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  1. Fuyukaze

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "Go out to play, it'd be fun she said"
  2. Difference in opinion is not the same as taking offense. Besides, you did ask if you were the only one who felt it was rude so replies were also in regards to that too
  3. Saying gg towards or at the end of the game is no different to sports players shaking each other's hand regardless of victory or loss, its an acknowledgement of the results and the effort put into the game. Its moreorless just you who finds it rude.
  4. A single image can be more powerful than a wall of text because really, how many people would sit down to read a WoT when a picture summarizes everything to say.
  5. Fuyukaze

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I like how that even with all the nerfs to CVs, people still complain about them.
  6. Fuyukaze

    Should i come back to CVs or WoWs in general?

    I see.. as i have 2 WoWs(NA + Steam ver.) installed currently so i'm unsure on whether to still keep it there. I was somewhat decent with manual attacks back then though i only played in mid-tier up to Tier VIII. Couldn't bring myself to go through the torture of constantly being placed in Tier lX-X where everything melts my planes. I understand that the CV's RTS aspect was thrown out the window and replaced with a console like gameplay but back on the topic itself, i needed to ask as i have not been around for more than a year so there are many changes that i did not keep track of except for this major change in CV playstyle.
  7. For some who remember me years back, i used to play CVs as my primary ships back then but took a long hiatus due to personal commitments. I've been reading a fair bit on the CV reworks and watched a couple videos on the changes but there's one thing that leaves my decision hanging, is it worth for me to return to play CVs or should i just give it a miss as i am very used to the former RTS playing style or pretty much RTS games in general.
  8. Fuyukaze

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "Get ready to be colonized with vive la france plastered all around you."
  9. Fuyukaze

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "Freedom is coming."