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  1. You can use the "paths" tool. Here's a small tutorial how to use it.
  2. Congratulations! At last you did it
  3. In the main.py you should use the ship name like it is in the archive: The ship can't be extracted with this tutorial if it is not present in the archive - some premium and even non-premium ships are not included there yet This SDK support is not very important for WG that's why it is not updated often We still need the camo mod only for ships that are not present in the SDK. So if all skins you use are in PnFMods then you don't need the camouflages.xml But I'm 95% sure that some skins you use are still out of PnFMods - this camo removal tip is just a bonus that we will surely use later when (or maybe "if") all ships will be included in ModsSDK
  4. You experiment with other files that contain paths - mfm, visual, model... they text files so they won't add much to the modpack size. The main thing that you would like to remove from modpack are textures and primitives. All other files don't weight much - look at the ModsSDK archive - it's very small while it contains all these text files. You can also create a separate mod for directors/airplanes - the ship mod should contain only text files that point to that different mod. It should remove many similar files from your ships since they use same color scheme
  5. Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately I have same questions to the sdk creators. And there is no answer :-( Also there is no way to remove anything from Pnfmods folder - the game uses this folder as a separate model without using anything outside the PnFmods. I don't think we are able to modify the sdk and so we can't modify the extraction process. I paint misc files too but since they are used by all nations I decided to use a color that can combine with all ships. Several misc are not shared -life boats, anchors...
  6. The tutorial is ready You can find it here. Everyone is welcome to use it :)
  7. Hello anyone who visits this post! Today I will tell you how to use ModsSDK to create ships skins. Original tutorial can be found here on Russian forum. Since there is no translation and I have enough experience of using this method I will publish it here. I don't have forum rights to post this info in Asian or Euro region (I need to play some battles there ) - feel free to copy it there and spread anything useful you find here. So first of all I should answer you a question: Why should I use ModsSDK if I can make skins without it? There are several advantages in this method: ModsSDK forms a package with all secondary modules of the ship - you don't need to search for guns, directors and aircraft through the client ModsSDK extracts not only the texture files but also all service files such as .mfm (where you can apply glowing), .visual (you can disable camouflages by modifying this file), .model (you can remove some additional object from the ship - boxes or lifeboats - not everything but still) and many others. Also you can modify the 3d model of the ship with .primitives Files modified with ModsSDK don't affect other ships that use same files. For example Iowa and Montana use same files for their main guns. But Montana's guns will remain intact if you create an Iowa skin with ModsSDK and you will be able to create a separate skin for her using totally different image There is only one disadvantage in using ModsSDK - it needs to be updated to include new ships. Unfortunately ModsSDK updates are not very often - for example it doesn't contain British ship and several premium ships (it is true for 24/10/2017 but I hope they will be added there this year ) The introduction is over let's go to action! So how does this magic work? Extract source files with ModsSDK Modify files Publish your mod Pretty easy eh? Let's get to the details How to extract? It's the most complicated part Download the ModsSDK archive (direct link is taken from the RU forum which link I've published earlier - I will try to update this link upon ModsSDK changes) Extract it to res_mods/x.x.x.x/ (x.x.x.x is obviously current game version) Notice that your res_mods now contains PnFModsLoader.py file - that file is needed for EVERYONE who uses ModsSDK skins (please be sure to include it in every package with your skins - use this mod as example) Notice that PnFMods folder contains the archive ModsSDK.zip - don't unzip it! Also it is needed only for extraction - no need to keep it in client while playing. Also no need to include it into your skin package Create your own folder in PnFMods - let's take Yamato as example. The folder name will be your mod name. I've named mine like this: JSB10_ABYSSAL_Yamato_Midway_Princess. Why so? First letters point to the ship nation, class and level (JSB10 for Yamato, GSC8 for Admiral Hipper and so on), then goes the modder name, then shipname (there may be several t10 IJN battleships right?) and then the shape name (I've used Midway Princess from Kantai Collection game) Put Main.py into your folder (you can download it here - I've made an example). Please take a look closer at this file (it can be opened using any text editing tool you like - I recommend you to use Notepad++ Now launch the game! Please be sure that there are no other mods in res_mods/x.x.x.x - this will help a lot. Preferable file structure for extraction: Wait until the login screen appears - the game will extract the source file for Yamato into res_mods/x.x.x.x/PnFMods/JSB10_ABYSSAL_Yamato_Midway_Princess When the login screen appears close the game Go to your res_mods/x.x.x.x/PnFMods/JSB10_ABYSSAL_Yamato_Midway_Princess and you see that its file structure has been created: Go to res_mods/x.x.x.x/PnFMods/JSB10_ABYSSAL_Yamato_Midway_Princess, open Main.py and modify it like this: The extraction is complete! You can proceed to next step now! Modify ship files I hope I dont need to learn you how to modify them :) Proceed as alaways - open .dds and paint. Just don't forget to put the modified files in their respective folders. Don't delete any files - they ALL are needed for the ship. If you remove something - the skin won't work at all. Now some tips for modifying non-dds files: Glowing How to apply glowing - open .mfm file that corresponds to the object that needs glowing modify the address of the shader that is used to apply light reflection effects. Please be careful - PBS_ship should be modified in a different way than PBS_skinned So the resulting file should look like that: Now the modified object will glow - no need to use Glow Pack or Shader Pack! You apply glow only when you need it and it doesn't affect other objects! Of course you should modify _mg file too :) Transparent textures Some (nearly all of them) ships use transparent textures. Especially it is relevant to the propellers of scout/fighter planes and windows of the commander's bridge. If you don't edit them you'll see big letters TEXTURE NOT FOUND on them in game. Find these textures. They are not present in source files but ModsSDK extracts .mfm files that point to them. They are usually found in aircraft and ship folders and have alpha in their names (I think it refers to the alpha channel): Open them with notepad++ and modify the path: Now the texture will work as intended Camouflage disabling With ModsSDK you can disable camouflage on a specific ship. Of course all effects and bonuses will remain - it just removes its look so it doesn't affect ship skin The camouflage is applied through .visual files - you should find the following strings and modify the camouflage mentioning there. As you can see you need to search only in gun and ship folders: SHIPMAT_PBS_Hull SHIPMAT_PBS_DeckHouse SHIPMAT_PBS_Gun That's all I wanted to show you. Feel free to ask questions - I'll try to help
  8. No I didn't do it yet. Hope I will find some time next week.
  9. Abyssal modpack is back! All mods are working - dock, flags, explosions etc... Download here
  10. Follow this thread. MedvedevTD always publishes new unpacker short after new patches.
  11. As I said earlier - I'm VERY busy. Really. I go to work at 7AM and return at 8PM, then I have to help my wife with my 2 month-old child. At 10PM I go to sleep (you remember - 7AM is time to go to work?). And I'd like to spend some time with my family. Sorry but the mod problems don't have much priority. And yes - I'm at work right now. It means that I have time to answer you on forum but I don't have time to look at the mods
  12. New skin - Japan premium tier 7 carrier Kaga as Utsuho Reiuji: Download
  13. Well... I'll try to check your files but I don't have much time. Can't promise anything
  14. The problem is related to the paths to the gun textures. They are written in .mfm, .model and .visual files like this: You should check these files and look closely at the paths Also I see same error with the directors