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  1. Richelieu Kancolle is already done. It is in my modpack too I've already taken several of your skins in my modpack - thank you. But I can't allow myself to publish everything - I have to do a lot of work to rework them and keep the cloud storage up-to-date
  2. The modpack doesn't contain anything. It is just a list - so you install only those skins that you've selected. By default everything is selected - bt there is a button "deselect all" P.S. By the way - the eng modpack is deprecated since no one needed it. Here is the link for the russian version. I think the interface is quite obvious P.P.S. The mods will be installed into - I didn't update them for (but they work 100%)
  3. ModsSDK updated for You can get it here or through the link in the main topic
  4. You read in my mind! I was planning to make same skin but you did it faster
  5. Here you are Needed to edit only 2 files - Japan_Disk_2Blade_03 and Japan_Disk_3Blade_01. These problems are related to this string: It must be like this: If you encounter same problem with a different ship - just find these propeller files (they can be named differently but still understandable) in aircraft folder and modify them in same way - replace nation folder pointer with "common" folder aircraft.zip
  6. WOW someone still uses the modpack :) I thought the thread is dead... Tell me the ship and the mod - I'll fix the propeller. Or you can fix it yourself - you'll need only notepad to do this
  7. The ship's object have been renamed in - you have to rename the textures in order to see the skin again. PnFMod skin for Baltimore is not working anymore and we have either to use old way and put the textures in content folder or wait for new SDK release Here are new texture names: ASC017_Baltimore_1944 - for the hull AGM019_8in55_CA68 - for the main gun
  8. Modpack updated for Sorry for taking so long but there was a big bunch of changes Enjoy!
  9. I have a solution - I need to recompile the modpack to match But some skins are not compatible with new patch and cause client crashes. I need to fix this first
  10. 162 skins (not all of them are mine) - archive for 5.05GB After installing (many of skins are duplicated so not all 162 will be installed) - 15.6GB But if you download whole modpack it will use ~20GB of disk space
  11. @TXT1993, your Moskva has problems with her rear... Maybe you should fix the pantsu
  12. New modpack update. Now all skins are made with ModsAPI. Here are some pros and contras: Good: All mods now load while the game starts - so battles start much faster and you don't experience lags No need to disable camouflages - they are disabled within the skin container by default. Now the camouflages are shown only if there is no skin for the ship. Though I left the camo removing tool in the modpack - you should disable its installation Bad: Initial game loading a bit longer Spome ships are not present in SDK yet - Flint, Atlanta, Warspite, Prinz Eugen, Kamikaze. They are still present in the modpack but you'll have either install camo remover or watch their skins with camouflages on. The SDK update is totally in hands of WG so we can only hope they will fix it The skins are much bigger now - total modpack data to download is abour 5GB now. It will use aout 20GB disk space after unpacking and installing You should reinstall the modpack from scratch - I mean delete everything from folder and install the modpack. Upcoming game updates won't crash the skins so you'll have only to reinstall the interface (folder gui/flash) - everything else can be copied from patch to patch Incompatible with Steam version of World of Warships - they use different architecture and I don't have enough time to support both
  13. That was sooo long ago... Anyway I don't know - I don't use this mod and so I can't help you.