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  1. Only because you asked nicely
  2. Or even better, sail with a BB division to A against the will of the team...
  3. 3 DLCs World of Warship na Steam Vale apena? É seguro?

    Infelizmente, esses contêineres de Natal só são vendidos durante os eventos de Natal e Ano Novo. Mas existem outros eventos parecidos ao longo do ano que podem valer a pena investir. Por exemplo, com a próxima atualização vão adicionar um contêiner que pode dar, entre outras recompensas, os navios Atlanta, Sims, Kidd, e o novo Cleveland, que será movido do tier 6 para o 8 na próxima atualização. É bom ficar de olho, e ver se as chances de obter navios nesses contêineres são boas, e se forem mesmo boas, comprar alguns.
  4. É, parece que os preços subiram um pouco, mas ainda não é nada comparado aos preços antes da redução.
  5. Nice. I'll be joining in this time around. Only USN ship I have that fits the requirements is the Atlanta. But on the IJN side I have the Kongos, Akizuki, and Harekaze (which I suppose can count as a Kagero as long as I stick to the IJN 3x2 127mm guns).
  6. 3 DLCs World of Warship na Steam Vale apena? É seguro?

    Eu comprei os pacotes do Graf Spee e do Anshan direto da Loja Premium através do Boa Compra e recebi tudo de imediato sem complicações. Minha conta foi criada na Wargaming e nunca foi linkada com a da Steam.
  7. Yeah, right. As if I was gonna put my money on the average BB player. The strategy of hunting the CV on a secondary task force has never failed me, mainly because Lyon's AA is crazy good.
  8. I usually have to take on the mission to hunt the CV. When possible, I div up with a cruiser to ensure I have someone who can give me backup. Best way to raid the CV is to have one BB and one cruiser together, while the rest of the team protects the Richelieu. Also, think of you as a Pensacola player. Would you rather: play randoms and get matched against tier 9s more often than not, or fight against bots and actually make some XP in Operations as opposed to Co-op? I mean, Pensacola is really bad, to the point where I could pick my Blyska, take out her torpedoes, and still deal more damage than a Pensacola, but I have seen people top the scoreboard on Operations playing her, so I'd rather see people stop playing if they don't know absolutely nothing about how the mode works, regardless of what ship they're bringing. But look on the bright side: soon people will be able to bring something slightly more tanky in the form of the New Orleans and something slightly stronger in the form of the Helena into these Operations.
  9. Yeah, I'm not a fan of slow turrets either, the Lyon gets a pass simply because of the amount of guns, which in my opinion makes her a better pick for this Operation in particular. But I'm a big fan of the Richelieu in randoms. For me, Richy is all that Dunkerque wanted to be, with guns that actually work, speed that's actually fast for a battleship and armor that can actually tank well when going bow in. And Alsace just picks everything good about the Richelieu and adds another turret to the mix.
  10. Having played both on this Operation, I must say Lyon is much better in my opinion. Those guns, as innaccurate as they might be, are perfect for brawling, and it was not hard for me to get 30k salvos on the Bismarck/Tirpitz and the Gneisenau/Scharnhorst. There was one battle where I was able to clutch a 5-star win on the Lyon, by sinking the GZ litterally at the last second, and I can safely say that it wouldn't be possible for me to do that if I was in the Richelieu instead, simply because of the reduction in the amount of guns. I also find that the Lyon overpens cruisers far less often than the Richelieu, thanks to the lower caliber of the guns. The slow turrets can easily be compensated by knowing where the enemy is gonna come from, and Hermes has to be one of the easiest operations to do that.
  11. CV EVENT -Battle of Santa Cruz Islands come join!

    I'd like to join. I don't have any of the required CVs tho. I can buy back my Zuiho and Kuma, and I have the Alabama, ARP Hiei and Kirishima. Does ARP Takao counts as an Atago? If so, I have that one too.
  12. Totally agree, especially with Operations like Hermes being so restricted. It was a good Operation when I was grinding the Lyon and the Richelieu, but now that I have the République, DM, and Minotaur, I can't really play Operations until they rotate out of Hermes.
  13. Richelieu a good choice for T8 ranked?

    I feel like Richelieu isn't very competitive. I do love her, and think she does very well in randoms, but I'm not sure about her in ranked, not against coordinated teams that know how to focus her down. But, you know, it's ranked, so play what you like, because you're up for a grind.
  14. 7v7 Prince of the Seas

    The event was an absolute blast. Great job with it. On another note: I was looking at Skaman's stream recording of the event, and in the second of the 3 battles (US vs Japan) someone on the US team had the courage to say "Hey, look on the bright side: the Ishizuchi's AP won't hurt." But seriously tho, I can't wait for the next one, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully we get to see more teams next time, so it can actually turn into some sort of casual tournament that anyone can join and enjoy. I look forward to it.
  15. 7v7 Prince of the Seas

    Oh, wow, this just turned into full WWI mode. Interesting.