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  1. _greifer_Africanus

    Wildcard Wednesday

    wildcard? The shimas or kags on the team. Will they play a team game or sail down the 1 or 10 line spending the game sending torps only that miss. Then blame the team for not supporting their push.
  2. _greifer_Africanus

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    I feel your pain OP. 50 crates so far. Mostly the mega and medium crates. Three premium ship's only. Murmansk, marblehead and kreme. Mind you i own the Marblehead lima!! Very few dubs but close to 300 new year camo.....
  3. _greifer_Africanus

    Who have you seen in game

    Aye @LoveBote was great in a GZ but the next game I had @Kapitan_Wuff and that team no comment
  4. _greifer_Africanus

    Let’s Talk About "Warships Premium Account"

    Considering its been stated that with economy flags, Free XP, Elite XP are being farmed, how will bring in a new premium class help? For those that play on WoWs it will let them farm more of these Free/Elite XP more so and only increase the issue that currently is present. Yes this will benefit new players or those that don't play actively perhaps, but overall its bad for the XP economy.
  5. _greifer_Africanus

    Tactical Tip Tuesday.

    For a new player there is a lot to soak in. One of the most important things is map awareness. That is mini-map reading of opfor disposition, your teams and your placement. Getting that right and knowing when to kite, hold or push is a hard one to teach.
  6. _greifer_Africanus

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    To be fair when it first changed my first few games mirrored the OPs. I can't say that's been the case at all of late. T8 and more so T9 I'm usually the highest tier. I find this MM surpasses the previous one.
  7. _greifer_Africanus

    Haida Shows a Unhealthy Trend in Game Design

    Good topic to re-read. I think the Haida in its current form is ok. Also the post isn't that old. If someone created a topic with the same content someone would flame them for not using the search function.
  8. _greifer_Africanus

    Monday Funday!

    I love taking out a radar mino or edinburgh just to make those DDs feel loved. If its a really bad day then the Fiji or the Haida come out. 3 minute hydro on that Canadian vessel makes DD cap hunting a pleasure.
  9. _greifer_Africanus

    Daily Mission for Dreadnought

    Generally most players will earn this ship probably without even noticing it if you play several games power day. Its been well explained on how to earn it to. Kudod to WG as well for not having goals like sink a DD as a BB. Those goals saw some skewed in game decisions back in the day.
  10. _greifer_Africanus

    One year of WoWS

    Happy shipserversary!
  11. _greifer_Africanus

    Let's talk about Dallas

    If it's available retrain the captain from CE to IFHE. The improved pen will give you the damage numbers you are expecting to see. As you tend to island fire when possible CE becomes less critical. Also flags and XP grinding will help get to a 14 point captain sooner.
  12. _greifer_Africanus

    WG I think your matchmaking is......

    Nice post for a change. I have to concur, the T9 MM of late as well has been good with being top-tier many a time.
  13. Congrats on the year! Never an easy task to try and teach others how to improve. Good medium and content! Look forward to seeing the contest entrants
  14. _greifer_Africanus

    Buffed Myoko is a monster...

    The Myoko and her clones were always strong ships, the changes just make them stronger in the right hands. If you can kite and farm damage well, then this vessel will fit you like a glove, as it was built for that. Great range torps allows you to area deny sections of the map, or torp behind you as you kite for enemy vessels to fall upon. It probably didn't need this buff, but if the stats globally say it did, then perhaps it did.
  15. The Maas is a good ship, with hydro and the normal tools of her trade. It does get difficult being bottom tier with the concealment of higher tier DDs making life difficult. The BB AP change made recently also helps this DD. The Icarus isn't bad, IMHO. Id still take IFHE and CE on it as its skills that help from Jervis to the Daring, and that extra penetration helps you at that tier. Its not an easy boat, but it sees some better MM then the Maas. If you are asking which DD line to go down atm between those two, id say the Icarus, as the Jervis - Daring are great DDs to bully and deal damage with once you get used to the smoke mechanic.