomorrow and find a solution The interface is working 100%. I guess it wasn't installed. Try this direct link (by the way I didn't fix the gui/flash/options.swf file so you'll have to delete it) Zao has lost her floating gravi lenses because they have to be fixed with ModsSDK (and it's still not working) You must activate the sound mod in order to hear it - choose "Voices of the Abyss" in your game sound settings Shells are part of interface and should be fixed once you reinstall it
  7. There are 3 Midway skins in my modpack - this one (made by SEA Group) and 2 mine. This mod looks as intended don't worry :)
  8. Oops.. Wrong link in signature Fixed Enjoy!
  9. YES Sorry forgot to mention you... Begging pardons
  10. Yes. Richelieu has only one hull model when being edited with ModsSDK. As for the premium hull - it has same model as the ordinary one so it can be easily edited by looking at the ship in dock. As I know, Red_Knight doesn't own neither the original Richelieu nor the premium one. The mod "Admiral's dock" removes saturation from non-purchased (and non-researched) ships so they can be easily modified. I use it too - for example I don't own Republique but I still made a skin for her. Using ModsSDK helps you get all files needed for the ship - the hulls, the guns and the radars/directors/aircraft
  11. There is one already and it's perfect. The mod includes both the normal ship and the premium version with golden decorations. It is also included in my modpack
  12. Modpack updated for Use the modpack logo or my signature to get the link Maybe some ships cause problems - I've found nothing though. SDK is still not working Big thanks to SEA Group and Fabaji who allowed me to use their guns' models to upgrade Yamato and Montana!
  13. Still no progress. Also the ModsSDK is bugged and doesn't work anymore. Waiting for the WGF developers to update it (2 months already) You must not delete any files from the PnFMods/mod folder - they are all used by the game cliet to build the ship model. In fact the core of this method is that ModsSDK provides you with a separate model of the ship - and you an modify it. If you remove some files then the model would become incomplete. The client tries to load the whole model and it can't use native files from "outside" the mod. Maybe further development of ModsSDK will solve this problem
  14. Nearly all my mods from are working in 0.7.8 Those that are not working require ModsSDK and it's still not updated. If something doesn't work - delete it. I can't fix it yet I'm not going to update my modpack to next patch until I get the tool and fix all bugs
  15. Z-23 skin causes game crashes. Please delete GSD8_UNKNOWN_Z-23_Itsuka_Kotori folder from PnFMods and reinstall the skin using the modpack.