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  1. I tend to cycle rpg ffs and builder games, how ever the mood takes me. Ark can be really fun on a pvp server if you have a group. right now I'm hanging out for Starfield to be released.
  2. when i think of a sub (game wise) I always think ambush predator. And Salmon is great at that job. I don't think the salmons concealment lacks in anyway for her role and the ships she hunts. The dive tank and maneuverability I also don't seem to have an issue with. I like playing the Salmon. Subs biggest defense should be staying hidden and positioning, this is where the skill in playing subs should come in... There is a great deal less skill in being a motor boat ><. The only reason I can see for the speed is a get out of jail card, which makes it far to forgiving. If you watched the replay, you will see the Salmon is way out of position and is isolated.. so it should be punished for the mistake, It should not just be-able to run away. I don't have any replays in the salmon, been playing the Undine a bit tho with its top speed of around 20. This is me practicing the skill of "Not being seen".20230321_224709_PBSS106-Undine_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay tier 8 game with the cv hunting me.. speed on a sub is just not needed imo.
  3. As the title says, last 10mins of the battle, I was chasing a Salmon with a CL. As you can see i had no hope of catching it.. Perhaps i could have cornered it in another 4-5mins if the game continued and the sub made that kind of mistake instead of angling around. 20230321_235850_PASC006-Atlanta-1942_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay I cant see any reason for them to be that fast... Its a little to much. The battle was frustrating, didn't enjoy playing it tbh. (which is very rare for me) I enjoy playing sub's ofcos... But i don't think they need to be that speedy.
  4. Retarie

    Are subs being more accepted.

    That can be true, maybe. The problem is, I am struggling to take your opinion seriously. you seem to profess set views that are not tied to game experience. Whether this is a lack of understanding on my part or yours can be debated. I was referring to one of your previous posts in this thread. Taking cutouts of your conversations is something i was tiring to avoid, I was hoping you would remember what you typed and know what i was referring too. This IS a game, for the game to be enjoyable for everyone, regardless of which ship they choose to play, some artistic license is needed. Some things are increased and some reduced to make it fun/engaging and possible to play (this has always been an ongoing "adjustment" for wows and for any multiplayer game). Real life has very little impact on a very large amount of things in game. and it needs to be this way across all ship types/classes. Wows is nothing like pacman, pacman was an arcade game in the 80's i still remember having a few games on it at the local fish and chip store.. my computer at the time was a model 8 bondwell, to put it in perspective. wows being a modern day arcade game or not is debatable, I can see why people would think that. I personally don't care enough to fight that one way or another. now this is my personal opinion - Every class in the game can be over powered in the right situation, or in the right hands. The difference with a cv, is that its open to a much larger skill pool of players then destroyers/cruisers, and even battleships. the learning curve is smaller and its a lot easier to become very good in one. Right now Subs are also the same, the learning curve is extremely small. This is what makes them overpowered in any situation.. not just "the right situation" But subs are fairly new and hopefully wows will find a way to integrate them better over time.. I have no idea's on how.. but that's why they get paid the big bucks, to try and figure this stuff out. Now i will assume that since you did not Quote the rest of my post, that you are in agreement. nothing i said was meant in bad faith
  5. Retarie

    Are subs being more accepted.

    Thanks for linking that, good stuff
  6. Retarie

    Stats don’t lie

    Eve is a very in depth game for sure.. I think the mind set that is created or needed in eve transfers over to wows quite well. Also the majority of pvpers in eve are rather hard core gamers, the amount of time you need to commit to do well is somewhat large. In wows you don't need to invest such a large amount of time, you don't need to plan ops days in advance, organize the ships/mods for your corpies, the transport. The routs/escape paths/ gather intel on mining/ratting/defense, who your hitting, their play saturation times, likely hood of interference from capitals, bridges to bypass their scouts. etc etc. It's really not surprising to me that people that do well in eve do well here.
  7. Retarie

    Down Periscope

    still waiting for this one.
  8. Retarie

    Naval Battles

    I like the damage one, followed by ribbons, base xp depends heavily on if you win or not.
  9. Retarie

    Stats don’t lie

    I'm in two minds about it, If you look at the total games played over what, 7 years? A lot of changes have happened, meta has changed, ships have been nerfed and new ships in. ton of stuff to readjust to. so I'm thinking long term stats would show how good your general game skills are, where as short term stats show how good you are right now. If there is a difference and if you ain't running 2 accounts and all that... so if someone doesn't have thousands of games they can compare with the short term ones. But, without a standed number of games to reference then the numbers don't have a chance to settle.. the smaller amount of games you reference the less likely the stats will be accurate. I'm not so sure WR is an accurate way to judge this, or any stats that are currently available are... but accurate or not, its whats available i guess. I still think enjoyment and fun is FAR more important then chasing stats tho!!!!
  10. Retarie

    Tier 7 Winrate

    ofcos tier 7 is the best tier.. It has the Atlanta in it
  11. Retarie

    Stats don’t lie

    ok I understand where ur coming from.. tho ive never been a cheetah.. maybe a hippo
  12. Retarie

    Stats don’t lie

    yuppa, there are always 2 sides.. and when in doubt you need to go with the majority. From the graphs and other info I've seen posted.. the VAST Majority of wow's players have under 50% WR which = bad stats? but seriously.. at what percentage would be considered "Bad stats"?
  13. Retarie

    2 cv's a side, WG why?

    If your goal is to reduce the player base... then this would be very effective.
  14. Retarie

    Stats don’t lie

    Or could it be.. Most good players will say stats matter, and they do to them. Most bad players will say stats don't matter and they don't to them.
  15. Retarie

    Are subs being more accepted.

    @GoldDust2015 ok at this stage i am pretty sure you are just trolling. I don't know when you started playing, but the amount of tech tree cv's available now is less then they were. wow's took out the off tiers not very long ago. A CV is over powered (fact). That is why only a set amount is allowed in each battle and THAT is balance. A cv game REDUCES the amount of tactics a surface ship can use.. and that goes double for 4 cv games.. Tier 1 to 7 surface ships do not have any means to deal with a CV's planes.. this only changes from tier 8 up. While it is great that you have found (and play) a couple of ships that aren't effected by CV's or subs very much... It might help your understanding if you play some other ships for a while.