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  1. No. It doesn't work with SDK skins. They are broken completely and need new SDK. This method works only with textures in the content folder
  2. Not really. You can fix them. Open them in any editor that supports dds (Paint.net, GIMP, Photoshop) and save them without changing - they will start working. Unfortunately you have to do that with EACH file
  3. That's right. 95% of custom skins are broken and need to be redone from scratch. It will take a lot of time for modders so be patient We're working on it
  4. There is a suggestion about space skins - they are not compatible with flag mods. So you remove modified flags maybe you'll get rid of these NULLs
  5. Hello! I see you've updated the mod with invisible camouflage. Is there a chance to get a direct link for this mod or I can get it only by installing the modpack? I need only this mod...
  6. Hold fast man! May all troubles be begone before mighty you!
  7. hey Viking I tried to download the new version of the Abyssal Modpack but it keeps giving me a "Anonymous users don't have access" screen instead of the download

  8. I have a question - who is the author of "shell explosions as arp torpedoes"? I'd like to contact him and use his mod as part of my own explosion animation
  9. VikingRDD

    [All] Kancolle Debut Voice Pack

    Thank you very much for this mod! Gives more atmosphere But I'd like to put a request... Is it possible to add Abyssal girls' talk instead of kan-musume? I've found a lot of sounds even on Kancolle wikia... If it's not possible - can you explain me how to modify these .wem files and a way to map them to the game sounds? Or point me to a guide...