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  1. VikingRDD

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.04

    No. It doesn't work with SDK skins. They are broken completely and need new SDK. This method works only with textures in the content folder
  2. VikingRDD

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.04

    Not really. You can fix them. Open them in any editor that supports dds (Paint.net, GIMP, Photoshop) and save them without changing - they will start working. Unfortunately you have to do that with EACH file
  3. VikingRDD

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.04

    That's right. 95% of custom skins are broken and need to be redone from scratch. It will take a lot of time for modders so be patient We're working on it
  4. hey Viking I tried to download the new version of the Abyssal Modpack but it keeps giving me a "Anonymous users don't have access" screen instead of the download

  5. VikingRDD

    [0.8.8.X] Kancolle Debut Voice Pack

    Thank you very much for this mod! Gives more atmosphere But I'd like to put a request... Is it possible to add Abyssal girls' talk instead of kan-musume? I've found a lot of sounds even on Kancolle wikia... If it's not possible - can you explain me how to modify these .wem files and a way to map them to the game sounds? Or point me to a guide...