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  1. So the modpack is ready. Thank you for waiting! New skins by SEA Group added Atago (several different skins) Minotaur Scharnhorst Shiratsuyu (several different skins) Yamato (several different skins) Yugumo Technical Barge (the one that gives us containers) and Fabaji Ship Industries: Amagi Yamato Iowa Missouri I've also replaced following skins that I've made using SEA Group's models. Of course all permissions are granted: Montana Yamato Zao I'm also going to rework my Amagi using Fabaji model P.S. New interface is a pain... P.P.S. This modpack has come to its limit - no more skins can be added because the modpack program doesn't support such large content. I have to use another program. I already have it but I need tons of time to build a new modpack. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Not me - not a fan of Fog Ships
  3. Hi! Well, I have an idea.. Still don't know how it will look on the ship but someday I will do that. Right now I don't have any intention of painting anything - too much work in 3d world
  4. As for me - no, I don't need this (since I've already got everything I need from your post). But Ithink that many others who visit this forum would like to see your 1st post organized. But I think it's a very big job so it's only up to you whether to update it or not. Those who want will find what they need - skins are searchable through the topic.
  5. I don't think you should do anything - they are still searchable
  6. The task takes much more time than I expected... I've made a modpack but only with my own mods - everything else is yet to be added. Just for test purposes - here's the link (1.7GB). Try to download and install it I've recieved a brand new version of installation program so I'm trying to create an absolutely new modpack - it will take a lot of time
  7. That's what I'm going to do. It will take some time though - I hope it will be ready in several hours
  8. I think the problem is not in the modpack but in its dislocation... Somehow it is forbidden for you to download from Google Cloud... Then I have 2 possible solutions for you: I upload the mods to https://mega.nz and you download anything you need from there manually (I'll send a direct link for the folder where you choose what you want). You'll have to download every archive separatedly and then unpack it into your WOWS folder. They are all ready for use - they are the ones I use for the modpack. I'm not able to point the modpack to any other cloud service than Google - there are too much mods and I need direct links. These services are provided only for money - and I already pay for Google Cloud I create a modpack that contains all mods into itself - it won't take too much time. But the modpack will have size about 8-9GB (my own res_mods folder is about 8.5GB) and you'll have to download it whole. The advantage of this method is that you won't need to redownload it with every game update - it will be working fine for a long time (you'll have just to update the interface mod and add new skins that will appear further)
  9. That's very strange - it means that your browser forbids downloading... Let's try to insert to modpack into this post Abyssal_v.2.0.0_en_ModPack_0.6.7.0.exe By the way do you have problems with downloading other files from internet?
  10. Looks cool! But why didn't you add _n and _mg files? Also using ModsAPI would make this skin much more comfortable to use - for example there are people who don't use Glowpack and secondary guns will be applied to other skins (Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Friedrich der Grosse)...
  11. Alabama as Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter) - replaces not only the standard Alabama but also the supertest one (they use same models so it won't be possible to separate them until they enter ModsSDK) Download as always - hull, guns, previews etc. Everything needed to see the ship as it is on the screenshot
  12. No idea... That's really very strange. Maybe you can provide some screenshots? What version of Windows you use?
  13. RedKnight's Chapaev is fixed - I guess it was my error - something went wrong when I reorganized the modpack. Reinstall it via modpack and the problem will disappear
  14. I solved the problem with Carolina B hull when using ModsSDK. You have to manually add there dds files for the B hull into the ship folder. Also you have to modify the mfm file and replace paths there (they point to /content/gameplay/usa/.. while they should be /PnFMods/<modname>/ship/) Take my Carolina mod as example